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Barber Shop Sextet

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You’re on holiday in Cyprus, hot sunny weather, bikinis and a trip to the barbers for your partner. You’re in the barber shop and you see three hot looking young black men with their shirts off and the other guys around you. You can feel their eyes on you, wanting to eat you up. It’s a nice feeling and you sigh to yourself and wish that fantasies sometimes came true.

You message a friend and tell him about it and smile as he tells you you should seduce them and fuck them. Deluded man, but nice deluded man.

You both leave the barber’s, feeling multiple male eyes looking at your ass as you leave, it gives you a little rush of excitement. As you’re walking away you think about what your friend said and get an impulse and desire to take a little risk and see what happens.

You turn to your partner and say to him “I’ve just remembered, I need to pick up some women’s things from the pharmacy, can head back and wait for me?”

He agrees, of course, men never question that kind of thing.

You walk back alone towards the barber shop, you’re wondering what the hell you’re doing and you message your friend “I’m going back to the barbers on my own.”

Your friend messages back “what are you going to say?”

You respond “not thought of that yet, maybe I just say my partner dropped his phone and I’m looking for it?”

The message comes back “perfect, this should be fun”.

You walk into the shop and the guys look surprised to see you back alone but also really pleased, there’s big smiles on faces around the room. The guy who appears in charge says “Can I help you madam?”

You flash him a bright smile and say “yes, I think my partner dropped his phone in here, do you mind if I have a look?”

He says “you’re welcome to look but I haven’t seen any phone.”

You start to pretend to look for it, in the waiting area and then under the counters. While you’re bending under the counters you’re near the guys and you make sure to stick your ass out provocatively.

Your own phone chimes as you’re pretending to search, you stand up and your audience of guys each goes back to pretending not to be staring at you.

The message on the phone says “I bet you £20 you can’t get one of them to kiss you, if you can’t then you have to kiss me.”

‘Challenge accepted’ you think to yourself. You turn towards a couple of the guys with their shirts off and look a little coy. You say to them “This is probably going to sound really bad, but my friend just bet me that I couldn’t get one of you guys to kiss me.”

One of the guys pushes the other backwards and steps forward “Lady, I would be honoured to assist you in winning this bet with your friend.”

He steps towards you with his bare chest all muscly in front of you, you look up at him expectantly and he takes your head in his hands and his mouth presses on your lips.

His tongue slides into your mouth and before you realise it you’re kissing him passionately. He finally withdraws and steps back, you smile and say “wow, you’re a good kisser.”

He says “you’re not bad yourself.”

Then you say “I’m going to tell my friend.”

You take out your phone and message your friend “You owe me £20.”

Another message comes back to you almost instantly “Cool, in that case I bet you another £20 you can’t get them to spank you.”

You get a little shiver of fear, it’s one thing to ask for a kiss and another entirely to ask to be spanked.

You’re about to respond and tell him you can’t when one of the guys calls over to you. “Hey lady, has your friend got another bet for you huh?”

You look over at the guy, he has a friendly expressive face, you blush slightly, “well, they have but I can’t ask it.”

He badgers you “come on lady what is it? we’re enjoying this game.”

You gather your breath and say it “they bet me £20 that I can’t get you to spank me.”

The guy, who’s really quite cute, flashes you a smile “is that all? We’ll help this fine lady win her bet won’t we guys?”

There’s a general murmur of agreement from the room and some of the guys are starting to seem fairly keen to help you out.

“Come over here lady and lean over this table, we’ll try not to hurt you after all, it’s only for a bet.”

The guy leads you to a table and you lean over it, your ass sticking out to all the guys in the room.

You hear three or four of the guys come over behind you as the one guy explains the situation to them. You hear his voice “Are you ready girl?”

You reply smiling a little “yes, just not too hard!”

You feel a gentle but firm slap on one of your ass cheeks, then the hand lingering there for a moment, stroking your skin as it’s withdrawn. A few more slaps on your ass, each maybe a little harder than the last and with each one you gasp theatrically.

“Oh my that is a fine piece of ass” you hear one of them say as you feel another stinging slap on your cheek.

You can feel that the boys are getting excited and the last slap on escort bursa your bottom is quite hard and makes you exclaim “Ow!”

You stand up rubbing your ass and looking at each of the guys to identify the culprit. One tough looking guy is looking quite pleased with himself and you suspect it was him.

“I better tell my friend they’ve lost another bet” you say smugly.

You message back and again almost instantly there’s another reply “Okay then, lets make it £100 if they fuck you.”

You lower the phone and look at the guys now standing around you.

“What did they say?” one of them asks.

Your brain fogs a bit and you don’t know if you can talk, you can’t really do this can you?

A part of your mind just lets go and you resign yourself to whatever is going to happen and you say “they bet me £100 I wouldn’t fuck you all.”

The guys look from side to side, making sure to each other everyone is up for it then the cute guy you kissed earlier says “Hey Harvey, shut up the shop and pull the blinds.”

The cute guy who you kissed comes up to you and the others edge closer “how about another kiss to help you get in the mood?”

You nod, you can’t really talk, you’re scared because this is really fucking happening, it’s exciting and your leg is shaking.

He takes you in his arms and kisses you on the mouth again. Your body takes over from your mind, your mouth on his sucking his tongue and yours probing his mouth.

You feel a hand on your ass “mmmm, you are damn fine girl,” the hand rubs on your bikini bottoms and then slips inside them. You feel his fingertips brushing against your pussy lips and you feel hot between your legs. You feel juices flooding your pussy making it wet. His fingers touch the wetness and then push on you, sliding easily along your pussy lips.

“Oh yeah she’s ready alright” you hear one of them say.

You feel a hand slide inside your bikini top, rubbing on the mound of your boob and then pinching on your nipple. A wave of pleasure washes over your body and your pussy starts to ache to be filled.

The cute guy pulls back from kissing you and stares deeply into your eyes “This is your dream come true isn’t it?” he asks as his eyes glint “lets get you leaned over that table over there again.”

You walk to the table and lean over it, you shut your eyes and wait for what happens next. Another slap on your ass “Ow” you cry, but the hand stays there, then hooks up under the straps of your bikini bottoms and pulls them down your thighs.

You can feel them all looking at your sexy pussy and one of them says “That’s the finest pussy I’ve seen, it’s so good I want to eat it.”

You feel a pair of hands on your back, caressing you up to your shoulder blades, then your bikini top is unclasped and it falls away. Hands cup your breasts, squeezing and teasing your nipples. You feel hands on your ass cheeks pulling them apart and then you feel one of the guys mouth on your pussy.

His tongue laps at your wet pussy, and flicks teasingly at your clitoris. You part your legs some more and feel his tongue slide inside your pussy. Your boobs are being squeezed and played with and another hand is on your face, a finger pushing against your mouth, you open it and suck and lick the finger with your tongue.

The tongue keeps working it’s magic on your clit sending little shivers of pleasure through your body. You feel fingers on your wet pussy lips, and then a finger slides up inside you. He starts to finger your pussy, slowly at first and then rubbing his finger hard up and down inside you.

Your nipples are so hard from this you feel them being played with and pinched appreciatively by one of the guys. You feel a second finger join the first one finger fucking you and touching your g-spot and feeling so good. His tongue is licking your clit in time with his fingers and then he slows and wriggles a third finger up into your cunt. He fucks you with his three fingers and you moan with desire.

“We’d better make sure you win this bet now hadn’t we?” the guy fingering your pussy stands behind you and you hear the fly of his pants get unzipped.

Your pussy is aching to be fucked, you no longer care what happens to you, you just want to be fucked over and over. You feel his cock press against you, he rubs it around your pussy, it moves slickly over your clit and up and down inside your sweet pussy lips. Then he slides it into you, pushing it inch by inch further and deeper up inside your cunt.

It feels so amazing that cock sliding inside you. “Oh man, yeah, fuck her” you hear one of them say and you hear other guys opening their flies.

You look to one side and see one of them jerking his cock as he watches you being fucked. That cock fucking your pussy feels so good, you want to suck on another one in your mouth.

You make eye contact with the guy jerking, it’s one of the hot young shirtless black guys. You look at his cock, then look back into his eyes as you lick your bursa merkez eskort lips seductively.

He gets the idea and moves towards you holding his cock and presenting it to your lips. You lick your lips and then touch your tongue on the end of his cock, his cock is wet with precum and it tastes really good, like raw sex.

You open your mouth offering him to slide his cock into it. He eagerly pushes his member between your lips and as you suck on it, rubbing the glans in your mouth with your tongue. He starts to rhythmically fuck your mouth, you taste his precum dripping over your tongue.

There are hands running over your back and ass, another playing with your nipples, that cock is sliding in and out of you so good. You play with the cock in your mouth, taking it out and then sliding your lips down and up the shaft, flicking your tongue against the sensitive part of his cock head, feeling satisfied with the noises he makes when you do it.

The guy behind you is fucking you really nice and it makes you moan loudly, you make beautiful sex sounds that drive the boys around you wild. You can see them masturbating and waiting for their turn to fuck you.

Another guy presents his cock to your mouth and now you have a cock in each hand licking and sucking on each one in turn. You’re starting to get fucked hard from behind and you can’t help but make throaty moans as you suck.

It feels like the cock in your pussy is swelling up and by his movement you guess he’s about to cum. You take a cock out of your mouth, licking a shiny drop of juice off the end of it as you do so and then you look back over your shoulder and say “cum inside me” with red hot seductive eyes.

That comment makes his cock explode and pulsate inside you as you feel his warm cum spurting up into your pussy. He moans loudly and collapses slightly, his legs failing slightly under him, his hand pressing harder on to your back.

You squeeze his throbbing cock with your pussy milking the last of the cum out of it. He keep pumping into you as you start to feel is soften inside you. You look up at the two shirtless black guys whose cocks you’re holding in your hand. You suck on the end of each cock in turn and then ask “who’s next?”

Another guy positions himself behind you and his hand cups your pussy rubbing it with his whole hand. He then puts it in front of your mouth and you lick the wetness of his palm, a combination of your pussy juices and cum.

He fingers your pussy a bit and then you feel him slide his cock up you. This is one of the black guys and feels larger than the last guy.

“Oh fuck” you grunt as his big cock fills you. You pull one of the cocks you’re holding into your mouth to suck on it and close your eyes, losing yourself in that big cock inside you.

Somehow the guy fucking you manages to tap in to the perfect rhythm for your body and your pussy vibrates with pleasure at the fucking its getting. You moan happily sending vibrations through the cock you’re sucking on.

Your nipples are being pinched in time with the fucking you’re getting and that combined pleasure soon starts to build into a hot buildup between your legs. You can feel that orgasmic energy building with each thrust of that big black cock inside you. You moan wantonly and you can hear the guys talking about what an amazing sex freak you are while jerking off to you.

Your building orgasm is a hot desperate feeling encompassing the whole middle of your body. Each thrust of that cock into your cunt pushes more urgent energy into it and you can’t imagine what will happen when it releases. Another thrust and you’re on the edge hanging there, you can’t breathe, it’s there ready to go but you’re on the edge.

The guy fucking you can feel it and he slows, holding the moment, teasing you with your own orgasm, then your feel his cock fill your pussy again and that triggers and explosion of pleasure that shakes your whole body and makes your back arch.

You’re screaming, still holding the two cocks you’ve been sucking on, but now writhing wild eyed as the orgasm washes over you. The guy keeps fucking you, his hard cock sending waves from your pussy up through the orgasm creating mini orgasms within the overall back arching feeling. Then he explodes too with a deep masculine cry of pleasure.

Your feel his cock jerking and jerking inside your pussy which triggers off a secondary wave of orgasms inside you. “yes, god yes!” you scream and squeeze your pussy hard onto his dripping cock.

Your pussy feels full and wet with cum and cock. You collapse pushing your ass against him with the cheek of your face pressed against the table. As the orgasm fades, warmth spreading through your body you whisper “who’s next?”

Another guy approaches you from behind, he takes hold of your body and lifts you, turning you over so that you’re now laying on your back. You look up at him, a younger guy with a muscly chest and covered with tattoos. He bursa sınırsız escort lifts your legs and spreads them wide looking down at you with hungry eyes.

You glance down at his erection and he takes hold of it and pushes it between your legs. You feel his cock slide easily into your pussy. You feel cum dripping down your leg as he begins to fuck you as you lay on your back.

One of the guys you’re still jerking off leans over you and you feel his mouth on your nipple. He licks and sucks it playing with it in his mouth, it feels really nice having your nipple sucked on like that and you’re soon moaning with pleasure again.

The fucking you’re getting is also starting to feel so good again, long deep strokes, pulling out slowly and then thrusting hard up inside you.

Another guy starts to suck your other nipple and the combined feeling of both your nipples being sucked starts to send you crazy. You can hear squelching noises from your pussy as its cum filled hole gets fucked so hard and deep.

Another cock gets pushed against your lips and you open your mouth eager sucking on him and jerking him with your hand as you do so. You look around there’s still three guys jerking off watching you being fucked.

You look up at the guy fucking you, your mouth still full of cock. He’s really enjoying fucking you, smiling, holding your legs apart by their ankles and pushing his cock in and out of you.

You see the expression on his face changing as his orgasm builds, you can tell he’s getting close to cumming and you feel his cock harden even more like a steel bar fucking your sexy little pussy.

You lick up and down the length of the cock in your hand and start to jerk it even harder. That fucking feel so good and you look up at the guy who’s cock you’re holding and see he also looks like he’s close to an orgasm.

You suck and jerk his cock hard. You want to feel him cum in your mouth. He starts to say “oh god, oh god yeah,” and then suddenly you feel your mouth start to fill with the bitter taste of his cum.

You open your mouth and lick the end of his cock as he takes it out. You squeeze the cum out of your mouth and let it dribble down your cheek.

Watching you suck that guy to orgasm sends the guy fucking you over the edge and his cock spasms and he orgasms spurting even more cum deep into your pussy.

You look up feeling so satisfied at his young orgasmic face as you feel cum dripping down your cheeks.

“Oh yes my turn to fuck this girl” you hear another one say and he moves over and takes up position between your legs. He pushes your legs back to your shoulders and yet another cock slides deeply into your soaking wet pussy.

With your legs back like this it goes in even deeper than the last cocks you’ve taken. As he starts to fuck you you enjoy the combined pleasure of one guys sucking on your nipple, another guy squeezing and pinching your other nipple, a cock being jerked right near your face, ready to be sucked and this new cock fucking your pussy deeply.

He starts to fuck you harder and harder and you realise that you can feel another orgasm building between your legs. You press your lips against the cock near your mouth allowing your tongue to slide over its hard shiny end.

More deep hard thrusts filling your pussy so deeply and your thighs start to tighten as you feel the pleasure build from your cunt. Your knees get pressed further back up towards your shoulders and you get fucked deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

You’re moaning again, sucking hard on a cock in your mouth as your mind starts to get lost inside this new building orgasm.

Hard deep thrusts, each one wetly pushing so far inside you, each one making the glowing ecstasy between your legs burn hotter and hotter. Your nipples are being pinched hard as you’re fucked increasing the pleasure even more.

Your hand is taken and placed on another cock, you have one in each hand and you jerk them as the deep fucking you’re getting starts to feel even better. You feel one of the cocks in your hand start to twitch and then feel cum spurting over your wrist with some shooting up over your tits.

The fucking of your pussy is getting really hard, deep and fast and you feel that orgasm growing and growing. More deep hard thrusts and suddenly you’re cumming again.

This orgasm taking you by surprise, coming quicker than you expected and shaking your whole body as waves of pleasure shoot up and down your body from between your legs.

Your climax finishes off the guy fucking you and he orgasms noisily, his cock jerking and pulsing deep inside you as your pussy get filled up with another load of cum.

As this happens and your own orgasm is fading the other guy that you’re jerking off also cums. His cock explodes in your hand sending a spurting fountain of cum that lands on your face. You close your eyes tightly but luckily it all goes over your cheeks and nose, then drips down around your mouth.

You have cum all over your face and can feel cum dripping out of your pussy, your ass crack is wet with it. The guy fucking you pulls out and lowers your legs back down to the table surface. You lay there for a second thinking how crazy this is and being aware that there are still guys jerking themselves off watching you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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