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Brent’s Folly

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Sitting quietly in my living room I watch pretty people grace commercials. Their message is simple and direct, buy what they are selling and look just like them. I feel that it can be said that some of your diva class women are severely lacking in the bedroom department. Let’s face it; being pretty isn’t a passport for sexual expertise. That’s why I direct my attention to the real woman, the working woman with needs to be held, caressed and spoiled. My real woman wears regular underwear, and a simple bra. She has no need for thongs that cleave her butt cheeks, or steel that pierces her private parts. My lovely lady should feel comfortable in her body; thick or large is excellent but not too thin. Sitting in my living room I think about her and how I really don’t like super gorgeous women.

I once dated a woman named Carolyn with the most beautiful hazel colored eyes. Her smile would light up any room that happened to be honored with her presence. We dated for weeks before we had an encounter that would change my life forever. One October night after coming from an evening out we decided to head back to her place. After a long agreed upon wait, the time had come for us to make our relationship real. As I pulled into her driveway and parked; she slid her hand across my shoulder and lightly brushed my cheek sending tingles down my back and between my legs, but I had to get control of myself.

We stepped out of the car and walked up the drive holding hands.

“You are so beautiful,” I said looking into her almond shaped eyes

She turned and smiled gripping my left hand even tighter not saying a word.

Carolyn opened the front door and told me to have a seat. I sat down looking around at the pictures of her family, and unicorns that graced the walls and shelves. She adored unicorns and on our first date I gave her a crystal one to add to her collection. I sat there for what seemed like ages, before Carolyn emerged from the back wearing a sheer red gown with nothing underneath.

Her voluptuous body moved sensually under the gown as she walked into the room. Carolyn’s breast bounced and brushed lightly against the sheer fabric making her nipples swell. I loosened my tie and tried to stand up, but she pushed me back onto the couch. She smelled of Channel perfume and baby lotion. Her warm auburn hair with light blonde highlights was pulled into a pony tail, with one ringlet that hung in her face. She stood in front of me and slowly raised her gown over her hips, exposing her shaven spot. Then straddling me she pressed her yielding body close to mine.

Wrapping my arms around her I traced my fingers softly up and down her spine. I then placed my lips on her neck and began to make circles with my tongue. Her breathing quickened as I made my way to her mouth sucking first at her lips then exploring her mouth. I inhaled her fragrance of womanly musk and perfume. After I pulled her gown over her head and laid it across the back of the couch, I raised one of her D-cup breast high and began to lick at the sensitive flesh that lay underneath. Each time I made a pass with my moist tongue a moan escaped her lips.

Carolyn slowly slid off of my lap and stood up; beads of sweat covered her forehead and top lip as she helped me off of the couch. When I stood up I removed my jacket and pants leaving my shirt and tie in place. I turned Carolyn around and placed her in the same spot I was seated in. Kneeling before her I grabbed her left leg and began to lick at the soft spot right behind her knee. I could feel her muscles tighten and flex as I teased and tasted her leg. I gently made my way across her thigh and down ever so lightly to her moistened love.

First I kissed her erect nub then I nibbled at its engorged tip. I took carefully between my lips and tapped it with my tongue. Carolyn’s legs flew up as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Next I pursed my lips and sucked, savoring the juices there and inhaling her sent. I explored her deeply, first circling her thick lips nibbling each one and then probing her always ending with my tongue brushing her clit. Occasionally I would reach up and find an erect nipple to squeeze. The warm up was over and the real fun started.

I pulled my blue boxers down and stood up. The head of my penis glistened with precum as I removed my shirt and tie. I looked at Carolyn, whose face was now beet red as she held both of her thick thighs high in the air. Grabbing both ankles I lowered myself until my swollen head lay perched at her slick opening. I slowly eased my shaft in her sex and pulled out letting her muscles contract each time. Small gasp exited her mouth with each tease,

“Brent, baby you are making me so hot” she whispered

I kept pushing and pulling slowly making sure to grind against her when our bodies touched. Pulling out, I turned her over on the couch; her back curved inward pushing her swollen Kocaeli Escort lips outward. I buried my face deep between her thighs sucking at the wetness that lay there. Standing up I grabbed the base of my swollen manhood and entered her. I pushed rhythmically grabbing her buttocks and forcing them forward to get as close to her sweet spot as possible. The room started to become hotter as thrust after thrust propelled the couch forward and then down, banging the floor with a THUD. I felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm start deep in my sack and travel up my spine; I pushed faster and faster until I pulled out spraying cum all over her buttocks and thighs. After the living room we made love three more times; in the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

I used to think about Carolyn often. The way she would smile and how she would moisten her lips when we made love, but alas I wasn’t her type. So we broke up and now she is married to a trucker from Galveston. Oh well some women still believe in staying in your league, I don’t however. As an insurance specialist, I come in contact with people everyday. And I really just prefer a woman who isn’t stuck on herself.

I get up off of my couch and turn the television off. Then I turn on my stereo. Bony James is playing on 90.2 Fm. My watch says 8:15pm and its time to get something to eat. So I grab my coat and head down to Freddie’s to get a chili cheese foot long and a bag of chips. The drive downtown is relaxing as mellow jazz filters from my car radio and the city lights are fully lit. I used to love to ride into the city with one country girl I used to date named Edith.

Edith Ann Miller was a waitress at a Big Ray’s, a small diner on the outskirts of Birmingham Alabama. I stopped there every morning for two months to get a breakfast special and a large cup of coffee, when I still traveled for the claims department. Big Ray’s was one of the only restaurants you could still get a breakfast without its menu offering a “Lowcarb” or “Low fat” version. Each morning she would see me coming through the door and have my large cup of coffee waiting. I would always tip her very well and hence a working relationship was born.

One morning in particular I stopped at the diner and low and behold no Edith. I sat in my seat as a waitress who looked like she was 300 years old poured me a small cup of coffee with unsteady hands.

“Excuse me ma’am no offense, but where is Edith?”

The waitress placed the pot of coffee down on the table and pulled out her order book.

“Edith is off today, wadda have?” She asked her breath smelling of stale Pall Malls cigarettes and Velamints.

“Coffee is fine” I said almost gagging on the odor.

After a horrible cup of coffee and no breakfast, I walked up to the cashier and said,

“Here’s my business card with my number, please give this to Edith.

The cashier took the card and placed it in a tip jar with looked like a thousand others.

“No,” I said “This is real important.”

She then taped the card to the table the register sat on. It would be a week before Edith called. I was standing in the rain in downtown Birmingham when my cell phone rang. I answered it unable to see the number on the caller I.D.

“Hello,” I answered

“So let me guess you don’t like my service anymore?”

It took me a moment before the voice registered.

“Edith I couldn’t eat with out your pretty face in the morning?”

“Please, spare me” She said “when are you coming back?”

“I tell you what, how about you enjoy some service at a nice restaurant. Is that ok?”

There was a brief pause and then she said “Sure, how do I reach you?”

And a friendship was born.

Edith was a down to earth woman. She stood 5’4 weighed about 160 pounds with short blonde hair. She was not self-conscious about her weight and loved to flaunt her 38-32-39 shape. Our first date was at a restaurant named Krawley’s, they sold sea-food and had a fantastic salad bar. I had to stop her several times from cleaning off the table. Edith liked to experience new things, so we went a lot of different places. It didn’t matter what it was. Jazz, classical or rock music festivals. From art galleries to just plain ole Budweiser and a pizza, she enjoyed herself each time we went out. Late one night after riding around Atlanta’s Buckhead district we decided to get a hotel room. Uptown Inn was still open so I swung my car in the drive thru and got a suite.

We pulled into the parking garage got out and took the elevator to the 5th floor. Inside our room was a king sized bed with five pillows, a big picture window that overlooked Atlanta and a vase full of fresh flowers. Edith walked around the room like a kid in a candy store. She really liked the heat lamp in the bathroom and the whirlpool tub. After a quick shower and change of clothes, we ordered a Kocaeli Escort Bayan movie from the pay-per-view service and opened the mini-bar.

We sat at the foot of the king sized bed and drank screwdrivers, first with vodka then with gin. Edith laughed out loud at the movie that was playing. Suddenly she put her drink down, leaned over and gave me the wettest open mouth kiss. The mood went from jovial to serious in about 2 seconds; as I lifted her cotton white t-shirt over her head. Exposing the most perfectly round breasts I had ever seen. They were capped with gumdrop sized pink nipples and pale areola and seemed too perfect to be natural. I squeezed each one gently noticing how they gave under my touch.

Both of us jumped up off of the floor and climbed into bed. Edith turned off the television and directed her attention back towards me. She pulled my shorts down and wrapped her slender fingers around my thick shaft. First she kissed the sides and then in one swift move placed it into her mouth. I could feel her throat contract around the head and her serpentine tongue move around the pole. I crawled away from the sensation with the headboard being the only thing that stopped me from going any further.

The room began to spin as Edith’s expert mouth had me at its mercy. Sucking, licking and pumping with her lips. She finally pulled my erection out of her mouth and crawled up to the top of the bed. Lowering herself on top of my throbbing member Edith placed both hands on my shoulders and began to pump up and down, slowly at first then faster. Placing my hands on her hips I slowed her down as best as I could. I pulled her close to me and began to suck at her tanned breasts, nibbling at the nipples.

Edith slowed her bucking to a crawl. Her orgasm drew closer as her thrusting became more pronounced. I could feel her wetness, spread in my lap as she came once, twice then three times. I turned lifted her off of me and placed her flat on her back. I spread her legs wide and aimed at her sweet spot. Entering her patch I pumped away at her tight hole as she came again, each time she would bite her hand to keep from screaming.

When I felt she was ready I withdrew my dick and replaced it with my hot mouth. The sensation was too much for her, she screamed so loud that couple in the next room banged on the wall. She pulled away and bent down to tantalize me with her mouth. Edith fondled my tight sack with her left hand and pumped my shaft with her right. The pressure was immense as gob of semen shot out of the head and into her warm throat. I almost passed out. But she held tightly until I was soft and the spasms went away. After that night we dated for 6 months. It was when the company moved me back to Atlanta, we decided that we had some good memories and parted ways. I still call her every now and then.

It is amazing what you can remember when you are by yourself. The long drive has stirred up some good memories and some bad ones. I drive past the Uptown Inn and just look at all the cars parked on the outside. The crisp Atlanta night holds many secrets and Uptown’s is one of its vaults. Driving down Municipal Road to Freddie’s I notice a blue Ford F-150 parked on the side of the hot dog stand. Pulling closer I notice it was a woman who I have been trying to avoid, not because she is bad but because she touched me like no woman has ever before and her name is Rosalyn.

Rosalyn Blake stands 5’2 and has the most amazing green eyes. Her voice is soft and sensual and commands the attention of any straight male in earshot. She works on the third floor of Peterson and Dunn as a senior claims adjuster. Her job is simple make sure the company gets the right deal for the right money. I would see her walk down the hallway each morning around 9:45am for the daily briefing. Rosalyn was usually flanked by two junior adjusters. I liked to call them thing one and thing two. I didn’t like those guys they hovered around Rosalyn everywhere she went.

One bright June morning Rosa stuck her head in my office,

“Hey Brent,” She said in a thick Georgia accent “you like jazz don’t ya?”

I looked up from my desk to see this beautiful woman who filled my doorway with pure feminine sexuality.

“Like is not strong enough, love is more like it” I replied

“Well I have a couple of clients who I am taking to the Piedmont Jazz Festival, would you like to go as my guest?”

“Sure” I said wondering who told her I liked jazz anyway.

A week later we met each other at the festival, we were dressed in black jeans and company t-shirts that commemorated the annual festival. The night air was filled with the soulful sounds of Chic, Stanley and Branford. The mood was almost surreal as Rosa, sat next to me and asked me to explain the different types of music to her. Later that night she bought 300 dollars worth of C.D.’s and got three Escort Kocaeli autographs; needless to say she was hooked.

Later that month she invited me to go to different clubs with her, featuring one night performances. I enjoyed having this highly attractive woman at my side. She loved the jazz scene and wondered how she missed out. A month of club hopping and drinking, led to long conversations about our personal lives, then the inevitable happened.

Rosa showed up one Friday night at my condo. She was dressed in a burgundy mini-skirt with matching heels, a satin white blouse with sheer bra and wore her chestnut colored hair down. I was impressed; I didn’t think she could get any prettier. Rosa stood in the center of my living room and kicked off her heels.

“Tonight, let’s listen to your jazz collection and get naked.”

I was taken aback, but now wasn’t the time to get all mushy.

“Lets” I replied casually, feeling myself become dizzy

We listened to be-bop, swing and fusion all while sipping wine and trying to guess who was playing when the tracks changed. Time flew past and my collection was slowly piling up on the floor. Rosa stood up taking off her jewelry and unbuttoning her blouse.

“Aren’t you going to help?” She asked

I stood up and walked around behind her. I undid the buttons at the top of her blouse then, I unzipped her skirt. She shimmied out of her outfit to reveal a soft supple shape. I ran my hands across her shoulders and around to her front to stroke her breasts. She turned slowly and placed her arm around my neck. We kissed and stroked each other until I couldn’t take it anymore. I put on Bitches Brew by Miles and went to work. I picked Rosa up and carried her to the bedroom where, I laid her gently on the bed.

I turned her over and lifted her hair in the back of her head, licking from the base of her neck to the small of her back. She let out an “oooh” as my hot mouth snaked its way down her back. I grabbed the back of her satin panties with my teeth and pulled them down, to expose her round freckled butt. She liked to be licked. Rosa would moan as I teased the small of her back, the cleft of her ass and the backs of her legs. When I reached the bottom I tasted each one of her manicured toes.

My member became hard as Russian math and throbbed. I turned her over to reveal a neatly trimmed chestnut patch. I slid my way on top of her and stopped when my head became even with her breast. I let my mouth explore the spaces between each breast and the sides, being careful not to touch the nipples. I was saving the best for last. I moved up to her neck, biting at the sensitive flesh that lay there. I ran my hot mouth across her throat and back down her chest. All the way to the musky wet sex that rested between her thighs.

I savored her moist patch and sucked at the supple flesh on the inside of he legs. Rosa tried to pull away, but I grabbed her thighs to make sure she got the full effect. Turning her over on her stomach, I spread her ass cheeks and stuck my tongue deep inside of her sex from the back. That is when she started to cry out,

“Damn Brent, I am about to cum…” her words trailed off as I continued to rotate my tongue and suck with my lips. She began to orgasm and backed into my mouth increasing the pressure to her clit. Suddenly my mouth filled with her warm sticky cum,

“Ahhhh, give it to me” she yelled. I held on as she bucked against my face holding on to the headboard for leverage.

She collapsed into the bed and pushed her head in my pillow. I wiped my mouth then climbed behind her. This is where the fun would begin. I placed her into the doggie position and entered her, her muscles contracted then clamped down hard on my dick. At first I thought she was coming again but she wasn’t. She had excellent control over her muscles. No matter how soft or hard I pushed it felt as if she was milking the head of my penis. I placed her on her back and raised her legs high, it only made matters worse. I couldn’t control it the pressure was too much in my balls,

“Shit, I am about to cum” I said

Rosa pulled me out of her sex and placed me in her mouth. She wasn’t as talented as Edith but she was mighty close. Her tongue circled the head of my cock as little waves shot thru me and into her mouth. She held it in her mouth and then spat it all over her chest.

We would have many more encounters like that. It would seem that with the sex as good as it was we would have made a good couple. But sex is only part of a relationship; trust and honesty comprise the rest of it. Rosa however was scared of any relationship. She had a light switch love mentality, she could turn her emotions on and off in a twinkling of an eye. I drove past Freddie’s and decided not to stop after all. You would think with all the hotdog places in our great city she would go somewhere else. I made my way down Memorial Ave thinking about the Vice president who is now listening to jazz and having a great time with Rosa. I just want to tell him, have fun while it last. Rosa is only going to break your heart. When I make it to the next hotdog shack, I noticed the cutest red head and thus my folly begins again.

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