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Black Gets Better

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For all who enjoyed my story ‘Black is best’ I have decided to write some more about my fabulous adventure, as I like to call it, with Sam.

He is some special guy and the very best thing that has happened to me. We talk about sharing a home now after a lot of consultation , with his job taking him away for weeks on end, and as considerate as ever, Sam feared this would damage our relationship, in my having to wait for him to return. He is a high jinx in the European Council and am was proud of him and his achievements.

He works hard and he says I am just the tonic when he does get back and I am there waiting for him, to serve all his needs.

I feel quite honoured really that he has taken to me, being just a plain and ordinary small -time writer but he fucks like an angel and in so short a time we have discovered so very many beautiful things about each other, and our intimacy forever gets better and better.

I told him not to worry on that score, he being away frequently, as long as he gave me his all when he was here I am quite happy. We have done crazy things to help the absence along, he has even had a replica penis made by a Japanese firm that specialises in such things, it is beautifully made from rubber and synthetic materials complete with a very stimulating vibrator that feels very much like Sam inside me, but not quite, because at the end of the day it is just a substitute but my imagination does the rest! Measuring up for it, (he wanted me to do that and it was great fun) when he was on full heat, after I had indulged Tuzla Escort in a wonderful long session with him, sucking that beautiful masterpiece to my hearts content, I got the tape measure out and I was not surprised with his measurement of nearly ten inches long and a girth to match, some black cock huh? It took time for me to take just seven inches up me and we are still working on the rest, he fucks me to heaven and I just look forward to the time when he has stretched me well enough to get the whole meat into me, that is my ultimate challenge which gives us both fundamental pleasure when we fuck.

Another thing we have done to help those absent days go by, for Sam and for me, we have made a personal DVD just for our viewing ,and it has given me a whole new aspect on the art of cock sucking, it is brilliant and I am taken in a frenzy viewing it with some appropriate background music, like when we are fucking to the 1812 overture, you can imagining what is happening when the guns fire at the final of that wonderful moving piece, that is definitely our Waterloo and seeing Sam pump me like that is a dream.

He loves ass he is always telling me, he says I am his sexy white ass with the brown hole in the middle which he adores to tease in dozens of different ways and he adores me in the on all fours position so he can get perfect access to me, sometimes from down under as I smooth his face with all I have to give, and how he adores that, he boasts he can hold his breath for six minutes when I smother him with the full Anadolu Yakası Escort works, rolling my hips around over his face, giving him my scent and taste he loves so well, those gorgeous large black lips giving me a wondrous time as he sucks, sniffs and tastes me sublime. The feeling is absolutely divine and I soon find myself instinctively bending my head downward so I can reach his erect cock which seems to be just waiting for my attention, Then my mouth is full with good black cock again, and I so love to feel the stiffness submerging into my throat as he suck me off below, with his finger starting to delve up inside my brown hole in preparation for the oncoming wonderful deep throbbing fuck that only Sam cab give me to absolute satisfaction.

When we are in this position and we are both enjoying the absolute sensation of tucking our heads into each other’s crotches, feeling his thighs squeeze my head as if to block me there so I cant get loose, but who wants to get loose with that beautiful flexible and very tasty cock giving me its first delightful warm spurt of pre-cum after I heave teased him to the hilt with the tip of my tongue, levering and stretching that foreskin right back an probing that gorgeous red jap-eye between, I cant describe just how good that is when all the time I am feeling his mouth working on my cock and balls, and the way he so loves to enjoy really deep sucking of my brown hole is terrific and I can never get enough, and when eventually we have both cum into each others mouth he kisses İstanbul Escort my with a very deep wet French style kiss when we both share the fruits of our passion .

Sam always calls me ‘man’. Which has become a bit of a joke really, and in a way I quite like it, although when he is fucking me I feel more like a woman I have to say, but he teases me then telling me in no uncertain terms; that a woman can take it three ways and am confined to just two.

I guess I looked somewhat apprehensive when he first said that to me but do you know what this beautiful guy said? He said that I make up for that extra every time because when we are together it is for quality time, he loves to tie things around me which he says makes the foreplay a lot more thrilling, he dons me sometimes in red fishnets, handcuffs me to the bedrail as he really gives me his all,

sometimes he likes to stuff his soiled boxer shorts into my mouth, gagging me as he fucks, I feel my hole opening for him as he plunges deeper and deeper and I know one day he will get that cock right up me, I cant wait for that say because then I will feel I have completely satisfied my very special black guy called Sam.

When he is home , and we make a couple of nights together, he fucks me to sleep and in the morning when I waken, he is there, astride me wanking that super cock and to see that, take in its scent and then to enjoy that early morning taste of prime stiff black cock really makes a perfect start to the day!

“That was great, Man!” He says afterwards his cock at last looking satisfied and well fucked, and I see him off knowing that he will soon be back, feeling the feel of him as if still inside me until the numbness of his fuck fades, and for the time being I revert to the life cock sized vibrator look alike, as I look at that very erotic DVD on big screen TV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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