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Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 36

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It had been a number of weeks since my last visit to the baths, and the number of men waiting as I arrived just before 2pm was encouraging – particularly as it was not too many. The opening crowd was small enough that I got my beer promptly after sitting at the counter. It is definitely a part of my routine, as always a nice accompaniment to what had been smoked before arrival.

In preparation for New Year’s tomorrow, lights were being set up. And as part of the process, blocking the spiral staircase that goes upstairs. Generally, my basic routine is to go upstairs to look at the porn as the beer adds its own layer of horniness, but that was impractical today. On the other hand, outside, I had thought that the easiest way to get sucked was to go to the steam bath first.

Going down, the whirlpool was bubbling energetically, with only one person in it.

I showered, with the water being cold, providing an interesting contrast to the quite hot whirlpool temperature. Having ridden my motorcycle, it was necessary to keep from warming my hands up too fast, a good way to develop chillblains – something worth avoiding.

The whirlpool attracted a steady number of visitors, but nothing happened even after the whirlpool was filled. Having to move a bit meant that the water jets simply became too irritating to deal with, leading me to leave.

Picking up the towel, condoms, and poppers from the rattan chair next to the dry sauna window, I then went to the steam room, where a number of the cubbyholes had towels, unsurprisingly. Going in, the space seemed fairly well occupied, though by no means full. There was a pair in the front area, kissing and grinding, so I discreetly added a bit of extra contact. Basically just gentle foreplay, lightly stroking and caressing, then extending my efforts to the other man.

They seemed to enjoy the attention well enough, and my cock was definitely starting to grow when starting to rub along the naked thigh skin of the man who had enjoyed most of my attention. Nothing especially came of this first appetizer, as they decided to concentrate each other, but by this point, my cock was nicely turned on when going towards the back.

However, the rear passage was blocked by another horny kissing and grinding pair. Going back to the other passage near the glass door, it was possible to enter the back, soon submerging into the obvious male sex going on. The beer and bowl added their own enjoyable contribution to my present condition, turned on in a place where men indulge their lusts with each other.

Several groups were clearly entwined, drawing my attention to their visible activities. After wandering around a bit, playing with myself while looking at men have uninhibited sex, a hand found my cock. The touch originated from a pair of kissing men, one with his back to the curved wall. Of course I let his fingers trace my sensitive shaft, sinking into the wonderfully growing desire, shifting position before starting to run my hand up the arm of the horny naked stranger who obviously knew what would interest me.

Or capture me, as it turned out, like he undoubtedly knew his touch would do in the steamy dimness. Such intimate directness is one of the bath’s most irresistible lures, and after several weeks since the last visit, I was more than willing to be hooked again. Soon repeating much the same foreplay that had been enjoyed with the other pair, with the enticing addition of being played with too. They kept kissing deeply as I played with their nipples before letting my hands start to slide over their asses.

The man who had first touched me broke off from kissing, holding my now rigid shaft as he bent down, yielding lips sliding over my eagerly waiting cockhead. Of course I loved surrendering to a stranger’s soft wet mouth, helpless to resist. “Fuck yes .. oh fuck yes .. so good .. suck me .. slow .. fuck yes” I moaned, before the other man started kissing me deeply.

The sensations grew ever more tempting, a sensitive nipple being played with as a hand fondled my sack. The waves kept growing, three strangers getting off, knowing how to play so good with other men. To keep from cumming, my right hand went to the bushy base of my shaft, trying to slow the seductive sliding rhythm. This was a nice challenge, as he kept going down on me while I stroked my slippery spit covered rod, teasing each other. Orgasm remained tantalizingly close but not unstoppable, the pleasure forcing me to give in to the fantastic appeal of face fucking him several distinct times before reaching a certain level of control, the one that results from not cumming in those first waves of glorious pleasure.

When he came back up, immediately starting to kiss his smooth soft cock sucking lips, my satisfaction was unmistakeable, rubbing his cock against my slippery length as my tongue explored his yielding mouth. Being cock to cock while kissing naked is indescribably addictive once experienced – çanakkale escort and becomes ever more addictive the more one indulges in it. Much like the appeal of oral sex, which had taken less than a half hour to start enjoying today, in a space where blow jobs are a major attraction. There were easily a dozen men in various groups in the steam bath, less than a half hour after opening.

The sort of crowded that is so delightful to be a part of, where possibilities and opportunities simply lead one on, continuing to let go, enjoying the pure freedom the baths offer. Sex with other men has turned out to be more seductive than ever imagined, especially when being the one providing the sex.

I went to my knees as they rubbed cocks and kissed passionately. A bit of patience was required before being able to place myself in their mutual pleasure, but soon enough, I was stroking two stiff cocks. Stroking that made it easier to attract their complete attention, knowing already they were completely turned on. Slowly, as my stroking and its goal grew more blatant, they both slowly turned to me, providing the opportunity to do my first hit of poppers.

A deep hit from the leather shop recommended poppers, fully aware of just how intensely sexual the scent would make me, right in front of two horny cocks, was exactly the sort of thing hoped for this afternoon. Making sure the top was tight before using my hands to guide two strangers into my open mouth, the rush building so slowly – and unstoppably. My mouth was now taking in two cock heads, allowing my right hand to sink to my hard cock, starting to play with it while giving them head together.

Taking complete advantage of their own horniness, the effects of the rush continuing to grow ever more overwhelming in a truly majestic way, mouth surrounding them, taking them ever deeper together. Mouth and cocks feeling joined and immense after breathing out, becoming their willing cock sucker, all of us in pure bathhouse heaven. After years of visits here, my skills when going down on two men simultaneously are well enough practiced. Splitting attention between two cocks after that first shared oral encounter, able to deep throat each in turn, jacking off just at the edge of orgasm.

These poppers were clearly intended for the sort of uninhibited sex found at a bathhouse, as the men at the leather shop knew from their own experience. The effects from the little magic bottle’s aroma were utterly entrancing when sucking two strangers, in a steam room where other naked men were getting off too. Poppers are a fantastic aphrodisiac, particularly when already turned on and having sex. And especially when having sex with other men, losing yourself in the sensations.

Poppers are a seductively straightforward way to become totally slutty, enjoying what still feels somehow forbidden, mind losing control as pure desire takes control. Everyone’s desire in the ever expanding present, as all three of us knew. This state lasted for an extended period, these poppers perfect for group sex with men – the baths are not ambiguous when it comes to abandoned male sex, and neither were these poppers.

At some point, I rose, cock jutting, soon kissing both men in turn while jacking off with both. We also kissed together, enjoying some delightful threesome mouth and cock contact. Especially when the second man bent down, taking two cocks into his luscious mouth as the other man and I kissed, playing with each other’s nipples.

The man whose hand had originally attracted me left, followed soon by the other man. It was easy to keep stroking, looking and listening to the sex occurring around me, before sitting down on the smooth bench at the back of the steam room. It took little time before the first cock sucker found me. His skill was obvious, but when he turned to position his ass, enjoyable though it was to feel, his lack of any attention to my desire to use a condom meant I had to push him away.

A couple of men made brief passes before my cock was being sucked deeply by a stranger. A stranger with a hard cock, one I started playing with as he bent over me. I loved how he was going down on me, and could not stop from making him as horny as possible, in a room where group sex is normal. The poppers kept me utterly slutty, aware of just what my cock sucker would enjoy when horny enough – and not making any judgments.

Mainly because his mouth had me fully entranced while watching a third man approach, cock already hard. Before he started rubbing the bent man’s ass, whose erect cock was being pressed downwards by my hand, revealing how horny he really was. A fact recognized by the new man, whose fingers started to play over mine as he positioned himself, with the willing help of my cock sucker, to push himself into a shared heaven.

My hand went back, behind his balls, feeling the slippery zone between the soft anus and entering cock. çanakkale escort bayan The way he sucked me now was totally slutty, all of us entering a state of pure satisfaction, drifting in a haze of sex, just more turned on knowing how I was participating in bareback fucking. A reality reflected through his moaning blow job while getting ridden, feeling each thrust through his mouth going up and down my shaft.

I couldn’t stop from enjoying the glorious sensations, feeling how he was being fucked, the poppers still having an alluring effect, much longer than typical. The threesome lasted until the new man withdrew, pulling up and turning my cock sucker to kiss him deeply, before they left the steam.

Still sitting on the bench, one person stands out from the other couple of men who enjoyed my cock following that 3some suck job. He was small, with soft longish hair and a bushy beard, looking more femme than normal, adding a certain thrill to the idea of just letting myself get sucked by anyone at all. He was surprisingly gentle, making me moan helplessly, on the edge of begging him to not tease me.

Finally, it was time to leave the damp warmth, aware that a good amount of time had passed in the steamy heat. Recalling admittedly fuzzy memories, around a half dozen men sucked my cock, though after that first magnificent hit, I simply lost any truly accurate track.

I went to the shower area, to soap and rinse off the sweat. Looking at the clock over the steam bath door, more than a half hour had been spent inside – and much of the time inside, my cock had been in another man’s mouth – or vice versa. The shower water was generally cold, so showering was quite short.

After that delightful start to this visit, I went upstairs. Finding it not as full as downstairs, and lacking any of the obvious sexual energy that had made the steamroon so fantastic. Spending some time wandering around before sitting in the porn area for a bit, with maybe 10 men peeking in and leaving before deciding to leave myself. Some of the booths had closed doors, and you could hear the sounds of sex, so at least some men were enjoying themselves.

The final place to check before going downstairs again was the darkroom, which had a couple of people inside. Taking a bit of time to explore, cautiously stretching out a hand to feel the platform. The first discovery was a foot, leading me to search further, trying to get a feel of how the space was filled. And brushing against a face further left, that of a man that had to be laying on his back.

This was same position that had provided me so much pleasure on my first bathhouse visit, so I started to step closer, pausing as a hand began touching my cock, fully aware of what was likely to happen, and desiring what had been so delightful that first time, including group sex.

The laying man guided my swelling cock into his waiting mouth, making me moan in pure satisfaction the entire time he spent making me hard. After such a glorious introduction, hands running over his body, I began to play with him too, jacking his hard cock and rubbing a nipple erect as he moaned around my shaft. His sexy stiffness was giving me ideas, ones that combined into an enticing plan, even as mindless as I was becoming, with his lips sliding along my length.

The first step was just that, stepping so as to now straddle his mouth. Without ever losing contact, an exquisite demonstration of mutual skill, showing that he likely was thinking like me. Though thinking might not be quite the word, but our intent to continue having fun with a stranger was obvious.

As he kept going down on me, I got on the platform, putting my towel between him and the wall. We took a bit of time to settle into a comfortable 69 position. He was hard too as I took his willing cock head into my mouth, after doing another hit of poppers. 69ing with another man is incredible, especially when using poppers, feeling two cocks and mouths seem to merge into one infinite pleasure zone.

We began to mutually face fuck, cocks and mouths in perfect sexual rhythm, riding the waves just behind the crest of orgasm, going slow and deep. We continued to enjoy each other orally like this, though he stopped my motions several times. Clearly he did not want to come yet, which was perfectly understandable, and no problem. Time was stretching, I kissing his hairy thighs and sack, lightly teasing around his ass with my tongue. Oddly, he did not really seem to respond at first, a bit distant – at least for his body, as his mouth continued to keep me in heaven.

However, after he started teabagging me, things became a lot sluttier, as if he had decided he could trust me to follow his lead. ensuring he did not get pushed past the unstoppable point of orgasm. His legs opened as I began to do the same to him, coating his sack in spit, and one of my fingers began to play around his hairy ass, steadily escort çanakkale coming closer to his hole. Having my balls licked is always fantastic, especially when a wettened finger starts to probe my ass.

He held my hips to position me, providing a perfect pause to do another hit of poppers. I sank down on his cock, feeling his tongue begin to lick my ass. The sensation was extraordinary as always, turning me into a mindless slut. One unable to restrain himself with a skilled ass licker using his tongue against a soft ring of pure pleasure. My moans went past his gorgeous cock as my legs spread wider, sinking deeper into the joy of being rimmed.

Something, in its own distinct way, that becomes amazingly addictive, falling under the complete control of an ass licking stranger in the darkness. I was at the edge of platform, a fact not intended as an invitation, especially for the clumsy. This is just where we happened to be, my ass accessible to his tongue whenever he wished. When men neared, I used my feet to push them away, with the man beneath also helping keep things properly focused. Occasionally, a bit more forcefulness was required, but never enough to become distracting.

After an extended period of luxurious animal bliss, I could not keep myself on my knees any longer, so I slid off and stood at edge of platform, letting him swallow my rod. Then moving back onto the platform following his directions, ending up laying at roughly a right angle, my body parallel to the edge, left foot on the floor.

He began kissing along my leg, then inner thigh, an exquisite sensation to accompany pumping a still slick cock, moaning yet again about how good it felt to have sex like this. Another man approached, reaching down to touch my chest and caressing my nipples before bending down to start giving me a blow job. Such group sex is overwhelming, particularly when everyone is involved, as the new man began playing with the other man’s cock as I played with his jutting rod.

Positions shifted as his tongue continued sliding higher, resulting in my being luxuriously teabagged by the man whose balls I was fondling, with the new man jacking the stiff shaft while giving me head, my left hand wrapped around his lovely hard cock. This was the sort of encounter that makes the baths so seductive, just letting go and having hot shared sex.

Continuing to play with each other, he easily found space on the platform between my spread legs, giving me perfect access to his cock after he joined us on the platform. This presented an excellent opportunity to enjoy another magical hit from the brown bottle, submerging into the sensations of having an oral threesome.

Taking a deep hit, knowing that this would lead to going down on the third hot cock of the day, and the second in a row in the dark room. Taking a new cock into my mouth slowly as the poppers filled my mind, losing myself in the sensations of cock and mouth merging, letting desire carry me along.

His mouth left my cock, as he shifted to start sucking the other, my rigid slick length pressed against his chest with his head now going up and down on the gorgeous shaft I had been sucking just recently. We all clearly enjoyed nipple fun, giving and receiving while getting blown by another man. Falling into a situation to have such male group fun is the reason the baths are so seductive, as you just let go, unconcerned about anything except indulging your lust.

The new man pulled back and stood up, his cock positioned over the other man’s upward facing mouth, soon sinking into paradise. Providing me a chance to do another hit of poppers before starting to go down on the laying man’s spit covered rod, as the two of them played with each other’s nipples.

At some point, the third man drifted off into the darkness, prompting me to put my leg over the laying man’s mouth again. It felt even more delightful than when doing it before, having sunk into a haze of physical sensation, abandoning inhibition, sliding into position to be rimmed again, knowing that his tongue would find my ring as soon as it was offered.

Being rimmed has its own powerful attraction, one that has nothing to do with how hard you are. During the best rim jobs, your cock is irrelevant, as was happening now. He was making me ride his tongue, a slave to his own ass licking desire, lost in paradise, much like my very first visit here.

As before, my muscles began to make themselves felt, causing me to move position a couple of times. Always successfully tempted to return to having my ass available for him to pleasure. Other men had drifted near, and as I put my feet unsteadily on the floor, it became apparent that my rimmer was having his cock sucked. The standing man next to me continued to play with my nipples as my cock was sucked almost to point of orgasm.

Moving to the side, breaking contact before losing all control, aware of the standing man moving into my place, moaning as he felt a stranger’s lips on his cock. Making this a perfect time to leave, the horny ass licker taking one cock while being sucked by another man, now definitely in a wonderfully distracted state, lost in the sort of cock games that one plays at the baths, no longer able to keep track of anything involving thought.

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