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Banged My Sister-in-law Pt. 03

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Four months passed since I last met Jenna, my ever blazing sister in law. Me and my wife were heading to my in-law’s place due to a small family function orchestrated by my wife’s cousins after two days. I was never intrigued by any of the gregarious function, be it from my side or my wife’s, but the good part was, at least I could have some fun with Jenna again.

We reached their place by 10:30 in the morning, sadly Jenna already went to her job and would be back at 7:00 in the evening. The reason behind the coming two days before the function was because my in-laws wanted to take my wife to a temple almost a hundred kilometers away for some of their personal rituals. They asked me to join but I declined.

I took the lunch with them and victualed some fresh prawns along with spicy biryani. At around 2:00 at noon, my wife and her family members left for the temple. I was all solitary, I had nothing to do. I picked up the phone and messaged Jenna, “Nobody is home, take a half-day.”

She saw my message however didn’t answer, I figured it may be on the grounds that she was as yet furious at me that I neglected to wish her birthday seven days back, I messaged her again, “come on I’ve already apologized for my mistake, I’m so sorry Jenna.”

She despite everything didn’t answer, I left the uneven discussion in that spot and chose to rest for some time. Jenna was all over my psyche, it took me close to an hour until I nodded off.

It was around 5:00 in the evening of August, the sky suddenly obscured, a cool wind was rolling in from the window. I was practically wakeful, the sky was a thundering sound. It was going to rain when I heard the crash noise of the front entryway opening. I was dozing on the couch directly next to the entryway. The entryway opened, I was completely wakeful and figured it must be my better half and her folks returning back as a result of some issue. I twisted my neck to see behind who was it and Jenna strolled inside.

She didn’t even look at me and was zip passing meI expeditiously prehended her left hand, she endeavored to elude but I didn’t sanction her. She visually examined me irately, I looked into her ocular perceivers and verbally expressed, “I’m genuinely sorry Jenna, please forgive me. Slap me if you optate but please just end this thing here.”

She didn’t say a word but she wasn’t trying to escape anymore. The reason I grabbed her hand was that I knew she only came early from her job because of me, if she was really angry, she won’t have come this early. I pulled her closer, I asked her to sit on the couch beside me.

“You will have to give me whatever I say, or else just let me go,” She said.

“Have I ever said no to anything you ordered?” I said while planting a kiss on the back of her hand.

She sat beside me, I moved my left hand behind her head and unbuckled her hair. “You are not at the office anymore sexy,” I said.

“I’m so angry at you, if it was someone else, I would have never forgive them,” She said by clenching her teeth and leaning her face down towards mine.

She plunged her lips on to mine. She grabbed my lower lip between her teeth and bit it with full strength. She got my lower lip between her teeth and bit it with full quality. I was in torment yet I realized I merited it due to what I did to her. My lip was dying. “In the event that you overlook next time I’m going to kill you,” She said and began kissing me. I gradually synchronized her mood and the standard, the same old Jenna and Shoaib were drinking each other’s saliva. We shared a long smooch before I broke the kiss.

“So much angry still came two hours early? Seems like little Jenna is lying, tell me you can’t resist your brother-in-law,”

“Nothing new Sho,” She said and gave me five-six small kisses on my lip breathing heavily.

“I requested a half-day even before you called yet I had some crisis that is the reason I got late,” She said.

She lifts herself from me and was about to get on her feet. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“I don’t wanna get found screwing my brother by marriage, we will go out in the night like last time,” She said not knowing when her sister and parents left for the temple.

I grabbed her by the waist and pull her close to me, “Sho, lemme go, can’t you wait till the night.”

“Nobody is coming, they left at 2:00 and won’t be back until at least 8:00, and about the waiting, no, I can’t wait to have sex with you my sexy saali (Sister in law),” I said.

“You aren’t lying right?”

“No, I don’t, you can ask them on the phone call if you want.”

She stopped for some time and gradually her lips augment up with a major grin, she bit her lip and requested that we go inside the room. She leads me by the hand into the room. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and black jeans. While strolling behind her I could see the gymming was affecting her body. Her midsection was a lot slimmer than the last time I saw her, her rear didn’t get any escort bayan big yet it was unquestionably rounder than previously. The dim light coming from the nightstand makes her look even sexier. We talk one step towards each other and we’re close again. I take off her blouse and unbutton her jeans. We’re both wearing the same kind of pants, and we take them off on our own. This never goes as smoothly as you would want to. Stumbling over my jeans and that one last shoelace that won’t come off we fall on the bed. Giggling at our awkwardness we pull each other close and kiss. Our hands go over each other’s bodies with lustful abandon. I undo her bra-strap and slide her bra off her body. Her breasts are gorgeous. “You just got sexier then I remember,” I say. She smiles and says, “You’re not so bad yourself, especially your chests are much bigger than before.” I lay her on her back and start to kiss her body all over the bed. I take my time with each breast. Making circles around her nipples, and biting them a little. Just enough, to get a small moan out of her. In between breasts, I come back up to her lips and we let our tongues mingle.

I get between her legs and kiss my way down. She’s sensitive at her paunch button, so I bother her. I gradually circle my tongue around the little hole in her midsection while she laughs and squirms miserably. “If it’s not too much trouble stop,” she screeches. I do and keep on kissing my way down. I lay a one kiss on the top of her pussy, and from that point, I go down to her legs. The reaction I get from that one kiss is superb. A slight groan as she pushes her pelvis towards my mouth. I start with her correct leg, lick, and kiss right down to her toes. On my way toward her left leg I kiss her pussy once more, this time, I wait and I let my tongue experience the texture of her underwear. They’re wet and I can taste her. She reacts similarly to in the past. After the left leg has had its consideration, I move back up to her bosoms and afterward mouth. We let our tongues go at it, while I push my hips advances. My dick despite everything secured my clothing rubs over her undies. We both groan in joy. I keep on pushing as I begin kissing her neck. Her nails scratch over my back and she murmurs, “O God, this feels so great.” I start my way down once more.

I start to kiss her outer lips and run my tongue through her inner lips but stopping at her clit. After a minute of this, I can tell she’s getting impatient, so I put my lips over her clit, suck it in a little and lick it a few times. She starts to writhe in pleasure. Her hips come up to meet my mouth and her hands are on the back of my head pushing me down. Not hard, just as encouragement. When she lets out another “O God.” I slip one of my fingers in her pussy. She’s so wet; it goes in without any resistance. I turn my hand, so the tip of my finger is pointing up and start making a ‘come here’ motion. Al this doesn’t last long. Her hips start bucking and I hear her breathing “I’m cumming!” After a few moments, she slowly starts to relax, and I slow down my licking and fingers.

When the moaning stops I pull out my finger and lift myself up. On the way up toward her mouth, I let my tongue make one last sweep across her pussy. “God, she tastes good,” I think to myself. Our lips meet and I’m greeted with a deep kiss. Our saliva mixes with her juice. While kissing I start to grind into her again. She starts pulling at my underwear, stops the kiss, and in between shallow breaths she says, “take…it.off.” I do, and for the first time in months, we are plenarily unclad. It’s obvious she’s done with foreplay, and takes my dick in her hand and puts it in front of her aperture. I feel a warmth emanating from her. The tip glides in with facileness, and she puts her hands on my bottom and pulls me close.

I gradually enter her. While we’re drawing closer, we gaze eagerly into one another’s eyes. Then the tip reaches as far as it will go. We both groan enthusiastically at this. In this lovely missionary position, we begin our sensual dance. We kiss, touch, fondle, scratch, and claw. Her breathing gets heavier and while digging her nails into my back she moans, “oh god.”

Her pussy felt so tight. My thick cock was exploring her love tunnel. It didn’t take two minutes of pumping into her before she lifted up and wrapped her legs tightly around me and moaned aloud, “Oh my gosh! Again! Oh, harder! Fuck me harder, Sho!” Her pussy grabbed my cock as she had her first orgasm. I could feel her wetness surrounding my member and when I grabbed her ass to drive into her harder I felt her juices all over her ass cheeks. I continued to pound her cunt until she was done cumming.

I stopped banging her. leaned forward and planted a small kiss on her lips and then started making out passionately. I groped her breasts as she moaned into my ears while wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me closer she made sure I don’t break the kiss until she wants.

We kept kissing altıparmak escort bayan until she wanted us to. We gradually parted our lips, my crotch was burning at Jenna’s love door. She was gasping as she was moving her hips in a circling motion on to my cock.

“Jenna. I’ve been thinking of making love with you for a long time,”

All she did was moan and again planted her lips onto mine raising her head in the air. I pulled away from her and kissed her neck hard, even biting it a little but made sure not to give her any bruise.

“We’ve come very far, I’m not going to wait for another four months to get my hands on you again. I’m gonna make sure to visit you every week, get ready for it, I’m gonna make you my unofficial wife.”

She had a mixed look of excitement and fear, she pulled me tight to her with her both hands wrapping around me and bit me on my shoulder. It was nothing but the sign of a sinful approval.

She loosens up her grip as I moved my body away from her. I clenched my teeth as I grabbed her love handles and cramped them with full strength. She reacted like a little bitch arching her back with a loud scream of pain. “Shoaib ahhhh!! That hurts,” she uttered. “Shut up, my little slut,” I said and pinched her both dark fully erect nipples very hard and slapped her left boob hard with my right hand.

She lifts up herself angrily and grabbed my throat with both her hands, drowning her nails inside the back of my neck and rubbed her face into mine, she stood up from the bed as we kissed like a wild animal. Tearing apart each other’s lips, biting the tongues, pushing each other to the limit.

She felt my rock hard eight inches rubbing on her tight belly. She quickly went down on to her knees, it seemed like the bitch hungry for weeks. Jenna eagerly began sucking on the thick, dark shaft, savoring the feeling of the hard, warm flesh sliding past her lips and over her tongue. “Your cock tastes so good,” she said slurping at my shaft. The quality of the blow job was way better than the last time, much smoother with no teeth touching on my shaft. Jenna was getting pro at having sex, she slowly moved her one hand on her clit and began to rub it while sucking my shaft. “Seems like you are a quick learner,” I said with a little laugh.

She glanced up at me, eyes wide as her lips encircled my cock. I looked back down at her, able to just see her hand in between her legs. Her fingers darted into her wet pussy quickly, and she let out another muffled moan against my cock, her eyes squeezing shut.

I pushed his shaft in her mouth and began to thrust, slowly at first but each thrust went deeper till the tip of my cock caused her to gag as I cut off her air supply and her natural swallowing action kicked in. She drooled and tried to push me off but I held her hair fast, my cock lodged in her throat.

Then I withdrew and she could breathe. Again and again, I plundered her head and throat until she had learned to time her breathing to accommodate me. I fucked her faster and then slowed until I withdrew completely. She tasted my precum in her drool as she slurped the tip of my dick.

I stood her up and kissed her deeply and caressed her pussy from behind whilst wrapping my hand around her almost bubble butt. She was wet with desire and she was soon moaning again.

“Don’t you run your pussy everyday thinking of me, Jenna?” I murmured in her ear.

“Just stop talking and get inside me, I’m so horny” she answered like a slut.

I smile and turned her around. “Get on top of the bed and sit on your knees,” I ordered. She quickly climbed up the bed and sat herself down, her ass between her legs.

We were so indulged for the whole time that I just had time to see her bubble globes for the first time today, I was wrong, they were grown big from all the squats she did at the gym. They were definitely wider and rounder too. I leaned down and kissed both of her globes and then slurped my tongue from her clit to her asshole to the upper end of her ass-crack. Making her giggle as my tongue zip passed her ass-hole. I planted a lot of soft kissed from her ass-crack till the back of her neck.

Her hands were arranged slightly in front of her knees which made her back curve and her butt pop out totally. I grabbed her tummy from between her legs and pulled her closer to me, making her rear end cheeks flying out on the edge of the bed. I stood behind her and pointed my dick onto her love hole. She was eager to such an extent that a portion of her juice was trickling down on the floor. I made my dickhead contact her clit. As opposed to driving immediately I prodded her by stroking my dick on her entryway. We looked at each other from the mirror arranged right adjacent to the bed, opposite of us. I grinned, I could see she was getting fretful, I flexed my muscles and bit my lower lip hard, motioning her what was going to go to her way.

Her newly formed nilüfer eskort ass was making me so horny, they say the first time is the best but not in this case. I was never excited this much in my entire life.

“I’ve banged a lot of ladies, including some of the actresses, but Jenna nobody comes near you, I don’t know what is it but you the best that I’ve ever had sex with my dirty sexy vixen,” I nuzzled into her ear. I asked her to spread her legs a bit more as she lowered herself. I drove my cock up to the hilt into her cunt. The force of the movement caused her to automatically put her hands farther away.

I started fucking her very slowly, the motion was smoother than ever. I’ve never felt such a desire in my life. Her pussy was feeling incredible around my cock, tightest of them all but smoothest too. She was loving it too, constantly moaning to my thrusts. She then put one of her hands between her legs and started rubbing her clit to feel the pounding I was giving to her. She was definitely getting better at sex every time we fucked.

I started thumping hard and deep. She drubbed her head into the bed-sheet, her back full arched. Her hands were also in sync. The coupling was hot, the build-up of four months of flirtatious chats and talks. Our forbidden lust was on another high.

I pulled her hair so she could watch me fuck her in the mirror. I was stretching her to the fullest with every stroke to her tight channel. She looked incredible. The beautiful, sexy little sister-in-law wanting my cock.

She saw her face in her throes of passion. She looked sexy, wicked, and hot as hell. I could see she was enjoying fucking, arrogant look to the core. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Somewhere between a growl and a moan. I heard her murmur “Don’t stop…” My body started slapping hers faster grabbing her love handles and with that, she toppled into her climax, stretching and spasming on my cock embedded inside of her tunnel. She moaned in a high pitched whimper as she rippled along my rod, trembling and shaking.

She leaned forward and slept flat on her belly. My cock came out of her tunnel making that ‘pop’ sound. I climbed on the bed and laid down onto her. My cock was fully hard but it was taking some rest until Jenna catches her breath.

The things calm down, Jenna was again alive. I rolled over beside Jenna and turned her sideways, her hips facing my cock. I pressed myself against her back, hugged her closely, and began to spoon her. I gripped her hips again and pulled her onto mine. She grinds her ass cheeks against my belly, then I started my wonderful quick thrusts. Each thrust of mine and my hot breath to her ear were sending shivers down her spine. I reach down between her legs and found her clitty surprisingly easily. I rubbed it vigorously while my cock slammed into her vagina. Her orgasm erupts suddenly like a violent explosion. She screamed and wail, juddering and convulsing while I barely missed a beat. I felt her pussy spasming up and down my hard length, quickly gripping me, releasing me, then gripping me tightly again.

I was getting closer to my blowing my load hence I didn’t stop this time. I fucked hard and fast, our bodies slapping together, the bed was shaking from the pounding I was giving her. I fucked her even harder and faster with animal strength and frenzied desperation. I thump away at her ass, screwing her more deeply than ever before. She crossed her ankles and tensed her thighs. My dick massaged her g spot with each thrust but pushed on harder and further until it knocked at the door to her uterus.

When I felt my orgasm build I pushed all the way in and hold myself there until the head of my cock bursts open and floods her innards with streams of hot man-juice. I was grunting and groaning like a bull. Each throbbing ejaculation was like a violent blow to her insides. Her pussy ejaculated and squirted girlcum into my balls. Each spurt is accompanied by her screams.

With my cock still buried deep inside her, She stroke my legs with her foot. I turn my head over hers and we kiss passionately. We exchange the blood from our broken lips. My leg becomes entangled with hers. I have never felt so good, so happy, so satisfied. I rolled her over on top of me. My cum was leaking out of her hole making the mess of the bedsheet. “Seems like you’ve got to change the bedsheet.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll change it, let’s just keep making love for right now,” she said.

Jenna leaned forward and her lips were met halfway for a hot kiss, tongues twisting together as our hands appreciatively touched each other’s bodies.

Delirious with arousal Jenna pressed herself against the hot body, letting her-self be pressed to the bed with insistent lips and hands. She wrapped a leg around my calf, I pressed back with a moan as Jenna’s hands fumbled between us, trying to grab my already half awaken cock.

I growled in his ear. Jenna smiled; She was having a heady feeling knowing that she was bringing pleasure to me. She quickly looked up, trying to find the dark honey-colored eyes but was met with the picture of pure ecstasy; head thrown back and mouth open, panting heavily, chest and neck flushed with arousal.

It sent a shiver of arousal down Jenna’s own body, making her vagina ache even more between her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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