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Between the Giantess’ Fleshy Hips

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Many thanks to editor c.whyte for the editing assistance with this story.


“Come here, let me hug you.”

Last night I had a dream. It was such a warm and reassuring dream. I was between the arms of a soft giantess, resting my head on her chest and hugging her large body. Yes, she was really big. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. The only thing we knew about each other was the love we shared. A lot of love.

“You can touch me.”

She was older than me, taller than me, wiser than me. I was telling her my stories and she was telling me how men had been evil to her. We listened to each other and we kissed. I told her that for some strange reason the most refined beauty usually takes more time to be understood. But it’s also the most exquisite. And I told her that her beauty was abundantly provoking for any beholder.

“My curves are so large and full.”

I loved her abundance. Her chest was spacious and comfortable like a bed of pillows. I loved to just hide my head in there and feel all of me surrounded by the warm softness. Her dark skin was luxurious, smooth and incredibly rich.

“See how much flesh I have.”

I complimented her many times on the amount of cellulite she had all over her body. She confessed to me she had always had it and that was just the way her body was. I reassured her that she was very lucky. As I said that, I reached for her waist and hips and buried my face into that ocean of fat. My nose, my cheeks, my eyes and even my ears felt the divine softness of this Earth goddess; her generous opulence, her full natural curves and the lush texture of her skin. At the same time I wrapped my right arm around her giant body, squeezing and holding a roll of flesh in my hand. I opened my mouth to drown in that silky ocean of pleasure enveloping me. I sucked in the largest amount of flesh I could possibly stuff in my mouth and suckled its softness like a baby. I “munched” on her with my lips. It was juicy like a ripe peach and so buttery I almost felt it melting under my lips. I savored all the different layers of fat, all the rolls and the folds. She was smiling and caressing my head. She told me that from now on she would eat and indulge herself as she used to do, first of all to please herself, but also to please me.

“Next time my body will be even rounder.”

She asked me how much I loved her oversized hourglass figure and I told her that very few women are endowed with her features. She was blessed with the fleshy curves of a porn-star, the waist of the most luxurious Queen and the soul of a generous Mother. I felt like I wanted to go inside of her, not just to copulate, rather I wanted to feel her soft body wrapping my entire being. I kept looking çankırı escort bayan at her hips, mesmerized by their vastness. I kept staring at those magnificent thighs, so full they were bigger than my whole body. I kept looking at her pendulous breasts, so meaty and jiggly that they had to be engorged by milk. I dreamt of feeling this ultimate woman on top of me.

“Sit here, if you want to become one with me.”

I sat on the chaise completely naked. I watched my goddess walking toward me. She was wearing only an enormous custom-made shelf bra, overflowing everywhere. Her mountains of flesh were all quivering and shaking in a wild perpetual motion. Her tits were an ocean crossed by big splashy waves. Her thighs had so many layers of fat that they seemed to have a life of their own, even more than her cow-sized teats. She was letting me observe and feast on that vision, every few steps she would stop moving, waiting for her jiggling amassments to come to a complete halt. She wanted to make sure I saw it.

“I am going to feed you with my lush body.”

When she reached the chaise she put a leg either side, like she was going to ride it. Her hips were so incredibly broad. She stood there, right above me, looking at me. I could not move a single muscle. My male organ was full with the hardest passion. In the silence, I could feel the pulsating rhythm of the blood engorging my cock. I wanted her to sit on me.

“I saw you, staring at my boobs bouncing inside my bra…”

She continued to tease me. She opened her legs even more and bent over. Her huge tits bounced heavily inside the bra and she had to stop them from flooding over onto my face. Then she slowly released one boob, which started to come out of the bra little by little. I watched this mass of flesh roll out toward me. It looked so large and heavy. It splashed on me like a bucket of water. Her obese teat, just one, covered my entire face. I started munching uncontrollably everywhere with my lips, softly. I didn’t want to hurt her. She was delicious. Then she raised her body to make her boob dangle on me from higher up. A huge drop of milk plopped on my face. She was full of milk. I opened my mouth like a hungry boy. She reached over her boob and squeezed it very very lightly. More drops of milk came out. Her jugs were so full that the milk was literally oozing out. Soon enough she came down to feed me with the tip of her boob. Her flesh was soft and her milk creamy on my lips. I drank from her lavishly, grabbing the enormous breast with both hands and squeezing it into my mouth.

“Here, take the other one, too.”

She released the other gigantic watermelon, in order to bury my entire head under her çankırı escort breast meat. The texture of her flesh was rich and smooth and I couldn’t stop adoring all that abundance around me. There was something special about it. It was incredibly erotic to turn my head and find an enormous mountain of fat waiting for me, right there, so soft that if you opened your mouth you could feel a whole gallon of creamy flesh ready to invade you and ease your hunger.

“There is a whole lot more, you know?”

Slowly, she lowered the rest of her body onto me. Her meaty thighs grazed my cock with their bountiful softness, guiding it to her most private parts. My ten inch cock descended into the hottest heaven as I was sucking on her giant boob. Her plump belly gently splashed on mine, pressing my body down with its weight. The deep canyon of her breasts was already swallowing my head, at the same time I felt her large butt touching my legs. My cock also disappeared inside of her. It was a symphony of fleshy strokes.

“Yeah, put your hands on my fat hips, they’re so full.”

She began the most amazing slow dance I had ever had – up and down, left and right, wiggling that enormous ass of hers. I managed to sink my arms into her waist and along her hips, grabbing huge chunks of flesh. I couldn’t stop slurping on her fat boobs. Oh, she was so fat and thick. I caressed the oversized hourglass of hers and I felt so empowered to be immersed in all that magnificent beauty. It was almost a mystical experience.

“I am gonna wrap my thighs around you and let you drown inside me!”

Apparently it was not enough. She wrapped her thighs around me, pressing them tight around my body. Since her hips were so large, she did that with ease, leaving my body squeezed inside two huge, super-fluffy flesh-pillows. My body really seemed like a stick squeezed between two bubbly cushions. She started riding me. Her thighs were so immensely thick. I could feel chunks of her thighs pressing rhythmically on the sides of my body and all around it.

“Come inside of me.”

All that abundance created a special level of intimacy. When she was fucking me I was thinking at her both as a lover and as a maternal figure. All the copious flesh made me think I was inside of her womb. I desired to be inside.

“Our union is complete.”

One of the most amazing things was being able to slap my hands on her hips, grab some meat and pull her fat body toward me. She had layers of fat everywhere. And her hips were so wide that when my arms were fully outstretched, my hands would fall just on the fullest part of her buttocks. She was so large I couldn’t hug her all the way. It was amazing. It was incredible to be escort çankırı right in the middle of these massive hips and feeling them move on top of you, around you, just for you.

“Do you like my fat curves?”

Those breeding hips would comfortably carry the weight of a baby, or a dozen babies for that matter. Plus, she had copious dispensers of milk. Her beauty was reassuring, like a primal instinct about to be satisfied.

“Do you know my hips are more than a hundred inches? They are so large…”

Oh, were they large. My cock was the center between these two mountains of absolutely gorgeous lard. I loved to tap or gently slap those love bags just to have a hint of how large and soft they really were, it was delightful to feel the safety of her abundance. It was delightful to feel her weight pounding on me, making me powerless and powerful at the same time. It was delightful to feel my cock so hard and so deep inside her. It was absolutely amazing to feel a truck-load of wobbly flesh jiggling all over my body, smashing me down on the bed. She loved riding me.

“Here, dive into my tits… I have milk for everyone.”

She offered me her breast once again. She had so much milk. Occasionally she would hug me with both her soft arms into her wonderful overly-plump bosom. I loved to be hugged by her, especially when she was fucking me. I loved to be pulled into her enormous valley of tits. Her obese boobs were an ocean of love. Waves of milk were slapping on my cheeks.

“I want you now.”

She wanted me. She really wanted me. She gave a firm squeeze to my cock using the trained muscles of her cunt. My body contracted under the most supreme pleasure. I grabbed her tight around her waist. I wanted to pull her closer to me for my imminent orgasm. I felt the need to open my mouth and dive into her gigantic udders once again. Layers of softness welcomed my head. I ejaculated soon after. I could feel my cock spurting hot cum deep inside her. Or actually it felt more like she was sucking the seed out of me, her cunt was not loosing her grip, contracting and squeezing my cock. She was a Mother and I had what she needed. She was taking it. She was holding me tight with the rest of her body while my entire being was shaken by an intense orgasm. I was impregnating her.

“Don’t stop…”

Countless times I gave her my cum, and countless times she seduced me into giving her more. And we were happy, until the end of my dream.


I woke up. My pj pants were all wet. I turned on my left side and to my surprise I found my beautiful wife, calmly sleeping next to me. Her body was a large bulge under the blankets. Maybe my dream was not so far away.

“Now you are truly mine.”

Like a mother gives milk to her baby, my Goddess gave me art through the curves of her body, she gave me pleasure with the shiny magnificence of her cellulite, she gave me sweetness with the safe opulence of her Motherhood. Hopefully I will meet her again… tomorrow.


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