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Becoming a Boy 71

This work of fiction is written for the enjoyment of whoever reads it. Comments of any nature are appreciated. Please email me hoo.

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Disclaimer: the following is an original story of fiction that contains explicit scenes of male/male and (on occasion) male/female sex and a variety of consensual activities between adults. All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do not proceed. If this offends you, please move along.

I appreciate all the emails I have received providing comments and suggestions as well as encouragement to write more chapters. Thanks for letting me take a long break between chapters for ongoing work and personal time. I am writing regularly again after a long vacation and too much work.

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Thank you, callibrn.




“Yeah, there she is. Her name is Jessica and she”s wild. Let”s go talk to her.”


“Dude, this is like going back to high school. Pretending to be interested in a girl, pretending I want in her pants. My buddies were always trying to get me to fuck a girl and I”m just not interested.”


Chris really seemed to have no interest in this. I”d have to try to be more persuasive. “Come on. We can do it together. She”ll enjoy it. You”ll enjoy it.”


“I seriously doubt it,” he replied.


“Too bad I won the bet,” I reminded him. “You don”t have a choice. Besides, you don”t really want to be a gold-star gay do you? Wouldn”t you at least like to be able to say you”ve dipped into the hetero life once or twice and can speak about the differences in types of pussy that exist in the world?”


“It”s only rarely crossed my mind. I don”t want to deal with the baggage that goes with women,” he said.


“Look, this one is easy pickings. She loves it rough and likes being in charge.”


“You”ve been with her?” Chris asked.


“Yeah. She was dating a friend, until she tied him up and left him there on a bed for a few hours. I handled it for him, gave her a good fuck she remembers. She”ll want more, just like the gay boys do.”


We laughed. That seemed to relax Chris a little. I wasn”t sure why, but I took this as a challenge. Getting his dick inside a woman”s pussy was the goal! I was really going to enjoy it.


“Jess,” I said loudly over the crowd as we walked toward her. “Jessica! Hey, what are you up to?”


“Oh, hey Zach. Just looking around to see what”s available tonight. Mama needs to get her groove on,” she smirked at me. “You see your friend, Donor?”


I nearly laughed out loud at that. “Uhm, no, haven”t seen Donor in a few weeks actually. Not sure he came back for this semester.” I glanced over to where I thought Dusty was but couldn”t spot her. Yeah, Donor was gone. None of us would be seeing him again, I thought.


“He was a pussy. Couldn”t handle things. I probably pushed him over the edge,” she told me.


“Something sure did,” I agreed. “Not sure what but he was a mess heading home at the holidays.”


“You were a better fuck than he was anyway,” she cooed.


“Jess, let me introduce my buddy, Chris. Chris and I were wondering if you had plans or might want to hit it back to his room for a little fun.”


“Hi, Chris,” she flicked her tongue around her lips. “You going to double team me?” she asked looking at him.


“Uhm, yeah. I think that is a good possibility,” he replied. He seemed nervous again. First time and all I guessed.


“You”re cute,” Jessica ran a hand down Chris” chest. “I think I”m going to have fun tonight. Lead on gentlemen, I”m game for this.”


We headed off to Chris” room. It would work. Standard frat room, shared with someone but I noticed Chris put a necktie on the doorknob before closing and locking it. He was at least going to go through with it. Maybe I”d convert him to Bi after all.


“So, where do you want to start,” she asked.


“Here, let me help you with that top,” I replied. I walked closer to her and leaned in to kiss her. She responded so I continued. My hand slid under her sweater and began unbuttoning her shirt. This was easy.


“She opened her eyes and looked over to Chris. “Come on, mister. We don”t have all night.”


Chris looked at me and then moved in close. She switched to kissing him. He seemed very hesitant.


“Cat got your tongue?” she asked. “Open those lips.” Chris tried to do what she asked. He was definitely not comfortable yet.


“Here, let me help a bit,” I told her. I leaned over to Chris and began kissing him, my tongue flicking over his lips until he parted them and his tongue entwined with mine.


“Gay boys, eh? You ever do this before?” she asked Chris.


“Uhhh, no, actually. Never been with a woman,” he admitted.


“Oh man, why didn”t you say so Zach. I LOVE to break in a willing virgin. You are gonna love this. Just relax and let me show you what feels good.”


“Nice. That”s the idea. We want to see how much he likes this.”


Jessica turned fully towards Chris and began to focus on him. This was going to be fun. She started in a little gentle on him, at least from what I had seen of her with Donor, err Dusty. No, it had been Donor then. I think that was correct to say. Who knows?


Jessica dropped to her knees and began undoing Chris” pants. I followed her lead and undid mine and pulled them off. She could work the two of us from down there.


“That”s a beautiful cock,” she told Chris. “I like them big.”


Pretty soon Jessica was sucking on us both, taking turns and giving both some attention. I leaned into Chris and started kissing him. He got into that again. I could feel his muscles relaxing some. He was a hot dude, too bad he”s all top or I could get into making him my bottom. I was running my hands on his chest, good shape, not much hair. His eyes were closed so he must just be imagining a guy blowing him. His dick was hard so that was a good sign.


I was getting into this and could have continued it for a while, but Jessica had other ideas. She wanted to fuck. She got up on the bed and spread her legs, inviting one of us to take control of her pussy.


“Come on, Chris. I want to feel you inside me, in my pussy. You can use it, I”d like it.”


“Damn! I can”t believe this is happening,” he announced.


I took ahold of his dick, thinking it felt good in my hand, and walked him over to the bed.


“Pay attention,” I told him. This is the clit here,” I pointed. “Eventually you”ll want to rub that. She”ll show you how. Below that is her urethra and then the big opening is here,” I pushed his hard cock down to where he should begin sliding in. “Go for it. Start pushing in.”


“Yes, please make me your first,” Jess whimpered.


The next thing I saw was Chris just going in for it. He started pushing forward and Jess gave a little moan. He pushed more and a look came over his face.


“Holy shit, this feels good,” he exclaimed. “This might not be so bad.”




Before I knew it, I was ready to blow a load and so I did. I didn”t even ask the chick if she was on birth control or not. I sure as hell hoped so. Fuck it was amazing! Totally more than I expected. She was great. She was actually okay looking too. I learned a lot in the 15 minutes or so that I was fucking. I even think I got her off. She sure was acting like I did, if I didn”t. I was processing it all. When Zach finished with her, we just got dressed and headed back out. She left first after she got cleaned up, so I could talk with Zach some.


“Dude, that was pretty amazing. I didn”t think it would be so, so, like natural, ya know? It felt good. I didn”t get all freaked out or anything.”


He chuckled at me. I guess that did sound kinda funny, but hey, I”d never screwed a girl before.


“You did great, buddy. I knew you could handle it. What did you like best?”


“Well, making out with you at first,” I told him. “Then honestly it was sliding inside her. Her pussy was so hot, it was like she wanted it bad. I really had no idea what it would be like. I had never thought about doing it with a girl.”


“But now,” Zach asked. “Would you do it again?”


“Maybe,” I said. “I”ll think about it. It could be interesting. Especially if I was doing it with a guy again. The 3-way part was pretty cool. Can”t believe you fucked her ass while I was fucking her pussy.”


“She can handle it. It”s nothing new for her. I”m not downplaying what we did, just saying she has experience.”


“I liked tag teaming her,” I admitted. “I just really fucking liked the pussy.”


“Nice. Does this mean you”re officially Bi now,” Zach asked.


I just grinned at him. I didn”t say anything. Maybe I could be, maybe not, but it was definitely worth the smaller cock embarrassment to know Zach took me in hand and showed me something new.




“Dude, we need to talk,” I told Zach when I saw him.


“Yeah, sure. Wanna do it here or head out for a beer?”


“Nah, we can do it here. Have a seat.” I pointed Zach to a chair in my room. He walked over and sat down. Before I said anything he already started talking.


“Isaiah, I”m glad you wanted to talk. I want you to take over re-making Dusty.”


“Wow! Okay,” I told him. “I was going to say the same thing. I mean, me taking over Dusty. Nothing against you, Zach, but a new sissy needs a lot of hands on work with a man.”


“Yeah, I definitely don”t want to cheat her of guidance,” he said. “I”ve been neglecting her, and you seem to be the better man for her.”


“This is much easier going than I thought it would be, Zach. I”m glad you see things my way.” He laughed.


“I thought I”d enjoy working on Dusty more. It hasn”t turned out that way. She needs a lot more than what I can give her, tuzla escort you”re right, Isaiah.”


“I think it”s a lot of fun, a lot of work, but a lot of fun, dude. I get to create my own white sissy. I mean you started it, but she”ll know it was me who completed her makeover.”


“You gonna take her all the way? I mean, surgeries and everything? I mean, it”s none of my business now, just curious,” he asked.


“You”re right. It isn”t your business now,” I answered. “Look, I know enough to know that a person changing as much in her life as Dusty is changing needs a man, someone she can count on. I”m up for it. She”ll learn what she needs over time. Decisions will probably be hers, to an extent, but I will push her in a direction I want, and she will adjust.”


“I agree, dude. A sissy like Dusty needs to be pushed. Her mind is a mess and she needs a man to think for her, to give her a path to follow. I believe you can handle it much better than me.”


“You need to give me those pills you started her on,” I told him. “I am liking her more and more as she changes, and I am gonna make sure she stays on those pills.”


“Yeah, yeah, let me go grab those.”


Zach got up and went to retrieve the pills. I needed to know more about the doses and such. I wanted those titties growing. What”s the good of having a sissy without titties? When Zach returned, he handed over 2 bottles of pills.


“That bigger bottle is the one that stops the processing on testosterone. She still makes it, but this helps the body stop using it. It just kinda blocks it, from what I read. The other one is the phytoestrogen; it causes the natural estrogen to start working and breasts are supposed to develop. It isn”t hormones, both are natural plant-based supplements.”


“Cool. I did a little reading after our last talk and I figured that”s what she”s been taking,” I told him. “How many pills is she taking?”


“I give her one of each of them twice a day. One dose with her morning stuff and one dose in the evening.”


“I think from what I read, I am going to up her dose on the phytoestrogen. It seemed that a higher dose will be good for her development.”


“Yeah, I”ve read that some of the people taking it do a dose 3 times a day. I just wasn”t sure how much to start with.”


“Dude, she is really gotten on the girl train with this stuff. I can tell her emotions are changing. She can cry at will I think.” We laughed over that. “Seriously, Donor wouldn”t be crying, but Dusty gets all teary eyed over shit. It”s gotta be the changes in hormones in her mind.”


Zach agreed that when he had interacted with Dusty lately that she had been different. He also went over a few things to make sure I knew what was going on and how she”d ended up changing things around. Somehow, I had missed the whole story about Donor and Ian and Tim. It made sense in a corrupt way that Donor would try to get what he wanted out of Ian without actually being able to carry it off. And It was pretty hilarious to hear about Donor”s girl leaving him tied up on his bed.


I was really going to enjoy having Dusty full time as my girl. The power rush just thinking about it has me boned harder than ever. I”m going to need to unload in her once this talking is done.




I was up early even though it was the weekend. Chris was a lot of fun last night. I wondered what it would be like to have a boyfriend that I couldn”t fuck. He was pretty adamant that he was top only. Of course, then I did convince him to fuck Jess last night, taking him over to the Bi world. Maybe he could be convinced to be a bottom if I could convince him to be Bi.


I grabbed a towel and my shower gear and headed out to the main bathroom. I set my stuff above the sinks and hung my towel up on a peg. Someone else was up early. I saw a shaving kit and I heard on of the showers running. No one was up this early usually, except me. I stayed quiet. I wanted to see who was in there. I gave my dick a few tugs and got it about half mast. I wanted to put on a show this morning. I was feeling pretty damn cocky after last night. I could persuade a gold star gay to try pussy, and I could get a supposedly straight buddy to go shemale, no telling what I could convince whoever was in the shower stall to do.


A couple minutes later the water stopped running and I heard the shower curtain slide open. Out stepped Doug”s brother. What was his name? Davis? The high school senior being recruited for the football team. I wondered why he was up so early.


“Hey!” I greeted him. He jumped with a startled look. “Davis, right?”


“Yeah. Didn”t hear you out here, startled me,” he replied. “I forget your name.” His eyes dropped from my face to my dick. Just what I wanted them to do.




“Right. I think I met you last night at the crazy party. A lot of people were drunk.”


I moved toward the showers again and made for one of the stalls. I got close to him and swung my dick purposefully in his direction. He was still staring at it.


“You”re doing a lot of staring,” I said. “See anything you like?” He blushed and looked up.


“Dude, you have a really big dick,” he announced.


“Thanks for noticing,” I replied. I glanced down at his crotch and saw the opposite. “And you have no dick,” I said bluntly. He really blushed then. “Are you hard?” Again, his face reddened. “You ARE hard. That”s all you got, isn”t it? What is that? 3 inches?”


His hand flew to his crotch covering it and he grabbed his towel, quickly wrapping it around his waist. He walked away from me to his shaving kit by the sinks. I followed him back over there.


“You like big dick?”




“It”s okay, I won”t tell Doug. There are gay brothers in the frat, no worries.”


“I”m not gay. I have a girlfriend at home,” he snapped out quickly.


“Oh yeah? How”s that working out for you, with your 3 incher there?”


He blushed again. This kid was the star quarterback on his football team. He was being recruited to play here. I am sure he had endured a lot of teasing from his teammates about his dick size.


“We don”t believe in sex before marriage,” he told me. “God”s plan for my girlfriend and I is that we save ourselves until we get married.”


So, he was 18, an athlete, and a god-fearing straight virgin, with a microscopic dick. Wow. Now that sounded like a lot of fun. All sorts of perverted thoughts ran around in my brain.


“Well, that”s good for you,” I told him “Saving yourself is good. Someday you”ll look back and be happy you waited. Nothing like looking forward to that time when the two of you are married and ready for each other. Me on the other hand,” I told him, “I enjoy having fun with guys and gals. And I”m not so much into waiting, not sure I”ll ever get married, ya know? So, I just have fun with whomever, when it seems like it would be fun for both of us.”


“That isn”t following God”s will,” he told me. “Being gay is wrong. It”s not what God wants.”


“Are you serious? Look, God has no plan for you. Even if he did, what makes you think he is concerned whether you are having sex with a guy or a girl?”


“Okay, well, nice talking to you Zach. I gotta go,” he said as he blushed again. I swore his little dick was boned. I could see a slight bump in the otherwise smooth towel wrapped around his waist. He took off quickly back to whatever guest room he was staying in.


“Yeah, see ya,” I said as he walked away.


Too bad he”s so scared, I thought. He”d really make a good bottom with a dick that tiny it wouldn”t be hard to convince him it wasn”t useful for anything but peeing.




I had to get out of the shower room. That guy with the huge freaking cock was making me stare at it and talking about sex. I was pledged to Andrea, we took a vow. I was not going to be gay. Ever. I wasn”t. I could be straight, like Doug, like all the other guys I knew.


Anyway, my dick wasn”t THAT small. Other guys dicks were not like the monster one I just saw. They were normal sized, like me. I wasn”t tiny. Andrea would be just fine with it when the day came. His dick was huge! He was the abnormal one, not me. I followed God”s plan, Father Paddy said I did.


I tossed the towel aside and stood in front of the mirror. I was in good shape. I was a star quarterback. I had a hot cheerleader girlfriend. I was straight damn it. I could choose my sexuality. That”s what Mom and Dad said. Why was I still thinking about this? My hand strayed to my pecs, then to my nipples. I touched them lightly. I looked at myself. I was good looking. Girls were hot for me. I could have anyone at my high school I wanted, as long as they remained a virgin like me, until we got married.


I slid my hand down to my dick. I took ahold of it with my thumb and index finger and gave it a tug. It came right to life again. I pulled back my foreskin and saw a drop of pre-cum form at the head. That guy Zach was not in as great a shape as me. He had some muscle, but I worked out all the time. I mean, he wasn”t out of shape, but he wasn”t cut like me. I rubbed my thumb and finger on my dick and got hard. I turned around and looked at my ass. It was nice too, I mean I knew I was hot looking. Girls loved my ass. Why did I think that Zach was looking at it? There was no way, it would never fit. He probably doesn”t have sex as much as he claims. He chose to be Bi because no one, girls or guys, would want anything to do with his freaky dick.


It was his dick. That”s what it was. It was just so crazy big. Why didn”t I have a big fat cock like his? I guess God chose me for other things, like football. I continued stroking my dick. I just used my two fingers. It didn”t take much to get me shooting a load. I knew masturbating probably wasn”t good for me, but it was better than not doing anything. I had to save myself and masturbating allowed me to get some release so I could focus on other stuff. I thought about Andrea. She was sooo hot.


I ran my hands over her body. I touched her breasts; they were so big and round and her waist so tiny. I kept pulling on my dick with my two fingers as I thought about her. What I would do on our wedding night. I ran my other hand over my big pecs and touched my nipples. That always made me shiver. I imagined Andrea pulling pendik escort my underwear off as I did the same for her. I bet her nipples were sensitive too. I imagined her nipples in my mouth. I tried to imagine her vagina and me getting ready to make babies with her. Sex was for love and making babies, not just getting off like that Zach guy. The one with the big dick. That big dick that I imagined sinking into Andrea”s vagina. Oh, oh, dang!!


Oh God, oh Jesus, I shot off on the mirror in front of me thinking about Zach”s big fat cock inside Andrea. Oh shit. I mean shoot. Oh God, that was wrong to think like that. But I came so hard and it felt so good thinking about it. His dick was sooo big I just couldn”t help but think about it. It was wrong, but the image of it just kept popping back in my head. I wouldn”t think about that stuff the next time, I swore to myself.




Mom and I had a ton of fun! We really went wild at the stores. We tried on so many dresses the afternoon was gone before we knew it. Finally, I had to tell her I needed to get home to Devish before he got worried. When we got back to the house, I saw Daddy”s car was there. As soon as I helped Mom in with the packages, I ran to see him.


“Daddy!” I shouted.


“Danni? Is that you?”


He was in his den, so I headed back that way. I leaped into his arms when I saw him and gave him a big hug.


“How”s my little girl?” he asked when I finally climbed down from squeezing him tight.


“I”m good, Sir. Mom and I were out shopping for clothes. We got a great dress for her for the wedding.”


“That”s great. Thanks for handling that. I was getting scared I was going to have to go shopping with her.”


We laughed about that idea. Dad hated shopping. I guess that was a guy thing. Who knew? I had no idea any longer and didn”t try to think like a guy anymore. I wanted to get right to the point with Dad.


“Sir, I walked in on Mom and Billy today. He was eating her pussy. I just thought I should let you know. Mom says it”s okay, but it seemed a little strange to me.” There, I had said it. Got it out.


Daddy smiled at me, which was a wonderful thing. I just loved knowing he wasn”t made at me for anything.


“Yes, Danni, I suppose things have changed some since you were living here. If you are looking for some explanation, I”m not sure I need to give any.”


“No Sir, you don”t. As long as Mom and you are good, and she isn”t being hurt, then it really isn”t my concern.”


“I”d never hurt your mother, Danni, you should know that. I just needed to be open and honest as possible with her. I owed her that, Danni. I couldn”t very well go on looking to fuck fags with no consequences, now could I? I just arranged things to head towards that conversation with her by encouraging Billy to help me out. It”s all worked out well, Danni. Your mother knows I fuck Billy, I know Billy takes care of your Mom with his tongue, and Billy, well Billy get to be in a family where we need him. He”ll receive proper training and will become an excellent sub, serving us.”


“Wow, that”s kinda hot Sir. Does Mom watch you fuck Billy?”


Daddy laughed and shook his head no. “We haven”t done any three-ways, Danni. It is still new, and frankly your mother needed some time away from cock, to remind her how good it is. It might happen at some point, who knows. I kinda like putting my attention in the bedroom on one person at a time.”


I wanted to change topics. I had heard everything from Mom and I didn”t need Daddy to repeat it all. I wondered whether he had arranged flights for the wedding. He said he hadn”t.


“Everyone is coming right? I want to know for sure that everybody is there.”


“Yes, Danni, we”ll all be there. I”m not going to miss the wedding of my youngest child no matter how far away it is. Of course, it helps that Devish is covering the costs That was amazing. I”ll have to thank him again once the tickets arrive. We started working with one of his assistants to get flights scheduled for all of us. Billy will be going with us. He isn”t aware yet, but it won”t be a problem. He already has a passport. I told Dervish”s secretary he was domestic help and we couldn”t get by if he wasn”t there. I have also arranged with Ian and got their passport numbers. Ian and Timmy will be there, again, Timmy is Ian”s servant.”


“Of course. I mean, he is Ian”s servant, right?”


“He is indeed. You know they”re expecting a baby soon?”


I was stunned. How far out of touch had I gotten with my family? I hadn”t been living with Devish that long already had I? How was Timmy pregnant? Was that even possible? I wouldn”t put anything past Doc, but I hadn”t heard about boys being able to make a baby. If they could I”d sign up so I could have as many babies as Devish wanted.


“What? How is it possible? Timmy is a guy, he can”t get pregnant, can he? How come no one told me? All this stuff going on and it is like I don”t even exist!”


Daddy laughed at me. Then he proceeded to explain everything to me. I couldn”t believe that Timmy was the one who got the girl pregnant. I am sure I made yucky faces to Daddy as he told me all of the details he had learned. Ewww, doing that with a girl when you are a fag, ugh. Timmy really didn”t know much about himself when Ian found him. I was just proud of Ian and how he is sticking with Timmy. I couldn”t imagine being a single faggot and having a baby to deal with all the time. I should ask Devish about babies. We had not talked about that at all. I didn”t want one right away, but maybe one of these days I would want kids with him. I wonder if he felt the same.


“When is the baby due?” I asked. I wondered if it would interfere with the wedding.


“Not until after the wedding time, as long as the girl doesn”t go early,” he told me. “Should be fine with them along.”


“Is Grampa coming too? I haven”t seen him in ages. I wonder what”s changed in his life since everyone seems to have things changing.”


“I think Don is planning on being there. It”s too bad your other grandparents have passed. I am sure they would have loved to see you getting married, Danni.”


We talked a little more about a new baby and me being an uncle, or maybe an aunt. I guess Aunt Danni is good, I don”t much look like a guy these days. Which reminded me. I needed to tell Daddy about my changes.


“Uhm, Sir. I”ve had some changes too and I should tell you.”


“Well, let”s hear them,” Daddy said cautiously. “Are you pregnant too?”


“Daddy! No! Never. Well, not right away. I need time with Devish on my own before I start thinking about that. No, I, well Devish, Devish decided that as I was never going to be using my seed to get anyone pregnant and my little dick was never going to penetrate anything that I didn”t really need my testicles any longer. He took me to see Doc and they removed my balls, Sir.”


I stopped there. I looked at his face to see if he registered shock or anything. He just continued looking at me. I couldn”t read him at all. I would never understand men, they just didn”t show much expression, I decided.


“Well, it is about time Danni. That”s my thought on that. I am glad that Devish did what he thought was proper. He”s right, you know. You were never going to use them for making babies, and your dick was never going to impress anyone enough to want to have you fuck them. The last time I was keeping track, you kept your nuts up in your abdominal cavity anyway.”


“Yes, Sir, I did. And you are right, Daddy. I was never going to do anything with them. They hurt sometimes and now, that is all gone. No more pain at all. It”s better this way.”


“Are you on any testosterone patches or injections?” he wondered.


“Not yet Daddy. Devish wants to take some time to see how I react to not having them. He says I may never have had any level of testosterone that would matter. Plus, he wants me to develop some in the chest area anyway. He wants me to be his sissy boy, and he likes tits, Daddy.”


“Totally understand, baby. A man likes breasts. Makes sense you”d want them; you know what pleases men.”


Daddy gave me a big hug when we finished talking about everything. He promised not to share anything until I was ready. I could tell Mom on my own time, though if I did get boobs coming in, I figured they would be large, since Mom”s were pretty big, and I looked a lot like her. I was happy I had talked with Daddy and I left for Devish”s place feeling good.




“Dude!” It was Doug calling out to me from across the street. I was heading back to the house from class and I guess he was too. “Wait up,” he called as he dodged a couple slow moving cars and walked across the street to where I was at. “You headed back to the house?” he asked.


“Yeah, you? I just got out of class and I”m staved.”


“I hear that. Yeah, I”m heading back too. Just finished up a group project for class.”


“Nice! I hate group stuff,” I added.


“You made a huge impression on my brother Davis,” Doug stated. “If you know what I mean.”


I burst out with a laugh. “Oh yeah? What did he say?” This could be funny. That kid had taken off like a shotgun blast and I hadn”t seen him again after that morning at the showers.


“You know damn well. My bro is hung like a hamster and you”re not,” he said laughing. “He was asking if there were gay guys in the frat. I said sure. I”m sure there are. I said mostly that people were open to exploring stuff and labels were not useful in a big frat like ours. He managed to mention he had seen you at the showers and he was asking if everyone at the frat was hung like you.” We got a good laugh out of that.


“Sorry I scared him, dude. I was just there showering, and he had a shocked look on his face. He was staring at it and you know, first thing in the morning, I needed to piss and all that. I”ll try not to frighten him again.”


I didn”t really want Doug to think I was hitting on his brother. I mean, it could be fun, sure, but he was only 18 and wasn”t even in school yet. He was probably going to go somewhere else to college if he was that scared of big cocks. I chuckled to myself.


“Hey, he needs a reality check, Zach. He”s in the prime of his sexual life and he isn”t out there getting what aydınlı escort he could be getting. He should at least be getting his girlfriend to put out. I can”t believe he has bought into the whole church and chastity until marriage thing.”


“Huh, yeah, chastity. That”s crazy stuff, thinking you need to be pure and virginal,” I told him. “You think he really is?”


“It”s what he claims. His girl says the same thing, so my guess is they are doing what they think is right. My opinion is he needs to let go of it and get on the sex train.”


“It will happen,” I told him. “He”ll go off to school somewhere and the pressure to do something will be overwhelming. He”ll want it.”


“That”s what I think,” he said as we continued toward the house.




I rang the buzzer at the apartment to let Tressa know I was there. Then I used the key to let myself in. I figured she wasn”t all that interested in getting up to let me in. She was getting big these days. When I got into the apartment, there she was, splayed out on the sofa, looking big as I figured.


“Thank god you let yourself in,” she said. “I don”t think I could get up any more today. Getting to class was plenty,” she added.


“How”s school going?” I asked. I asked that a lot these days to anyone who would answer. Not being in school was an adjustment. I had almost nothing to do with school other than everyone I knew was in school and I wasn”t. Ian said I could go back once the baby was in day care or school. I guess it depended on what kind of job he got when he finished this semester. We couldn”t afford a day care place on Ian”s current internship at the farm.


“Better than I expected,” she replied. “I don”t know why I was afraid to be seen pregnant. No one pays me any attention. Gives me plenty of time to do homework and stuff. Plus you”re like over here a lot and so all of the chores get done and I can just focus on school. Well, and eating all the time.” She frowned thinking about the food I guess. “I eat WAY too much. I”ve put on a lot of weight,” she noted.


“Not too much,” I replied. “You”ve put on a good amount according to the doctor. He will tell you if you are too big.”


“Don”t even get me started on too big. I never thought I would say this but my boobs are way bigger these days than I had ever wanted.”


We laughed at that. She managed to sit up on the couch and I sat down next to her. Her tits were big. I had thought about how we would be feeding the baby once it arrived. Would Tressa want to provide milk? How would we handle that? I didn”t really like the idea of using dry milk or a baby formula, now that I did think about it. We talked a little about feeding the baby. She didn”t seem all that interested. There was no requirement for that in the agreement Ian and her Dad had made.


“I don”t think I ever want to be pregnant again. I don”t care what Daddy says, I am going to get on the pill when this is done.”




“Well, maybe in a couple years I will have forgotten all this misery, but no time soon,” she answered. “But I am also not giving up sex, so Daddy is just going to have to adjust to that idea.”


I smiled and reached over to hold her hand, make her feel comforted, I guess. I would be happy if I never saw her old man again. He was a royal pain in the ass. He had indicated he would be open to Tressa making more babies after he had received Mr. McNeil”s payment; but maybe she didn”t think he was serious. If I had been in a chastity device back then none of this would have happened. I did feel safer in chastity, what a strange idea, safer in chastity.


“I wanted to make sure you knew Ian and I are going to India in May. His sister Danni is getting married to a wealthy man and the man is paying for the whole family to be there.” I had called Danni Ian”s sister. I wasn”t sure if that was the right word, but I knew it would be less problematic for Tressa if I just said sister. I had always thought of Danni as a guy until recently. Ian kept me updated on what Danni was doing so it just seemed reasonable to call him a her.


“Oh wow. That”s a long way for a wedding. Hey, that”s only a month away, and I will be due in June. What am I going to do in the meantime? What if I go into labor early?”


“Ian is working on that. He doesn”t want you left alone at that point. He”ll come up with someone to watch you. And we are only going for a week. We don”t want to be gone then either. Ian says it will be fine, so I believe him.”


“Yeah, but you believe everything he says,” she whined. “He is so full of himself; I don”t get how you believe everything that comes out of his mouth.”


“Yeah, I do, don”t I? He”s always treated me well,” I continued, “He has told me things about myself that at first I didn”t believe, or didn”t want to believe. Yet, they have all been the truth. He has never lied to me. I do trust him completely, even if I don”t know or understand how it will work out, Ian always makes it work out.”


“Ugh, I hate that you have such a great relationship!” she groaned. I knew it was the pregnancy talking. She was moody, of course maybe she was always moody, who knew? I knew I didn”t understand women very well, but I didn”t need to now. “You get to travel to India and I am stuck here, hot sweaty, and preggers.”


“Look I”m sorry,” I told her for probably the hundredth time. “It wasn”t in my plans either, you know.”


I stood up. There was a lot to do around here. Obviously, she hadn”t done anything. It was amazing how quickly she fell into a helpless mode once I was coming over and doing everything. I started picking up the mess around her. Dirty dishes, empty potato chip bags, it was like she had been watching football at the frat. Once I had gathered up all the scattered stuff I went to the kitchen.


“Can I get you anything Tressa? Some food of some kind?”


“I really want a banana with some peanut butter,” she called back.


“Let me check,” I said. Once I had located the peanut butter I brought her a banana, a knife, and the Jiffy.


“I need more food,” she declared.


“Just write down a list of stuff,” I replied. She wore me out most days. She was using me to not do anything she didn”t have to do. At least with Ian”s needs I got dick in return and his thank you or a pat on my head.


“Ugh, I can”t. My hands are full. Just get a piece of paper and write the stuff down as I remember it.”


“Yes, Princess,” I said under my breath as I went to find a pad of paper.




I needed to find someone to babysit Tressa while I went to India for Danni”s wedding. Timmy would be going with me, so he wasn”t available. I had no idea where to start. Mom and Dad, and Billy were going to the wedding too, those would have been my first back-ups. I thought about the frat brothers and I trusted none of them to do it. I couldn”t imagine Zach having any interest. Dusty would be useless, even though she was mostly a girl now. I couldn”t very well ask any of the fags at the farm to help me on this. Most of them were new to the farm. The turnover had been strong this year. The bulls at the farm were busy with the fags, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were busy running the place. I needed to put out feelers. Just as I thought that Zach walked by my room.


“Zach! Hang on. I got a question for you.” He appeared in my doorway.


“S”up McNeil?”


“Zach, I need some thought on this. I am heading out to India after the semester ends. My brother is getting married, well, my sister now. Anyway, I need someone to watch Tressa while Timmy and I are gone. A week, ten days tops. Any idea who would be trustworthy and wants to hang at the apartment for a while?”


“Geez, Ian. Nothing like an easy request. Let me say up front I”m not interested. Everything you”ve said about her doesn”t prod me to volunteer, if that is what you had in mind.” I laughed at the thought.


“You, my friend, are nowhere near submissive enough to put up with her shit. She whines all the time and can barely do anything for herself currently. Another month and I can”t even imagine how many demands she would make. It isn”t a job for you.”


“Thank you, McNeil. Glad you are giving me some credit. You”re right, I wouldn”t play her game like I hear Timmy does.”


“Still, you might know someone, or have heard something about a person wanting a place to stay for a while and needing something to fill their time?”


“Ya know, give me some time. I”m guessing you want someone who won”t think much about the service and someone who”s not going to touch Tressa at all. Someone who won”t be inclined to fuck her or slap her,” he summed up what I wanted exactly.


“That”s the person. Know anyone like that?”


“Funny you ask. I just met someone a week or so ago who might fit the bill to a tee. Let me check on it. It”s Doug”s little brother. Star quarterback in high school. Might be coming here in the fall. He”s like this church-going, abstinence-before-marriage, kind of guy. Doug says he does a lot for his girlfriend back home and they are committed to each other as virgins until marriage. I saw him in the showers here when he came to campus. Given his lack of dick, he”ll be a virgin beyond marriage too,” he added laughing.


“Scoping out dicks now?” I asked him. He shot me a look that said `stuff it”.


“Actually, the kid commented to me about how big I am when he saw me in the shower. Then I looked at him and his was truly about 3 inches and stiff as he was staring at mine. You know, it might be fun to see if he would do something like this. It could give me an idea of his ability to provide service to others. The guy has a great body, Ian, total football stud. He just doesn”t have anything to back it up in his pants. Might be fun for a while to watch him serve a woman. He might reconsider being a virgin and committed to his high school sweetheart.”


Interesting. Zach”s brain was working well. He was actually coming up with a possible babysitter and plotting how to get the guy to serve him in the future. “Okay, talk to Doug. See what he says. Not about the turning the quarterback into a faggot, but the whole getting up to campus in the summer and doing some future frat brothers a favor with a free place to stay for a while. I”m sure he can also crash here after the babysitting gig. There are always spaces open in the summer.”


“Cool. This might be fun,” he said. “I”ll get back to you later.”


Zach headed off. I went back to thinking about the farm and several items of business Johnson had assigned me.

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