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Bathhouse Summer’s End Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Sitting in the crowded whirlpool, playing with a stranger’s hard cock as he played with mine, a major part of the pleasure simply due to the long interval between this bathhouse visit and the last, weeks ago.

Along with having spent the last 45 minutes doing nothing but playing with naked men – watching, stroking, tasting, swirling around from one turned on man to the next, sharing in the public feast of gay group sex, cock hard and horny.

I’d arrived at the male only sauna a few minutes after its opening this afternoon, hoping that the cool wet Friday would outweigh the customary emptiness of a Turkish bath in high summer. Today was also the end of the annual summer half price admission discount, an accident of the calendar considering the weather outside.

The decision to visit was made without planning, so apart from my customary beer, my other preferred accessories were not available. Condoms are available for the asking at the bar, a request much less embarrassing here, a bit buzzed and wearing nothing but a towel.

Upstairs, the darkroom was empty, as were the porn area’s broad benches. The space was invitingly warm, with porn that caught my attention. Getting hard watching a threesome was enjoyable, though during the entire episode, only two men entered, both of whom promptly left.

Returning, the darkroom remained empty, but a few men seemed to be wandering around in the labyrinth. Entering the darkness, I did get a bit lost, in part because the space is intentionally a bit tight, forcing body contact, making it difficult to know which path is correct.

Nearing the other side, there was a bit of dim light at the end of the yards long hallway. Which outlined the figure of a man moving my direction. I turned sideways to let him pass, but in the narrow space, our bodies inevitably rubbed. I froze as he took another small step, letting my hand slide down his naked torso to find his sexy hanging cock while his hand began playing over my chest.

His nakedness contrasted to my own towel clad state, though as revealed during my very first visit to a bathhouse, a towel is an accessory which provides its own extra level of arousal. They provide a cover of modesty even as the freedom offered by unrestrained access is easily exploited by anyone willing to grasp another man’s cock, or play with his ass.

Reaching under the cotton, his fingers lightly ran along my inner thigh, making me sag against his chest, squeezing his hardening cock. He took his time before making me moan at the first touch of his fingers along my turned on shaft, his arm along my chest pulling me tighter against him, feeling his tongue begin to tease my neck with light licking.

We continued to enjoy our mutual groping for a bit, but it was clear to both of us this was just a brief appetizer. Of a somewhat new variety to me, adding a nice glow of sluttiness to my mood as I walked down the spiral staircase to the bottom level, with its steamroom and whirlpool.

I checked the whirlpool, then showered, stepping down in to the crowded space. Though full, no one seemed to be touching, and the water was simply splashing too much to be enjoyable.

Going into the steambath with condoms, the space was already quite full of dim figures and enticing noises. Two men were fondling each other on the near side of the bench, and another pair was kissing passionately, pressed cock to cock. Being in the more lit section, watching was easier. Touching my now swelling cock, I paid more attention to what was happening, enjoying the public displays of sexual affection..

After getting hard in the dampness, I decided to go to the back, the customary place for anonymous sex. Surprisingly, the back was almost empty, except for the sounds of cock sucking in the shadowed section. Sitting on the surprisingly cold bench for a few moments, I saw a small stream of men enter and leave the space, in a generally desultory way. Almost all approached the cock sucking pair, being consistently rejected after their almost universally clumsy approaches.

By now, I was beginning to think that a Friday afternoon might be too crowded, as has happened a couple of time before. A bath which is crowded is a drawback in my fairly limited experience Çankaya Escort of the situation, actually restraining the sexual energy, not increasing it.

Standing, my ass cooled from sitting, cock half hard at best, I followed the sounds of cocksucking when returning to the lit section. Where a loose group of men a bit to my left were swirling together, and as my hand began to stroke my lengthening cock, I could watch from the shadows as they got each other off.

The reality of easy male group sex is something that continues to attract me to this bathhouse, an accommodating and tasteful place to indulge my male lusts among other naked men who share the same straightforward interests.

My attention was caught by a pair ass fucking, much like I’ve done, in public, cock driving deep into a stranger, hands on his hips, slapping against his ass cheeks. Happening right in front of me, playing with my turned off shaft, seeing the group grow as more horny men approached it, being drawn in by a stranger’s hand finding another willing cock to add to the now pulsating energy of a public orgy.

I was still on the outside of the still nearing boundary for being drawn into the mass of turned on available partners, moving a bit to the side, then to the other side of the shower opening. I watched how a man knelt in front of the fucking pair, cock sucking the man having his ass filled with hard cock, a long held fantasy of mine, to be the man in the middle.

A solid group had developed, 8 men at least, with several more in a loose ring outside it, all that I could see playing with themselves. Cock touching was obviously the main connection within the group, even as another pair began to fuck, and at least one man was kneeling in front of another.

At least two other men added themselves to the group as I watched, both of them pulled in by a stranger’s hands, one of whom turned, offering his ass to be fucked. An offer quickly accepted, as another man’s hand began to slide over his chest, while a third stranger let his hand slide over the cheek of the man who was now starting to moan as his cock went deeper.

My stroking was obvious, my length rigid, when a man focussed on me, turning a bit, looking at each other directly. It was a surprise to recognize him as the one who had been so enthusiastically fucking another man’s ass, the man who had made me so hard as I watched his cock pleasure another man’s hole.

When he touched my cock, I took a step closer, no longer able to stop myself from participating. Condoms and lube packages in my left hand, my right hand reached out to find his own still hard cock, slippery and sexy. Pulling me close, suddenly we were cock to cock, the sensations incredibly wonderful, something I hadn’t felt for far too long. Being cock to cock with another horny man was irresistible, a powerful reminder of my first experiences in male sex.

Now, sliding against another man, it was so good, perfectly slippery against his jutting cock, knowing that it had already been touched, and almost certainly inside other men. This fact made me hornier, intimately grasping how slutty he was, knowing that he was as turned on by men as I. The bathhouse is an obvious place to find such partners, but recognizing it in the actual flesh is much more enthralling than any theoretical awareness.

Till now, I had been unable to resist letting my cock feel another man’s, especially after we began to kiss, his tongue inside my mouth, my hands now beginning to pull his ass tight as we rubbed together, sinking into the pure pleasure of sex with another man, my finger sliding down his ass crack. Other men were having sex around us, but we had become a pair, his hand finding my nipple as his tongue continued to move past my open lips. A small part of me that the pleasure was overwhelming my caution in such situations, but after so long without feeling the sensual touch of another man, I was helpless.

And willing, to be honest. My cock was finally in control, its will overwhelming any concerns my mind might hold about losing myself in a group of men having sex with each other.

After an extended interval of pure bliss, my new found partner Keçiören Escort turned, letting my cock slide between his thighs, feeling his balls as I began to move against him, cock extended. Then, the unmistakable of sensation of cock rubbing added itself to the flood filling my body, drowning thinking in sensual satisfaction, surrendering to my primitive and undeniable lusts.

Now part of the group, the pleasure of my naked cock against the skin of other men led me on, beginning to move my hands against the chest of the man in front of me, pulling him tighter, thrusting my hips in motion against the other cock. I felt a grasping my sensitive shaft, then felt another cock against mine, knowing that it belonged to the man I was now humping, from the way our flared cockheads meshed.

Someone’s hand found my nipple, and when the man in front of me began to move his ass. I naturally reached down to position my cock head to feel the softly inviting skin of his hole, a sexual haze fogging my thoughts, knowing I was entering forbidden territory. A thought which led to me pulling back a bit, taking the time to open a condom.

Then discovering that I was barely able to fit it over my cock head, both due to my excitement and the fact that it seemed to be on the small side. In the past, I had noticed that the condoms came in different colored packages, and it occurred to me now that it might have been related to size – the bathhouse’s free blue packaged condoms had been a bit snug, but not like this.

Of course, while finding this out, the action continued all around me, including a couple of men who played with my body, hands sliding over my sweaty skin. However, gradually, the orgy’s center was moving away from my immediate vicinity, as a condom before anal sex is an absolutely non-negotiable point in my adventures. Though still very tempted, as he again began to rub my cock at the entrance of his soft and invitingly willing ass, even knowing, with perfect clarity, that this group of men were all riding bareback, enjoying the addictive freedom, and undeniable risks, of male sex.

Though I did enjoy a few moments of casual penetration, the group was beginning to break up, including the man who had offered the chance to fuck him after publicly demonstrating how he liked to fuck a man. I left the heat soon after, taking a shower before returning to the whirlpool. In the shower, quite unusually, a man was playing with his erect cock, a quite rare sight. One that led me to more thoroughly soap my half hard dick than normal, watching him.

The clock over the steambath’s cubbyhole wall surprised me when I looked up to it form my showering. What I had thought to be merely a few minutes of intoxicating group sex was in reality longer than a half hour, and now I was stroking myself while watching another man touching his erect cock.

Climbing the steps to the whirlpool, I noticed that it was quite full, with only a small space free. The central fountain was active, but somewhat masked by a couple of legs on top of it. Settling in, stretching my legs, I let the column of gushing water lift my legs, occasionally brushing other legs, though without any response in return.

This was in following basic bathhouse etiquette – the offers are subtle, and easily rejected without ever having to be acknowledged, in a generally gentle process. Though not always, although no such extremely uncommon situation has ever been more than mildly irritating, requiring merely a demonstration involving a modicum of strength or will.

Still horny, surrounded by naked men, my hands explored the pulsing currents. Leaving the upwelling water column, my left hand slowly sank downwards, until it lightly touched the inside of the thigh of the man next to me. My hand then trailed lightly over his skin, noting how he sighed and began to open his legs a bit, just coincidentally starting to press against me.

I have enjoyed the whirlpool several times, through never so completely full. Or apparently without any contact among the other six men, something that no longer concerned me much, his hand drifting over my left thigh. I let my foot slide against his, then let if float higher Etimesgut Escort against his leg. We were beginning to get turned on, knowing that the other was intimately familiar with the process.

Including a certain slowness, teasing each other delightfully, without ever doubting the following steps. When his hand finally reached my cock, it was impossible not to moan, a touch discretely. A discretion amply returned when I heard him as my hand floated over his cock, a subtle shifting occurring in our positions as we began to play with each other’s cock.

Though his thighs had been wonderfully hairy, his cock and balls were fairly stubbly, making it obvious that he shaved. A minor point as I lifted his cock, my fingers beginning to dance over and then down its head, causing him to simply grasp my hardening shaft. His cock was just beginning to respond when he moved his other hand to pull my thigh over his.

Sinking into the water, I felt him begin to grow harder as I kept playing with his shaft, his own motions matching mine, as we began to find a rhythm that enveloped both of us, starting to lose ourselves in the enjoyment offered by another man. It was also obvious that we were both turned on by hard cock, knowing that the other was equally aroused by the same thing.

We were both rigid when the fountain stopped. He had clasped his legs several times, slowing my motion, and I had placed my hand against his, for much the same reason. Cumming was not really appropriate here after all, though dancing along orgasm’s edge was something to be enjoyed for as long as possible.

The whirlpool went into its rest mode, the water stilling, making it easy to watch my hand as it jacked a stranger off in a hot tub full of naked men. By now, we were both spread legged, our games obvious to anyone who cared to look. I enjoy being so slutty, and it was equally apparent my partner enjoyed the same things I did. Unsurprisingly, as man who has enjoyed such a visit to the baths knows.

The jets under the seats started, but it didn’t make much difference to me by this point. My sense of time had disappeared under the bliss coming from two hard cocks, neither quite orgasming, neither unable to resist a stranger’s touch, knowing that my private tastes were being openly displayed, a fact which only excited me. I could feel the addictive rush of showing myself off fill me, along with showing off my own cock playing talents.

Talents that had the man next to me completely hard. Deciding to increase his pleasure, I shifted a bit, making it easy to shift my right hand to his chest. His unbelievably sexy hairy chest, as I discovered. My palm indulged itself in his fur, so much more extensive than any women’s pussy hair could ever be, rubbing, sliding my skin over his now pointy nipples, making his sighs obvious over the sounds of bubbling water.

The currents under the bench made it easy for me to rise up, my cock exposed at the bubbling surface of the whirlpool, his hand sliding from my cockhead down to its base, settling into my curly bush before pumping back up. My fingers were encasing his shaft, sliding up and down, increasingly focussing on his fully exposed cockhead, his foreskin fully stretched by the length of his extended cock.

After a while, the pump cycled off again, and it was almost impossible not to cum when he began to gently kiss my ear, rubbing my nipple as he stroked me, my leg draped over his, feeling his velvety cock against my thigh. However, when the pump started again, the central fountain was no longer dampened, and its splashing was just a bit too much for me to handle.

Regretfully, I rose, leaving the jetting fountain, knowing that neither of us would be able to resist cumming for much longer, and honestly surprised in a distant way that neither of us hadn’t orgasmed yet.

I quickly stepped into the shower, feeling the water rinse my still tingling body. Looking at the clock before deciding to re-enter the steam bath, it was a shock to realize that another half hour had past, and that I had spent pretty much the entire last hour with a hard cock, never feeling how time was passing while among a group pf horny men.

An hour and half total visit at the sauna meant that it was pretty much time to be getting home, particularly considering how enjoyable the visit had been till then, along with how full of men the basement was getting. But the electric contact of my naked cock between a man’s thigh and along a hard cock was still exciting me, revealing the truth that I couldn’t resist returning here as soon as possible.

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