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Bob Handles Mark’s Huge Tool Ch. 01

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I had long fantasized about being involved in a sex situation with more than one guy. I had done several three ways with a woman (two guys and one girl) but they never involved the other guy and I performing on each other. In recent years, I’ve developed an insane desire to move beyond my several male-male encounters and add a third guy in. This is because over the past 10 years, or so, I have developed a true admiration for the male penis and for the delicious, white fluid that erupts from said penis.

My masturbation sessions always involve spending lots of time watching videos on XTube. The videos I watch are either male-male or male-shemale/tranny. I have an extreme foot fetish so any video that involves a cock, cum, and feet gets two thumbs up and an addition to my favorites list. A typical masturbation session will start out with me watching foot videos on YouTube (there are thousands of them!), a perusal of my favorite authors on Literotica, and an hour or more of edging by watching vids on XTube. Sometimes I’ll call my phone sex girl and that only enhances my experience because she’s into the exact same things that I’m into.

I’ve scoured the CL ads over the years, hoping to hook up with a guy with a nice cock. I found Greg and had an awesome session that ended with him cumming deep inside me and with me cleaning my juices and his cum from his cock, followed by me eating my own cum. Those details are published in another Literotica story. Given that CL had finally paid off, I went searching again, hoping to find a three-way.

The night I was searching, I couldn’t find any ads for three-ways. I did, however, find an ad placed by a guy named Mark. Mark’s photo did not feature his face; rather, it was a picture of a very nice cock. The shaft was long and smooth and the head was cut and very neatly shaped. He was hairless and the photo of his erect penis gave me an instant erection. I quickly responded to Mark’s ad and went back to my cock and foot videos, not expecting to hear from him. To my surprise, I received a response from him about 30 minutes later. We shot a couple of emails back and forth and then decided to strike up an IM session.

The IM session got pretty hot, pretty quick. We had exchanged pics by email so there already was some level of attraction and connection before we started our online conversation. The session started out with the usual pleasantries of asking each other how we are, what we’re doing, etc. I think he was chatting with someone else because sometimes his replies took a while to come through. I decided to stimulate the discussion by sending him a link to one of my favorite XTube vids. This vid starts out with a closeup of an anal hole at the bottom of the screen. A tongue comes in and gives an excellent rim job. Then, descending from the top of the frame, comes a hard cock that enters the hole and proceeds to slide in and out until it cums inside the bottom’s cavity. The cock is removed and the cum is allowed to ooze out of the hole, which is a huge turn-on for me. This vid is a fave of mine because the hole is clean, nicely shaped, and textured which makes it a thing of beauty. The cock is nicely formed and is very suckable, and the cum finish is delicious.

I sent the link to Mark and awaited his response. I wasn’t sure how he would react. Even though he had told me he’s comfortable being a top or a bottom, and that he’s had a decent amount of experience sucking and being sucked, you just don’t know how someone will react when you open yourself up by sharing something that is very appealing to you.

After about 10 minutes, Mark wrote back and said, “Wow, that is an amazing vid. I love that hole! The cock is amazing and the cum ooze at the end is to die for!!”

Schwing!!! My cock leapt at his words and I wrote back, “I’m so glad you liked it! I’ve jerked off so many times to that vid.”

He wrote, “I totally understand. I started rubbing my cock the moment I saw the tongue lap that hole. I wanted to jerk off but I didn’t want to cum so soon.”

That made my cock twitch a bit. I wrote, “I have an erection like a steel pole right now. Pre-cum is dripping from the tip of my cock.”

He immediately wrote, “Put it on your finger and into your mouth.” I do this anyway so I was glad to see that Mark and I were tracking.

I decided to take this to the next level. I wrote, “Do you have a cam?”

“Yes. Wanna connect?”

“Yes,” I wrote back.

Within a minute, there was Mark, right in front of me. He was cute, with black hair and blue eyes. He was shirtless, as was I. We exchanged greetings.

He asked, “Are you still hard?”

“Of course!” I replied.

And at that I stood up and showed him my cock, which was standing straight out from my body. I turned sideways so he could see the profile and then I put my right hand around my cock and stroked it slowly. I have a decent sized erection and the last 1/2″ of my cock, as well as the head, extends beyond the grip of my fist. Anadolu Yakası Escort My cock was so hard it actually stood up at a slight angle to my body. I noticed a large drop of pre-cum had formed so I put it on my finger and put my finger to my lips, all in plain view of the cam. Mark was definitely pleased. Then he stood up. I knew he had a large penis but I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it until I saw it in front of me. Mark’s cock was almost 9″ long and was quite thick. The first thing I thought of was a Monster energy drink can, although his cock was flesh colored and I didn’t see any green markings on it. As Mark turned to the side, I marveled at the size of his cock. It was long, thick, and stood at a 45-degree angle to his body. The head was enormous and the rim was very pronounced. There was not a hint of hair anywhere. I realized that my mouth was open. I also realized that my own cock looked like a toy in comparison to his.

I have sucked several cocks in my life, but none approached the grandeur of Mark’s. I wanted that cock and I wanted it now. I wished that it were staring me in the face in person, not via the modern technology that makes this stuff possible. I quickly fantasized about having Mark’s cock in my mouth and I wondered if I would gag on it. I pushed my fantasy further by imagining his cock penetrating my anal canal. I knew something of that size would hurt, but I wondered if I would be able to feel the cock head and the rim get past my sphincter.

We had a voice chat going so I said, “Mark, your cock is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The whole reason we were there was because each of us was looking for a suck-fuck session; why else do people troll CL?

I said, “I’ve taken a pretty big dildo and butt plug before but I’m not sure I could handle that thing.”

He quickly replied, “I never asked for a cock this big. But if it’s any consolation, I am very gentle.”

I knew right then and there that Mark’s enormous cock was going to find its way into my mouth and into my ass. I also knew that I would be tasting Mark’s cum but I wasn’t sure how that would take place.

Mark lived close to me so I knew I had to make the first move.

“Mark, would you like to get together tonight?”

“I SURE WOULD!” he exclaimed. “I was hoping you would feel the same way as me.”

We made arrangements to meet in an hour at a bar that was nearby. While not expressed outright, each of us knew that we needed an hour to prepare ourselves for the night’s activities.

In our discussions, I also learned that Mark and I had almost identical turn-ons. Mark was into female feet, stockings, and shoes; ditto. Mark loved watching guys blowing other guys, as long as there is a cum shot, preferably into a mouth; check. Mark was into shemales, crossdressers, and trannies; me, too. As I was getting ready, I toyed with the idea of putting on a pair of pantyhose but decided against it. If this worked out the way I hoped, then there would be plenty of opportunities for doing that sort of thing in the future. Mark loved cum and regularly drank his own, as did I. However, he had a lot more experience with other guys and he usually swallowed their cum. Not so with me. I had been with three other guys and only swallowed cum once, in addition to my own.

The hour finally passed and I found myself walking into our meeting place. As I was walking to the bar, I heard a voice behind me.


I turned and it was Mark. We looked into each other’s eyes and shook hands. It was weird because just over an hour earlier, we had been exposing our manhoods to each other. There were no more physical secrets, other than actually having experienced the pleasures that our bodies offered. We sat down at the bar and ordered beers. For the next hour we talked about all sorts of things…football, basketball, girls, guys, and how our sexual identities had developed and evolved over the years. I learned that Mark had dabbled in cross-dressing. He had had several relationships with men and women, most of which were not fulfilling. Mark had had several male-female three-ways but had never been with two other guys at the same time. He loved dildos and butt plugs; the longer and thicker the better. Our conversation grew more and more graphic and explicit. I told him how I loved to ride a dildo and to see how far I could get one inside me. I told him how I had had a 5″ diameter butt plug that I was never able to fully seat inside my ass because I could not get that last part of the rim to go inside. I told him how I had first experienced anal sex and how my acceptance for it had become an obsession over the years. I told him that I could throw my legs over my head and suck on my cock, and that I often drained my cock into my mouth in this position. We discussed our attraction to female feet and how that was something over which we had no control. As youngsters, we had been fascinated by slides and open toe shoes Bostancı Escort that girls wore. We related that, while toes are very sexy, the female arch and heel are the holy grail for us in the foot department. Girls who dangle their shoes send both of us into orbit. I told him about my fascination with the penis and how I liked to lick, suck, and admire them. Mark and I were definitely on the same sheet of music with respect to our sexual activities.

Finally we had enough of talking about sex and cocks; we needed to put our words into action. We left the bar and went back to his place. Inside, Mark fixed us a drink. We were not drunk by any stretch, but we were a bit buzzed. Mark woke his laptop up and pulled up the XTube video I had sent him earlier.

“This is an amazing video,” Mark said. “I’m so glad you sent it to me!”

He started getting hard and I could easily see his cock becoming engorged. It’s very difficult for something so huge to be hidden by pants that are woefully inadequate at such a task. I had to have that cock so I took Mark’s arm and stood him up. I moved in and kissed him on the lips; he responded with his tongue. I accepted his offer and sent my tongue back into his mouth. I was becoming overpowered by passion but I had to hold back, for fear of appearing too aggressive. My hands moved from his arms to his face and then to his butt. I pulled him into me and the state of his arousal was very obvious. There was a significant bulge in Mark’s pants and I could tell that it was uncomfortable for him. Being sensitive to other peoples’ needs, I brought my hands around to the front and undid Mark’s pants. I slid his jeans below his hips and, when I lowered my eyes for a look, I was stunned at the tent Mark’s cock was making with his boxers. I looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately while my hands caressed his butt cheeks. I wanted his cock so bad but I also didn’t want to jump in and move things along too quickly. My own cock was straining within my jeans but I was less focused on it than I was on making love to Mark.

Mark disengaged from our kiss and he moved to unbutton my shirt. I did the same to him. We pulled our t-shirts off and I marveled at Mark’s pecs. I am not into staring at guys and admiring their bodies, but given that my cock was raging hard and that I was so caught up in the moment, I reached out and caressed his chest, rotating his nipples between my fingers.

He moaned and said, “Oh, that feels so good. Don’t stop!”

I replied, “Anything you want, babe.”

I continued to massage his nipples and then I moved my head forward and put my lips on his left nipple.

Mark moaned again and said, “Your mouth feels so good there. I can’t wait to feel it in other places!”

I moaned and my cock twitched. We were standing in the middle of his living room, he wearing nothing but a pair of tented boxers and me in my jeans. Mark reached down and undid my pants, sliding them to the floor. I stepped out of them and Marked looked at the tent in my briefs. He lightly ran his hands over my bulge and it felt so good.

“Mmmmmmmmm, that was nice,” I moaned. My passion overcame me and, with that moan, I could not take the anticipation any longer.

I dropped to my knees and pulled Mark’s boxers down. The most amazingly beautiful cock I had ever seen presented itself before my eyes. It was huge. The shaft was straight and smooth and it stood up at 45 degrees, giving me a great view of the underside of this magnificent cock. His balls were tight to his body. The head of his cock was dripping pre-cum. The pre-cum simply wasn’t a drop at the tip of his erect penis. No, it was a glob that continued to grow and grow, finally reaching a size that caused it to drop to the floor. I was saddened that I let it go to waste. No matter, as soon as that drop fell, another began to form. This one, I knew, would find its way onto my tongue. I looked up and saw that Mark was watching me admire his cock. He smiled and I looked into his eyes. His smile was mischievous, as if he knew something that I didn’t. He winked and gave a slight nod to his head, giving me the approval to do what I was about to do. I refocused my eyes on Mark’s penis and briefly considered how I was going to approach this task. Would I push his cock up and against his stomach and lick the underside of his shaft? Or, would I open my mouth and devour this beast? Alternatively, I could take the slow approach and work it slowly into my mouth. I chose a hybrid approach. I delicately, yet firmly, grabbed the base of Mark’s cock with my right hand. I opened my mouth slightly and put my tongue out. I move the cock up a bit at its base, exposing the underside of the head. I dragged my tongue across the underside of the cock head while at the same time opening my mouth fully. As the tip of my tongue reached the tip of Mark’s erect penis, I put my lips over the cock head and locked them around the rim, at the rear of the head. I stayed in Bostancı Escort Bayan that position while I explored the head of Mark’s cock with my tongue, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. Mark sighed heavily and moaned, letting me know that he approved. I wanted to go down completely on the shaft so I pushed my head toward Mark’s abdomen. I was amazed at how big this cock felt in my mouth. My jaw was opened wide and my mouth was completely full of cock. I can’t deepthroat so I was only able to get about one-half of Mark’s cock in my mouth.

When I reached my limit, I applied a bit of suction and I drew my head back and off his cock. His shaft glistened with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. The head of his cock pulsed so I put my mouth back on it. My lips moved around the rim of his head and I pulled the cock out of my mouth again. Mark’s entire cock twitched and bounced up and down. I looked up at him and he was smiling approvingly. I stuck my tongue out and ran it down the underside of Mark’s shaft. As my tongue passed that sensitive area under the head, the cock jumped as Mark’s abdominal muscles contracted involuntarily.

“Ooooh. I’ve never felt that before.”

I put his cock back into my mouth and then looked up into his eyes. He grinned, as did I. He caressed the sides of my head as I worked his tool. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up to him, pushing my briefs down my legs. Our dicks touched as he pulled me to him.

“Bob, I have never, ever, felt this good! Your mouth and lips felt wonderful on my cock.”

With that, he put his right hand behind my head and kissed me passionately while his left hand moved down and rubbed my butt cheeks. I pushed my crotch into his so that I could feel his cock push into my stomach. He continued to kiss me and explore my mouth with his tongue and, at the same time, used his left hand to rub up and down my butt cheeks and along the gap between them. His touches were feather-light and they sent tingles all through my body.

I felt pre-cum being transferred from his cock to my stomach and it acted like a lubricant as I gyrated my stomach against his erect, throbbing penis. His left hand reached the bottom of my butt cheeks and he paused momentarily, long enough for me to wonder if he were going to stop. At that, his hand descended below the globe of my butt and I felt a finger move up towards my hole. I rotated my hips backward just a bit and that gave him partial access to my hole. He used his thumb and middle finger to part my cheeks slightly and his index finger probed my hole. This was all happening while we were engaged in passionate kissing, our tongues exploring our mouths. Having found its target, his index finger traced the outline of my hole and pushed slightly at the opening. I have used and abused my hole over the years so Mark didn’t have to push very hard for the tip of his finger to enter my canal. In it went and I rotated my hips even more, giving him further access to my insides. He pulled his finger out and brought it to his mouth. He put his finger into his mouth, winked, and smiled.

“You taste great!”

“Hey, give me a taste of that!” and I pulled his finger into my mouth.

Having licked it clean, I moved his hand back down to my hole and he put his finger back inside. I quickly pulled it out and brought it directly to my mouth, savoring myself.

Mark said, “You poor baby. Your cock has been ignored so let’s take care of that right now.”

With that, he dropped to his knees and slid my cock into his mouth. His mouth was warm and wet, and he expertly stroked my shaft with his lips and tongue.

“Ooooh, Mark,” I moaned. “Lick the shaft!”

Mark willingly complied. He ran his tongue up and down the underside of my cock, making it stand almost straight up. Pre-cum rolled off the tip of my penis and Mark licked every drop.

“I don’t know which tastes better…your pre-cum or your ass!”

I looked down into his eyes, as he looked up into mine, with my cock deep in his mouth.

A few feet from us Mark had a large, square footstool. Mark stood up and gently urged me over to the stool. I sat down on the stool and laid back. My cock pointed directly at the ceiling and my feet were on the floor. Mark came over and wrapped his mouth on my cock yet again. He sucked and sucked and I felt that familiar twinge inside my cock.

I pulled his head off and said softly, “Hey, you need to stop! I’m close to cumming and it’s way too early for that!”

He said, “I want your cum. I want to feel you shoot into the back of my mouth and I want to savor every drop of your juice.”

I said, “I know how you feel! Ever since I saw your cock on the computer tonight I’ve wanted your cum in my mouth. Now that I’m here, I wish I had a glass full right now!”

The foot stool was pushed up against the sofa so I scootched myself so that my body was on the couch and the stool, my feet completely off the floor. I pulled Mark up to me and he laid next to me. We held each other, kissed, and explored our bodies with our hands. Our cocks were rock hard and they rubbed on each other. We moaned with pleasure, passion, and affection.

I broke the kiss and said, “Mark, I have to have your cock inside me. I am so ready to feel you inside me, thrusting in and out.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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