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Becoming the Snow Princess Ch. 02

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The Night Before

Retired AV idol Yuki Kusanagi, a.k.a “Snow Princess,” tells the story of her first S&M video. It’s the night before and Yuki gets a respite from punishment, makes an amateur video, and hops in the sack with Reiko. It’s the calm before the storm because in the morning her ass is going to find itself in a whole new world of hurt.

Whoever owned that house was loaded, and the bath certainly reflected that. Through the outer door was a change room with a bench, hooks on the wall, and a small over-under washer and drying (which was running). I hung my robe on a hook and opened the door to the bath. A very welcome cloud of stream wafted over me as I entered. The bath was typically Japanese, in terms of style, but much bigger. And the tub was huge, almost like at a hot springs. I scooped some of the steaming water from the bath and splashed it on the stool. My feet were so cold that the hot water caused them to tingle, but while it hurt a little, it also felt good. I sat on the stool and rinsed myself off with water from the bath.

Reiko had followed me into the change room, but not the bath. She was just standing in the doorway watching me. Without a word, she opened her robe and hung it on the wall. She had a phenomenal body. Actually she looked a little like Maki, except that everything was better. She a bit taller, though not by much, her high, conical breasts were a little larger, her waist was slimmer, her hips and legs were more shapely, and her pussy hair was trimmed in a neat triangle. Even her face, while more severe, was also more beautiful. At that moment I decided. I’d go through anything to sleep with this woman.

“Mistress,” I said, “you’re beautiful.” She smiled and entered, pulling up another stool.

“You’re a good kid, Yuki,” she said, “but you don’t have to call me mistress now. The camera’s off.”

“Oh,” I said, “is that how it works.” I was still a little skittish with her, uncertain about when she would take up her role again.

“This bondage and discipline thing isn’t a way of life for me. It’s just a job that I happen to like.”

“Oh,” I said. A job she happens to like? It sounded strange at the time, but I understand it now.

“Here,” she said, “let me wash your back.” She poured some liquid soap onto a large natural sponge, and sat behind me. She scrubbed me just hard enough to give me a little massage action and I started to relax. Still, it must have been really obvious how tense I was because she put the sponge in my lap and began kneading the muscles in my neck and shoulders.

“Relax, girl,” she said. “It’s not going to be that bad.”

“Have you done what I’m going to do tomorrow?”

“Yes, I have. In fact, I’m not going to do to you anything that I haven’t experienced myself.”

“Really,” I asked.

“Yes, really. Now hand me that sponge and stand up. I’ll finish washing you.” I was beginning to again feel that I could trust her, so I did as she asked, not because she had compelled me to, but for my own pleasure. She scrubbed the backs of my legs, and then moved in front me. She started at my feet and worked her way up. I moved my feet apart some when she moved to my thighs. She didn’t seem to be going about what she was doing in any particularly erotic way, and even with my pussy right there, she simply washed me. She also seemed to be ignoring my reaction to the sponge rubbing against my inner thighs. Was what she had done earlier, when she had tasted me, just part of her role? That had told me that maybe I could sleep with this elegant, beautiful woman, but now I had my doubts. When Nobu and I had fucked Maki, we saw her as a woman, but it was by comparison. I was almost twenty, but next to Reiko I felt like a kid. It was strange.

She was standing now, washing my belly and my chest. She seemed to linger at my breasts, but maybe I imagined that. She finished my arms and dropped the sponge. She scooped water from the bath and poured it down my front. The water gathered at my pubic hair and pulled it straight. She took the hair between her fingers and toyed with it a little. Here we go I thought, smiling slightly.

“You know,” she said, “for tomorrow, it might be better if you were shaved.” I sighed from disappointment, and she mistook my reaction. “You don’t have to, but it would be better.”

“If you think so, it’s okay by me.” She rinsed the rest of the soap from me, and moved me over so I was sitting on the edge of the bath. She parted my legs and squeezed some soap from the sponge onto my pubes. Then she went out to the change room and returned with a straight razor. When I saw it I swallowed hard. She smiled at that.

“I know this thing looks scary,” she said, “but it does a much better job than a regular razor. Would you rather I use one of those?”

“No, go ahead and use that.” I didn’t have much hair anywhere but above my vagina, though she was obviously moving very carefully while removing it. She moved even slower when shaving off what little hair was between my legs, but she was soon finished and I looked like I was fifteen again. She rinsed me off and ankara evi olan escortlar sat back to admire her handy work. I’d forgotten how cute my pussy was. Then when I’d given up all hope of being able to make love with her, she leaned forward and kissed it. I put one hand on the back of her head and sighed deeply. She looked up at me smiling, then moved on to explore the space between my outer and inner lips. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. Her tongue moved to my vaginal opening where she slowly lapped up my already flowing juices. Then suddenly she stopped and stood up.

“Let’s get our bath finished,” she said, licking her lips, “I’m hungry.”

“You were nice enough to wash me, I should do the same for you.”

“Tomorrow when we’re finished I’ll be glad to have you do that, but right now I want to eat.”

I climbed into the tub, while she quickly soaped herself down and rinsed off. She climbed in across from me and lowered herself into the water.

“Yuki,” she said, “when I was kissing your pussy, you didn’t seem to mind.” I smiled and blushed. “So, it’s something that you’ve done before? I mean with another girl?”

“Actually, Nobuko and I have been doing it with each other since we were fifteen,” I lied. Nobuko and I had discovered the pleasure of each other’s bodies only last year.

“Fifteen?” Now it was her turn to be surprised. “Well, I’ll be damned, though I should have figured it out back at the club. And all that fretting you did about becoming a lesbian?”

“Just keeping how I am a secret until I knew your mind.”

“Well, Yuki-chan,” she said with a smile, “there sure is more to you than meets the eye. Does that mean you want to make love with me?”

“Very much so,” I said, reaching out to gently cup one of her breasts in my hand, brushing my thumb against her nipple.

She took hold of me by the back of my neck, pulling me toward her and kissing me hard. “This is going to be a very good night,” she said.


When we came out of the bath, dinner was on table. It was take-out sushi, but it was obviously from a good shop. Good sushi, Mercedes-Benz, big American style house in the country. I ran these things through my mind thinking that there must be a lot of money in this business. Whatever misery Reiko was going to put me through tomorrow must surely be a small price to pay. She had said that it wouldn’t be too bad, that she would do nothing that hadn’t been done her. How bad could it be right? Even though Reiko and I were wearing nothing but simple cotton kimonos, and we were there to make porno, during dinner we just chatted about everyday stuff. It looked no different than three friends getting together for a meal. Except that on the counter that ran along one wall I could see my uniform and underwear, neatly folded and stacked. I couldn’t seem to stop looking at them, though I couldn’t tell you why. It was too late now for them to take me to the station. Did that mean I was locked in? Even though I had already decided to go through with it, this bothered me somehow.

“Let me lay out the basic framework of tomorrow’s story,” Reiko said. “Your clothes are there because we want to create the illusion that after being made to strip earlier that you were also made to go naked until morning, when we start shooting again. We have one brief scene to shoot tonight to re-enforce that illusion.”

“Tonight? I thought we were finished for tonight.”

“I forgot about that scene. Don’t worry. It only involves me talking and you acting submissive. It’ll take five minutes max.” She put an envelope on the table and slid it toward me. “This is your pay for tomorrow’s job. If you don’t want the job, just put the envelope on the counter and pick up your clothes. Then I’ll show you your room, and in the morning we’ll take you to the station. If you want it, just put the envelope on top of your clothes.” I looked in the envelope and found much more than Reiko had quoted me.

“Reiko,” Shoji said, smiling, “you are a very perverse woman.”

“And you talk too much,” she said, smiling back. “Maybe I should make a video with you as the submissive.”

“No way babe,” said Shoji.

“Have you ever played in one of these videos?” I asked.

“A few,” he said. “But they were straight porno. Not this kind of stuff. One time, the leading man was sick, so I got to screw Aiko Mishima. That was great.” He was obviously very proud of this because Aiko was a big-name porn star.

“Aiko?” I said, “really? Cool. You’re a lucky guy. She looks like she can really fuck.” Both of them just stared at me. It was nice have the upper hand for the first time since all of this started. Shoji spoke first.

“She can,” he said, “but how do you know that?”

“I’ve seen some of her videos. In fact, that’s where I learned how to screw.” Shoji was smiling (no question about what he was thinking), but Reiko looked a little stunned. I was having a real good time, so I went on to tell them about Nobuko and I watching my mom’s videos, and some of what followed. Reiko had moved to the couch, but Shoji was still ankara olgun escortlar at the table. I think he was too agitated to think about moving. While I was telling my story, I walked over to the counter and I dropped the envelope on my clothes as if it were nothing. That’s when I noticed the camcorder.

“What’s this for?” I asked. It wasn’t the camera he had used earlier.

“It’s a back-up. And for certain shots, it’s better.”

“Do you have extra tape?” I asked. “Can we shoot something just for fun?”

“I’ve got plenty of tape. What do you wanna shoot?”

“Load it up and find out,” I said coyly. He looked over at Reiko.

“Don’t look at me,” she said. “She’s doing just fine.”

“Okay, ready,” he said when it was loaded and the lights were ready. He asked what I had in mind, then suggested what he thought was the best way to shoot it. We were whispering so Reiko couldn’t hear.

“Hey, you two,” she said.

“Ready,” I said and moved over to stand in front of her, with Shoji behind me. I untied my kimono and let it drop to the floor. Shoji slowly panned around me to my right, moved around behind the couch to get a full frontal shot of me staring at Reiko. The anticipation was causing my pussy to drip, and I could feel the heat radiating through my body, but I didn’t move. When I saw the video later, it was visibly obvious how hard I was breathing. Shoji continued around couch, and stopped just to my left, the camera trained on Reiko. I dropped to me knees, untied Reiko’s kimono, and threw it open. God, I thought, what a body.

I put hands on her waist and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. Backing up a little, I put my hands on her thighs to push open her legs, and leaned in, my ass in the air. Reiko had shaved her pussy every where except for the neatly trimmed triangle, kind of a bliss arrow, that pointed to where I was now heading. I started at her inner thigh, working my tongue back and forth as I moved toward closer to her. I kissed and licked at the soft folds of skin between her vaginal opening and her leg. She moaned softly and settled farther into the couch, moving forward some. I took a deep breath and caught the scent of her sweet pussy heating up. I put the tip of my tongue in her and lapped at the edges of her vagina. She moaned again and I looked up at her. Her head was back, and her arms were straight out, gripping the couch’s over-sized cushions. I took her outer lip in my mouth, sucking on it and her grip tightened.

I put my forearms on the couch to hold my weight, and gently opened her up. The pink wish-bone of her labia glistened with the wetness of her sex. I licked softly at her inner folds, and her moaning increased. I sucked at her labia, released it, probed her interior with my tongue, returned to sucking at her soft pinkness. I repeated the cycle a few times, as she rotated her ass against the couch. She had her hands on my head , but she wasn’t forcing me. I put one of my upper arms against her thigh and reached up to roll her erect nipple between my fingers. She put her hand on mine, and pressed. I let go of her nipple, and began to knead her breast. She put a little more pressure on my head, so I drove my tongue deeper into her, stopping occasionally to lap some of her sweet juices into my mouth.

I felt Shoji’s hand moving across my ass, but I continued working on Reiko. His fingers opened my pussy, and he slipped one finger into me. I looked back at him and smiled. He had the camera in his other hand, and was still taping us. I felt something wet and cool against my vagina, then I felt his lubed-up penis slip into me. I was so busy with Reiko that I didn’t realize how wet I was, because he slipped all the way into me with one motion. Reiko’s moans had become louder, her hips were moving more, so even though I was now having a little trouble breathing, I lapped at her clit with more speed and energy. Shoji was into a rhythm now, and when he slammed against me, I applied equal force to Reiko’s clit. When she came, only her back was on the couch; she held her ass in the air with her legs, and had both of hands on my head, attempting to bury my face in her cunt.

When her orgasm subsided, she slipped out from under me, and moved me onto the couch, my knees on the floor. Shoji was still behind me, drilling away, and while he wasn’t big, he knew what he was doing, making sure his rod pushed against my clit with each pass. I felt two hands on my hips, and looked to see what was happening. Reiko was behind the couch with the camera, as Shoji pounded me more vigorously against the couch. Feeling close to climaxing, I tighten the muscles in my vagina and raised my ass. When the orgasm hit me, it was like a big rock had been thrown into a still pool; a splash followed by ripples that stretched to the edge of my being. I collapsed on the couch, then turned around, slipping to the floor. I sat there, my head against the couch, smiling at Shoji, who was on his knees, stroking himself to keep hard.

I reached out and took his cock in my hand, pulling him closer with each stroke. He stood, then kneeled ankara sarışın escortlar against the edge of the couch. Holding his cock in one hand, I tongued the length of it, licking it clean of my own sweet juices. Then I placed the tip of my tongue into his dragon’s eye, and he caught his breath when I did this. Ever since I saw what it did for Jun, it’s become my favorite move to use on guys. I always imagine that my tongue is a giant cock, and their cum-spout is a little hairless virgin vagina. I kept working with the tip of my tongue, while taking his head into my mouth. Wrapping my lips around him, I began moving my head, taking more of him into my mouth with each stroke. He put his hands on my head, and moved with me, so I put my head on the couch and let him fuck me in the mouth.

At least, that’s what it looked like on the tape. Actually, my tongue was working very hard. He started moving faster and going deeper so I knew he would come soon. He was holding me by my pig-tails when he came, and with my tongue I could feel his cum move up his shaft before it shot into my mouth. I’ve always like how that felt. I was trying to decide whether to shallow his cum-wad or spit it out, then Reiko was there with the camcorder, doing a close-up of my face, so I smiled, let about half of Shoji’s cum dribble out of my mouth and onto my chest; then I swallowed the rest.

“Damn, girl,” Reiko said, setting the camcorder aside.

“Sorry about that,” Shoji said. “Usually in these videos we have to shoot our wad on the girl’s face.”

“I’ve seen,” I said. “It’s disgusting.”

“Better get used to the idea,” Reiko said, “if you want to do more than lesbian videos.”

“Lesbian videos are cool with me,” I said.

“How surprising,” Reiko said dryly. “But seriously, that’s fine, but there’s not that much work. Of course, since you are willing to do bi-, you can get work that other girls won’t do.”

“I really haven’t decided,” I said, “to do more than this one.”

“You really should at least think about it,” she said. “Now, let’s get this scene shot, so we can have some more fun.”

Shoji set up the camera, and Reiko and I took our places. Reiko was wearing her cotton kimono again, but I was still naked. I was standing in the doorway of the change room, hold my clothes (I’d already put my money away). I was trying to look submissive, but was having trouble keeping a smile off my face. Reiko looked at me sternly, pointed to the counter, and said, “Put those things over here. You won’t be needing them until were finished tomorrow.”

My line was ‘Yes, mistress,’ but I couldn’t say it with a straight face, and choked back a laugh.

“Forget it,” she said, signaling Shoji to stop filming. “What’s the matter with you?” she then asked, but she was smiling too.

“Sorry, Reiko. Just give me a minute.” I took a couple of deep breaths, put on a submissive face and said I was ready.

Shoji nodded, and Reiko started, “Put those things over . . .” That was all she could get out before she started laughing. I was laughing too.

“What’s up with you two anyway?” Shoji asked.

We both shut up and tried to compose ourselves. Reiko signaled that we were ready.

“Okay,” Shoji said. “Let’s do it.” Now it was my turn to split up.

“Now what?” Reiko said, smiling.

“Let’s do it?” I said, quoting Shoji. “How can I do this shit seriously,” I said, “with a naked cameraman standing there saying ‘let’s do it.'” Shoji looked down at himself, and both he and Reiko started laughing. He picked up my kimono and put it on.

“How’s this,” he said, giving us a couple of vamp poses.

“Oh, that’s much better,” Reiko said, and we all split up.

When we finally got ourselves back together, Reiko said, “Tell you what. Forget the scene. I have a better idea.” She stood close to Shoji, talking into his ear, while he nodded.

“That’ll work,” he said, and went to breaking down his gear.

“What,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, and I frowned. ‘Don’t worry about it’ often means that there’s something to worry about, but Reiko assured me that they could stick to the original script, that they just had to edit the final cut differently to make up for the missing scene. She took me by the hand, and I followed her into the master bedroom. We lay down together on the biggest bed that I had ever seen.

“Shouldn’t I see a script or something?” I asked.

“No need,” she said. “You just have to follow what I say. That’s the beauty of this type of video. We don’t need a director, so that means more money for all of us.”

“Okay,” I said, “whatever.”

“Forget the video for now,” she said, leaning over to kiss me. I opened my mouth some and she slipped in her tongue, searching out mine. She climbed on top of me, our tongues twisting together. She moved down some, chewing on my neck, and licking at the hollow of my throat. I untied her kimono and pulled it open to feel her breasts against my erect nipples. My hands were under her kimono, one moving across her back, the other gripping her ass. With her tongue, she traced a line from my throat, down my chest to circle my nipple. Then she took it her mouth, sucking on it gently. She had her thigh wedged against my pussy, and I was rubbing against her. I pulled the kimono off of her shoulders, and pushed on her gently, to get her to move down.

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