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Be Careful Of What You Wish For

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Newly retired, well for about a year. After many years in a heavy trade l felt and saw my body getting weaker. When l was young an active life and lots of sports kept my body tuned and then my work kept me reasonably toned.

l hadn’t been to the gym since my school years but it seemed like it was time to go back. I not only hadn’t been there but l also never gave it much thought either. But now with the idea fresh again my mind flashed back to those years. Back then l was strongly Hetro but I’ve never been Homophobic. But l guess l was a little exhibitionist, recalling who walking around naked in the locker room gave me half a chubby. Or just maybe there was something in there all along, at least a curiosity.

Since then I’ve grown even more accepting which l think is natural, past curiosity at this point. But such things had no reason into my joining a gym, happily partnered with a wonderful woman.

That first visit l was shocked that the weight l would have lifted many-many times a day without thought, now seemed far heavier than remembered. Thinking back l should have joined right from starting my retirement. After my workout l was a sweaty mess and l could hardly wait to hit the showers, the hot water felt so good upon my skin. It was what l would call off hours but there were still a good many in the gym and also the showers. Mostly older guys like myself and the range ran the gambit of being in better shape than me, the same, and a few quite heavy guys.

Although still not attracted to males l can appreciate a good body even if l lower the standard for age. It wasn’t until my soapy hand made its way down that l found l was sporting a hard-on, my saving grace was that l was not the only one. l cleaned the area and moved on finding it there until l was dressed to go home.

l would have been useless to a police sketch artist in describing those other guys but their cock was another story. Of course, they were of all sizes but clearly, l was drawn to those that kept themselves tidy like me. l imagine it was them or those that had my cock to attention.

I returned the following day at about the same time finding many of the same guys from the day before, and after making my best guess of whom l recalled l made a point of starting a conversation. We seemed to hit it off from the start but that was no surprise seeing we were locals and about the same age. l had my opinion of Alan and Mike but l wasn’t pushing for answers. Then when we broke up to work out Alan and Bill stayed close to one another only enforcing my opinion they were a couple.

It was about forty-five minutes later when l was done, more ways than one. As l passed the boys up l mentioned how l hoped to see them again soon and how l was off for the showers. Mike mention how they’d be back tomorrow and Alan added that they were just about done and were going in for a steam before showing.

l mentioned that l didn’t even know there was a sauna there and l asked if they minded if I joined them. Both guys smiled and in unison said “The more the merrier.” I didn’t mention l had a sauna at home, but there it be sweating alone. I stood off to the side waiting and watching my new friends finish their sets, l began to look at them in a sexual way and odds are my blushing face gave away the thoughts in my head.

l followed the two of them to the back of the building, l could see how many might not know of the sauna as it was all but hidden away. There outside were large hooks which we used to hang our soaked with sweat clothes and we grabbed the extra large towels to wrap our bodies in before entering the steam room.

It wasn’t nearly as hot as my own, but enough to do the job. Soon a river of sweat ran down my body, left to drip on the floor. Alan stood removing his towel to wipe his face, my eyes were peeled on his travesti porno smooth and nice size cock. He didn’t bother to cover back up, instead, he sat proud, legs spread wide open and with good reason. Mike reached over at took Alan’s cock to full staff, slowly guiding his hand up and down it’s length. I rubbed my own manhood over my towel, then l lost it when Mike leaned into Alan taking his salty member in his hungry mouth.

I found my end far quicker than l wished and then that awkward feeling came over me, now with blood running my head three feet above my balls again I stood up leaving my new friends knowing l might of just ruined my best chance to answer those questions that rattled around in my adult head for these last many years.

l went in to rinse off before heading home and luckily for me, the room was completely empty. l washed my body as thoughts of what just happened raced in my mind. l even contemplated on going back and hopefully getting in the mix, but before the conclusion of that thought Mike and Alan entered the showers. l turned my back toward them, not as an insult but more from the awkward feelings l was having.

So l jumped when they joined me, pressing their soapy bodies against mine. Alan who was in front of me asked why did l leave so quickly, l answered in some incoherent way that didn’t make any sense even to me. He said that it was okay as he began stretching out my limp cock.

Mike was also busy, l doubt my butt has ever been so clean. My bliss was broken when Alan committed “we have a problem.”

Alan: “You see Mike hasn’t gotten his nut yet and he’s very partial to topping virgin ass.”

With that, Mike exchanged his soapy hand for his rock-hard cock. In order not to fall l draped myself upon Alan, wanting nothing more than to feel Mike inside of me. His cock burned which had more to do with the soap than his size, not being a complete beginner having been pegged many a time. But what l always questioned when such a thing came to pass is how much better warm flesh felt over chilled rubber.

Alan said all the right things for me to lose myself in the moment and soon my voice echoed off the walls “fuck me, fuck me harder.” And he did exactly that until the last few, hard plunges, then the warmth of his seed filling me. l remained leaning against Alan as the last of Mike’s cum dripped out from within me.

Then even more so than before l felt misplaced, not remorseful, maybe a bit embarrassed, and a whole lot of shame as I’ve cheated on my partner.

The guilt stuck with me that whole night, even brushing off my girlfriend’s inquiry if there was something wrong. The following day l headed to the gym early to hopefully miss my new friends. Doing so was mostly to give me more time to work out what has happened over the last few days and in the end, when l found myself in that same shower stall l knew l wanted more. But l also knew what a great relationship l had with my lover and l surely didn’t want to ruin that. luckily it was Friday so I would have the whole weekend to fess up and hopefully find a way forward.

A weekend never went so fast and l found me shortly before bed on Sunday night. It was time to pay the Piper and l had never been so scared. After fessing up and l mean to everything the worse happened. My girl took it in without a word which left me hanging and needless to say l hardly slept a wink that night. l would had rather her yell at me or even hit me.

The next day she was her normal bubbly self as if last night never happened. This didn’t give me ease, just more interpretation. Then before she left for work she looked me straight in the eye and said “I want to meet them, tonight!”

I didn’t know what to say other than “Okay” knowing l was powerless to control what they did and l surely alt yazılı porno wouldn’t be happy to go along if the shoe was on the other foot. But now with the task at hand l planned my day this time hoping to catch my friends there at the Gym.

l was well into my sets when l heard “Hey, Stud” from some feet away. l turned and smiled not really sure if it was from the commit or my relief they showed up. I pittled around dragging out the last few things l needed to do giving my friends time to catch up. And l said sure when they asked if l was up for steam.

Well past wrapping ourselves up the three of us entered the sauna completely naked, only small towels to wipe away the sweat from time to time. We took our normal places but l quickly moved closer confessing l had something l needed to ask them. I explained what happened over the weekend and my mindset in general, which already felt like a load off my shoulders. l wasn’t surprised when they agreed to visit us that evening, but l was thankful all the same.

Alan asked if l knew what they should expect, l had to answer honestly saying “l have no idea.”

Mike: “Well we better cover our bases then, you don’t want to disappoint her do you?”

Me: “Absolutely not, but I’m confused.”

Alan: “Well what if she want a show or answers, you’re not prepared.”

Mike: “Have you ever sucked a cock?”

Me: “No, just her strap-on or her toy to taste her upon it.”

Alan: “Well that won’t do, so it’s time you suck two.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as l sucked on one while stroking the other, back and forth until Alan claimed he was about to come. l quickly left Mike’s cock to wrap my lips around Alan’s, just in time as his salty load filled my mouth. Wanting more l quickly returned to Mike’s fat cock.

Now with my first behind me l played with Mike a bit more, licking his manhood like an ice cream and sucking upon his balls, all those things l enjoy having done to me. My mouth growing tired l reached back into my box of those things l enjoy… And after l slipped my finger in his ass l was quickly rewarded. It took two swallows to drink him down then as maybe a reward l enjoyed the both of them tending to mine, sadly it was over far too quickly. For some reason, l felt on par with my new friends after that, not that l was as good but the ground we covered allowed me to feel far more comfortable with not only them but with myself also.

With no cards in my pocket l cooked up a storm hoping to earn points as best as l could. Then when my girlfriend came home she only committed to how much food l was making, l assume her way of knowing there will be guests. It was twenty minutes past the appointed time and l could not hold off dinner any longer, just then the doorbell rang. Up to my ears with pasta l had to let my girlfriend get the door, then whatever transpired at first was lost to me being out of ear-shot.

When l emerged from the kitchen they were all gathered around the table and seemingly getting along, fact was during dinner l kinda felt like the one out of the mix. But a small price to pay for not saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

It wasn’t until after we finished off the second bottle of wine where my girl simply said “Let’s go.” All three of us followed mindlessly to what ended up being our bedroom…

She took her place on the chair in the corner leaving us guys standing there with dumb looks on our faces. When this idea first came up l expected she was after a telling, a blow-by-blow if l may, but now it was clear she was after much more. While l remained frozen she put me in action.

Her: “What are you waiting for, undress them.”

I said not a word but went to task unbuttoning Alan’s shirt then followed by Mike’s. She told me to drop to my üvey baba porno knees to remove their pants as she wanted a better view, the sound of their zippers was far louder than l could ever recall, and a bugling of what was to come next. I shimmied off Alan’s tightly whities, Mike was far easier having gone commando. Having gotten to know both men it was clear they were already sporting half chubbies, as was l.

I turned and looked at my girl, semi-hard cocks to both sides, she wasted no time telling me to begin sucking on one of them. l turned and leaned toward Alan, his long slender cock when down with ease in it pliable state, but soon it grew hard as nail and a bit harder to manage. l wrapped my hand around it so l could take it all in without gagging, l wanted to taste his cum once again but she had other plans.

Her: “Now, the big one.”

Mike turned toward me, his cock fully grown having watched the two of us. l reached around Mike and guided his big cock deep into my mouth. The good thing was now in this position is could see my girlfriend off to the side, her fingers were busy working her sweet pussy. l took that as a sign of approval and soon l was enjoying myself like no other time, and it was my task to try to impress her.

I leaned back into Alan and at one point l managed to get both their cocks in my mouth, rewarded with a “Good job.” from my girlfriend. Next we were instructed to get up on the bed, after l removed my clothing. She stood up at that point reaching into the nightstand, and from it, she withdrew the anal lube we kept there.

Her: “So who shall it be.” as she teased us with her palm of goop. Then the rush came over me as her chilled hand slapped between my butt cheeks. “Now which cock shall it be?” She inspected the two members then used what was left on her palm to coat Alan’s red cock, then she returned to her seat to watch.

Alan wasted no time, a few wipes of his cock’s head and then balls deep in one plunge. The lube made it an easy task as l pushed back wanting even more. He took my hips in his hands and pushed then pulled me at his pleasure, it was like his cock was going through my own and l could do little to hide just how much l was enjoying it.

Maybe l was a bit too much as Mike was told to shut me up with his cock, now l was being fucked at both ends, and need l said loving it. Hands-free l came all over the bed and after seeing that my girl commented “It must be time to switch.”

I feared Mike’s big cock in me but between the lube and being well-used by Alan, it felt awesome. Even my girl was impressed saying l was taking it like a champ. I wanted her to join us but l kept my tongue, l was the one in the wrong and this was her moment to seek revenge or dole out punishment.

Alan gave a warning he was about to come, and from the side, l was told to not waste a drop. The added pressure of my lips around Alan’s cock was what he needed, he filled my mouth with his sticky load. This got Mike going, my ass slapping loudly to his firm thighs. Faster and faster until he drew back and then drove his big fat cock balls deep inside of me.

She thanked the boys and showed them the way out, l remained exhausted on the bed. Returning a moment later l was to lick her clean which is always my pleasure. She crawled into bed without saying a word, but l woke a few more hours with her bouncing on my revised cock, so it can’t be all bad.

The next day at breakfast she told me that she was surprised that l didn’t recognize Alan, as he was a co-worker of hers, and how she had been in the know by him from the very beginning. And also how she’s been waiting for this for years figuring out my interest and she saw it as an opportunity to finally make it happen, something she too had great interest in happening.

Her: “I’ve been wanting to see you suck cock and be fucked forever.”

What can l say, l have the best girl ever. It was only months later when we became close friends with another bisexual couple and it’s been heaven ever since. As for Mike and Alan, we guys make a command performance once in a while, and it’s best when she joins us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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