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Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 04

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In the bathroom while Molly washed her face and ass while I washed my cock. “Are you ok I asked her.”

“No Bob my ass is very sore after the hard way you fucked me without any KY.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Molly I just seemed to lose control once Laura got me started.”

“I think that little bitch has designs on you Bob, she seems to come onto you in a nice loving way while she abuses me if she can.”

“I don’t think your right Molly, I feel she is just trying to see how far we will go with anything she orders us to do.”

“Well we’ll see but we better get back so as not to upset the little cunt,” Molly replied.

We walked into the living room to find Laura and Lisa both naked fondling each other’s breasts.

“About time,” Laura said as she and Lisa moved away from each other.

“Well Bob Lisa is dying to suck your cock and take it up her cunt so while she sucks you Molly and I will have a little session of cunt licking then we can all get together.”

“Come on Molly let you and I get into a nice 69 position and enjoy each other.”

Lisa meanwhile had come over to me and cupping my balls in her hand she began to fondle them gently while she looked into my eyes, then as my cock started to respond to her stimulation she took hold of my shaft in her other hand and started to wank me. She looked down at my swelling cock as she continued stroking me and said, “It is a beautiful cock Bob and I have looked forward all week to sucking it and then feeling it filling me again.”

Looking into my eyes once more she smiled and said, “Does that feel good Bob?”

“It feels great,” I said as I now slipped a hand between her thighs and cupped her cunt.

As she played with me I slipped one then two fingers up into her fuck hole, she was wet and wanting and moaned as I felt around inside her twisting and scissoring my fingers to arouse her more. I took hold of one tit in my other hand and squeezed it hard making her moan louder as I forced a third finger inside her and fucked her as deep as I could.

“Do you like that Lisa?”

“Yes Bob, Oh fuck it feels really great,” she said giving a loud moan, but I think your cock needs a little oral stimulation now and I am dying to suck it.”

“Then why don’t we get into a 69 position like Laura and Molly then I can lick you while you suck me.

I pulled my fingers from her leaking cunt and licked one of them and then proffered the other two to her. She took them in her mouth and sucked greedily on them. I knew then that she was really hot for cock but I wanted to arouse her more before I entered her lovely tight cunt for the second time.

I lay on the floor and she straddled me and immediately took my swollen cock head into her mouth, the warm wetness and her sucking made my cock harden more as I put my hands on her pert little ass and pulled her down so I could feast on the soft succulent pink flesh of her cunt. The silky feel of her wet vulva on my tongue aroused me more as I licked and explored every part of it, tasting her sweet juice as I licked and lapped and then my tongue began it’s assault on her clit making her moan on my cock as she now began to move her head up and down as she fucked me with her mouth.

As I licked and explored the pink interior of her cunt I had a great view of her anus, the sight and the lewd thought of what it might be like to fill her asshole with my cock made my cock swell to full erection. Meanwhile my tongue had found her opening, it was already partly open showing her arousal, I thrust my tongue up inside her making her moan once more on my cock as I felt it going all the way into her mouth until the tip hit the back of her throat.

I removed my tongue from her fuck hole and replaced it with two fingers enjoying once more the feel of her ring stretching around them as my mouth now found her clit again. It was now fully erect and protruding from its hood, I took it in my mouth and as I sucked on it I let my tongue tease it as my fingers once more began to finger fuck her hot wet cunt.

Now every time as she plunged her head down my cock was hitting the back of her throat, each time it did she paused with her lips pressed to my groin as if to savour the feeling of having all my big hard cock encased in her mouth. Perhaps she was remembering what it felt like when her sheath was wrapped around Ankara escort it when I entered and fucked her last weekend.

I sucked and licked and then nibbled on her clit making her moan loudly, suddenly I felt her body convulse, she took her mouth off my cock and cried out as she began to orgasm. As she came I continued my two fingered assault on her cunt driving my fingers as deep inside her as I could as I felt her sheath rippling and grasping them as it tried to milk them as it would a cock. I felt her hot juices flowing over my tongue and onto my already wet mouth and running down my chin.

When her orgasm was over I pulled my fingers from her cunt and told her to suck them clean, the little slut wasted no time in complying as I licked her juices that now coated my lips.

Laura came over and said she was pleased that Lisa had cum as had Molly and her. I had not heard them at all being lost in my own pleasure with Lisa. She took hold of my erect cock and stroked it; licking her lips she looked into my eyes and said, “Lucky Lisa.”

Then taking her hand away she said “Lets go into the bedroom and get comfortable so we three can enjoy a little more cunt licking while Lisa takes Bob’s cock up her cunt.”

In the bedroom Laura had Lisa lay on her back at the foot of the bed with her legs hanging down and spread wide.

“Does that look good Bob, that once virgin cunt waiting to feel your cock inside it again?” she said.

She never waited for my response as she now had Molly get on the center of the bed on her knees straddling Lisa’s head her cunt now freely available for Lisa to enjoy.

Then Laura lay at the head of the bed with two pillows to raise her head and shoulders and her legs spread wide making her cunt available to Molly. Being raised up she could now look at me and I at her, she smiled at me and said, “Don’t waste time Bob get that cock up Lisa. Molly you start licking me now.”

I had Lisa raise her legs and pull them back raising her cunt for easier access for my cock. I had kept stroking myself while Laura arranged the sexual tableau we now presented so my cock was swollen hard and ready for me to take Lisa.

I pushed my cock into her ring and forced it to open and then my pleasure started as I felt the lovely arousing caress of her ring sliding over my tip and the continuation of the sensation as my cock entered the warm wet interior of her cunt. I felt her ring closing tightly around my shaft behind my swollen tip and her sheath caressing it as it slid deeper and deeper until my cock was buried to the hilt inside the hot wet confines of her cunt. I had Lisa release her ankles and I guided her legs onto my shoulders now that I had fully penetrated her.

She was so tight that my cock head forcing her sheath to expand to accommodate it made her push Molly off her mouth as she moaned loudly. As I held it still allowing her cunt to adjust to its girth I looked down at Lisa her face hidden between Molly’s thighs her pert young tits with raspberry red nipples standing erect as I then let my eyes wander over Molly’s ass to her head buried between Laura’s thighs, what an erotic sight it was seeing her head moving as she licked Laura’s cunt. Laura herself was looking directly at me; she smiled and then gave a moan of pleasure as Molly’s tongue touched some sensitive part of her cunt.

I pulled my cock slowly back down and once more my cock sent those sexually arousing sensations coursing through me as her tight sheath caressed it once more. As my tip was about to come out of her fuck hole I rammed it into her hard my hips slamming against her ass cheeks. She grunted and moaned into Molly’s cunt at the forceful re-entry of my cock into the depths of her body once more but managed to keep on licking and sucking, no doubt enjoying the double pleasure of eating cunt and being fucked at the same time.

Laura was moaning and gasping from time to time as she looked into my eyes as I reamed her younger sisters cunt.

“That’s it Bob fuck the little bitch hard, then fill her cunt with your hot load of cum,”

she called out to me.

The room was filled with the liquid sounds and aroma of sexual arousal Laura moaning from time to time and me grunting at times as I rammed Lisa’s cunt hard.

My cock was now at full erection and as I rammed it into the depths of Lisa’s young Ankara escort bayan cunt I felt it pushing into the opening of her cervix, she uttered loud moans into Molly’s cunt as I took my pleasure from her and took her higher towards orgasm

Suddenly I saw Lisa’s hands move and push Molly’s ass up as she cried out her pleasure as she came. I felt her sheath tighten around my invading tool and then it was rippling along the length of my cock as it began to milk me. I could hold back no longer and felt my cum surging along my shaft, I cried out my pleasure as my cock sent spurt of spurt of cum deep inside her cunt.

Hearing me cry out Laura told Molly to lie on her back on the bed while Laura herself got off the bed and came around to me as I withdrew my cock from Lisa’s cunt.”

“Climb on the bed and straddle Molly and give her your cum covered cock to clean,” she ordered me.

I did as asked and lowered my cock down to Molly’s mouth, which opened and took my cock inside and she licked and sucked it clean. I then got off the bed as Laura told Molly to stay as she was. She then made Lisa squat over Molly’s face and ordered Molly to open her mouth and catch the cum as it began to leak out Lisa’s cunt, as the flow slowed she told Lisa to pull her cunt open, as Lisa complied more cum started its journey to Molly’s mouth and soon a long string of cum was hanging down until it broke free and fell into Molly’s mouth.

Laura came and stood beside me once more taking hold of my hand and as she squeezed it she said, “Doesn’t that look erotic Bob, see what a cum loving cunt your wife really is. I must say though that she is a great cunt licker as well.”

As soon as no more cum dripped down into Molly’s mouth Laura told Lisa to sit her cunt on Molly’s mouth and ordered Molly to lick and clean the rest of my cum from Lisa’s cunt.

After a while of watching Molly cleaning Lisa’s cunt Laura said that it was getting late so she and Lisa had better shower and go home. Lisa and Laura had a quick shower and before leaving both girls said that they had both enjoyed the evening.

“See you tomorrow, but we won’t be able to stay after work as it is our grandmothers birthday,” Laura said.

Then off they went while Molly and I went to the bathroom. Molly had a hot bath while I showered. Then later in bed Molly once more said she was sure Laura had designs on me but I once more told her that I thought she was imagining things.


Sunday was a busy day and both girls worked hard, things got a little quieter near lunch time so Molly said she and I would have our lunch first and that she would prepare something for Lisa and Laura.

Laura said, “I have a better idea Molly, I think Lisa Bob and I will have lunch and then you can have yours, so just look after the shop OK.”

Once more in a display of being in charge of the situation she grabbed hold of my hand and said, “Come on Bob Lisa and I have got something nice for your lunch.”

She turned and smiled at Molly and said, “Don’t worry Molly you can have seconds.”

When we got upstairs Laura led us into the bedroom and said, “Ok Bob it is my turn to have your cock while you get to drink Lisa’s sweet juice while you pleasure her with your tongue, so get your clothes off quickly as my cunt is so hot and wet for you.”

I stripped as did the girls and soon I was laying on my back with Lisa squatting over my face as she lowered her cunt down for me to service it with my mouth and tongue. Laura who must have been looking at my partly erect cock said, “I see you have been thinking about us again Bob.”

I of course could not reply as Lisa’s cunt was resting gently on my lips now as she said in a husky sexy voice, “Lick me Bob, eat me.”

As I started to push my tongue between the soft fleshy lips of Lisa’s cunt I felt Laura’s hand grasp my shaft and then her tongue licked over my swelling tip before it was suddenly inside the warm wetness of her mouth as she began to jack my shaft as she sucked on it teasing it with her tongue as she quickly brought me to full erection.

“Did that feel nice Bob?” She asked even though she knew I would not be able to respond as my tongue was otherwise engaged, swirling in circles inside Lisa’s pink valley as she slowly rotated her hips to ensure my tongue Escort Ankara found every sensitive part of her vulva. She was moaning and urging me on telling me how good it felt.

My tongue arrived at Lisa’s opening and found it partly open so I pushed it up inside her as her hot sweet juices flowed onto my tongue and lips and face. As Lisa moaned and said, “Yes, oh yes Bob, fuck that cunt with your tongue.” I felt Laura straddle me and then she had her hand on my shaft as she guided it to her fuck hole.

She surprised me because as my cock head began to stretch her ring she suddenly thrust her body down and took the full length of my cock all the way up her hot wet cunt, she moaned loudly as my big tool forced her sheath to be violently stretched open to accommodate my cock, then she was sitting on me as she slowly rotated her body enjoying no doubt the pleasure of feeling her cunt stuffed full of cock.

“See how hot I am for you Bob, did you like the way I took all your cock up my cunt in one quick movement?”

Once more I could not respond to her as I licked and lapped up the sweet juices flowing out of Lisa’s fuck hole. As I continued to lick suck and fuck Lisa with my mouth and tongue Laura began to ride me. She moaned loudly as she rose up slowly and rammed her cunt down hard and fast as she fucked me wildly, she seemed to like to feel some pain and then the pleasure effect as it faded when she was rising up slowly each time. How could I to complain when I was being fucked and enjoying eating cunt at the same time.

After a while Laura said, “Oh fuck Bob I am so close to Cumming, cum with me baby. She then began to talk dirty to me hoping that it would help get me to cum with her. How right she was for as she said “See how your slut loves to fuck your big cock while you suck her sisters cunt.” Lisa suddenly exploded into orgasm her hot juices spurting into my mouth and I was forced to swallow as quickly as I could as my cock erupted shooting my cum deep inside Laura whose cunt was rippling over my shaft as it milked me as she also cried out as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over her.

When it was over we were all about to all get up when Molly’s voice said, “So that’s what you have all been doing instead of having lunch.”

“Your just in time for seconds Molly, you can lick Bob’s cum out of my cunt while Lisa or Bob make some sandwiches for lunch,” Laura told her.

“And who will look after the shop?”

“Just slip something on Lisa and go and put the closed sign up for a short time,” Laura told her. “As for you BITCH, get over here and clean my cunt when I tell you I am getting a little tired of the way you are acting at times. Hurry up and do what I fucking well tell you.”

Molly was now a little subdued and hastily complied with Laura’s demand. I watched Molly climb on the bed and as she lowered her head I saw Laura grab a handful of her hair and yank her head down between her spread thighs saying, “You slack bitch clean me.”

I headed to the bathroom and had a quick shower and left Lisa in the bathroom to clean her self up while I went to the kitchen and made some sandwiches.

Eventually Lisa came into the kitchen and said that Laura and Molly were showering together. We sat and ate and were just going back down to the shop when Laura and Molly came into the kitchen.

“We won’t be long Bob,” Laura said as Lisa and I went downstairs and reopened the shop.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and after closing the shop Molly said to Laura, “Don’t bother coming next week as I have had enough of both of you, you can’t do anything about what happened to Lisa now as you have both willingly had sex with us.”

“Listen to me cunt, just let me make a phone call home, then I will tell them about Bob and you seducing Lisa and how you have both forced us to have sex with you since then, also making me work here for nothing. I guess you will enjoy the publicity and also ending up in jail.”

I saw the danger in what Laura had said and told Molly to back off, as we would be the ones who would end up in trouble and have the most to lose.

Laura looked at me and said, “A wise decision Bob. Now get your act together Molly because from now on things are about to change dramatically.”

“What do you mean Laura?”

“You’ll see Bitch. Well we better be off now,” and she and Lisa walked out Laura slamming the door behind her.

At dinner that night Molly and I discussed our position and both of us agreed we must go along with whatever Laura and Lisa wanted.

To be continued…

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