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Broken Days

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Kendra moved along the beach, slowly, letting the cold ocean water slip noiselessly over her naked feet as the tide began to come in. Raising her head, she peered out over the ocean, watching the sun set upon the water, shooting off rays of yellow, red and violet across the water’s surface.

It had been a long week, she had missed Michael horribly, and knowing that he may never be coming back to her was one of her worst fears. He had gone out of town, on another of his endless musician’s tours, but this time, before he left, he told her that they needed to part ways, to see other people, because they were getting too close too fast.

Those were the words that she had feared for a very long time, and yet, when he spoke them to her that night, she almost expected them.

Once the sun had set, she moved back inside her beach side home and plopped down upon the sofa, picking up the remote control to flip through the channels. As she finally found something that sounded remotely interesting, there was a sudden loud knock on her door. Sighing heavily, she clicked the television off and moved to open the door.

To her surprise, there stood Michael’s best friend Jon, whom she had known almost as long as she had known Michael himself. “What?” she asked sarcastically with a slight roll of her eyes.

“Nice way to greet me,” he smirked, “You gonna’ invite me in or what?”

Moving out of the way, she motioned for him to enter and closed the door behind him. “Whatever you have to say, I’m not really interested in hearing, so you really wasted a trip over here,” she stated before moving to the kitchen to grab a beer from the refrigerator.

Jon followed her, Konya Escort taking an approving look at her firm, tight ass that was encased in a very tight pair of daisy dukes. He had always found the girl to be extremely hot, and was only waiting for the right time before being able to make his move. Seeing as though Michael was his best friend, he had to wait for the right time before expressing his thoughts about getting into Kendra’s pants.

As she bent over to get into the refrigerator, Jon moved up behind her, pressing himself against her. She smiled, though he couldn’t see, “Um, and what is it that you think you are doing?” she asked before standing and turning to face him.

“Makin’ you uncomfortable?” he asked with a smile now moving his hands to sit upon her hips as his smoldering gaze held hers. “You can’t tell me that you haven’t noticed the way that I look at you,” he stated slowly, “Michael was a major fuck up, he screwed up, and now I want to be the one that reaps in the benefits,” he grinned, moving slowly towards her to kiss her deeply.

Kendra didn’t move away from that kiss, it was exactly what she was needing right now. She needed to feel wanted and needed and the way that Jon was kissing her was enough to get her juices flowing once again.

Her eyes closed, she placed the beer bottle down upon the countertop and slipped her arms around his shoulders, pulling herself closer to him. Her firm breasts were pressed against the cool leather of his jacket, and since she was braless, her nipples responded positively. Moaning softly, she pulled back from the kiss, “What took you so long?” she murmured as she nibbled upon his lip.

Instead Konya Escort Bayan of answering her, he took an appreciative look up and down her body, noticing how each swell of her breasts rose and fell with every breath that she took. “Good God, you are such a turn on, babe,” he whispered.

With a smile, Kendra moved her hands up his chest, removing his jacket at the same time, watching as it fell to the floor. Their lips met again with growing desire, their breathing becoming more and more ragged as their passion grew in intensity. In a swift, fluid-like movement, Kendra moved to her knees, Jon’s zipper mere inches from her face as she slowly lowered it, reaching inside for what she really wanted.

She was not disappointed. Jon’s cock was already hard, the head was purple and bulging. She lowered her mouth, letting the tip of her tongue emerge from between her lips, making small, circular motions along the head of it, before submerging it’s entire length into her mouth, loving the way that it felt hitting the back of her throat.

Jon’s eyes closed as a deep, hungry groan escaped from his lips, his hand tangling in her long, dark tresses. Her lips were like magic, and her tongue was the wand as she brought him closer and closer to an amazing climax, but before he reached it, he pulled back, having a deep need to bury his shaft deep within the warmth of her wet pussy.

Quickly, he removed her shirt, admiring her beautiful breasts, then taking each one of them into his mouth, sucking hard upon them as her nipples hardened against the roof of his mouth. In the meantime, his hands were working on removing those tight denim shorts Escort Konya and before too long, she was standing before him naked.

“I’ve waited for so long,” he murmured huskily, his need to have her so great, that he couldn’t hold back any longer. With one arm, he swiped everything clear from her kitchen table, then picked her up, placing her upon it, her legs spread open wide to greet him.

Kendra had a smile of deep satisfaction upon her face as Jon moved toward her, his jeans around his ankles, his t-shirt still in place.

Gripping his throbbing member in his right hand, he toyed with her opening, wanting her to beg him for it, his eyes burning into hers, words not being needed at all.

“Please…fuck me,” she moaned softly, her fingers entwining themselves around his shirt, attempting to pull him closer to her. Finally, Jon plunged his hard cock deep within her, Kendra’s head tipping back even further as she cried out his name, never imagining a man could make her feel so good in such a short period of time.

Repeatedly, Jon slammed himself into her, gripping her hips tightly, the expression on his face one of determination to make her feel better than she had ever felt in her lifetime.

Soon enough, Kendra was panting, screaming out his name as wave after wave of erotic pleasure moved through her, her hips grinding against his, meeting every thrust.

“God yes!” she cried as she came over and over again, her legs trembling from the intensity of the emotion that was filling the room.

“Do you want me to come?” he asked through gritted teeth. She nodded, but moved so that she could take his hard cock into her mouth once more letting him shoot his entire load down her throat as she swallowed every last drop. Sucking slowly and leisurely upon it, her eyes holding his.

Once their passion had subsided, she smiled and stood once more, kissing him deeply. “And again…” she smiled, “What took you so long?”

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