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Beauty and the Geek Ch. 01

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PART 1 – Beauty Meets the Geek


“Millicent Andrews?” the teacher called; a balding man possessing a boring tone of voice.

“Here,” Miley replied in a dry tone after wincing at the sound of her full name. Only her mother called her Millicent, and even then only when angry. Everyone called her ‘Miley’, a nickname she went by since early childhood.

As her Social Studies teacher droned on with the rest of the attendance Miley’s best friend Stacy leaned over and whispered, “What’s wrong with Mr. Nelson? He’s such a loser. I mean, we’ve been in his class for half our senior year and he still calls you Millicent.”

“I know, what a ‘tard, right?” Miley replied, chuckling quietly at Stacy.

“So guess what I heard?” Stacy urged in a hushed tone, suddenly changing the subject. “You know Charlie White, that geek in our Biology class?”

Miley knew who Charlie White was, “Yeah?”

“I guess he’s hung like a donkey!”

Miley couldn’t help but to burst into giggles at Stacy’s proclamation, earning her the attention of the whole class.

“Excuse me Miss Andrews,” the teacher chimed. “Was there something important you wanted to share with the class?”

“No Mr. Nelson,” Miley shook her head, fighting back laughter and trying to keep a straight face. “I’m sorry, please continue with attendance.”

Mr. Nelson frowned, but returned to his monotonous role call.

“I’ll fill you in after class,” Stacy whispered with a wink.


Fifty minutes later, as the two girls left class and walked together towards the locker they shared, Miley had forgotten all about what Stacy had said earlier. She was just happy to be out of Social Studies; Mr. Nelson had to be the most boring man on the planet.

“So get this; Darla’s older sister used to date his brother,” Stacy started once the pair were in the hallway and free to speak freely. “And she saw him in the bathroom and-“

“Stacy,” Miley interrupted. “What are you even talking about?”

“I’m talking about Charlie. You know, that one nerd? From Biology?”

Miley couldn’t help but grin as she recalled, “Oh yeah, the one you said was hung like a donkey?”

“Yeah, Darla said that her sister told her she saw Charlie naked after accidentally walking into the bathroom, and that he’s got a dick the size of Florida.”

Miley laughed as they reached the locker, letting Stacy work the combo lock, “Oh my god, as if. Charlie is a total geek.”

“I’m just telling you what Darla said,” Stacy defended herself, miffed that the accuracy of her gossip was being challenged.

“Whatever,” Miley replied as she switched books and checked her lipstick in the locker mirror. “I’ve got to get to English. See you at lunch?”

“See you then!”

Miley headed for her next class and quickly put her best friend’s gossip out of mind. It’s not as though she was the slightest bit interested in Charlie. He was a total nerd after all, while Miley was one of the most popular girls at school. Miley dated college guys, while Charlie probably hadn’t seen a naked girl outside of Playboy magazine. Boys at school drooled over Miley while the girls at school ignored Charlie, or worse. The two simply weren’t socially compatible regardless of how big Charlie’s penis was.

But as soon as lunch came, Miley was reminded all too soon as she and Stacy sat down in the cafeteria. Her best friend seemed obsessed.

“I wonder how big it actually is?” Stacy wondered.

“How big what is?”

Stacy frowned, “What’s with you today? You’ve been a total airhead. “

“Are you still talking about that Charlie kid?” Miley laughed. “Geez, what are you, a size-queen or something?”

Both girls giggled.

“I’m just curious, you know?” Stacy mused. “Oh my god, look. There he is.”

Miley turned as Stacy pointed towards the cafeteria doors. Sure enough, there was Charlie White, the nerd from their Biology class, exiting the cafeteria towards the hallway. He was skinny but tall, Miley thought, sort of lanky and awkward in shape. He wore glasses and his brown hair was in bad need of a stylist and some mousse. Miley noticed that Charlie wasn’t doing himself any favors with his wardrobe; he had on a pair of loose tan slacks and a plaid button-down shirt. He was dorksville all the way.

Miley tried, but it was impossible to tell how hung he was with those loose pants, “Well, if you’re that curious I’ll just go ask him.” She suddenly rose from the cafeteria table.

“Miley! Don’t you da…” Stacy hissed, “oh my god.” She watched helplessly as Miley abandoned their lunch table.

Miley trotted swiftly after Charlie, catching up with him in the hallway outside of the boy’s bathroom. “Hey Charlie!” she called, feeling playful.

About to enter the bathroom, Charlie paused and turned to the sound of his name. He swallowed nervously when he saw that it was Miley, a girl that hadn’t spoken one word to him since middle school. Still, he knew all too well who Miley was. He, along with every other guy escort şişli at school, had a massive crush on her. And here she was, approaching him in a pair of crisp white denim pants that hugged her perfect legs, and a tight pink spaghetti-string top that displayed her tanned shoulders and arms. Her dark hair was long and wavy, falling into a perfect frame of tendrils around Miley’s gorgeous face.

“A-are you talking to me?” Charlie asked, standing outside the bathroom door.

Miley finally caught up to him, her heeled boots clicking on the hard hallway floor as she approached, “Yeah, it’s Charlie right?”

Charlie gulped, surprised she even remembered his name.

“Do you know my best friend Stacy?” Miley asked with an amused twinkle in her eye.

Of course he knew Stacy, Charlie thought. After all, Stacy was almost as beautiful as Miley, “Uh, yeah. Sure. You two are in my Bio class.”

Miley nodded, “Right. Well, she just told me you have, like, this huge cock.”

Charlie’s cheeks instantly turned red. A reply didn’t come to mind.

Miley grinned at him, “So, is it true?”

“I-I…” Charlie stammered, embarrassed.

“I want to see it,” Miley demanded with a giggle, pushing Charlie backwards into the bathroom. He backpedaled to avoid tripping and she followed him in.

There were two surprised freshmen by the sinks, washing their hands. They glanced Miley’s way, not expecting to find a girl in the men’s bathroom. They hurried out when Miley said, “Get lost twerps,” aiming her thumb over the shoulder and towards the door.

“Let’s see it,” Miley instructed as she locked the bathroom door.

“I’m sorry?” Charlie asked, standing confused in the middle of the large lavatory.

“Your thing,” Miley clarified. “I want to see it.”

“You want to see my…?”

“Your dick, yeah. Your pecker, your Johnson.” Miley was all smiles, “Show me what you got, big guy.”

“No way! What are you, crazy?”

“Look, Charlie, either you can drop those drawers and show me what you’ve got, or I can start spreading the rumor that you’re hung like a flea. If I do that, good luck losing your virginity any time before age thirty.”

Charlie winced at Miley’s words. How did she know he was a virgin? And the last thing he needed was more bad gossip about him; he already had enough trouble talking to girls.

“So what’s it going to be?” Miley pressed, a smirk decorating her beautiful face.

“Okay, okay,” Charlie sighed. He began to reluctantly unfasten his pants, “Just promise me you’ll get your look and leave me alone? You won’t start any rumors?”

“I promise,” Miley said in her sweetest voice, trying to put him at ease. She had no real intention of telling anyone about Charlie’s size, but boys were so easy to manipulate.

Embarrassed, but seeing no other option, Charlie slowly lowered his pants and boxers to reveal his penis.

“Oh my god,” Miley gasped, staring at Charlie’s package.

Hanging limply between his legs was Charlie’s cock, a circumcised thing roughly seven inches in length. Miley could only imagine how big it got when erect, amazed at its size. In its limp state, Charlie’s penis was bigger than most boys she’d seen when fully aroused! His skin was smooth, with one bulging vein traveling the length of Charlie’s shaft. His balls hung loosely and the surrounding pubic hair was shaggy and untrimmed.

“Jeezus Charlie, how did a skinny guy like you end up with such a monster between his legs?”

Still mortified, Charlie quickly pulled his pants back up, “You’ve had your look, now just leave me alone, okay?”

Miley didn’t want him to leave. She wanted to keep looking, she wanted to see it erect, “Charlie, wait! I-“

Charlie rushed by her towards the door, fumbling with the lock.

Miley tried to stop him, “Charlie it’s okay, please…”

Charlie disappeared into the hallway leaving Miley in the middle of the boy’s bathroom, too dumbstruck by what she had seen to even move. It took for someone to come in and give her an odd expression before Miley came to her senses and left the bathroom.

The rest of the day was a haze for Miley and she had trouble concentrating on anything. It was like Charlie’s big dick had been burned into her mind and it was all she could think of. It wasn’t until their shared Biology class, the last of the day, that Stacy finally caught up to her best friend. Fortunately, they were lab partners and sat right next to each other at a small table in the back of the classroom; they could talk quietly during class.

“Miley, where have you been?” Stacy demanded as she sat down next to her best friend. “I have been texting you all afternoon. What happened with Charlie?”

“Huh?” Miley asked, still a little out of it, “Oh, I totally forgot to charge my phone last night.” She was looking across the room, where Charlie sat. He was avoiding making eye contact with her.

“Well?” Stacy persisted, “What happened?”

“I saw it,” Miley admitted in a flat tone.

“Oh my god!” Stacy hissed. “You escort beşiktaş saw his thing?!?”

Miley nodded simply, “He showed it to me, in the bathroom.”

“I don’t believe it, you’re such a slut!” Stacy giggled.

“I am not!” Miley snapped out of her daze at the terrible accusation. “You know as well as I do that I’m still a virgin. ” Then she added, “Technically.”

“Whatever. You’ve given more handjobs than a porn star,” Stacy teased.

Miley smiled at that and couldn’t refute the accusation, “Well, I’ve got to do something to keep boys interested, don’t I?”

Their biology teacher began class, but the girls kept gossiping in hushed tones.

“So, was it big?” Stacy whispered, curious.

“It was huge,” Miley whispered back.

“Seriously? How huge?”

“Like, bigger-than-any-dick-I’ve-ever-seen huge. And it was limp, so it must be a monster when he’s got a boner.”

Stacy giggled, “I can’t believe he showed it to you. Did you touch it?”

“No!” Miley hissed. “Of course not.”

“God, who’d have thought?” Stacy mused. “A total geek like Charlie White having a horse cock.”

Both girls giggled and continued their whispered gossip. But Miley couldn’t stop looking in Charlie’s direction; she was unable to get the image of his penis out of her head. She wanted to see it again. She wanted to see it erect, just to satisfy her curiosity over how big it was. Miley had always been fascinated by men’s cocks. She loved giving her dates handjobs, to placate them when they begged her for sex. She liked the feel of them when they grew hard within her hand, and the total control she felt when a guy was close to cumming.

Class seemed to drag on, as the last class always does. The bell sounded after what felt like hours and Miley swiftly gathered her things, telling Stacy she’d call her later. After a quick stop at her locker Miley hurried out to where the busses were loading. She was looking for Charlie. She wanted to see that monster between his legs again. Just a look, she told herself.

She spotted him, about to board a bus, and waved, “Charlie! Hey Charlie!”

Charlie turned, his expression growing mortified when he saw who it was.

“Charlie, wait up. Can I give you a ride home?”

“You want to give me a ride?” Charlie sounded dubious.

“Yeah. Look, I’m sorry about trapping you in the bathroom earlier. Let me make it up to you? My car’s right over there,” Miley indicated the student lot.

Charlie looked hesitant and suspicious. Popular kids weren’t ever nice to him, and if they were it was usually just to set him up for teasing or a prank.

Miley noticed his trepidation, “No tricks, seriously.”

“All right,” Charlie finally agreed. Had it been anyone else, Charlie would have ignored them and boarded the bus. But he’d had a crush on Miley since the sixth grade.

Clicking the car alarm on her pink keychain, Miley’s little BMW made a beeping noise and unlocked its doors, “Hop in.”

“Wow. This is your car?” Charlie asked, impressed.

“Yep, my step dad got it for me two years ago when I turned 16 and got my license. He’s always trying to buy my love. Isn’t it great?”

“Y-yeah, it’s really cool.”

“So, about earlier…” Miley said after getting directions to Charlie’s house. “I was a total snot today. I didn’t mean to make you feel so embarrassed.”

“You didn’t do a very good job,” Charlie lamented. “Like I don’t feel like a big enough freak already.”

“A freak? Why would you feel like that?” Miley glanced aside at Charlie as she drove, “You mean because of your big thingy?”

“Yeah. It’s so big, it’s embarrassing.”

“Oh my god,” Miley grinned, “You shouldn’t be embarrassed. Most guys would kill to have a thing that big.”

“Really?” Charlie asked.

“Are you kidding? Of course! Listen sweetie, when a girl says she doesn’t care how big it is, she’s probably lying. You know, unless she’s like a tiny midget-girl or something.”

“So all girls like big… things?” Charlie wondered.

Miley nodded, turning onto a side street, “Uh-huh. Well, all the girls I know anyway. I mean… it’s always gossip about who has a big thing, who doesn’t. What do you think girls talk about when guys aren’t around?”

“I have no idea,” Charlie sighed. “Most girls at school don’t talk to me when I am around.”

Miley glanced at Charlie again, feeling sympathy for him. She pulled up to his house, suddenly aware of how tough it can be at school for the less popular kids. Charlie seemed like a nice guy. Sure, he was wardrobe-challenged, a little skinny, and wore geeky glasses, but it’s not like he was ugly or unpleasant to talk to.

“So, listen, do you think I could come in for a while?”

“You want to come in? To my house?” Charlie asked, stunned.

“Yeah, your parents aren’t home, are they?”

Charlie shook his head, “No, they’re at work.”

“Would you show it to me again?” Miley asked, straightforward but in an innocent tone.

“Y-you want to….?” stammered Charlie.

Miley escort beyoğlu nodded, “Yeah. But only if you want to. I mean, I’ll show you my boobs if you want – that’s only fair. It’ll be like a trade. No cameras or tricks or anything. I just… I want to see it again.”

The hottest, most popular girl at school wanted to look at Charlie’s penis, and show him her tits. He couldn’t believe it was true. Neither could he possibly turn down such an offer. Within minutes, Charlie was in his room with Miley. She looked around, noting some promise. He was into the usual nerd candy, like Star Wars and comic books, but along with that stuff Charlie also had some cool posters of musical artists she herself really liked.

“Awesome, you’re into Jay-Z?”

“Um, yeah.” Charlie nodded, setting his book bag aside. “He’s pretty good.”

Miley picked up an action figure of Chewbacca and examined it like she was staring at an alien artifact.

“So, um, how should we do this?” Charlie asked, as nervous as he’d ever been in his life.

“Well I guess I owe you one,” Miley replied, setting Chewbacca down and peeling off her tight pink top. Beneath was a matching bra.

Charlie just about fell over. Miley looked perfect, with her narrow waist and toned frame. She was tanned with flawless skin. Reaching around to her back, Miley unhooked the bra. It loosened off her breasts and she let it slowly fall from her chest …teasingly… until Charlie looked like he’d die from holding his breath too long. She let the bra fall to the floor, and Miley’s breasts were suddenly revealed; two small mounds of perfection capped by soft, pink nipples.

Miley pushed a hand through her long dark hair, jutting her chest out as she did so, “Well? Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to take your pants off?”

Charlie fumbled at his waist, unable to take his eyes off Miley. She could have asked himself to jump off a skyscraper at that moment and he probably would have done it. Never in a million years did he ever expect to have Miley Andrews alone in his bedroom, much less topless. Kicking out of his shoes, Charlie pushed his baggy trousers and boxers all the way to the floor and stepped out of them. He didn’t even realize he was erect, so distracted by the sight of naked breasts.

Miley gasped for the second time that day. It had to be nine inches in length, maybe longer! It was incredible. She stood staring, equally transfixed as Charlie was by her.

“It’s so big,” Miley murmured.

“You’re beautiful,” Charlie whispered back.

Miley smiled at that. She’d heard those words before, from many boys, but never with such heartfelt honesty. It was flattering to come from someone who meant it, rather than some jock who just wanted to get into her pants. It wasn’t what Charlie said, it was the tone he said it in.

“Charlie, do you mind if I… can I touch it?”

With wide eyes, Charlie nodded his assent.

“Why don’t you sit down on your bed?” Miley suggested, kneeling down on the plush carpeting. She tried closing her fist around the middle of Charlie’s shaft once he sat down, and the tips of her thumb and middle finger couldn’t quite touch as she gripped him, “My god Charlie, this thing is amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, “Would it be okay if I stroked it a little?”

“Yeah, o-okay,” Charlie agreed, still in shock over having a topless Miley in his room. And now she had her hand on his erection wanting to jerk him off!

With a gliding motion, Miley smoothed her grip up and down Charlie’s shaft a few times. It twitched whenever her grip passed over the ridge of his cockhead. She marveled at it, amazed by the fact that it was growing even more firm as she paid attention to it.

“It’s getting so hard, like cement,” Miley commented. “Has a girl ever jerked you off before?”

Charlie shook his head, blushing.

“I can’t believe I’m the first to get my hands on this cock,” Miley’s voice dripped with desire. She lifted her other hand as well to join in the fun, scraping the tips of her long fingernails along his soft underside, gently teasing him as she continued to stroke with a closed fist. She knew he liked it, because Charlie gasped with a sharp intake of breath.

“Does this feel good, Charlie?”

“Y-yeah, yes.”

Lifting her head, Miley craned her neck and pushed some saliva out of her mouth, letting it drip from her lips to the head of Charlie’s cock. She worked the wetness of her spit in, lubricating her stroking motions. As she slickened his shaft, Miley moved her teasing fingernails to Charlie’s scrotum, which was taut with arousal, and gently scraped her nails against the coarse skin of his balls.

“I really like your cock,” Miley said, staring up at Charlie with a soft smile. “Would it be okay if I made you cum? I’d really like to see that.”

Charlie groaned and nodded. “Y-yeah,” he whispered, already close.

Increasing the speed of her stroking, Miley began jerking Charlie off in earnest, “I can’t wait to see this thing shoot all of its gooey mess.” Miley spit out some more saliva, and soon Charlie’s bedroom was filled by the sounds of her slick pumping, “It’s okay sweetie, if you need to cum. Go ahead; I want to watch it shoot out.”

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