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Birthday Present Initiation

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I pulled into the large parking lot. There were two empty spots that I could see, and I managed to squeeze my small Toyota into a space that had been artificially narrowed by the two assholes on either side. The gearshift of the car clicked into park, and I turned off the engine. I could still feel a small buzz from the two glasses of champagne I had downed earlier but was still feeling generally astute and aware.

My eyes shifted to the dingy, brick building that the cramped lot was situated behind. It looked perfectly nondescript, and the only thing betraying its run-down look was the clean, bright red door on the back of the building. From the street, you could only see tinted windows and a dusty, locked door, but the red entrance in back opened up the vibrant world that lay inside the confines of the brick structure.

I was very happy and excited to be at this building. It was my 25th birthday. One of my closest friends had their birthday a few days earlier, and we had combined both of our parties into a single big one.

This made my actual birthday more quiet. I had gone out for a fancy dinner with my mom Rebecca, my older sister Scarlett, and my younger sisters Leanne and Ella. It was a lovely meal, but now came the real treat.

I checked my makeup in the mirror of the car. I touched up my eyeshadow and bright red lipstick before deciding to walk in.

The car door gingerly creaked open as I had to take care not to hit the other car. I found my immediate hatred for the other driver rather hypocritical, as I myself was an awful parker, and usually on the receiving end of such loathing.

My bright red slut heels clacked along the pavement as I sauntered towards the entrance. I reached the door, which happened to match the color of my heels and lipstick, and knocked thrice.

The door slowly opened, and an extremely buff, suited man stood in the threshold, blocking most of the light out and creating an ominous shadow.

“ID please,” he curtly demanded.

I reached in my small pocketbook and handed him my driver’s license. He read over it briefly.

“And then your pass.”

I knew what he was referring to. I took out a green card and gave it to the doorman. It contained only my name, date of birth, ID number, and gender. The green color was a designation. I was a low-level patron.

The man compared the info on my license and pass and found it to be satisfactory.

“Alright, ma’am. Thank you for that,” he said as he gave them back to me. He stepped out of the way, freeing me to walk past his hulking frame. “I hope you have a nice night.”

“Thank you. You as well,” I courteously responded. I wondered why. He would just be standing there, guarding a door for the whole night. Compared to my night, it seemed very difficult for him to have a good one.

I walked past the man and down a short and narrow hallway before reaching another door, guarded by another large man. He opened the door behind him and moved aside. I nodded my head and stepped into the doorway.

My heels weren’t meant for the stairway headed down, but ample overhead lighting and a handrail made it easier. I descended the stairs and walked into the large, underground space.

My eyes took a small moment to adjust to the dim lighting of the club. The pungent smell of perfume, cigar smoke, and alcohol hit my nose immediately. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant smell, but one that I had come to love. Masked underneath it all was the aroma of sex.

I approached the girl working behind the desk. Whoever was behind the desk checked members in and kept track of services exchanged. As a low-level member, the club was used for finding a partner (or partners) to have sex with, like a traditional sex or swingers club. I tended to take on a bit of a different role though as a “pleaser.”

Normally, that role involved offering up my services to a high-ranking member or a VIP to be used as they so desired. These were usually either very wealthy individuals or those who had been coming to the club and contributing for a long time. It was a very high-brow establishment, and you had to earn the right to be in control.

I had been going to the club ever since I found out about it from one of my older sister Scarlett’s friends, who had previously frequented the establishment. That was when I had just turned 21, so I had been going for nearly four years.

As a horny college kid, I used to come to the club as often as I could, but now that I had a steady job and enough money to buy wonderful toys, I only came for special occasions. My birthday was one of them. My pussy had been slightly moist through my entire dinner, thinking about how much fun I would have tonight.

I scanned the girl working as I approached her. I hadn’t ever seen her before and took in every detail that I could. Half of her head was shaved in a buzz cut, the other half was covered by her flowing long black hair. She had bright green eyes, and a nose ring. She was very hot, and I hoped that I Isparta Escort would see her again, and maybe buy her a drink.

Girls weren’t necessarily my forte. I had never been romantically attracted to a woman, and never dated one outside the club. But just for fucking, I hadn’t ever encountered a man who could eat my pussy as well as most of the girls and women at the club.

“Hello, I don’t believe I know you. I’m Violet,” I said, introducing myself. I handed the girl my pass as I did so.

“Nice to meet you, Violet. I’m Charlise. I just started here recently, so that’s probably why you don’t know me,” she replied. She looked at the green card and began typing into her computer.

“Well, I must say that you are absolutely stunning,” I complimented her. She blushed, which I took as a good sign. “What time are you done with your shift?”

Charlise smirked at me. “Straight to the point. I like it. I get off at three. And hopefully I’ll be getting off shortly after as well.” She winked at me.

“Am I all set?” I asked, referring to her check-in.

“Oh, yes,” she replied, her mind returning to the task. She handed me back the card.

“Great,” I answered, and began turning to walk to the main lobby area, hoping to find someone who I could give myself to.

“Actually, Violet,” Charlise stated from behind me. “You’re already booked. In case you didn’t know.”

I paused and turned around. “What?” I asked, slightly confused.

“Someone’s already acquired your services for tonight,” she explained.

“I didn’t know you could pre-order like that.”

“Apparently you can. It’s labelled as a birthday gift.”

“So who got me?” I asked.

“I’m not allowed to tell you that. But I am to tell you that you are supposed to go to Suite 17. And Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you,” I responded, still puzzled as to who at the club would’ve known me well enough to acquire me on my birthday. “I will be seeing you later, Charlise. 3:00.”

She smiled back at me and seductively cupped her small boobs. “My pussy is waiting!”

I turned away from Charlise and walked into the lobby. Everyone gathered here to socialize and drink, as well as arrange service exchanges or meetings. Off of the lobby was the common area, a gigantic, dimly-lit room which was home to most of the debaucherous acts of the night. As soon as I walked in, the smell of whiskey and tobacco was immediately replaced by sweat and bodily fluids. I could feel the immediate change in temperature from all of the warm bodies huddled closely together.

Branching off from the common room were 18 individual suites, which could be reserved for a high price, and then two VIP/celebrity suites which I hadn’t ever been in before.

Someone had once told me that the club began as a secret storehouse for alcohol during Prohibition, and then continued on as a sex club later on to keep business going, the shop above it having long since closed and been lost to history and fading memories. It always made me wary of how much cum and pussy juice had seeped into the walls and floors over the years, even though everything was scrubbed and cleaned daily.

I found the suite labelled 17. Just like a hotel room, I had to insert my pass, and was granted access in.

I was standing in a small changing room. Set out on a lone bench was a lace bra, matching panties, garter belt, and thigh-high stockings. All were bright red-colored and matched my heels and lipstick.

It was easy for me to figure out what I was supposed to do. I stripped out of my loose white dress, and took off my cotton underwear. The sheer lace felt amazing on my skin as it slid up my legs and my nipples rubbed up against the fabric. The person had managed to get a 40A, my perfect bra size.

I took a look at myself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the room. The lingerie looked amazing, but was quite small. I kept my pussy hair groomed in a large but neat triangle above my slit, and the very edges of my bush could be glimpsed peeking out of the panties.

I had to admit that I looked quite alluring. Standing 5’4″, the heels I had on really made me look quite tall, and the beautiful stockings helped further accentuate my legs, which I thought were my best feature. I weighed about 140 pounds without an ounce of muscle on me, and most of the weight carried in my stomach and ass, so I didn’t tend to show off my body with lingerie. Normally it didn’t make me look good, but right now I felt very sexy and confident.

The only other objects in the changing room were a small note, two glass of champagne, and a face-mask that looked like one that would be worn at a masquerade ball.

“Finish these, put on the mask, and then you may enter,” the note read.

My heart was racing. This all seemed rather elaborate, and I hadn’t the faintest idea who would set up something like this for me. I had a couple of common customers, even one who had even taken me on a four-day vacation to California Isparta Escort Bayan to fuck him and his wife on the beaches all day long, but he had moved away. Nobody else knew me well enough to know my birthday or cared enough to set this up. I was trying to figure out what could lie beyond the door, but couldn’t come up with anything.

The champagne flutes were emptied as I downed my third and fourth glasses that night. I didn’t hold alcohol super well, so I was feeling quite tipsy.

I grabbed the mask and slipped it around my head before pulling it very tight. It covered my forehead, upper cheeks, and nose, and made me look unrecognizable. I checked myself out in the mirror again, and prepared to enter.

Another door in the small room caught my eye, but when I tried the handle, it wouldn’t budge at all. The only explanation I could think of was that it was for higher-level patrons or staff. I pushed on the handle for the regular door, and stepped into the suite.

The lighting in the room was low, set to a romantic setting, but I could still see clearly. The room itself was quite large with a queen-size bed against one wall. On a nightstand on one side of the bed was another bottle of champagne.

On the wall directly opposite the bed was a large glass mirror. And sitting on the bed was perhaps the best present I could have ever asked for.

She was dressed exactly the same as me: lace lingerie, heels, stockings, garter belt, and the mask. The only difference was that she was entirely in black, striking a contrast to the red color that had been selected for me.

From what I could see, the girl was stunning. She had light golden brown hair, the same color as mine. Except hers was a wavy, layered bob that came down to her jawline and framed her pretty face, whereas mine was styled flat down to below my shoulders.

The girl also had a much curvier figure than I did. Even sitting down, I could tell she was a few inches taller than me, and her hips were much narrower, while her boobs stuck out more. All the females on my mother’s side had been cursed with tiny boobs, which carried on down to us, except for Scarlett. She managed to avoid the curse.

I began slowly walking towards the bed as a smile crept over my face. Whoever had arranged this treat for me certainly knew my type. The girl remained staring at me, silent, as I reached the edge of the bed.

A loud voice coming from a hidden speaker pierced the quiet.

“Well, Violet, you look beautiful tonight. The lingerie suits you.” The voice was extremely deep and robotic, and I knew it was being disguised so as to hide the speaker’s identity. But who would go to that much trouble?

“As your birthday present from me, I give you my lovely little lady. You may use her tonight to pleasure you as you see fit.”

I liked the sound of that. I placed one knee onto the mattress, leaning onto the bed. My hand reached out to the girl’s face to remove her mask.

“Under one condition. You must not remove her mask or your own,” the voice said. My hand paused.

I realized that they had to be watching somehow. My mind turned to the mirror and then to the locked door in the dressing room. It must’ve been a two-way mirror that the person was behind. It turned me on a little to know that we had a voyeur.

My hand remained on the girl’s cheek, cupping it this time instead of reaching for the mask. I fully moved onto the mattress and guided the girl’s face towards mine. She tilted her head, I angled mine to meet hers, and our lips pressed together in a glorious kiss.

Her lips tasted amazing, and there was an immediate spark between us as we connected. My pussy felt like it was on fire, and I was turned on more than I ever had been before by a single kiss.

Our lips remained locked as both of us were more than happy to remain capturing that one singular moment in time. It felt like ages before we pulled away from each other.

She instantly moved back to kiss me again. She opened her mouth slightly, signaling me to do the same. Our mouths locked again, and her tongue snaked out from between her lips.

I extended my tongue too, and felt it move along her mouth, tracing every ridge and edge of her luscious lips. The girl did the same to me as our tongue engaged in a beautiful dance.

I was the more daring one, pressing my tongue against her lips. She opened them a little wider, letting me slip into her mouth. I immediately began exploring her mouth, moving my tongue along every inch.

My eyes had been closed, and I opened them to find myself staring straight into hers. I looked deep into her blue eyes, and saw the same hunger and passion that existed within me.

We explored the other’s throats with our tongues for another minute, before I began slowly moving downward. I kissed her cheeks, and took an ample amount of time licking and lightly sucking on her neck, being careful not to leave a hickey. I inched my way down to her collarbone, Escort Isparta her upper chest, and finally I felt the lace of her bra against my lips.

“Let’s get this off of you,” I remarked as my hands reached behind her. I found the bra clasp and undid it. The girl let the lingerie drop from her arms and fall to her thighs.

I got my first unobstructed view of the girl’s tits. They were good-sized, not too big, not too small. I guessed about a C. They were perfectly tear-drop shaped, and very perky. Her small pink nipples were surrounded by large areolas, studded with tiny goosebumps.

My neck craned forward and I took her right nipple into my mouth. I closed my mouth around it and began to gently suck down. The girl let out a moan. I could feel her nipple becoming erect from the light pressure.

My tongue flicked over the small nub, tracing every possible inch of her areola and nipple, leaving them wet with saliva. As the girl’s nipple continued to harden, I lightly bit on it. She gasped, but her nipple continued to become more erect until it was standing at full attention.

Having finished one breast, I moved on to the next. I sucked down on the girl’s left nipple, and my hand replaced my mouth on her right. I rubbed against the hard nub, and pinched it between my fingers, keeping both nipples erect.

My concentration was disturbed when I heard a swishing sound. I looked up, and found that the girl was holding the bottle of champagne in her hand. A gleam was in her eye, and I knew what she had in mind.

I detached my mouth from her skin and extended my tongue, just touching her nipple with the tip. The girl’s pretty face twisted into a smile, and she tipped the champagne bottle.

Slowly, the bubbling liquid dripped out of the glass bottle. It hit her skin just below her collarbone and flowed down to her tit. I tasted the alcohol as it ran over my tongue. It left wet streaks from her shoulder down to her waistline and stained the white bedsheets.

I began actively lapping at the liquid, licking her nipple in the process. The girl smiled, and I sucked on her breast briefly, swallowing the champagne. She tilted the bottle back up, stopping the stream.

We repeated the process for her other boob, as I tasted champagne directly from her nipple. She continued to pour until the bottle was empty. Much of the liquid had gotten on the sheets or pooled by her legs, but I had still managed to drink up quite a bit, and keep her nipples standing at attention.

“That was tasty,” I remarked as I came up for a kiss. She passionately kissed me back, tasting the champagne off my lips and mouth. I pushed her down on to the bed so I was lying on top of her. A stream of saliva connected our lips when I pulled away.

I began kissing down her body once again, moving even lower. I kissed her ribcage, then her upper stomach, and then reached her navel. Seizing the opportunity, I swirled my tongue around inside the girl’s navel, eliciting a small squeal from her. I could taste a small amount of champagne that had gathered in her belly button.

My trail moved lower to her garter belt and didn’t stop until I left my marks down to the waistline of her panties. They were wet, a combination of the champagne and her own juices, I imagined. I knew I was feeling damp already.

But I wasn’t quite ready yet. I shifted on the bed, and began kissing up her legs. I took each of her stocking-clad toes in my mouth and sucked on it, before kissing and licking up the inside of her calf and thigh. I took the time to give a kiss to each of her thighs, slowly inching closer and closer to the jackpot.

As I lay on the bed, I kissed her pussy over the fabric, and she shivered quite a bit. I continued kissing the lace, giving short light pecks. I tasted her panties. The taste of her sweet nectar overpowered the champagne. She was definitely very turned on.

My fingers found the elastic of the panties, and I tugged on the sides. I slid the panties over her ass and down her legs until the girl was entirely commando.

I took in the sight of her pretty pussy. Her juicy pink lips were glistening, and her clit was already erect. Just above her slit was a triangular patch of long brown hair that had been immaculately shaped. Her bush looked just like mine, only less messy.

I moved my head and kissed her square on the pussy lips, free from the confines of the lace cloth. The girl moaned and both of her hands moved to my back. She undid my bra and gently massaged between my shoulder blades, which felt fantastic. The feel of her hands on my back felt familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

The girl’s body shook again as I licked all the way from below her entrance to her bush. The hair became wet and clumpy from the excretions and saliva. I repeated my action twice more, making each long lick more drawn-out and teasing than the one before. She moaned and dug her fingertips harder into my back.

“You like it when I lick your pussy, don’t you?” I asked. I obviously knew the answer already, but I liked getting to know my partner, and making them beg for it.

She nodded her head and let out a muffled “Mhhh-hhhh,” between her closed lips, which made me smile. My teasing had already gotten her very hot and bothered, so it wouldn’t take long for her to cum.

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