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Bear Prison

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Part 1

Jamie lay on the hard, unforgiving prison floor; scared and alone.

It was cold, and he was laying completely naked in near darkness sharing a cell with someone large who lay in the corner of the room breathing deeply and not moving.

Jamie couldn’t remember anything of the space ship that had abducted him and another boy, Lexi, from their college on Otterport.

All he could remember was that he was having sex with Lexi in the shower, then all of a sudden there was an explosion and he found himself waking up on the dank floor he now found himself lying on.

Jamie reached his right hand around to his bottom and touched his asshole, the last thing he remembered was Lexi’s enormous dick mercilessly fucking him and stretching his asshole wider than it had ever been stretched. Now it was closed shut again, a telling sign that even though it felt like only minutes had passed, it had clearly been a lot longer.

Jamie felt lonely in the isolated cell, he missed his friends and family of course; but more than anyone he was missing Lexi.

He had no idea where Lexi was, or even whether he was safe.

The only thing he knew for sure was that there was someone sharing the cell with him, and that someone hadn’t moved or done anything but breathe deeply in all the time that he’d been there.

Jamie decided that he’d better find a wall and stop sitting in the middle of the cell where he was taking the worst of the draft, so he shuffled along the floor, taking care to avoid scuffing his skin.

The sound of his movement woke his cellmate who awoke with a startling yell,

“Who is that? Who’s there?”

The large man sat up and looked across the room. 
There, in the near darkness the man could see Jamie’s luminescent white body clearly in the middle of the cell.

Jamie hustled to the wall, trying to cover his penis with his right hand, and use his left hand to move.

The man laughed as Jamie scurried like a crab to the corner of the wall and sat huddled, holding his legs.

“Don’t be afraid little boy, I’m not gonna bite you.”

The man seemed friendly enough, so Jamie decided to speak up,

“Who are you?” He asked timidly.

“I’m Reginald” the man replied, “and I’m a prisoner just like you.

Reginald stood up, and only then did Jamie notice what he was seeing in the low light.

The man was black, something he’d only read about in text books but never actually seen.

The human race had experienced a terrible race war more than a thousand years earlier, and after that each race left the Earth and had nothing more to do with each other.

It was now normal for people to go their entire lives only seeing members of their own race. And here Jamie was, looking at a real live black man right in front of him.

The shock must have been obvious on his face because the man laughed a good natured sounding laugh once again.

“I know what I must look like to you, but we’re the same you and I.”

Jamie was puzzled by the statement, but then he remembered that they were in the cell together. This man wasn’t part of the system keeping him locked up, so clearly he’d either been taken prisoner too or had been formally part of the crew and done something wrong.

The man was shirtless and was wearing only a short pair of faded old pants. His rippling body shone in the low light, his biceps were larger than Jamie’s thighs.

Jamie could see the outline of Reginald’s penis through the thin, faded pants he was wearing. It was clearly a bit longer than Lexi’s, but what was surprising it that it was a lot fatter. This dick could possibly do significant damage to whoever’s asshole welcomed this monster inside.

Jamie decided to ask the man a question, but couldn’t help but shiver while he spoke.

“Do you know a way out of here? I need to find my friend and try to get home.”

Reginald moved over to the other side of the cell where steel bars ran from ceiling to floor at only two inches apart.

He held onto one of the bars and leaned forward sighing.

“I’ve been in this cage for over a year.”

Reginald sighed with the sigh of someone who had long since given up any hope of release.

Jamie looked as shocked as he did on the day that Lexi first forced his entire dick inside of his ass.

“How did you get in here? Who’s got us locked up like this? And why?”

Reginald looked sad in response to the questions he’d been posed. He clearly knew the answers, but he knew Jamie wouldn’t like them.

“You’ve been taken by the Bear faction.”

Jamie reeled in horror by the news. Reginald continued,

“You and your friend are being brought back to Bear high command and will probably be executed.”

Jamie didn’t respond, he just rested his head against the bars.

Reginald continued,

“I’m here for treason. I had sex with a previous prisoner from another faction, and now he’s been taken somewhere and I’m stuck here in jail, wondering where he’s been.”

Jaime felt bad for Reginald and opened his mouth to say something reassuring güvenilir bahis when he heard a tap on the wall behind him.

“What was that?!” Jaime exclaimed and leapt to his feet.

For a moment the two men stood there, Jaime completely naked. He felt a little embarrassed now that his far smaller dick was hanging open and exposed.

The wall sounded again with the mysterious tapping noise from the other side.

“Quick!” Reginald exclaimed,

“Open the glory hole!”

Reginald ran a few feet down the length of the wall and pulled out a rounded piece of cement revealing a hole to the other side.

“I made this so that I could keep having sex with Manny after they temporarily locked him up in there.”
Reginald’s face had fallen, Jamie put his hand on Reginalds arm before dashing over to the hole and sitting next to it.

“Is anyone there?”

A moment passed and Jamie could hear some shuffling from the other side, then all of a sudden he heard a familiar voice.

“Is that you Jamie?”

Jamie exclaimed with delight when he heard Lexi’s voice.

Lexi explained that he too had been kept in a jail cell much like Jamies, and that he too was naked. The only difference was that Lexi was in his cell alone.

The two boys spent the next couple hours chatting and discussing what they remembered and what options they could have.

After some time passed they began to realize how much they had missed each other, and how horny they were.

Reginald could tell by the nature of the conversation that the two boys were looking to fuck, however they had both noticed that guards were beginning to walk back and forth roughly every ten minutes in front of the bars on the other side of the cell.

Reginald looked over to Jamie and with a knowing look told him,

“I got this, you boys do your thing.”

Reginald then walked in front of Jamie, blocking any view of him from the bars. He then grabbed the horizontal bar jutting out from the roof and began doing pull-ups, being careful not to raise his legs so high that the view of Jamie would become seen from the bars once again.

Once it was safe, Jamie mentioned it to Lexi,

“We’re in the clear” he whispered, then scampered up to his knees and placed his mouth over the glory hole.

A familiar large, snowy white dick pushed its way through the hole from the other side and into the warm, waiting mouth.

Jamies tongue hugged the dick like he was welcoming an old friend.

Because of the wall, Jamie wasn’t able to take the entire length of Lexi’s beautiful penis. But the penis was still long enough that he was able to force some of it down his throat and begin gagging on it as it rammed against the back.

Tears streamed down his eyes as Jamie better positioned himself against the wall. He felt Lexi’s pace quicken as he rammed the dick back and forth through the glory hole. Jamie could hear Lexi’s muffled groans as he flicked the dick with his tongue and played with different parts of the exquisite dick.

Eventually it was time. Jamie scampered up to this hands and knees and backed his ass up to the wall. 
On the other side, Lexi spat in his hand and lubricated his giant dick in the best way he could. He then slowly pushed the dick through the hole and through Jamies waiting ass-checks to his begging asshole.

Jamie realized that he wasn’t going to get the depth of penetration he wanted with his bubble butt blocking the way, so he lifted his hands, reached back and opened his ass-cheeks; planting his asshole firmly against the glory hole.

Immediately Lexi’s enormous dick pushed forward, resisted for a second at the asshole entrance, then burst inside his hungry ass.

Jaime screamed and a guard came running.

“What was that scream?!” The guard looked angry.

Jamie stood crouched forward and completely still.

Lexi didn’t hear the guard and didn’t know anything was wrong, so he kept fucking Jamie’s ass mercilessly from the other side.

Jamie’s eyes began to water as he continued taking Lexi’s enormous cock without making a single sound or moving at all.

Reginald covered for him expertly.

He got back on the ground, covered in sweat from his workout and grabbed his left bicep with his right hand.

“Oww man! I’ve pulled my arm! I’m gonna need something for this.”

The guard scoffed before smacking one of the bars with his baton and walking away.

“Keep it down” the guard said while strolling back the way he came.

Reginald looked back and gave Jamie a wink, Jamie mouthed thank you in return.

Reginald then jumped back up and continued doing pull-ups, this time with only one arm while his “injured arm” hung by his side.

Jamie continued to take Lexi’s dick through the wall until an idea popped into his head.

“I have an idea” Jamie said as he walked forward a few steps and Lexi’s dick squelched out of his dripping asshole.

“What is it?” Reginald dropped to the ground.

Jamie walked a few feet forward and whispered the plan to Reginald who laughed and replied,

“Lets güvenilir bahis siteleri get on it.”

Reginald crept into the shadowy corner of the cell and hid in the darkness.

Jamie went back over to the wall, bent over and shuffled his ass back onto Lexi’s waiting cock.

Jamie felt the cock push once again against the opening to his asshole. He then put both hands on his asscheeks and pulled them back, then launched his torso back against the wall, flattening his asshole against the glory hole.

Jamie screamed as the dick entered him.

Lexi began to fuck him mercilessly once again, except this time Jamie moaned and screamed with each pound.

A guard ran up to the cell and gasped in horror at what he was seeing. In his panic, the guard flung open the door to the cell and raced inside to stop what was happening.

In that second, Reginald stepped out of the shadows from behind the guard, brought his two fists together, raised them high in the air then down onto the back of the guards head with a loud THUMP!

The guard lost consciousness immediately, his body flopped to the ground.

Reginald reached into the guards belt and pulled out the touch key buried inside. 
The two men then snuck out of the cell, around the corner, touched the lock of Lexi’s cell door and opened the cell.

Lexi and Jamie fell into each others arms and kissed each other for the first time.

Lexi’s thick tongue pushed its way past Jamies teeth and licked Jamies tongue and the roof of his mouth.

It was a tender moment as the two boys held each other and kissed with the passion of lovers.

Guiding the back of Jamies head with his right hand, Lexi crouched down and encouraged Jamie to do the same.

While kissing Lexi, Jamie moved forward and crouched over Lexi’s lap. Lexi’s dick found the entrance to Jamies hole and with a sharp vertical push of his hips he began fucking up into Jamies asshole.

Jamies eyes squinted and he groaned as Lexi gave him his dick once again. Lexi kept kissing him and absorbed the groans into his mouth.

Reginald stood guard and watched as the two boys climaxed together.

After a few minutes Lexi couldn’t handle it anymore and exploded inside Jamies begging ass.

Jamies dick had been rubbing against Lexi’s 6 pack and after feeling cum fill him up he too exploded up Lexi’s body.

The two boys stood up, panting and covered in cum. 
Lexi’s snowy white body had it splattered with cum all up his 6 pack, biceps and neck.

Jamie had some on his body, but most of it was running down the backs of his thighs as wads of cum started flowing out of his stretched open asshole.

“If you boys are done, we’d best be on our way” chuckled Reginald as he indicated for the boys to follow him into the hallway.

The three men crept carefully as they made their way down the dark, narrow hallway of the prison ship.

The hallway twisted and turned, and every so often they would pass a cellblock and hear the sound of men breathing, crying or praying inside.

Reginald was clearly distressed as he looked into each one. It was clear that his lover was somewhere onboard.

“Is there no way of locating him more accurately?”Jamie offered helpfully.

“Only one way” Reginald replied,

“But it’s risky.”

Part 2

The ship was crawling with sentinel droids.

These menacing robots stood guard at various points of the ship and were programmed to kill anyone roaming the halls beside the guards.

The three men made their way into the nearest cell block where they knew a sentinel would be standing on the other side.

The plan was simple, but risky.

Each sentinel was armed with two arm cannons, and for safety reasons each cannon had a safety switch that lowered a tiny cover over the barrel of the weapon to block the cannon.

The plan called for either Jamie or Lexi to jump out in front of the sentinel once Reginald was in position, then ideally he would activate the droids safety feature, blocking it’s weapons which would cause it to face Reginald unarmed and lose against him in arm to arm combat.

Reginald felt extremely guilty offering up this plan as it carried a lot of risk for the boys, and only rewarded him. Lexi soon relieved him of his guilt.

“I’ll be the bait” Lexi offered smoothly in his deep voice.

“Absolutely not, it’s too risky. I’ll do it” Jamie said firmly, shooting out a glare at Lexi. 
Even though it was irrational, it felt as if Lexi were taking a chance at death and leaving him.

Lexi softened his face and put a hand on Jamies bare chest. 

”I’m a lot faster than you and am more likely to maneuver out of the way if something goes wrong. Plus it’d be a far greater shame if the robot blew off your good looks then mine.”

Jamie laughed at the joke, and inside he understood the reasoning. But irrationally he was furious with Lexi for volunteering for the task.

”Alright” Reginald said, then he motioned for Lexi to move out with him.

Jamie sat in the corner of the hallway iddaa siteleri and the cell block and felt useless and stupid as his brave man and Reginald left to take down a robotic guard.

Reginald moved like a cheetah, he flew around a dark corner and crept silently behind the sentinel unit.

The droid looked menacing has it hovered three inches off the floor.

The dark silver colour of the droid only added to its menace, as did its glowing red eye that sat in the middle of its dark robotic face.

The droid featured two arms that were made of a steel-like alloy, and at the end of these arms were menacing looking cannons.

The droid had no idea that a completely silent Reginald was creeping behind it, and a few minutes later had gained an advantageous position.

Like a flash, Lexi ran out from his hiding place and past the sentinels field of vision. 
The sentinels eye flashed a brilliant red and it’s arms jerked forward, raising its arms ready to fire.

Only a second after the droid had whirred to life and it’s guns raised, Reginald threw his hands forward faster than a jet and pushed two fingers into the safety buttons on either side of the droids arms.

A split second later, two blocking door slid over the droids cannon barrels as the droid fired at Lexi.

The cannon fire reverberated inside of the Sentinel for a split second and in an instant it exploded sending fire and metal everywhere, Reginald was thrown five feet back into the cell behind him and onto the floor.

Jamie was sitting on the dark, dirty floor of the cell block playing with the light dusting of leg hair on his left shin when the explosion rattled the prison and sirens began blaring.

He immediately jumped to his feet and ran towards the sound of the explosion. 
He turned a corner and ran into Lexi, who gave him a big hug.

“Where’s Reginald?”

The two boys looked around and eventually saw him lying against the bars of another prisoners cell.

“Get up Reginald!” The two boys yelled as they shook him.

Reginald was in bad shape. His face was severely burned and his right arm was deeply gashed. He had pieces of metal sticking out from all over his body and he was unconscious.

Jamie was horrified and could feel tears coming to his eyes when suddenly he saw a green light emanating from the cell the boys were crouching against.

A young man walked up to his side of the bars from inside the cell. His entire body emanated green light and his eyes looked as if they were on fire, but a green fire.

“Who are you?” Lexi asked.

The man didn’t answer, but instead he kissed his finger. The finger seemed now to burn with the same fire that was in his eyes. The man lowered his finger out of the bars to his cell and onto Reginald’s mouth.

The man must have been an alien, Jamie theorized.

The humans knew that they were not alone in the universe, but sightings of non-humans were extremely rare and unproven.

This experience would also go unproven because as soon as the man touched Reginalds lips he walked back into the darkness of his cell until he couldn’t be seen anymore.

Reginald almost immediately began breathing again, a sound that was soon followed by the clanking and banging sound of dozens of metal items falling off of his body.

His body was pushing the shrapnel pieces out and onto the ground. The wounds were healing themselves, as were his burns and disfigured face.

Within a couple minutes he looked completely himself.

The sound of stomping filled the air as the human guards were closing in.

Reginald gasped as he realized where he was and what he was doing and jumped to his feet, running over to the robot.

From somewhere within the robots head, Reginald fished around and pulled out a tiny computer chip.

Once he had it secured in his clenched fist, Reginald indicated to the boys that they should run and the three of them sprinted in the opposite direction of the oncoming guards.

After running a few minutes, Reginald recognized a chink in the wall. He stopped running and immediately closed in on and pushed the chink.

A small door clicked open, all three men jumped inside and closed it behind them.

Part 3

“You found a secret hideout?!” Jamie exclaimed.

“It’s not secret or a hideout, this is a janitors closet.

The guards have no interest in the janitors and pay no attention to detail, so we’ll be perfectly safe in here.”

Reginald spent a moment with the chip, programming his biological information into it.

After about a minute the chip recognized his synapses and buried itself into his hand. From there, Reginald was able to search the chips database through his thoughts.

“I know where Manny is!” Reginald exclaimed.

“And best of all, I know a way we can get there undetected.”

The ventilation system of a prison ship under normal circumstances would be the absolute riskiest way of getting around.

The flow of oxygen is inconsistent, the heat can be stifling and its a maze that all looks the same and can be easily lost inside.

Luckily however, the group could not only know where to go thanks to the stolen chip, they could also time the journey so that it followed oxygen cycles and avoided areas with large heat spikes.

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