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Bred by the Hive Ch. 27

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That night Marion tossed and turned in her bed. She was all alone. Paul was sleeping at Chloe’s now. Marion couldn’t get the image of Susan out of her mind, the thought of Susan with her mature rider and big breasts. And that kiss! Susan wanted her, Marion knew. She tossed and turned all night as she fantasized about having sexual intercourse with her youngest daughter.

But it was more than just having sex with her. Marion wanted to be dominated. She wanted to be submissive to her youngest daughter. She fantasized about Susan ordering her to take off her clothes. Marion would obey, she knew. Susan spoke for the Hive in matters like this and Marion would feel no choice but to comply. She would strip off her clothes while her daughter watched with freshly implanted hunger in her eyes.

Then Susan would order Marion to undress her, and she would. She would enjoy taking Susan’s shirt off, and then her bra. Susan would rub her firm breasts against her own as Marion finished undressing her. Then they would rub their naked bodies together. Marion just knew that Susan’s soft pubic hair would feel so good against her labial lips.

Susan would whisper in her ears, “We are to become lovers, Mom. The Hive demands it.” And Marion would nod and let Susan take her by the hand to her bedroom. Once inside she would do everything Susan asked… and more.

Her rider was obviously preparing her to make love to Susan. Even Marion, with her heavily conditioned mind, recognized that. The question is, when it came to real life performance, and not just dreams, could she really do it?


The next morning Marion awoke with sore, red tinged eyes. Her night had not been a restful one.

Susan, on the other hand, seemed chipper and refreshed, wearing a shirt which showed off the creamy tops of her young breasts. “I feel like celebrating! Would you like to go shopping with me, Mom?” she asked, her eyes sparkling. She hadn’t looked this happy since before she had joined the Hive.

“I don’t know. The Hive may want me for something,” said Marion.

“They don’t. You have the day off,” Susan grinned. “Aunt Chloe told me.”

Marion looked around. “And where are your brother and sister?”

Susan shrugged. “They’re around somewhere, I suppose.”

Marion’s suspicions only grew. She was being thrown together with Susan, that was clear. She increasingly realized what would be expected of her, but still wasn’t sure she would be able to do perform.

Nevertheless, she agreed. “What do you want to go shopping for?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Bras and panties, stuff like that.”

An hour later, Marion was in a dressing room with Susan in a department store. She watched as Susan tried on one bra after another. But not just any bras. These were sexy, red or black lace bras. Susan put on a black lace bra, one with a lot of cleavage. “What do you think of this one, Marion?”

Susan had started calling her Marion more and more frequently now. It slightly unnerved her, even though, technically, it was correct. She was no longer Susan’s mother. They were both simply sexually mature women, both slaves of the Hive.

Marion looked at the bra. “It looks nice, dear.”

“Do you think I look sexy?”

Marion’s pulse quickened. While her own breasts were large, bell shaped titties, Susan had more round, firm melons with little sage. Her little girl’s areolas were almost as red as her mother’s, and were visible even through the bra. Marion thought of sucking on one. And on her back… Susan’s single banded rider somehow only enhanced her sexuality. To know that she was being controlled, to be conditioned to be Marion’s lover… It excited her nipples, her clitoris, all of her.

“You… you look very pretty, dear,” Marion said carefully, trying not to show the lust she felt.

“Pretty?” Susan’s eyes narrowed and she looked scornfully at her mother. She took off the bra. She cupped her large breasts. “Do you really think the boys will find them pretty, Mother?” she asked, in a mocking tone.

“I’m sure they will, dear,” said Marion, feeling her heart racing and her rider humping her back. She felt the urge to suck on one of them. Could she… should she…?

“And the girls, too?” Susan had a wicked smile on her face.

“Are… are you attracted to girls now, Susan?” Marion asked.

“I don’t know, Mother… are you?”

Marion turned away, and blushed.

The next thing Susan tried on was underwear. Susan put on a sheer pair of panties that clearly showed her prominent vaginal lips. They were red and thick, just like her mother’s. “What do you think, Marion? Are these attractive?”

Marion was suddenly aware that she was all alone with Susan in a dressing room, and that Susan was wearing nothing but a flimsy bra and a transparent pair of panties. She felt Susan’s hand on her arm and her daughter looked up at her with green eyes, the same green eyes Marion had. Susan’s hand rubbed her arm slowly.

“They… they are beautiful, dear,” istanbul travesti said Marion. They both knew she wasn’t talking about the underwear.

Susan put her face closer to her mother’s, and Marion felt like she was about to be taken.

“Then kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it.”

“Here? In the dressing room?”

“Yes. The Hive demands it.” Not waiting for an answer, Susan grabbed her mother and started grinding her lips against her. Marion kissed her back as she felt Susan squeezing her ass cheeks. In between kisses, Susan whispered in Marion’s ear. “I have been given my first assignment by the Hive, Mother. My first assignment is… you.”

“I know,” Marion whispered. “I’ve been dreaming about you nonstop.”

“Have you?” Susan asked excitedly, letting a hand roam between Marion’s legs.

“Yes,” Marion admitted.

Susan looked her mother dominantly in the eye while she rubbed her through her thin cotton trousers. “I’m going to train you, Mother. I’m going to train you and make you want to love women, and you’re going to be more obedient than you’ve ever been, aren’t you?’

“Yes,” Marion gasped. She started to pant. “The idea of being trained… shaped… changed by the Hive… trained by you…. it excites me terribly.”

Susan caressed Marion’s cheek. “It excites me too.” They embraced in a long, passionate kiss. When Marion pulled back, she realized now that she had no choice: Susan would become her lover.

Before they left the store, Susan, now clearly in command, had Marion try on a series of nightgowns. Marion tried on one after another, aware of her daughter’s predatory eyes. Finally she tried on one that Susan liked. It was totally see-through.

“Susan, this is too much!” Marion cried, looking at herself in the mirror. She could clearly see her bra and panties through the flimsy gown.

“Too much is never enough, Mother,” said Susan, giving her mother a fierce kiss. “That’s just perfect. You will wear it tonight when we have dinner together. You will wear it, and have nothing on underneath it. Do you understand?”

Marion nodded.

“Now kiss me again, like you mean it,” said Susan. She felt her mother’s eager lips pressed against her own.


As Marion prepared dinner that night the tension in the air mounted. Rachel, Ryan and Paul were not home, obviously on purpose. She knew that Susan would start training her tonight. But could she do it? Could she really make love to her daughter?

“Mom!” Marion heard from the bathroom.

Marion came to the bathroom at a run. Susan was standing nude in the shower. Droplets of water covered her large, firm breasts. Her areolas were almost as large as her mother’s, and her nipples were proudly erect. But what caught Marion’s eyes was between her daughter’s legs. Her blonde pubic hair was rich and full and projected out a full inch from her body. Her pubic hair was so thick that her skin was invisible beneath it. Drops of water congealed on her pubic hair like little crystals. The wetness highlighted the pink fringes of her vaginal lips. Above it, Marion saw for the first time that Susan now had a glowing slave mark, just above her pubic folds. Her baby girl was a Hive slave now.

“Ah, Mom,” said Susan, clearing her throat.

Marion, reddening, looked up. “Yes?”

“Have you seen my shampoo? It’s disappeared.”

“No,” said Marion, giving her an odd look. Susan knew she didn’t use her shampoo. Why would she be asking her that?

“Never mind, I see something else that will work,” said Susan, smiling as she grabbed another bottle.

Marion couldn’t help but notice Susan’s rider as she turned away. Her rider, glistening with wetness, hung between her shoulder blades, almost like another hump of pure femininity. The golden band around the edges, signifying both the rider’s sexual maturity and its control over Susan’s mind, glowed brightly. Marion admired her daughter’s young, firm ass, and long, athletic legs dimpled with water. Her upraised ass looked so sexy in combination with the rider pulsating on her back. Marion was tremendously aroused by the thought of the rider on her back controlling such a young, sexy body.

Susan saw Marion looking at her and smiled.

“You… you’re simply beautiful,” said Marion. “The way you carry your rider. It makes you look so… so sexy.” There, she had said it.

“Thank you, Marion,” said Susan. Marion. Not Mother. She gave Marion a warm smile. Susan slowly caressed her slick body, her eyes shining. “Everything feels so good now, Marion. Having my rider in my mind, controlling me. To think that I fought it, that I resisted so long.” She breathed deeply, and her breasts heaved. “Oh, Marion. It feels so good to be enslaved, used, and twisted.” Susan gave her mother a sexy smile and started to lather soap in her hands. Then she started to rub it into her breasts. Her erect nippled tits looked gorgeous.

“Do you like it, Marion? Do you like watching me touch myself?”

“Yes,” istanbul travestileri said Marion. Right now she wanted Susan more than anything. Susan’s hand moved lower, between her legs. She winked as she saw Marion’s jaw drop open and her eyes widen as her daughter, her dear daughter, touched herself in between her legs. Susan’s smile grew sharper as she rubbed liquidy soap into her pubic hair. She spread her legs as she soaped herself openly, revealing her glowing Slave Mark and just above her fleshy labial lips.

Her little girl had a Slave Mark now. When had that happened? The sight of the glowing alien character only increased Marion’s state of arousal. Seeing a Hive Mark which indicated that Susan’s body and mind was being controlled, used by the Hive, stimulated her as much as her daughter’s thick, red labial lips. Marion couldn’t help but notice that Susan had shaved the areas around her Slave Mark, to make her vulva stand out more. It was the kind of thing that a woman steeped in recreational sex might do… but not a shy 18 year old virgin. It only highlighted what her daughter had become in a very short period of time, with the help and encouragement of the Hive.

Susan’s eyes were wide and innocent as she fingered her glowing green Hive Stamp. She enjoyed Marion’s gaze and obvious arousal for a moment, and then somehow her fingers wandered down to her clit. She noticed Marion’s stare and smiled. “I’m the one rubbing my clit, Mother, but it’s my rider giving me permission to do it. It’s a reward, a reward for being so obedient, for completing my training. Are you enjoying my reward along with me, Marion?”

Marion nodded as Susan started to rub soap in her vulva. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her. She felt an intense desire to rub her body against her daughter, to kiss and hug and fondle her roughly.

Susan leaned back against the shower wall carefully, leaning against her ample buttocks rather than her upper back so her rider wouldn’t be harmed. Then she spread her legs and openly masturbated herself. Susan’s wet heavy breasts hung down while she felt the warmth of her rider on her back and in her mind. “It feels so good, Mother. It all feels so good now that you’ve brought me into the Hive.” Her eyes closed tightly, as she relished purely the physical. “To be taken. Used. Controlled. To perform like this in front of you, in a way I never could before.” She panted heavily as she spoke. Then she opened her eyes slowly and smiled at Marion lecherously. “Do you like seeing what you turned me into?”

“Yes,” said Marion instantly.

“Then join me, Mother,” said Susan. “Take off your clothes.”

Marion rushed to obey, moving so rapidly that she almost ripped off her shirt. Susan watched with great interest as Marion dropped her shirt to the bathroom floor and hurriedly opened her bra. Her large breasts sprang free, thrusting forward and downwards in a reflexive motion.

The sight of her mother’s large melons made Susan’s pulse quicken. “You’re so sexy, Marion. Do you know why?” Susan asked.

“Why?” Marion said, even as she worked rapidly to remove her skirt and panties.

“Because you’re so eager to obey. So eager to serve,” said Susan.

“I love being used by the Hive. I love being controlled,” said Marion, as she pulled down her panties, causing her jet black pubes to spring to life. They were so thick that once freed from the confines of her panties, they stood out a good two inches from her body. Marion stood there proudly, completely nude, ready to be used, standing rigidly erect.

Susan gave a mocking smile. “I know you like being controlled. That’s why we’re going to have such a good time together. Come here, Marion.”

Marion stepped into the shower so she was face to face with her daughter. Some of the water from the shower head started to spray her body.

“Kiss me,” Susan breathed.

Marion pressed her lips against her blonde daughter. Susan kissed her back. For a long moment all that was heard was the sound of water spraying. When Susan took a step back she smiled as she saw the nipples on her mother’s heavy breasts were erect

“Now touch yourself, Mother,” said Susan roughly. “Touch yourself while thinking of me.”

Without hesitating, Marion started to rub her clitoris while Susan did the same. They masturbated while staring into each others’ eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you tonight, Mother. I’m going to fuck you tonight like you’ve never been fucked before. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I want you to make love to me, Susan!” Marion said. Her breasts were starting to heave, and her breathing grew more rapid.

“I’m going to take you and twist your mind and use your body and your cunt and you’re going to do everything I tell you, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’ll do everything you tell me!” Marion cried, the look on her face growing more frantic. Susan smiled as she relished the control she had over her mother. She looked down and saw Marion’s fingers rapidly mashing her travesti istanbul cuntlips.

“I’m going to fuck you, Marion. I’m going to fuck you over and over until you cry out-“

“Oh!” Marion cried.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy, and even after that-“

“Oh!” Marion cried again.

And then they both stared into each other’s eyes, as their riders synchronized their orgasms, and they both cried out, “Oh… oh… oh……!” and at that moment Marion began to bond with her daughter in a new way, a new and exciting way she knew would grow only stronger with time.

As they stood there, breathing heavily and staring at each other, nothing could be heard but the spray of water.


Marion was trembling as she got ready for dinner. She put on the nightgown that Susan had ordered her to buy, sans panties and bra. Her breasts and pubis were totally visible through the thin gauze. Marion looked at her body in the mirror and gently fondled one of her breasts.

My own daughter is going to fuck me tonight. She’s going to fuck me, and I am going to cooperate.


As Marion laid out dinner, Susan popped a bottle of wine, and laid out two glasses. “Susan! You’re not-” Marion stopped herself, realizing how ridiculous it was to complain about that. Even though she was only 18, Susan was a sexually mature woman, like herself. Complaining about a cup of wine was silly compared to the barriers that Susan had already broken.

Susan was wearing tight pants which showed off every curve of her ass and a new blouse, one which revealed her large breasts. Susan had always been conservative about showing her breasts before, preferring baggy shirts and sweaters like her mother. But now her breasts were practically spilling out of her bright yellow shirt.

She’s dressed to have sex. To have sex with me.

Marion felt a chill in her vagina as she thought it. Before they began eating, Susan admired the nightgown Marion was wearing. “Yessssss,” Susan hissed, as she admired her mother’s semi nude form. Marion had obeyed Susan’s instructions to the letter and wore neither bra nor panties. Her heavy breasts and bright red areolas were clearly visible underneath it… as was her pubic bush. The dark, triangular shape inflamed Susan’s desire. “I love your nightie, mother.”

“You do?” Marion asked

“I do!” Susan reached out and hugged her sexy Mom as she was bringing out the main course.

“Susan!” Marion cried, as Susan squeezed her breasts through her nightie. “I’m going to drop the food.”

“Then drop it, Mother,” said Susan. Even as she pressed her lips against her mother, Marion responded, at the same time carefully lowering dinner plates on the table with shakey hands even as Susan continued to fondle her titties. Only then was she able to give her full attention to her amorous daughter.

They kissed for a full minute. When Susan looked back, she licked her lips. and said, “You’re so sexy, Mother. You are going to be such an amazing fuck, I just know it.”

Marion blushed.

“Can you really still be bashful, after all you’ve done, after all the Hive has made you do?” Susan lifted Marion’s chin so they made eye contact. “You do know you’re going to get the fucking of your life tonight, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Marion whispered.

“Then kiss me again. Kiss me like you want it more than anything.”

As Marion grinded her lips against her daughter, she rubbed her hands against Susan’s back, arms, ass and legs. The kiss went on and on, and Susan moaned as Marion pressed her body against her youngest daughter. Finally when Marion pulled back Susan smiled appreciatively, looking at her mother’s suddenly erect nipples. “Maybe you do want it,” she said, her eyes shining.

When Marion turned away, Susan admired the large, pulsating rider between her shoulders. It provided an interesting contrast to her well rounded ass. Marion’s double golden brands shone brightly, making Susan smile. Susan loved the fact that the Hive had taken over her mother’s body, as well as the one on her own. Only the Hive could have turned her mother into a willing and eager partner whose sexy body Susan intended to enjoy quite fully in the coming days.

All throughout dinner Susan gave her a smile filled with hungering, a smile filled with promises of more to come. It was the kind of smile Marion had seen before, but not on her daughter. She had seen that same smile on Paul’s face, on nights right before he was in the mood to… the mood to… but they didn’t do that anymore. Now Paul had been conditioned to love Chloe, and Susan….

Susan had been assigned to seduce her Mother.

For a moment, a brief moment, Marion’s own thoughts broke through and she realized what she had done. She had put a rider on her husband and lost him completely to another woman. She had enslaved all three of her children. And now the Hive was trying to condition her to fall in love with her youngest daughter.

And then her rider, pulsating on her back, sent tendrils into her mind, and reassured her how wonderful this all was. It was good to be part of the Hive. It was good to have surrendered her family to the Hive. It was the best thing she ever could have done. Marion relaxed and smiled again.

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