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Birthday Surprises Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 — Scott experiences the porn star within Ann

The drive home took probably only took 15 minutes, but it seemed like an hour. Ann kept reaching over periodically, and squeezing my cock. Whispering things into my ear about what she was going to do to me, and how hard I was going to cum for her. As we reached the driveway she did it again.

Reaching over and squeezing my package through the denim I was wearing she pressed her lips against my ear. “Ok stud, I’m going inside, you are going back out to the store and picking up a few things.” My cock stirred again at her pressure and the thought of what was to come. “There’s a list of things in the glove box, be sure to pick up all of them at the corner drug store.”

She silently slipped out of the truck and into the front door of the house. I stayed there ensuring she was in safely before backing out of the driveway and heading for the drug store.

Arriving I grabbed the list out of the glove box, I scanned it, as I walked in. Interesting list I thought. Not much on it, some ribbed condoms, “weird” I said out loud she was on the pill, oh well, she might want to experiment I thought. Next on the list was a bottle of Crème de Menthe, a liqueur a previous girlfriend had used on me in college, this is going to be an interesting night indeed. Last on the list was the word “prescription”. I went to the counter in the back and picked that up, Viagra? What? I didn’t have any trouble keeping it up, especially with Ann. Hell she has made me cum 5-6 times in a row without a break. What was this about? Oh well, I thought, when it comes to my own sexual gratification, I am completely devoted to her every wish.

The drive back to the house my head was filled with different scenarios, what was she planning? I thought of how the waitress at the restaurant had ogled her just an hour ago. I thought of the truck driver this afternoon practically running us off the road staring at her bare breasts. “Wow!” I said out loud, “what a lucky bastard I am!”. Ann was incredible, and whatever she had planned to finish off my birthday, I couldn’t wait to get home. My cock throbbed again inside my jeans thinking of what was about to happen. I was excited without having any idea what was going on. Before I knew it, my headlights were shining on my garage door. Shutting off the truck, I grabbed the bag of “goodies” and walked quickly towards the front door.

A note was hanging on the door. It read: Scott, follow my instructions to a tee: 1. Take one of the blue pills…..trust me. 2. I placed some dry clothes on the porch swing for you; put them on before you walk into the house. 3. Be prepared for the most unbelievable night of your life.

It was signed with a cute little smiley face with a tongue sticking out, like a child would put on a note to a friend. “Cute” I thought. I opened the bag, removed the bottle of Viagra. Opened it, and took one pill as ordered, replacing the cap and putting it in the bag, I walked over to the porch swing. She wanted me to change out here, in front of our house!? Well, at least it was dark and I might not freak the neighbors out. As I grabbed the clothes I realized what she had put out for me, my navy blue pinstripe suit, and red “power” tie, oxblood wingtips, the whole deal. This was my “presidential suit” I reserved for important interviews, closing big deals, and giving speeches. I was relieved to get out of the wet clothes I was wearing; the rain had soaked me through and through earlier this evening. Putting on the suit, I grabbed my “bag of goodies” and entered the house.

The front of the house was dark, but the back of the house, the living room and kitchen area was bright with light, I began walking toward the kitchen. My leather soles creaked the wooden floors beneath my feet as I walked through the home.

Just then Ann came into view, just ten feet from me, she was holding a birthday cake with candles lit, and was singing to me, “Happy Birthday,” she was blond! Obviously wearing a blond wig, she had on a white strapless dress that hugged her torso; it shimmered with fake diamonds sewn all over it. The bottom fanned out a little from her and was pleated down to just above her knees, white fishnets that disappeared beneath the dress and finishing off the were a pair of 5 inch high heels, with straps surrounding her ankles. She looked like, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ I thought, she kept singing “….Mr. President…” Oh my, she WAS Marilyn Monroe, well at least recreating a memorable scene from the White House, years ago with President Kennedy. We’d never role-played before but this was going to be fun! She continued to sing, holding the cake as I made my way to her, she looked incredible. My eyes quickly surveyed the room, and I noted the video camera, perched upon a tripod in the corner between the kitchen and living room, it’s little red light on, clearing already videotaping the two of us.

“Make a wish Mr. President, and blow out your candles,” she stated almanbahis adres in a sultry voice.

I complied, wishing for only one thing, and given my day so far, it was a pretty obvious one. She set the cake on the counter to my left, “before I cut that cake for you, I have something I wanted to show you,” she said with that devilish grin crossing her face again.

She stepped back against the edge of the 8 foot heavy oak table. She then slid her hands down her body, and grasped the bottom of her skirt and began slowly lifting it higher on her legs. I found out quickly where the fishnets stopped, about mid-thigh, oh those sensual thighs, attached was a garter belt heading high up the skirt. My cock sprung to attention, stiffening immediately at this gorgeous sight in front of me. She continued to slide the skirt higher, in a moment it was high enough that I could see her bare pussy. My eyes must have popped out again, because she giggled.

She scooted back so her ass was now on the table, legs spread wide, she’d dropped her grasp on her dress, and was now leaning back on her hands, exposing her most sensitive flesh to me in the most inviting of ways. Precum began to leak from my cock, I could feel it beginning to soak through the red silk boxers she gave me to wear.

“Wouldn’t you like a piece of pie, before you try your cake?” she coyly stated.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I stepped to her quickly, bent over at the waist and pushed my tongue deep into her wetness. She squealed! I dove into her hole, wanting the first taste of her sweet honey. My tongue pulled out and slid through her slit, finding her clit, beginning my slow assault on her little button, she groaned loudly, I looked up at her.

“Mmmmm, yes baby, lick my pussy, mmmmmm!” she moaned.

She was leaning forward, watching my every move, I noticed her glance over at the camera and flash a smile, which was pointing right at us with a great diagonal view of me lapping at her sweet pussy. She tasted great, fresh and clean, she must have taken a quick shower while I was at the store. Her scent and taste we too much, I wanted her to cum right now, I continued my ravaging of her clit, faster, and increasing my pressure.

“Oh yes baby, oh, yes that feels so good, mmmm, suck my clit!” she yelped.

I did as I was told, I sucked her clit into my mouth feverishly, as I sucked it between my lips, my tongued flickered hard over it, and it was too much for this little slut. She shuttered, her body tensed, her hips rose off the table, meeting my mouth, her pussy lips engorged a little, and a wave of ecstasy washed over her. My cock was now pumping out a gallon of precum, I’d soaked the boxers, and it was now leaking onto my suit pants.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, ……..mmmmmmm……….Thank You Mr. President!” she smiled coyly again as her body relaxed.

She pushed me out of her crotch, now soaked with her own juices. She kneeled before me, and looked up at me as she unzipped my fly, making sure that she was at the right angle for the camera to catch her facial expressions. Grasping my cock firmly, she pulled me out into the open air, a small relief for my raging hard-on.

“Oh my God!” she looked startled “you’re huge!”

She was playing it up for the camera, but I did look a little bigger than normal. Nothing dangerous, but with the uneventful buildups in the truck, the restaurant, and in the parking lot, my cock was painfully hard. Huge and engorged with blood, like I was nearing orgasm, only I didn’t feel anywhere near climax right now.

She smiled again looking up at me, and opened her mouth. Her tongue slipped out and she lapped up the precum covering the purple headed monster. She looked beautiful, her sexy face smiling up at me, her tiny hand gripping and playing with my hard cock. She dragged her tongue down the underside of my cock, and back up, this time she opened wide, and slide my dick into her warm mouth. It felt exquisite, I watched her skillfully slipping my cock past her lips. Inch by inch, the first seven inches disappeared into her mouth, then I felt the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, then expertly pushing my cock head into her throat and taking down the last two inches. She struggled a little in my engorged state, and I watched her eyes tear up a little bit. There she was, my little slut, burying my entire cock in her face, she held me there for a moment, looking up at me with her now glassy green eyes, and ever so slowly slipped me out again.

“Mmm Mr. President,” she moaned up at me before devouring my cock quickly again. I slipped into her throat more easily this time, and she pulled off me more quickly, beginning to slide me back and forth, essentially fucking me with her mouth.

She continued sucking and slurping on my dick for what seemed like 10-15 minutes, but oddly, and a little maddeningly, I wasn’t near orgasm. I guess that’s why she wanted me to take the little blue pill. almanbahis adres She continued her assault on my cock for a moment or two and then stood up right in front of me, turned around.

“Could you please unzip me?” she asked.

I said nothing, only grasped her zipper and did as she requested.

Her dress fell to her ankles and she stepped out of it, her sweet tight little heart shaped ass bobbled as she did so. She looked back over her shoulder at me, and slowly bent over the edge of the kitchen table, pressing her full breasts onto the smooth, cool table top. This pushed her little bald, wet pussy lips through her legs towards me. It was an incredible sight.

“Now, Mr. President, see anything you like?” that coy voice and her devilish grin was back.

I didn’t need any help, I took one step forward holding out my cock positioning it as I moved, and in the same movement grasped her hips, placing my cock at her entrance. She waggled her hips back at me, trying to pull my cock into her pussy. I gently nudged forward, allowing the head to penetrate her velvety flesh. It felt, so warm, I want to plunge it into her, but now it was time for me to have a little fun with her.

She’d been so cold to me, making me wait, now was my turn, and I pulled my cock out again.

“Put that monster back in me!” she groaned over her shoulder.

I just smiled and waited, she sighed loudly, dramatically. I looked over to the side right into the camera and smirked, then pushed the head back in again. She reached behind me and tried to grip my hips to impale herself, but I resisted, pulling out again. This time, I got more forceful, grabbing her hands I pinned them behind her back causing her weight to shift onto her breasts on the cold table. There was no where for her to move. I re-entered her, each time, my engorged head stretching her soft, tight flesh, she moaned when I stopped, just leaving the head in.

“Fuck me with that big stick!” she yelled back at me fully frustrated now.

I leaned my head back and laughed pulling out again, then entering her pink, wet pussy again, and pulling out again.

“Shit, give me your dick baby, fuck with your hard cock!” she cried out breathlessly.

I’d given her a hard enough time, and I braced my feet, and plunged my cock inside her. Filling her violently, her pussy working to accept my engorged cock, I buried myself into the hilt, feeling the head slam into her cervix painfully. She let out a small cry. Her ass bounced off my pelvis, as my cock came to a stop. I gave her a brief moment of rest, before pulling completely out of her again, waiting a second, and then slamming my cock back into her all the way again. I did this repeatedly to my little Ann, who had tortured me earlier, making me wait; now she was going to do what ever I wanted!

She squealed with delight as I picked up my pace, not completely pulling out of her, but fucking her hard now, ramming my hard cock into her soft, wet pussy, her ass now slapping against my pelvis with each thrust.

“Fuck yea baby, fuck my pussy, yea baby, oh fuck, I am gonna cum, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she screamed.

She was always vocal, but this was incredible.

She came hard.

Her hips violently bucked back against me, slamming her cunt onto my rigid pole, her pussy flexing and gripping me, trying to push my cock out of her canal. Her cunt exploded her sweet juice, I felt her actually spraying my balls down, she seemed to pump a gallon of honey out onto my cock and over my balls, splashing down onto the hardwood floors. Her body quivered, and shook, still grinding back onto me, her pussy continued trying to milk my cock, but my own orgasm was far away, this was going to happen again before I unloaded on her.

As her own orgasm stopped, she pushed me off of her. She then turned around, and began to remove my suit, when I had kicked off my shoes, and she’d removed everything else, I squatted down and removed her shoes and garter, and fishnets. As I did that, she pulled her blonde wig off, and shook out her thick auburn locks.

She looked at me as I stood up “now it’s all me baby,” she said, and she pushed me down onto the table. She grasped my cock and worked it into her mouth again, savoring her own juice coating my rod. She worked quickly, and in no time, hopped up on the table, squatting over me, and slipping my cock into her wet pussy once again.

It felt heavenly as I slid completely inside her again. Her warm walls clutched me, and pulled me deeper inside her until she was full of my throbbing cock. Her perky breasts stared at me as she settled into her own rhythm, slowing riding my cock, more gently this time, with much less violent rage than before. We looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, savoring each others sexual embrace.

She continued riding me through countless orgasms of her own. She rode me for a long time, both of us were now sweating, her glistening breasts swinging freely almanbahis adres for my own amusement. She’d impale me deep within herself as she shuttered and her pussy would clamp down on my cock, momentarily tightening its embrace of my thick tool. I’d reach up and tug on her little pink nipples; I loved watching her face as she came over and over again. She must have ridden me for over an hour, in this position, just letting me take in all her body’s beauty, each curve, each fold, each swell as she rose and fell on my cock buried within her, I felt like granite tearing through her soft walls.

What she did next not only felt great, but impressed me with her flexibility, she twisted around to ride me reverse cowgirl without removing my dick from her wet pussy. The swirling motion of her hot box caught me by surprise, and I found myself finally reeling toward the sweet release I was looking for. She began pumping her ass up and down in front of me. She sat up tall, cupping and playing with her breasts, really putting on a show for the camera as she pumped with more urgency now.

Her sweet little heart shaped ass bouncing in front of me, and her grunting each time I filled her, was sending me closer and closer. The feelings I felt from her body were incredible. She looked over her shoulder at me, sensing my breathing had changed.

“Are you gonna cum for me baby?” she nearly yelled between grunts as she impaled herself.

“Yea…..soon” I replied between my own grunts.

“I want you to cum all over my face!” she squeeled, as she jumped from my dick and crawled down to the floor. As I sat up I noticed her pointing the remote at the camera doing something. I would find out later she was zooming it in for a close up. She positioned herself perfectly as she grasped my cock and started tugging at it, lowering her luscious mouth to lick my balls.

She moaned as she could taste her own sweet juices while licking and sucking my sensitive sack as it was beginning to boil with the orgasm I wanted so badly for hours now. Her tiny hand was madly jerking my shaft, coaxing my seed out of it.

“Come on baby!” she moaned, “Cum all over my face, I want your hot cum all over me!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement, as the load she had worked all afternoon to build finally boiled over. My balls tightened and electricity shot from my pelvis through my cock, as a massive first volley of cum exploded from the end of my cock. Flying through the air and landing on her forehead and in her hair.

“Oooowwww, Yes! Give it to me baby!” she shrieked.

The vision of the first shot just made me want to cum even harder, and the second launched so hard it buckled my legs, depositing itself right between her eyes, splashing onto her forehead and little on her right eye, shutting it.

“Mmmmm, Yes! Cum all over me!” she shrieked again.

The third came right away, as I could barely stand, erupting from my throbbing member and coating her cheeks. She smiled and giggled as my warm essence coated her a little more with each shot.

She continued jerking my cock as I pumped seemingly endless stream of cum over her gorgeous face, her mouth open now, tongue wagging looking for a taste of my sweet seed. She was rewarded as I continued to spray countless times, coating her face, and filling her mouth. She kept looking at me with her left eye, her right pinched closed covered in warm cum, and stroking me slower now, milking the last of my load out.

She extended her tongue, lapping at the head now just oozing, no longer blasting her, savoring the taste I watched her roll my cum around in her mouth before swallowing.

“Mmmm, yes baby, you taste so fucking good!’ she moaned loudly.

She then took my breath away, taking my entire length into her mouth and down her throat, her tongue lapped at my balls. She pulled off and repeated her actions. Fully cleaning every drop of cum that she might have spread along the shaft, and making sure my balls were empty of her sweet treat.

She then removed my cock and began wiping her face off with her index finger, scooping my hot cum off her pretty face into her mouth, sucking her finger clean each time. I watched her, speechless, just moaning, as she never broke eye contact with me.

After a few minutes of scooping and licking her fingers clean, she stood up, casually walked over to the camera, looking right into the lens and whispered “Happy Birthday baby, I love you”…and turned it off. I had nearly forgotten all about it, her actions captivated me from start to finish.

She returned to me, her face still shiny with a mixture of my seed and her saliva, and hugged me briefly, then led me by my hand upstairs to the shower. We gently washed each other silently and then climbed into bed, both of us completely spent from the day.

As I held her close to me, my thoughts of the day filled my head, and I smiled, “what I birthday I thought to myself, what a birthday!” A brief thought occurred to me, “what was the other stuff in the bag for?” my thoughts vanished making me content to just doze off. I nuzzled Ann and she moaned softly now in response snuggling up against me, and we both drifted off to sleep.

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