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Black Daddy at the Y Pt. 02

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Robert was resting in the afterglow of the incredible orgasm he enjoyed through the oral efforts of Jamie, the white youth he had seduced at the YMCA gym. Then again, Robert thought, maybe the adorable boy/man had seduced him.

He’d seen the twenty-one-year-old with a swimmer’s toned body working the free weights and had gone over to give him some advice. They immediately hit it off despite their physical differences.

Robert was a black, muscled, thirty-two-year-old career military man. He was staying at the Y in Washington, D.C., while he took computer classes to advance his Navy career. Jamie was a young, attractive, slim white kid who had recently moved to the city, drawn by its growing, open gay community.

It was 1978, the Disco era was going strong, the macho gay-guy-with-mustache look was everywhere, and the Y was a place where horny guys hooked up.

The weightlifting session led to an invite to Robert’s cramped one-bedroom apartment. It took less than 30 minutes for the two to strip down and go at each other on the floor in front of Robert’s desk.

Robert was a commanding top with a gentle side, Jamie a willing submissive with the confidence to go after what he wanted.

Now the two were naked on the floor, feeling their heart beats get back to normal. Robert felt Jamie’s hard-on against his leg and suggested they move to his bed to address the issue.

The brawny black man lay back against his pillow, his flopping, spent dick resting on his thigh. He told Jamie to lay back against him, his back on Robert’s chest. Smooth-skinned Jamie complied, and Robert wrapped his muscular arms around the youth, pulled him tight, and rubbed his lips against the boy’s neck.

Robert grabbed his baby oil, poured some into his huge hands and began to work it into Jamie’s chest, lightly pinching the boy’s pink nipples and kissing an ear. The caresses quickly brought out Jamie’s submissive side.

“That feels great. How’d you know this was how I liked it?” Jamie teased, his dick rising, his eyes half-closed in pleasure. Robert hummed on the boy’s neck, mumbling endearments in his ear, “Damn kid you feel hot.”

Jamie looked down at his body, groaning as he watched Robert’s ebony hands fondling his pale white chest. “It looks hot when you touch me.”

The husky man glanced at the display of white and black, big and small, the contrast sending a jolt to his cock. He held Jamie’s waist and humped his powerful thighs against the boy’s butt, lifting him in the air.

“Oh, yea daddy,” sighed Jamie. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Robert relaxed. “I need a little break, let’s save it. Right now, I want to get you off.”

Robert moved his hands to Jamie’s stiff dick, gently cupping his balls in one hand and grabbing his cock in the other. The big man smoothly jacked the hard on, his hand lubricated with oil. Jamie was still hot from his worship of Robert’s package.

The white boy’s dick swelled as he moved his hips in time with Robert’s pumping. Robert’s strong, steady stroke soon had Jamie on the edge.

The boy moaned, “I’m almost there, don’t stop.”

Suddenly his hips convulsed, he grunted, and his cock shot a rope of cum that landed on his forehead and cheek. A second hip pump and a spurt flew onto Robert’s chin. The boy’s eyes were shut in ecstasy as his cock kept pumping cum that landed on his chest and his crotch.

“Damn man, you got some power in that dick,” Robert said. He tasted Jamie’s cum and kissed the kid. Jamie’s body stopped humping and he laughed with his orgasm.

“I’m almost out of towels,” laughed Robert, as he wiped the boy off. “I can’t believe it; we both came so much I’m almost out of towels.”

It was getting late. Jamie needed to get home and he asked if he could take a shower. But it was not that simple in 1978 D.C., a city still Southern in many ways. The utilitarian Y offered shared bathroom and shower facilities for each floor.

Robert let the youth in on some unpleasant facts. “Look, I can’t have a naked white boy go parading into the shower,” explained Robert.

“It’s bad enough the desk clerk knows you came up here. Folks will assume we’ve been screwing. And you’re white, I’m black. Idiots will start screaming a colored fag raped a white boy. I’d get thrown out of the Navy.”

A chagrined Jamie agreed it was best he leave quietly. After dressing he reminded Robert he still wanted to get together on his work-out program Bostancı Escort Bayan and gave the stud his phone number. Robert promised to call.

Jamie opened the door an inch to check if the hallway was empty, saw no one and walked quickly to the stair well.

At the bottom of the stairs Jamie went through the lobby to get out of the Y and nodded to the clerk behind the desk. The man smiled at Jamie and said, “How’d it go?” Jamie mumbled ‘fine’ and walked out to the street.

That’s the clerk Robert was concerned about spreading gossip, thought Jamie. But that guy had given Jamie a deliberate once-over when he entered the lobby to go up to visit Robert. And after phoning up to Robert and getting his approval, the clerk turned to Jamie and said, “Go on up, he’s waiting for you.”

There were definite gay overtones to the interaction, so Robert’s worry about gossip may be overblown, thought Jamie. As far as he could tell half the guys at the Y were checking out other guys. That was one of the reasons he joined the gym.

Upstairs, Robert mulled over the time he’d just spent with Jamie. It had been great.

They’d got along during the workout with an easy flow of conversation. The hints they shared in the locker room on their desire for each other showed they were on the same wavelength. Once Jamie was upstairs it was clear both wanted to get it on. Then the sex had been fantastic.

Robert had had some gay experiences in the Navy. He had reciprocated with his partners, sucking them off, but he did not do a lot of fucking, nor did he allow a guy to screw him. The sex was good but there was little connection with his partner. It was mostly about loneliness and getting his rocks off.

He had mixed feelings about women. They were great and soft and looking at them made him horny. But once he got them in bed Robert sometimes had trouble getting really turned on. And he preferred the company of men. Less talk. Less trouble. Less complications.

This kid, hell he was twenty-one, so he wasn’t a kid, but Robert felt like he was a boy who needed to be taken in hand, needed to be taken care of. He was cute as hell, Robert thought. Smooth skin, big eyes, in damn good shape, more of a runner than a body builder. He liked that contrast between his own well-muscled form.

And he loved to see Jamie’s white body against his dark skin, watching his hands grip the lad around his creamy, slim waist. That looked hot. Robert decided he would have to get this guy back in his bed.

They had not even gotten around to fucking. Jamie’s ass was rounded and firm with skin like velvet. The kid was so passionate that fucking him would probably be wild.

As Robert pondered how he would get the boy back in his bed Jamie was walking the mile to his home near Dupont Circle. He too was thinking about their horny sex session. Robert was great to be with. Jamie made up his mind to get back to the Y to bump into him.

Jamie considered the possibility of a relationship with Robert in a very different way than the older hunk did. For one thing he knew he was gay back in high school and embraced his same sex desires.

He’d experimented, fumbling around with some guys like himself, young, good looking, even pretty, white boys. It was good, fun. He’d even had a boyfriend in a semi-serious relationship.

Since moving to D.C. he had gotten more aggressive, hitting the bars, bringing tricks home, and going home with others. It was 1978 and being gay was hip. Curious men were fulfilling their fantasies of guy-guy sex.

The city was majority black, and Jamie had sex with a few brothers, loving their beautiful cocks, sucking and fucking them until they unloaded their streams of cum.

Jamie was the fucker, not the bottom. Still, he’d been screwed a few times and had learned to relax and enjoy the feeling. But if he had his way he would stick to oral and the affection of being held. He liked rimming and being rimmed. He knew many guys loved to be fucked but most times he didn’t look for it.

After a year of serious fooling around, Jamie had learned something about himself. Deep down he wanted a well-built, older man to take control, teach him, and give him love. This fantasy man would be tough and demand obedience. He would also be smart and sensitive. Put simply, Jamie wanted a daddy, a gentle giant.

Jamie also found he preferred black guys. In part, İstanbul Escort they were bigger and big muscular guys turned him on. Black guys generally, certainly not always, were better listeners.

Jamie found black guys seemed to be more cautious in moving beyond sex. He assumed that because he was white. Then again maybe they were cautious because he wasn’t what they were seeking.

Robert was intriguing, offering more than just the great sex. He had been open and giving during their love making. He was friendly, smart, and Jamie respected the discipline Robert showed in working to further his career.

He was a grown-up man, a change from most of the boys Jamie went to bend with. He also seemed to be that gentle giant that Jamie needed.

Jamie walked carefully, listening. The section of town was busy during the day with lobbyists and lawyers, but they cleared out after dark. The area could be dangerous.

Jamie passed a bar he knew. By day Briefs was a popular lunch place for the lawyers among the K Street political crowd. At night it turned into a casual neighborhood gay bar. Jamie kept going, he was a little tired after his workout and sex session with Robert.

Jamie remembered his hook up with Billy at Briefs. Billy was a dedicated gay guy and eager bottom who was made for 1978. He was 20-year-old slim-waisted white man with a romantic streak. He wore a mustache, flannel shirt, the whole clone bit.

Billy realized he was gay when he was a kid, and he didn’t hide it. He made his desires known to his male classmates, and some took him up on it when he asked, “Can I blow you?” A few said yes but most guys acted offended and shunned him. Bullies liked to pick on Billy.

His father was a partner at a top law firm serving the political elite. Nowadays he’d be called the big swinging dick. Dad had little interest in addressing the trouble that Billy’s homosexuality brought to their upper- class neighborhood that included senators and cabinet members.

He didn’t have time to run home when his son was beat black and blue and left in the street in front of the family’s five-bedroom Chevy Chase home on a 2-acre lot.

It looked bad for an influential attorney who represented major oil companies and defense firms to have a homo for a son. Dad was concerned what the neighbors would think.

When Billy entered high school dad sent him to an overnight, private, all-male school located about an hour north of D.C. The school was marketed to Washington’s power brokers as a demanding institution with rigorous standards. Dad figured it would make Billy outgrow his gayness.

Unfortunately for dad the opposite happened. This was because many other wealthy fathers had the same approach to curing their gay sons. The school became a catch-all for upper-class and upper middle class gay boys in the area.

As the 1960s became the 1970s the school became filled with a lot of horny young guys. Some were quite intelligent and academically successful. At the same time sex was practiced openly with older boys taking control of newbies, lovers finding each other, and many studs just playing the field with a goal of bedding the latest, hottest guy.

Every night there were one-on-ones in dorm rooms, blowjobs in the showers, cruising in the nearby woods, and an orgy or two. It was a wonderful place for a young slut like Billy.

The school was demanding in the classroom. After four years Billy graduated and was well prepared to go on to an Ivy League school and compete with America’s best and brightest.

But Billy didn’t want to go to university. He wanted to hang out in DC’s boys’ town and screw the many available men. He did this while working minimum wage jobs and receiving a modest stipend from mom.

That was the background to Jamie and Billy meeting at Briefs and soon leaving together to walk over to Jamie’s apartment.

The first thing men noticed about Billy was his tight little body. And his tight little ass. Billy appreciated that because he was a bottom who loved to get fucked.

Jamie was not usually a take-charge top. He preferred affection and plenty of oral sex. He loved sucking big cocks. He got hot when bigger guys fondled his body and pushed their erections into his mouth.

That night Jamie didn’t really care what he preferred when Billy kept wagging his butt around and sucking his cock. His mouth was hot as he took Anadolu Yakası Escort Jamie’s dick deep in his throat. Billy took the cock out with a pop and licked the head of Jamie’s cock.

“Play with my ass,” Billy begged as he rubbed the hard, slick cock against his face. “Stroke my balls.”

Jamie reached down and pet Billy’s butt with his right hand. He reached around with his left and put his fingers in the boy’s taint, pressing against the balls and the anus.

Billy sighed and went back to sucking dick.

Jamie moved around into a 69-style position. He took Billy’s cock into his mouth, licking the sides, wetting it, and held the boy’s balls in his hand while gently pulling on them.

“Damn man, that’s fantastic,” Billy moaned in bliss, his eyes closed. A quick sensation of joy pulsed through Jamie as he watched the pleasure that his lover was feeling. Billy whimpered as he went back to sucking Jamie’s fat cock.

Jamie reached for the lube. He poured a bit on his fingers and stuck them into the crevice of Billy’s ass. The bottom loved it, moving his butt around, attempting to ride the digits. Jamie moved his fingers deeper into the cranny, pressing against the sides, teasing the hole. He moved a single finger into Billy’s anus.

The boy’s body jolted, Jamie’s cock fell out of his mouth, and he grunted “Hunnh” as his ass gripped the finger. “That’s it, oh yea,” he whispered, lost in the moment.

Jamie moved two more of his lubed fingers to Billy’s anus. He pressed them in firmly, watching the intense pleasure on Billy’s face. The bottom’s eyes were clenched shut as he concentrated on keeping his anal muscles from tensing.

Now was the time, thought Jamie. He moved to his knees, took his fingers from the boy’s butt, spread more lube on his erection and jacked it harder. He positioned himself over Billy, firmly spread the boy’s legs and held his cock against the waiting ass. He pressed the head of his dick to the boy’s anus.

The cockhead brushed the sensitive hole, pushed in, backed up, then pushed in an inch. Jamie clasped Billy by his hip and thigh, pushing his pulsating erect meat deeper into the youth. The boy sighed ‘Unnggh’ as Jamie shifted his leg muscles, invading the butt another inch. Lord it was tight. Tight and hot.

Jamie waited a few seconds, feeling the moist heat of boy ass engulfing his penis. Billy pressed back and pleaded, “Give it to me.” Jamie powered his thighs, forcing his blood-engorged cock another two inches into the gripping hole. He stopped again, then firmly pushed his entire dick into Billy.

The boy grunted. He was helpless, his body glowing with sweat, impaled on a man’s stiff erection, his own dick hard and oozing cum. Billy shivered with the sensations coursing from his ass through his body.

Jamie pulled his cock out an inch or two, then pressed it back in. His thigh muscles strained to pump his fat dick into the gripping flesh of Billy’s ass. He began fucking. In and out, steadily, surely. The boy’s asshole was coated with lube, allowing Jamie’s cock to slip in deeper and back out again.

“Oh, fuck that’s good,” murmured Jamie. “I love your ass Billy, I love your fucking ass.”

Billy was lost in the pain and pleasure of a cock up his ass. It was his favorite feeling. He was connected to the man who spread his legs and plowed his butt. He loved the way Jamie held him down and used his body.

Every time Jamie pushed his cock in, a pleasure center in Billy’s brain sent feelings of joy through his body. Jamie’s horny endearments turned him on even more, but all Billy did was pant, barely able to form words.

Jamie couldn’t hold his orgasm, the hot-as-a-furnace, tight greasy ass pulling a load out of him. He gave a final powerful thrust and shot his sperm, feeling the ecstasy flowing through his cock and balls and up his spine.

“Oh yea! Yea! Yea! Yea,” he yelled, each word timed to a cum spurt.

Jamie’s pistoning thighs drove Billy into an orgasm, the stiff cock hitting his prostate, rubbing his sore anus, and giving him the cum load he wanted so badly. He cried out in joy and relief as his cock rubbed against the bed and his sperm spurted.

The two soon came down from their sex high and Jamie pulled his softening dick from Billy’s ass. They lay together, catching their breath.

“Damn Billy, that was good,” said Jamie.

“Me too,” said Billy, laughing. “You’re a pretty good fucker for a quiet guy.”

That great fuck faded from Jamie’s memory as he walked up the steps to the three-story brownstone he shared with three others — a gay man, a bisexual woman, and an older guy that was rarely there.

As Jamie opened the door he was thinking, how am I going to meet up again with the black stud Robert?

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