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Bisexual Nights

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I met her at the hippest nightclub on the island. She was the hottest girl on the dance floor, and believe me there was no shortage of hot girls in that place that night. The island was the newest hot spot for vacationing beautiful, young and wild people that year.

And this nightclub was the place to be on a Saturday night, or any other night for that matter. The air inside was thick with pure lust. Sexy young women dressed in their sexiest clothes were trying to seduce young men and sometimes women. Hot men were doing their best to keep up with their girlfriends or get the attention of others.

I was standing in a corner with a bottle of beer in my hand when I noticed her on the dance floor. The first thing that caught my eye was her hair. It was black, thick, long and glorious. When she moved her head as she danced, her hair would brush against other dancers on the floor. She was wearing a sexy white halter-top that complimented the perfect shape of her medium sized breasts. Her flat V shaped stomach was bare and I could see the little diamond stud that decorated her belly button. Her tight jeans were low cut and I could see the tattoos that decorated her lower back and her torso. The crack of her shapely butt was also revealed every time she bended or leaned forward.

I watched her every move intently as she moved to the rhythm and beat of the dance music. A handsome blonde guy who looked like he already knew her approached her a few times and she all but completely ignored him. Then a busty blonde girl approached her and they started dancing together. My cock started moving in my jeans as they started boldly touching, rubbing and humping each other on the dance floor. After the blonde got tired and sat down at a table a couple of good-looking men approached the black-haired beauty, but they were also ignored.

I decided to take a chance and approach her. I would have been a fool not to try. I am a handsome man with a very nice and fit body. I am also a very good dancer. When I reached her on the dance floor her back was to me. Her body looked much nicer from up close. Then she suddenly turned and her hair hit my face like a whip. I took one step backwards, lost my balance and fell on my butt.

After I realized what had happened I looked up and saw her standing above me. She had a worried looked on her beautiful face and was trying to smile.

“I’m so sorry,” she was almost shouting over the loud music. “Let me help you up.”

I did not need her help to get up, but I reached for her extended hand and lifted myself off the floor. Her hand was very soft and warm. I held it for a while as I looked into her beautiful deep brown eyes. She smiled at me. My heart started pounding fast and my cock started throbbing.

“Come and dance with me,” she said still smiling, “but watch out for my hair!”

A moment later I was moving my body in front of her. She kept looking at my now bulging hard on and smiling. At one point she ran her hand up and down my chest. Then she touched my well-trained biceps. Her elegant fingers felt burning hot on my skin. The next thing she did almost made me explode in my pants. She turned her back to me and started rubbing her butt on my crotch. I took a chance and touched her. I grabbed her hips and then my hands moved upwards to her breasts. I was happy to see that she did not intend to jerk away from me or slap me on my face.

“Hey buddy, that’s my girlfriend.” I felt a hand on my shoulder, turned around and saw the blonde dude who was ignored by her earlier that night.

“Did you forget our deal Jon?” she yelled at him angrily. “Go sit the fuck down!”

“I don’t mind. I don’t wanna cause any trouble,” I lied. The truth was I was going to kick Jon’s ass if he didn’t want to back off.

“No it’s ok,” she said sharply, “he’s on probation and he knows it. Do you hear me Jon? You fucked my best friend. So now you better deal with this or you’re gone!”

Interesting, I thought. The guy cheated on her, so now she was torturing him. Where did that leave me? I soon got my answer when I felt her hand touching my cock through my jeans.

“That’s a fucking nice cock!” she said right into my right ear. “You can fuck me with that all you want if you don’t mind doing it in front of that stupid ass boyfriend of mine.”

I bahis siteleri was shocked by her bluntness, but not too shocked I guess. A girl that pretty had to be equally wild. I was turned on more than I had ever been in my entire life.

“I’d fuck you right here, right now in front of everyone!” I said surprising even myself.

“Good to know. That’s the spirit,” she giggled, “What’s your name hottie?”

“I’m André,” I replied with a smile.

“I’m Linda, I think that I’ve danced more than enough for tonight. Would you get me a beer and join me at that table over there?”

When I returned with the beers, Linda and Jon were in the middle of a hot discussion. Basically she was telling him that he could leave her and never look back if he did not want to watch her get fucked by me. I found the whole thing amusing. Then Linda sat closer to me and started kissing me. She was an extremely good kisser. We made out and French-kissed for about fifteen minutes. Then Linda announced that she was ready to go home.

The three of us took a cab and about ten minutes later arrived at the hotel where Jon and Linda were staying. Their room was nice and big. It was a luxury suite with Jacuzzi and the works. Linda took her jeans off first.

“Ok Jon,” Linda said in a demanding tone. “Go put those things on and do it now. I don’t want to hear a beep from you!”

Somehow I knew that Jon was not in the mood to argue either, because without a word, he got completely naked, then proceeded to put on a pair of stockings and a garter belt. I started laughing amusedly when I saw him in that outfit.

“Oh doesn’t he look pretty André?” she asked mockingly. “Mmm, nice. Now get on the bed Jon and spread your legs. You can play with your cock if you want to!”

Then Linda walked over to me and knelt in front of me. She started undoing my pants as I took my shirt off and threw it to the floor. She grabbed my already hard cock and took it out of my boxers. My cock stood proud and hard as steal in front of her pretty face. She licked her lips before she put her cute nose on my cock head. The feeling of her hot breath on my cock was amazing. She put her fingers on my balls and started scratching them lightly.

Then she spat on my cock before she wrapped her pretty lips around its head. I watched intently as she started sucking the tip of my cock. Then she released my cock and looked at Jon. His cock was moving and getting hard.

“Hmm I think he likes your cock,” she said to me as she looked up. “His cock is getting hard. Do you mind if I share your cock with him?”

“Huh? Hmm, I suppose it’s ok,” I replied, “if that’s what you have in mind for him I won’t stop you!”

“Thanks André. You’re even cooler than I thought,” she said happily. “Did you hear that Jon? Get your ass over here and start sucking with me.”

A minute later Linda was feeding my cock to her boyfriend. I was surprised by how turned on I was by these unexpected turn in events, Linda held my cock from its root as she forced the entire length of it into Jon’s mouth. She grabbed my butt cheek with one hand and started pushing my cock further down her boyfriend’s throat.

“Oh God!” she exclaimed is she watched Jon suck my big cock. “This is so fucking hot. Suck that big cock baby. Suck it nice and good!”

Jon could only make muffled sounds as he busily sucked my hard shaft. I felt Linda’s fingers push beyond the crack of my ass. One finger was now trying to enter my asshole. I spread my legs wider apart to give her access to my asshole. She pushed harder one more time and her finger entered my tight hole. She started fucking her finger and twisting it inside me. I looked at Linda’s pretty face, then at Jon’s mouth around my cock. Linda’s excitement was contagious. I started pumping my cock harder into the handsome blonde’s mouth.

Then Linda disappeared behind me. I felt her hands grabbing my butt cheeks and pulling them apart. Then I felt her wet tongue entering my tight asshole. I put both of my hands on Jon’s head and fucked my cock into his mouth even faster. A man’s mouth on my cock. A woman’s tongue inside my asshole. This was crazy. I loved every moment of it.

Abruptly Linda stopped licking and came back in front of me. She pulled my cock out of Jon’s mouth and started canlı bahis siteleri slapping his face with it. After a few slaps she told Jon to suck my cock while she licked and sucked my cum-filled balls. They went at it like this for a few minutes before they started licking both sides of my shaft in unison. Somehow it did not seem that Jon was taking all this as punishment. He seemed all too eager to have my cock and balls inside his mouth. I didn’t mind one way or the other. I was enjoying myself immensely and to be honest I found fucking another man’s mouth very exciting, and even invigorating!

Suddenly I felt a bolt of pure energy surge through my cock and my entire body. I needed to fuck Linda’s pussy and I needed to do it NOW! I pulled away from the hot couple’s cock-hungry mouths and grabbed that horny slut by her arm. When she was on her feet I ripped her halter-top off her body in one quick jerk. As I lifted her up I also pulled down her sexy panties and before she could even make a surprised sound I entered her pussy with one violent thrust.

“Oh fuck!” Linda gasped in total disbelief. “Oh wow, yes fuck me, fuck me hard!”

And I did just that. I carried Linda with my cock buried deep inside her to the nearest wall. She had legs locked around my hips as I pushed her against the wall and started pounding her hot cunt as hard as I could. She was trying to moan and breathe as I pushed my tongue inside her pretty mouth. Her wet pussy welcomed my cock with each and every hard stroke as if it wanted to suck it in and never let it out again.

I had forgotten all about Jon. He was standing right next to us, and stroking his hard cock passionately. I grabbed him by the root of his cock and pulled him closer to our sweating bodies. He put his right hand on Linda’s cunt and started to play with her clit. His left hand reached behind me and started to squeeze my muscular butt cheek. I pulled his face towards mine and kissed him deeply on his mouth. I started stroking his cock as I fucked his girlfriend with deep and hard thrusts. Watching me French-kissing her boyfriend and stroking his big shaft proved to be too much for Linda. Her hot pussy started contracting around my cock and I felt hot pussy juice flush over my cock inside her.

When Linda was finally done cumming I put her gently down and turned my full attention towards Jon. I pressed him against the wall and started kissing his handsome mouth. Suddenly the want, no the need to fuck another man overwhelmed me. I looked over at Linda who was standing beside us. Her brown eyes were dreamy with lust.

“Lift him up,” she urged me, “fuck him like you fucked me!”

I was taller and more muscular than Jon. He was much heavier than Linda, but I managed to lift him up easily. Linda helped me out by lifting and holding Jon’s right leg. She also let him put some of his weight on her shoulder. I could tell that Jon was a bit scared, but he was being a good sport. Linda grabbed my wet cock and put it against Jon’s tight asshole. She then lifted his leg a bit higher to give me better access. With her help my cock finally entered Jon’s warm asshole. He grimaced in pain as my cock stretched his puckered hole beyond limit.

“Oh fuck!” Linda exclaimed. “This is so fucking beautiful. Jon….shit, he’s fucking you! His fucking cock is inside you!”

I watched as Jon’s hole swallowed my cock. He was tight and because the only lubrication on my cock was Linda’s pussy juice, it took a couple of minutes before my cock was all the way inside him.

“Fuck man. It hurts. Take it out!” Jon begged me.

He sighed with relief when I almost pulled out of him. Only the tip of my cock remained inside his asshole. I hesitated for a moment before I shoved my shaft all the way in with one quick thrust. Then I pulled back and pushed it in again. I was fucking him now. I fucked him with the same pure animal urgency as I had fucked Linda only moments ago. The expression on Jon’s face shifted between pain and pleasure and that made me wonder how it would feel to get fucked by another guy. I would probably let him fuck me later, but for the moment I needed to fuck this man as hard as possible.

Jon’s cock was getting harder as I fucked his asshole. The three of us were watching intently as my cock pounded his hole. Linda canlı bahis reached down and grabbed Jon’s cock with her small hand. Jon spurted a thick and hot load of cum almost as soon as Linda’s hand touched his cock. When I felt his cum land on my hard abs, I came too. I spurted load after load of hot cum into Jon’s hot asshole.

A few minutes later I lay between Jon and Linda on the king size bed. They stroked each other’s hair and faces lovingly as I watched. Then they started kissing right above my face. I raised my head a bit and playfully licked their cheeks and faces as they French-kissed each other. Then they returned the favor and started licking and kissing my face. We ended up in a hot three-way kiss that lasted for at least five minutes.

Without uttering a word Linda broke off our kiss, straddled my face and lowered her pussy on my mouth. Her pussy was hot, sweet and very wet. I licked the pink lips of her cunt and darted my tongue inside. I put my fingers on her clit and started pinching it with my thumb and index finger. At the same time I felt Jon’s mouth on my cock and balls. He was licking and sucking me passionately. Apparently the boy had liked his first taste of man meat. Or maybe it was not his first time. I did not care. What he was doing felt damned good and that was all I cared about.

I held on to Linda’s tight ass cheeks as I started tongue-fucking her pussy forcefully. She moaned and ground her clit against my nose. Jon was tongue-fucking my asshole and stroking my cock now. His tongue felt wonderfully warm and wet inside my hole.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming on your face!” Linda announced.

When her body stopped moving on my face, she got off my face and joined her boyfriend. She suddenly inserted two fingers into my wet asshole as Jon sucked my shaft. I clenched her fingers with my rectal muscles and tried to keep them inside me. She realized what I was trying to do and pushed her fingers deeper up my asshole as she twisted them.

“Linda, put his cock in and make him fuck me hard!” I said. “I need his fucking cock NOW!”

A few seconds later Linda was guiding her boyfriend’s cock up my asshole. She pushed the swollen tip of his shaft past my anus. To my surprise it did not hurt at all. At least not yet. I looked at Jon’s handsome face and smiled at him.

“Push it in buddy,” I encouraged him. “Fuck me as hard as you can. Your cock fills me up so fucking good. Fuck me!”

“God yes. Fuck him baby!” Linda was almost yelling. “Fuck him senseless!”

She started spanking Jon’s ass cheeks, encouraging him to pick up his pace. I clenched his shaft with my cock-hungry asshole. He started fucking me very hard with short but powerful thrusts. Linda wrapped her pretty mouth around my cock and started sucking forcefully.

“Is that the best you can do?” I yelled at Jon. “Fuck me harder. Fuck me like a man! FUCK ME!”

I was surprised by my own newfound enthusiasm for getting fucked. This was by far the most erotic situation I had been in. A handsome man wearing garter belt and stockings was fucking me very hard. His well-tanned skin was covered in sweat and his face was flushing. His hot girlfriend was giving me the best blowjob of my life. He held on to my hips as he pounded my asshole with his big cock.

“Is this fucking hard enough for you bitch?” Jon asked as he kept pounding me, breathless. “Squeeze my fucking cock with your asshole. Squeeze it tight. I’m gonna fucking cum soon!”

I tried to squeeze his cock and hold it inside me each time he pumped in, trying to make it a challenge for him to pull his cock back. Jon finally came with a loud grunt, but he did not stop fucking me. I felt his hot wad fill my asshole. His cock made a wet sound as he kept fucking me hard. Linda kept the tip of my cock in her mouth as she stroked my shaft with her small hand. When Jon stopped fucking and moving I finally exploded inside his hot girlfriend’s mouth. She swallowed as much of my hot cum juice as she could. The rest she spat into Jon’s mouth and told him to swallow as well.

A few minutes later we were relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Linda told Jon that she had forgiven him for fucking her best friend.

“You can fuck her anytime you want, but not by yourself,” she said smiling. “I want to be there when you fuck that slut!”

She was very happy that her fantasy of watching two guys fuck had come true that night. She told us that she had plans for us the next night. She wanted us to go to a swinger’s club. Jon and I looked at each other and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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