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Breaking in the House

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Beth was opening the front door even before he’d gotten there. He noticed that she was still wearing her same outfit from dinner tonight; she hadn’t even bother to try and turn in for the night.

He was barely on the steps when she stepped forward to greet him. Draped her arms over his shoulders, pulling him close. “I’m so glad to see you,” she said, placing a soft kiss on his lips. The gesture was warm, giving; she tasted of oranges and the hint of wine, at the edge of sensation. “I was starting to get a little worried,” she admitted.

Mike savored the hug before loosening his hold on her. “I knew you would be worrying. It’s not real late though. Thanks for waiting up.”

“I wasn’t worried because it was late,” she explained. “I was worried because you were off playing super-hero with two guys you didn’t know from Abraham. Plus, it’s my job to worry about you,” she grinned, now that she knew he was safe, allowed herself to. “It was in the fine print of the contract, right under the ‘until death do us part’ part.”

“I know it’s your job to worry about me. It’s good to be home.”

Taking his hand, slowly leading him inside, to the warmth of the house, she looked over her shoulder at him. “So…” she asked, “how was your first night as Elysium City’s number one superhero?”

A sort of shy smile washed over his face. “We’ll, the city doesn’t know I’m here yet. But tonight was interesting I’ll say that. That was Jonas who dropped me off. The one who was following us.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, leading him inside. “What does he do? Aside of seeing the future, that is.” Looking back where his car had just been a moment ago. “He’s obviously not some kind of super-mechanic, that’s for sure.”

“You’re right. That car might need to be put down. His ability to see a bit into the future is the extent of his abilities.”

“We went and talked to Adam. He has some psychic powers. The three of us are going to try and find out what was in Jonas’ vision to try and prevent anything real bad from taking place.”

She closed the door behind them. Locked it.

“So what did this Jonas guy see, exactly?” she asked, frowning slightly. “Obviously it couldn’t have been too good, huh?”

“No. He saw a man running down an alley. A group of armored men were after him. It appeared like this man was in big trouble, along with all the innocent bystanders.”

She frowned. “Innocent bystanders?” she asked. “Where’s this gonna happen at? What kind of alley has innocent bystanders in it?”

“It looked like the fight spilled elsewhere into a populated area. Seemed like some more bad things to come from it.”

“Right now there isn’t much of a plan. What to do will be on my mind now I’m sure. Tomorrow if you are home and get a call from either Jonas or Adam take a message. Not sure about them going along yet, but I will be taking a look around Iron Town tomorrow night.”

Beth nodded. By then, the two of them were walking up the stairs, deeper into the house. She was taking off the sweater she had on, revealing a tight black top beneath it. “You’re not taking them with you?” she asked quizzically. “What kind of super-heroes are these two yahoos, anyway?” she cocked a brow. “What are they planning to do? Watch you round up the bad guys by yourself on the six o’-clock news?”

“Well that might be about it. They aren’t the ‘field’ type of superheros. Adam may be able to do something as far as a mental attack. I will be the one doing the fighting when it comes down to it.” Mike knew that would give Beth something else to worry about.

She sighed. “Wonderful,” she shook her head. “Sounds to me like you need to round up some more good guys to help even up the odds. I hate the idea of you going toe-to-toe with all of ’em just by yourself,” she said, squeezing his hand gently. “I know you can take care of yourself, but–“

She shook her head again, leaving it just at that.

“So, looks like you mostly worried about me tonight, huh? Did you have anything else to eat?

She’d led him into the bedroom. In the corner of the room, she’d broken out the little inflatable mattress they’d brought with them on the trip, already had it made with a comfortable-looking topping of sheets and pillows. “Yeah,” she said. “They had a fruit basket waiting for us on the kitchen counter…kind of a welcome to the neighborhood, thing, I guess,” she shrugged. “The oranges are pretty good,” she opined. “And there’s plenty left. I know you’ve gotta be pretty hungry, by now.”

Upon seeing the mattress setup, Mike started thinking of some other more pleasant things. This wasn’t the first time the bedroom had been setup in this manner.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to hit the sack. I’m looking forward to work, but now it will be harder to focus on things on a non-heroic nature.”

Beth turned to him, dropping down to a seat on the corner of the little mattress. Folded her arms across her ample chest. “Yeah?” she said, arching a brow while barely suppressing a michevious grin. “So no breaking almanbahis adres in the new house tonight?” she asked. “Is that what you’re trying to say?”

She chuckled gently, blue eyes twinkling in the room’s light.

Mike answered with a coy look of his own, as well as undressing. “What was I thinking?” Mike joined Beth on the mattress and looked into her eyes. “I’m not quite ready to sleep yet.”

Beth met Mike’s eyes with hers, sparkling blue in the light of the bedroom.

She reached up and began to unbutton the top of his shirt. Reaching in through the space she created, she touched his chest with the smoothness of her fingers, spreading them wide as she rubbed the hard flat of his breast. “Me neither,” she said. “Nervous energy from me staying up late worrying,” she plead.

He ran his fingers through her hair. “I got some surplus energy too.”

She craned up her neck and kissed the hollow of his throat once…then twice, then a hundred times, trailing down the thrumming of his pulse, leaving a trail of sensation as her legacy where she’d passed. Her free hand was unbuttoning more of his shirt and she stood upright on her knees to face him.

Mike’s smile and loving look into her eyes was Beth’s cue to keep going.

Untucking his shirt from his pants, she threw her arms around his neck, began to kiss him passionately. Stroked his cheek with the flat of her hand, pulling back only slightly so she could look into his eyes again. “I forgot to tell you…I’ve got one more super power,” she whispered breathlessly, “besides talking to roadkill.”

“Oh really?” Mike replied, definitely intrigued.

Beth kissed down the front of his face, down his chin until she was at the top of his chest. She rubbed the trunk of him, feeling the muscle there, grazing it lightly with the edges of her nails.

“Wanna see it?” she asked.

“I would love to see what you can do. I have full confidance in your abilities.”

Beth unbuttoned the remainder of Mike’s shirt, taking each button with care, one at a time. When it was finally undone, she put the flats of her hands on his stomach, stroked up his chest once, feeling the strong contours of his chest, delighting in the rush she caused to flutter through his skin as she did it. Then, she retraced her path, finding her fingers tucked into the top of his waistband.

Mike closed his eyes and thought nothing of his loving wife’s touch. She was everything he ever wanted in a woman.[/color]

Abruptly, she pulled him to herself.

And then Beth raised up on her knees as high as she could, until she was upright against his body. Shorter than he, it gave her perfect access to his neck, which she began to kiss passionately, sucking and nibbling along the edge of his collarbone. Blowing hot breath across the wetness her kisses trailed, the act like setting his skin aflame….

Mike held her close, kissed the top of her head. His hands went to her top, slowly lifting up and over her head and then arms.

He could feel her beginning to open his belt, the top of his pants.

Whispered in his ear. “I love you, baby.”

And in the moment…there was no denying it.

“I love you. More than I could ever show you in a lifetime. But I’ll never stop trying.”

She had the button of his pants opened, undid the zipper by peeling the two tops of the band apart. He felt them tumble around him, gathering down around his knees. “You don’t have to prove anything to me, baby,” she said. “I know.”

He lifted his feet out of his pants, shoving them off to the side. A stray thought came into his mind, Mike wondered what it would be like to touch Beth’s mind with his own. If he were telepathic, their intimacy could go even higher.

She kept kissing around his neck, up to his lips when he looked down to take her in. Her eyes were shut tightly in the throes of bliss. He could feel the heat of her small hand, cupping his manhood, below his waist, sending chill lightning all through his groin and up the length of his spine.

So beautiful he thought. He thanked God for bringing her into his life.

She parted her kisses for a moment, leaning back on her heels.

Opened the front of her sweater. Left it atop their makeshift sheets.

Crossed her arms and lifted her shirt up off over her head. Mike saw the way that it made her blonde hair bounce as she did it, her heavy, full breasts do the same, beneath her lacy black bra.

He watched her reach up to the center of her cleavage. Pop the clasp of it.

Locked eyes with him.

“Lean back,” she whispered.

Mike almost had to remind himself to breathe as he studied every inch of his wife. Doing as instructed he leaned back slightly. His eyes were glued to hers. He thought of hte joy they were about to share with each other.

Beth’s body was a set of curves in cream.

He took her in completely, from the curves of her shoulders, gently sloping, to her pendulous breasts, hanging before him. The first time he’d ever heard of Beth almanbahis adres Cornwall in high school, it was from a couple of seniors who were hanging out by his locker, talking about the new freshman girl who filled out a sweater better than any of the upperclassmen. It hadn’t been why he’d sought her out, fallen in love with her, but there was no denying that they’d had a point, even then.

Mike’s hands reached out to hold both of those amazing breasts. A gentle squeeze as he pushed them in to her chest, then moving his hands across the nipples, back and forth.

And they were very sensitive, too, he knew. He listened to her breathe out a soft moan as he took them in his hands. “oooh…” she whispered, ministering to him more feverishly with the attentions.

Beth’s breasts were large, but beautifully shaped. They seemed to defy gravity hanging before him, slightly upturned and tipped with a perfect aereole, the nipple in the center pink and stiff from desire and the cool house air. Her skin was a milky white, smooth and unbroken. She seemed something that stepped out of a dream, a magazine or a fantasy.

But she was right there before him.

Lowering her head down one him. Planting a kiss directly on his xyphoid process…and slowly trailing down. Licking occasionally between kisses, maybe nibbling, about the edge of his navel. Drifting down lower still….

Mike watched, eyes wide. His sense of touch seemed amplified to new levels, reacting to every one of her touches.

He closed his eyes, let out a deep moan as he felt the heat of her hands upon him, gently bringin him to attention for her. Followed by the slippery wet warmth within her mouth.

He couldn’t help but arch his back.

Pleasure like fire, just behind his eyelids.

The feeling he received was incredible. His head tilted back, then he looked down as he shifted balance before tipping over. She had him ready for so much more. He had to pull back ever so slightly, to keep everything that was ready to burst forth from arriving too soon. There was so much more for both of them to do before that happened.

Another sound of satisfaction eased from his lips. He smiled at the thought of his wife’s super power, one that was meant only for him.

Their eyes met again. Mike brought her up to him again, the two bodies close together. They kissed, over and over. Both long and short. Tongues meeting. Both grabbing a breath of air whenever they could.

Beth opened her eyes halfway through one of their kisses, her gaze hooded and full of want for Mike. He felt her stroking him far below the contact of their eyes, the hot tension that was sweeping all through the bottom of his stomach. “godiloveyou,Mike,” she breathed, as if it was one word, the sentiment just trickling from her lips, more than really spoken.

“My turn.”

Her breasts were just waiting for his touch again. He treated them with the reverance they deserved. With light brushes of his hands, gentle kisses. He brought both nipples to their hardest.

Beth arched her back up to meet his mouth, her fingers tangling in his hair, gently raking his scalp with her nails. “oohh…” her breathing was mounting. He was driving her crazy and he knew it, could tell by the way that she was rubbing herself against his thigh with long movements of her hips, the slickness that she left when she touched in skin in such a way.

“soooo goood,” she whispered. Whimpered with pleasure.

Mike guided her down to the mattress.

She allowed herself to fall beneath him.

“this was supposed to be for you, baby,” she confessed, blue eyes twinkling in the light. “you’ve been so busy…saving the world,” she managed through heaves of her ample chest. “i wanted to do something nice for you…”

“I thank you. Very much. No reason it has to ‘all’ be for me. It’s about both of us.”

She smiled, lazily.

“i love you so much….”

Her hand found the space between his legs again.

Guided him to her.

Mike eased his way down to her. Their lips found each other again, kissing as if it had been forever since that had happened. One hand cupped a breast. The other moved its way down her body, then felt the warmth between her legs. He stroked that precious space. She pressed up against his hand. Then a finger disappeared to where it was so warm and wet inside.

He felt Beth stiffen for a moment. “ooohhh…” she hissed through clenched teeth. But in an instant later, he could feel her melt beneath his touch like butter. Her tightness was slick and hot and soooo inviting….

They were both so ready for the other, crazy with passion. “What would you say to my putting a super power to a new use? It would let me find those sensitive places of yours so much easier.”

“idon’tcare,” she whispered quickly, someplace in between ragged breaths. “just…please….” she pumped her hips up to meet his fingers. “i want you so bad…” she trembled, as if to punctuate the thought.

He looked down at his beautiful wife, her pale almanbahis adres skin flushed with excitement and passion.

And she shook with desire for him.

Mike took a deep breath as he continued to, in a way, tease her with his fingers for what she really wanted. Once she saw what he was thinking of doing, he surmised she might decide not to let him. If it worked though, she might make him do this everytime they made love.

“Ok honey. If this is something you’re not sure about just say so.” With that he leaned up on his knees beside her, and began to shrink. His height dropped from six feet to five, four, three, two, one. He was small enough now to climb up on her stomach. At first he was hidden from her sight by what from his vantage point were those enourmous mountains of breasts. She had to crane her neck up off the mattress to see him smiling up at her.

“You see what I’m up to,?” as he shrank himself down a tad more.

“About three inches, I guess,” she sighed, looking down at him. “No…I have no idea,” she said, a confused look crossing her features.

Mike laughed and felt a bit embarrassed. “Basically, well, I could shrink in size enough to…slip inside and give you oral sex.” That had to have sounded wrong, but he knew it would work if she let him. “It’s ok if you don’t want me to do that. We’re both doing exceptional at foreplay.”

Beth chuckled gently, the whole of it making as if Mike was riding through an earthquake.

Mike laughed as he was jostled about, then fell down flat across her stomach to avoid falling off.

She shrugged slightly. “well…okay,” she said. And Mike could feel her blushing, slowly rising up her chest. So close, so tiny, he could actually feel the fluctuation of heat in her body. “we can try it…” she allowed.

Leaning herself back in bed. Trying to get relaxed as she scooped him into the palm of her hand with infinite care. Placed him on the inconsistent terrain of the mattress between her legs.

And drew in a deep breath….

As he looked at his destination with great awe, it dawned on him this might be trickier then he thought. He pulled himself up on her thigh, then crawled through the light forest between her legs.

Now being so close, he could better judge the size he needed to pull this stunt off. Mike started to slide down, and eased himself within the confines of her vagina feet first. It was very warm and wet. Mike disappered all the way in, but could still see his way out. All the while he caressed and kissed everything he passed.

The entire time, within her so, he could feel her expanding and contracting with every breath. Could hear the murmuring and moaning that were her responses to the way he touched at her in this new, unique way. He smiled to himself as he thought he heard her say his name.

Felt the insides of her tense up, shudder, almost causing him to fall.

It was a new experience for him, too.

This was something truly special Mike thought. A new way of expressing his love. One he seemed to be pretty good at.

Soon Mike reached the place that issued forth all the pleasure that a woman felt. It was then he really through himself into his work. It became harder to keep his footing as it became slicker all around him.

Mike’s body was completely soaked when he emerged from that most coveted place.

The sounds of Beth’s hand slamming into the top of the small mattress was like thunder and the way she clenched it up in her fists sounded like she tore it, at first. Her hips were shivering, shaking wildly. She was making short unintelligible noises between breaths, struggling to keep up with the feelings he was causing her, the pure pleasure of it all.

She was whimpering, shuddering. Mike knew the signs well. She was close….

Another kiss, right on the tip of it.

And Beth screamed out, arched her hips high in the air, in the same way she would if he’d have been on top of her. Her chest was heaving and she panted violently, shaking through the blindingly bright sensations of her orgasm.

Until finally, she was still.

“omigod…” she whispered into the bedroom’s empty air. “omigod….”

“Baby,” she managed. “Are…you…–?”

Mike slid his way back across her abdomen, then climbed between her breasts to look at her face. With a big smile he let his slick body go over the side to the mattress. Then began to bring his body back to normal size beside her.

Beth was warm next to him, relaxed, almost as if she were poured into the small mattress like a liquid. He felt himself distend the bed as he gained size filling up the space next to her, shifting the fabric in such a way that it turned her in a half-roll towards him, facing him.

“I’m ok Beth. I didn’t drown,” he laughed. Sounded, and felt like, you liked it.”

“I did,” she smiled lazily. “God, I did. I didn’t even think that you might drown,” she said, blushing a little bit with a flush at the tops of her cheeks and chest that Mike found absolutely adorable. “I was more worried…well..I might crush you,” she admitted.

She took a deep breath. Put her arms around his shoulders. “I haven’t come like that since our honeymoon night,” she smiled, looking deep into his eyes. “You’re amazing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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