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Bisexual Awakening

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Big Tits

Kat and I had been married for 12 years and had always had a great sex life. We had recently joined a swinging website and had already had a few hot sessions with other couples, though we were keen to have either another man or woman alone with us, as opposed to a couple. One of my fantasies was for Kat to dominate me and make me watch her with another guy and then get me to clean his cum from her pussy; unfortunately we just could not find anyone suitable on the website.

Two weeks ago an old friend of mine, Mike, contacted me and said he would be working in the area; innocently enough I invited him to ours for the weekend, which he accepted. It was only when I told Kat later that day that she mentioned the possibility of Mike helping to make our fantasy come true. I was fairly certain Mike wasn’t bisexual but Kat and Mike had always flirted with each other in the past and I thought he would at least be up for it with her. Mike arrived on the Friday while I was still at work and he and Kat sat in the garden drinking all afternoon. Kat later told me that she had been extra flirty with him and that he seemed up for it with her. When Mike had gone into the kitchen to get a refill, Kat had followed him and came onto him; initially Mike was reluctant because of me but Kat went on to tell him that I knew what she was up to and had agreed. Mike was still wary and to reassure him, Kat sent me a text message asking if she still had permission to fuck Mike; I replied yes straightaway and when Mike saw my reply he could barely restrain himself and minutes later Kat and him were on the sofa, kissing and groping at each other.

After getting the text, I was immediately horny at the thought of Kat bahis şirketleri being fucked by my friend and headed home; when I walked through the door I heard the sound of heavy breathing then Kat’s voice saying “Fuck me harder, don’t hold back”. I walked into the front room and Kat was on all fours on the sofa, naked, whilst Mike was fucking her from behind with his unprotected cock. I was solid and went to move towards Kat but she said no, and told me that I could just watch. Kat then turned her attention to Mike, urging him on to fill her pussy with his cum; a few minutes later he done just that as I watched, rubbing myself as my wife’s pussy was filled with Mike’s hot cum. Both Kat and Mike collapsed back onto the sofa, his semi erect cock and her pussy covered in their combined juices. Kat spread her legs wide and beckoned me over, saying that I had a job to do. As I knelt before her soaking wet pussy, Kat explained that while Mike was not bisexual, he had agreed to let me suck his cock and balls clean after fucking Kat and at that, he moved across the sofa and held his cock in front of my face. Kat said, “Go on whore, suck it down”, and I did as I was told, taking his cock deep into my throat. Mike groaned as I licked his cock from base to tip and it started to get hard again, his hands were on the back of my head as he fucked my mouth and suddenly his cock twitched and spurted a thick load of cum into my eager mouth, which I swallowed.

Kat was rubbing her pussy as she watched; I could see what looked like gallons of Mike’s cum oozing from her as she used it to lubricate her fingers. No sooner had I swallowed Mike’s cum than she pulled my head between her legs, ordering me to clean her lover’s bahis firmaları sperm from her pussy. I lapped at it eagerly and Kat came on my face as I tongued her deep, wanting every last drop of Mike’s cum in my mouth. As I licked, Kat told me that for the next 24 hours Mike was her man and I was their slave and was to do whatever they said. My cock just grew harder as she spoke and I tongued her harder in gratitude of what was to come. When I was finished and Kat was satisfied that she was cleaned up, she told me that we were all going out that night and to go and get ready; I was in the spare room now until Mike left; as Kat spoke I got more and more turned on, listening intently as she told me that her and her new lover, Mike, were going to fuck all weekend in our marital bed and that I would not get to touch her, except with my tongue. Kat and Mike then went upstairs, leaving me to just listen as they got into the shower together.

The night out was both horny and frustrating; seeing Kat and Mike all over each other made me want to join in but not being able to was a massive turn on. Sometimes I would sit with them but in other bars, Kat would tell me that I was to sit away from them and let them be a couple, alone. As I watched them together, someone who I presumed knew Mike started talking to them and I was shocked to see the new guy sit down and Kat being really touchy with them. After a while, my phone beeped and Kat had text me, saying that the new face, Rob, was up for coming home with us and that I was to meet them all outside in 15 minutes. We got a taxi home, I sat in the front and when I looked around, Kat was snogging each of her men in turn, as their hands moved up her legs and kaçak bahis siteleri under her skirt. From Kat’s groans, it was clear they were giving her clit some attention. When we got home Kat led me upstairs and having got sorted in the bathroom, she took me into the spare room where she tied my hands to the headboard, telling me that she did not want to be disturbed; she would come to me when she needed me. For the next half hour I was made to listen as Kat took on Mike and Rob; Kat was being very verbal, leaving me in no doubt as to how good a fuck she was having. Moments after the sounds subsided Kat came into my room and straddled my face; looking up I could see love-bites on her breasts and neck. I obediently went to lick her pussy which I was sure had at least two loads of cum in it, but she said no, that she had a special treat for me, seeing as Mike had equally had a special treat. Kat shifted herself so her ass was over my mouth and I could see straight away that Mike had fucked her there. She lowered herself down and I had no choice but to tongue her ass, as I did a stream of Mike’s salty cum flooded into my mouth and Kat pushed herself down harder onto my tongue. Kat rubbed at her pussy as I licked her and Rob’s thick cum began to flow out, running down and mixing with Mike’s as I lapped it all up.

As I tongued her ass she told me I was a cum slut and that this was not going to be the only weekend where I acted as her slave; she said she had seen loads of guys that she would like to fuck and that now she knew I was up for it, was going to fuck every last one of them. My cock just got harder and harder as she spoke, bursting to come but I knew that wasn’t a possibility until Mike left. Once Kat was satisfied that I had cleaned up all of her two lover’s cum she said goodnight, untied me and went back to them in our bed, I heard Rob leave shortly after. I lay awake for ages, thinking of what the next day would bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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