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Boy Toy to Older Women

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I decided to surprise my girlfriend by becoming a bound sex toy for her. I knew her parents were in Europe for vacation and that she had the house to herself. So I was able to get into their house and her bedroom. I brought with me a bag of sex toys… silk scarves, vibrator, butt plug, chastity device and a sexy french maid costume for my girlfriend Jane to wear for me. My girlfriend would be home in about an hour, so I quickly removed my clothes except for my silk boxers.

I tied a red satin bow around my cock and balls as a gift for my pretty girlfriend. I turned the lights off, I was able to tie myself down to her bed spread-eagled. I was now completely helpless and now I waited for Jane. I heard the front door open and I waited for my high school sweetheart to find me tied to her bed with a big bow around my now hard cock.

Then I heard a voice say “Hello? Jane, are you in your bedroom? It’s me, your grandma Barbara.”

That’s when I said too loudly “Oh Shit!”

I then heard other female voices “I think I heard her from her bedroom.” I started to panic and tried to get untied, but the ropes were tied too tight. Then the bedroom door opened, the lights were turned on and I heard gasps from the women. Now Jane’s grandma, although she is 70 years old, she is very attractive for her age and looks 20 years younger. But the other older women were overweight and unattractive!

Barbara recognized me. “That is Jane’s high school boyfriend!” She noticed my erection through my silk boxers. “Jane’s very sexy boyfriend, who seems to be tied up.” The other unattractive woman Anne says “Look at that erection… I have not seen that in more than 20 years.” I started to feel vulnerable, as these older women were looking at me like a piece of meat. “Barbara, can you please untie me and forget that you saw me here?”

Anne quickly approached me, grabbing my hard cock through my silk boxers. “Hell no! I think we should have our fun with this boy-toy!” The other overweight woman, Sally, had already gotten undressed and sat on my face; her nasty dried out cunt in my face. “Start licking, boy-toy.” I comply and lick her disgusting pussy, then Barbara removes my silk boxers and discovers the silk bow! I felt a tongue on my cock and hoped it was Barbara’s, since at least she was attractive.

Then I could feel the mouth sucking my hard cock. Anne said, “Mmmmm his cock tastes wonderful!” As I continue to pleasure Sally’s dried pussy with my tongue, I think about my situation. Spreadeagled… satin bow tied around my cock… three older women using me as their sex toy… boy-toy. Barbara discovers my sex bag… “A butt plug, let’s insert into him!” I try to scream no, but I can’t with Sally’s old pussy in my face. They are able to insert the butt plug in me as Anne continues to give me an unwanted blow job.

My cock finally explodes and cum shoots into Anne’s mouth. A minute later Sally gets off my face and Anne approaches me with an evil grin. She starts to kiss me as Barbara plays with my now over sensitive cock. As she kisses me, she releases my own cum from her mouth into mine. I’m forced to swallow my own cum!

“Please ladies you had your fun with me, now untie me and let me go!” They ignore me as they canlı bahis hold up the chastity device and the pretty white satin maid’s apron. The chastity device is easily placed on my cock and locked! Many pictures of me are taken! The satin apron is tied around my waist.

Barbara then says “You are now our boy-toy, and you will please and obey us, otherwise we will release these photos to Jane. You will come to our houses wearing that pretty apron and licking our pussies!”

My ordeal as their boy-toy has begun…

I was released from the bed and allowed to leave, although my cock was still trapped in that small, pink chastity device and the unattractive, older woman, Anne had the key. Barbara told me I was their sex toy, their boy-toy and that I now belong to them. I begged them to release my cock but Anne told me “No! We don’t want you fucking any other young sluts. That cock belongs to us now.” Barbara then slapped my ass and told me to go home and show up at her place next weekend for a special party. If I don’t show up the embarrassing pictures would be released to my family.

I arrived at Barbara’s address at 6 pm and I was scared about this special party. Barbara was dressed in a tight, black skirt, an elegant pink, silk, bow blouse and sexy, black, high-heeled boots. My cock was getting hard in the chastity device as I stared at her sexy outfit! Then the overweight woman Sally grabbed me by my belt and led me into a room. She instructed me to get naked and put on the attire laying on the bed. Sally quickly kissed me and told me that she could not wait to use me as a sex-toy later!

I got naked and looked at my attire for the party, a bow tie, the sissy white satin apron and black boots with a 4 inch heel. I looked like a Chip N Dale performer with the bow tie and bare chested. The satin apron covered my chastity device and it was hard to walk in the high heeled boots. I walked into the kitchen feeling embarrassed and exposed. Barbara gave me a tray and told me that I would be the sexy waiter at their party and I would serve snacks and drinks to her guests.

I walked into the living room wearing the pretty satin apron and bow tie as all the older women stopped talking and were now staring at me. There were at least 15 women there and I recognized two of them! Carol was my nanny when I was a kid and Samantha was my 2nd grade teacher. There were only 2 or 3 women that were somewhat attractive, the rest were unattractive, very elderly and overweight.

I approached one older lady who was wearing a see through ruffle blouse and I can see her sagging tits.

“Would you like a snack or a drink?”

She said, “I want you as a treat!”

Before I can say anything my former nanny Carol grabs my arm.

“Let’s get a look at you…my, my, aren’t you a sexy little thing!”

“Please Carol, help me escape from these crazy women! They are forcing me to be their boy-toy.”

She ignores me and lifts up my pretty satin apron and checks out my trapped cock.

Carol said, “Soon you will be my boy-toy!”

As the party continues I am groped, fondled, teased, kissed, and stared at.

Later in the evening Barbara approaches me and makes an announcement. Anne comes up behind me, removes my bow tie and replaces it with a metal slave collar that gets locked on.

Barbara bahis siteleri says, “Throughout this house there are 2 leashes, find them and you can attach your leash to the boy-toy’s collar and take him into the bathroom!”

Suddenly there is a mad search for the leashes as I stand and try to plead with Barbara but Anne quickly kisses me and fondles my balls.

“Don’t worry sexy, soon your cock will be free…for the orgy!” Oh shit! An orgy with 15 unattractive, overweight women!

Then Samantha, my older, unattractive 2nd grade teacher, attaches the leash to my collar and drags me by the leash into the bedroom! All the women are watching and chanting, “Lick her pussy!”

I’m forced to follow Samantha like a pet into the bathroom. She lifts her skirt, pulls down her large panties and orders me to lick! I lick and eat her old pussy as my own cock gets hard in the chastity device. After 10 minutes I am released but only to be leashed again by another older woman and the bathroom ordeal continues.

Barbara then grabs my leash and makes another announcement, “The orgy will begin soon after we tie our boy-toy to the bed.” I decide to risk it and make a run for escape, but a very large amazon-type woman stops me, picks me up easily and carries me into the bedroom. She sits on me as the other women spread eagle me and tie me down to the bed. Anne unlocks my chastity device, takes my hard cock and gives me an unwanted blowjob. I cum hard into Anne’s mouth and she says, “You are now ready for your first customers!”

Samantha grabs my now over sensitive cock and begins to torture it by sucking it. Another woman forces her old pussy in front of my face as I taste her disgusting pussy. Throughout the night the women bite me, kiss me, force their tongues into my mouth, slap my balls, ride my hard cock and offer money for me. After 3 hours of ordeal my chastity device is placed back on and I am free for the time being.

Barbara says, “We will be calling you soon. Some women wanted to buy you as their own personal sex toy. We will consider the offer. Who knows you might end up being owned by that large amazon woman!”

The 70-year-old woman Barbara calls me and requests my pussy licking services since Anne, Sally and herself are horny. I decline their request since I have already made plans to go out for the evening. Barbara and the older unattractive women are disappointed and upset with their boy-toy and they plan to punish me. Barbara comes up with the idea of taking me to an adult bookstore where there is a secret glory hole. She plans to lock my leash on the other side of the wall, forcing me to suck anything. Anne licks her lips. “But Barbara, you want our boy-toy to suck cock in the glory hole?”

As Barbara grabs the collar and leash. “Of course not, I just want to scare him and make him suck my strap-on.”

The next morning, I show up and Barbara is mad at me. She orders me to strip and put on the following items: black garter belt, black silk stockings, black 5-inch heels, a blonde wig, a slave collar, my white satin apron that is covering my free cock and a short pink trench coat. She grabs my slave collar. “You were a bad boy-toy, and I will punish you. Now come along we are going for a walk… it’s only a few blocks away.”

I have no choice but to follow Barbara, and I hope no bahis şirketleri one will notice that I’m a man under the trench coat. “Where are we going? How are you going to punish me?” Then I see we are arriving at an adult bookstore.

Barbara forces me to my knees in front of the glory hole, attaching a leash on me and locking it on the other side of the wall. She puts in 30 minutes worth of tokens into the booth, showing that it’s occupied. Then she takes my trench coat leaving me in heels, an apron, and a blonde wig; she gives a hard spank. “This is your punishment… sucking men’s cocks.”

As Barbara is about to enter the booth next to mine, Betty sees her and waves at her. Betty is the boy-toy’s mom; both women are kind of embarrassed for getting caught at an adult book store. Betty says she’s here to find a good vibrator, when suddenly they see Ron, the boy-toy’s high school teacher. “Let’s get out of here before he sees us here.”

As Barbara and Betty leave, Barbara worries about her vulnerable boy-toy as the teacher enters the booth. Betty says, “There is a nice cafe around the corner, let’s grab lunch.”

After lunch Barbara rushes back to the adult book store and sees that her boy-toy is gone. She asks the store manager if he saw an attractive young male wearing heels leave the store. The manager says, “Look I don’t know anything… but several men carried a young male wearing an apron away from here. Here is the address where the party is happening.”

Barbara says, “Who took him, and what party?”

“Look, lady, you did not hear anything from me, but these men run a secret brothel and your young friend will be the entertainment… he’s going to be spit roasted by paying customers.”

Barbara arrives at the party’s address and she asks about if there were any new slaves that were brought here. They tell her that his front is in room 6, and she has to pay 500 dollars to enter the room. When she enters the room she is shocked by what she sees…he appears to be standing up but in a bent position with his arms pulled back. Only half of his body is visible as his legs, ass and hands are on the other side of the wall. Only his penis, chest, and most of his arms are on her side. She notices cum is splattered on the floor, and it looks like it is his.

“What have they done to you? How long have you been here?” Barbara pets her boy-toy’s hair.

Suddenly he is frantic and looks back at the wall. “Please get me out of here… Shit… No… not again… please… oh… this one is way bigger!” Barbara then sees her boy-toy’s body is starting to thrust forward and backward as if someone is fucking him. Then she sees his free cock, rock hard, “Ooooh… pull out… you’re too big… shit… ooh… stop I’m going to cum!”

That’s when Barbara sees her boy-toy’s cock shoot his stream of cum. “Please get help and release me from this hell… what are you doing?” Watching her boy-toy’s cock cum gets her wet, so she decides to pull up a chair to play with her pussy.

Then a customer walks in. “Do you mind if I just sit, watch you get your cock sucked as I play with my pussy?” she says.

The older black customer replies, “Sure. I just fucked her tight hole earlier and there is a long line of men waiting to fuck you. I love how sexy your legs look in the stockings and heels.”

Barbara moans and plays with her old pussy as she watches her boy-toy sucking a big black cock. She loves watching his cock explode as he gets fucked on the other side. She may never release him from this brothel.

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