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Best of Friends

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They met in the line at a popular restaurant. It was all by chance and soon they would become the best of friends. Debbie and Steve have been married for going on five years. Lorrie and Sam have been together for a little longer than that.

Winter had finally settled into the Pennsylvania Valley and it was starting out to be a cruel cold winter. Debbie was doing some research for her next book when she came upon a site for cabin rentals. As she read the information she would wonder just how much fun they could have up in the mountains in a cabin at this time of the year.

She decided that she would discuss it with Steve and maybe the four of them could rent it for the weekend and get away.

Steve wrote the email to Lorrie and Sam asking them if they would be interested in going away for the weekend. Everyone agreed. They picked a weekend that would be good for all of them

The cabin they rented had two big bedrooms with king size beds. The view was spectacular. You could see the snow covered mountains all around. The air was crisp and clean. The birds were chirping away and feeding off the feeders that were placed on the cabin deck.

The main room had a wonderful fireplace as well as did the bedrooms. What fun they could have in front of the fireplaces.

They all were settled in for the weekend. The guys decided to brave the cold and cook steaks on the grill.

What a sight that was, plodding through the snow out to the brick fire pit outside. Of course, by then the wind had picked up and there they were battling snow flying ankara moldovyalı escortlar around them and trying to keep the fire pit lit.

We had to get pictures of that. Once dinner was done, it was time to settle down and get cozy for the evening.

Sam and Steve thought it would be a good idea to play some cards preferably strip poker. Therefore, as the fire roared there we were playing cards. Normally Debbie is the first to start losing clothes but much to her surprise, it was Steve who started first. It was so funny to see him pulling off his sweatshirt and to know that he had long johns underneath.

After some time each, one of us started losing our clothes. And what a mood we were in. The atmosphere of the roaring fire and the fun and games and soon we all started feeling a little how you would say it “Randy?”

Debbie made the move towards Lorrie crawling on her hands and knees. Lorrie opened her arms and drew her in. As she stroked Debbie’s hair, she planted a kiss on her head. Debbie lifted her face towards Lorrie, sliding her tongue over her dry lips. Their faces met soon lips touching lips. Lightly at first their lips touched, soon they were touching tongues. Passion ignited between them, which in turn got Steve and Sam all fired up. Hands roaming, bodies touching, a breast here, a hard cock there, there were the sounds of moaning all around like surround sound. Music to their ears it was.

Glistening skin from the moist air that surrounded them, low light filtering in from the moons reflection bouncing off the crisp ankara ukraynalı escortlar snow outside. Reflections from the roaring fire scanned the room. Debbie and Lorrie locked in an embrace, breasts touching breasts, hands clutching hair. Whimpers of sound escape from locked lips, Sam and Steve circle the pair, touching gliding their hands over exposed skin.

Steve searches in the low filtering light for Sam’s cock. He finds it, hard and ready for action. He strokes it a few times feels it pulsate in his hand. Sam reaches for Steve they kiss. As the cold cruel night envelopes the lovers. The heat from their bodies and the fire was hot enough to melt the snow in Alaska.

Sam reaches out to Debbie she comes to him eagerly, wanton lust in her eyes. She guides Sam to sit, then facing one another she reaches for his hard cock. She strokes it a few times feeling it vibrate. It glistens from the moist heat around it. Debbie slowly guides Sam’s cock into her wet hot pussy. Slowly she can feel his hardness slide deeper into her. Her pussy clings as if it was starving, feeling it would die if not given the proper nourishment.

She sits, waiting not moving just savoring the feel, the smooth skin. Debbie tells Steve to sit the same way; Lorrie joins him, straddling him. Finally, as they are entwined Lorrie reaches for Debbie, they kiss. Passion ignites the air, soft sounds whimpers, and moans. The aura of the moment fills the night air.

Debbie slowly slides off Sam’s cock and reaches for Lorrie, asking her to lie down on the rug. Gently ankara minyon tipli escortlar Debbie opens Lorrie’s legs, sensually tracing her fingers over her damp thighs. Searching for the magic spot, there it is in all its glory, that little head protruding out of its shell. Debbie’s finger traces around the lips of Lorries pussy. She feels her tremble and hears her moan. Knowing that the men are watching intently the scene that is unfolding before them. Debbie hears Lorrie say, “Please, I want to feel your tongue and your lips on me.”

Now the men are mesmerized by the scene as Debbie slowly and sensually trace her tongue over the lips of Lorrie’s pussy, which is hot and wet. The scent of her permeates the room, turning the men on more. Sam kneels on all fours and in a begging voice asks Steve to take him. Slowly Steve grasps Sam’s hip and slowly, tenderly he enters him. Sam can feel the pressure it does not hurt. Sheer pleasure makes his head spin. His body is on fire and the heat takes over. Moans turn to cries; whimpers fill the room, sounds of lapping like that of a cat lapping milk from a bowl. The urgency is so strong. Bodies in the throes of passion and ecstasy. The building of that peak so strong. Nothing can stand the passion. Pulsating cocks, cum leaking here and there. Finally that height is reached. Steve can no longer fight that urge. He slams once more into Sam’s tight ass, letting himself go. Cries of that sensuality fill the air the scent of the moment that permeates the room. Lorrie can take no more she, cums into Debbie’s waiting mouth filling her to overflowing.

Good thing they thought about the juices flowing and decided to put a sheet on the rug so as not to ruin it.

Lying sated and exhausted the glistening of their bodies shines from the firelight. Everyone by now was getting hungry again. Popcorn and a movie Lorrie says.

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