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Bex under Remote Control

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This is a work of fiction. All characters portrayed are over eighteen years of age.

Misty smiled wickedly at poor Bex, writhing on the bed, restrained at her hands and feet. Bex had a remote controlled vibrator stuck in her pussy and Misty held the controls!

Bex and Misty were good friends and sometimes lovers. They had met through Bex’s Daddy of all things! Misty had been Daddy’s sex slave before Bex had moved back home. Then Bex had confessed her desires to her Daddy one drunken night, now she and her Daddy were lovers too!

Daddy had brought Misty into their incestuous affair to help train his daughter as his new sex slave. Now Bex loved lesbian sex and she and Misty would sometimes get together on their own for some girl on girl play time.

They were all at Daddy’s house in the big master suite. Daddy was just watching for now. He loved to see Misty in action, she could keep his sexy daughter on the edge of cumming for hours before allowing her release. Daddy fisted his eight inches slowly as he watched.

Misty was now on all fours, ass in the air, licking Bex’s snatch, making her moan. Her red hair between Bex’s tanned thighs looked super sexy to Daddy’s trained eye. She licked his daughter’s clit with slow sensuous strokes. Daddy’s dick was drooling pre-cum, he was ready for his daughter’s hot mouth.

Misty wished Daddy would stick his tool in her cunt and fuck her, she liked nothing more than getting fucked while eating pussy! Bex’s cunny was so fresh tasting, she couldn’t get enough. Bex was showing her appreciation with loud moans and gyrations in her restraints. Now Daddy walked up to Bex’s face and simply said, “Open.”

Bex was in heaven! Her Daddy’s old lover was licking her clit, a new toy was driving her pussy mad and now Daddy offering his dick to suck! She opened wide and a moment later her mouth was full of Daddy’s throbbing manhood.

But what was giving her the most pleasure was this amazing toy Misty had brought. Small and pink and slightly U-shaped, Misty had inserted it the moment Daddy has snapped her cuffs on. Girne Escort At first it did nothing. Then Misty hit a button on her smart phone and the little device came to life.

The vibrations had started out slow but powerful, Bex had been startled by the massive vibrations it was capable of. Her eyes widened in surprise. Daddy and Misty were watching her reactions; Misty was standing in front of Daddy who was nuzzling her neck and cupping a tit. Misty was playing idly with Daddy’s hard on, both were giving her their full attention.

The toy in her cunny kept right on going. Misty had programmed a sequence that would keep Bex on the edge of orgasm until Misty said so. It would go from fast to slow, the vibrations would wax and wane in infinite combinations, driving her cunny crazy with need.

Now Bex had Daddy’s cock in her mouth, the toy was humming away inside her and Misty was attacking her clit with the best tongue Bex had ever known. She thrashed in her restraints, the cuffs biting into her wrists and ankles, her ass twitching and shaking against the mattress.

Bex wanted to cum so bad! It felt like her cunny had been teased for hours now, she lost count of how many times she had been this close to orgasm only to have the vibrations change or to have Misty remove her talented tongue. Her nipples ached for attention, she wanted someone to kiss her neck or rim her sensitive asshole.

Daddy flexed his hips and drove his prick into his daughter’s hot little mouth over and over. She was writhing and moaning around his cock, it felt so damned good! But he was cumming in that tight pussy of hers, no mistake. He pulled his cock free of Bex’s greedy mouth before he shot his load down her throat.

Misty was feeling left out. She looked over at Daddy, he had just rescued his dick from his daughter’s face. She asked “Is it time, Master?” They had arranged a surprise for Bex.

Daddy just pointed at his daughter’s face and said, “Sit.” Then he tugged the humming toy from his little girl’s cunny, and stuck it up Magosa Escort her ass!

Everything seemed to happen at once for Bex. Suddenly Misty’s beautiful cunt was dropping onto Bex’s face, the toy was taken out of her pussy and shoved halfway up her ass and Daddy’s big cock was pushing into her tiny cunny! It was so good, her body was on fire, now Daddy’s thumb was stroking her clit, it was paradise, it was more than she could stand, her cunny was gushing around Daddy’s meat, all she needed was one thing, just one word from Daddy, she needed to hear his beautiful deep voice give her the permission she needed so she could finally cum!

Daddy was riding his sexy little daughter like a bucking bronco. He could feel the vibrator in Bex’s ass stimulating him, he was almost there. “Cum for Daddy, Bex baby” he said as he thrust deep into her again and again, feeling her begin to spasm around him.

Misty leaned forward and kissed Daddy deeply as she rode his orgasming daughter’s face to her own creamy crest. Bex was sticking her tongue deep into Misty’s snatch and Misty was starting to cum around the questing probe. Daddy bent down and sucked a nipple and Misty groaned and mashed her hips down onto Bex’s face.

Daddy’s load left his dick like a rocket, bound for his sexy daughter’s womb. He roared his conquest and pumped through his orgasm, filling Bex’s tight pussy to overflowing. Misty was kissing him while riding his little girl’s face. Bex was trying to scissor her legs to no avail, her thighs corded and shook with the power of her release. Daddy’s ass clenched and he drove deep for his final thrust, impaling his princess on his pecker.

Bex couldn’t stand any more pleasure! Multiple orgasms were rolling over her like tsunamis. Daddy’s massive dong was throbbing in her cunny as Misty’s toy throbbed in her ass, Misty herself was grinding her clit against Bex’s chin and covering her face with her hot juices.

Finally Daddy pulled his still-hard cock out of his daughter’s oozing cunt. Misty was just coming down Lefkoşa Escort off her own orgasm as Daddy picked her up and set her on the bed next to his daughter. “Misty, up on all fours, then eat my cum out of my little princess’s twat.”

Misty knew better than to argue with Daddy when he used his commanding voice. She scrambled in between Bex’s still bound legs, her cute tushy waggling in the air for Daddy to fuck. In seconds she was sucking Daddy’s sperm from Bex’s tasty cunt, making Bex moan and toss even more as her orgasms redoubled.

Daddy looked at perhaps the sexiest thing he’d ever seen; his former lover eating his cum out of his own daughter’s snatch. His mighty organ throbbed as he ran the head around the entrance to Misty’s shaved snatch before shoving it in in one long smooth stroke.

“Bex baby” Daddy said, “tell me what Misty is doing to you. Tell me how she’s making you feel. You know how Daddy likes his nice pretty princess to talk like a fucktoy.”

“Oh Daddy” Bex moaned, “Misty is eating my pussy so good Daddy! She’s licking my clit, now she’s fucking me with her tongue, oh Daddy it feels so good!”

“Tell Daddy more, how does your ass feel baby?” Daddy panted. “Is that vibrator good baby girl? Does your ass feel full, feel naughty?” His fucking of Misty’s cunt was speeding up, Misty could feel his cock throbbing and twitching.

Bex loved being nasty with her big strong Daddy, it was so hot, so taboo.

“Oh Daddy my ass is humming, my clitty is so hard, Misty’s tongue is so good, it’s so much Daddy, I’m STILL cumming for my Daddy, yes my God yes Daddy Oh Daddy! OH DADDY!”

Daddy saw Bex’s eyes roll back as she kept cumming more and more, harder and harder. Misty’s talented cunny was milking him as she came again, and finally Daddy came again too, roaring and pummeling Misty’s pussy as he drained every last bit of cum from his balls.

Misty had mercifully stopped her oral ministrations on Bex to enjoy her own orgasm as Daddy’s swinging balls slapped her clit just right. Her moans of delight mingled with those of Bex and her Daddy as the three of them attained the heights of paradise, together. Finally the trio was satiated and they released Bex from her bonds, falling asleep together with Misty on one side, Bex on the other and a very drained Daddy cuddling them both into dreamland.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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