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Brother Brad

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Ashley Danielle

I deliberately tried on my newest, skimpiest, string bikini in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom that hot Saturday morning in June, leaving the door to my room completely open, knowing that my brother Brad would have to see me modeling on his way to the shower at the end of the hall. He was just 18 at the time, I was 21, and back from college graduation. I was living at home and looking for a permanent job. Brad had his usual summer job at the beach as a lifeguard.

There were just the two of us at home, both parents were working.

So much had changed in our bodies and minds over the last few years. My baby brother had turned into quite a fox: cute, muscular, and with just a touch of shyness which really turned me on. I was used to the bold and crude guys, but they didn’t get my motor running as much as the guys with a touch of softness in them.

Whenever I felt up my pussy and clit, masturbating and fantasizing about ideal guys, they were always the sweet ones who needed a little prodding and would then come on like lions once they were aroused and their cocks were throbbing for release, deep inside my sugar walls.

This bathing suit had the newest push-up top, and it was really pulled tight across my boobies, showing lots of warm, inviting flesh.

Practically all that was covered were my nipples. I know nothing which gets the average guy sexually aroused faster than a look at some deep, soft, tempting cleavage, and it was my intention this morning to seduce Brad, the young hunk who was also my brother.

I had seen him earlier in the week going to work, and the outline of his cock and ass in his tight bottoms looked just luscious. It didn’t take me more than a minute to decide right there that I’d have to have him off.

I had been feeling myself up all night, playing with my wet pussy, drifting off to sleep, and then awakening again with my hand in my slit, thinking of what I’d do with that body of his once I got him into my bed, and masturbating some more. I’d begin playing with myself right there in the right places, imagining his nice young cock pumping me good. It was so intense! And when I finally fell asleep it was his cock that I dreamt about.

I turned to face him just as he was going by the door to my room.

“Hi, Brad,” I said in my softest, cheeriest, and most playful and seductive voice.

He paused, looked in, and smiled when he saw me in my barely dressed bikini.

“Hi, Julee, what’s up? Escort Kız Wow, you’re looking good in that.”

I smiled back, and replied, “Really? Thanks. You’re sweet.” I beamed at him. “Can I ask you a question? Come in,” I said, gesturing to the upholstered chair sitting in front of the mirror.

He did come in and sat right down. When I stood by him, his face was at the same level as my crotch. I was creaming already, and I hoped he got a strong whiff of my woman’s excitement, the most powerful and natural aphrodisiac known to man. You can usually tell by looking for the telltale, subtle flare in a guy’s nostrils that he’s picked up your scent. From then on, he’s usually putty in your hands and you can have him any way you like. Young guys are such predictable slaves to their sexual needs and hungry, insatiable cocks.

He was looking appreciatively at the mounds of flesh beneath my bikini top. The poor thing. As a normal guy, he couldn’t help it, even if I was his sister.

“What cha doin’ today?” I asked.

“Oh, going to work this afternoon. Down at the beach, you know.”

“Uh, huh. Have a date tonight?”

“No, I was going to hang out with the guys. We thought we’d hit that new club which opened up near the boardwalk and check out the babes.”

That was my brother, always checking out the babes. And right then he was checking out me, his older sister. I had heard that lots of guys have secret sex fantasies for their older sisters, and I hoped that Brad did, too.

“So, how’s your sex life, little brother?” I dared to ask him.

“Well, uh, it could be better I guess…”

“You’re not giving yourself enough credit, Brad. With your looks you should be doing great with the girls. I mean, if you weren’t my brother I could go for you myself.”

He just looked at me, surprised.

“I mean, I could still go for you, even though you are my brother.”

“I could go for you, Julee,” he said, his voice a little tight, “especially… the way you look in that bathing suit…”

He was overwhelmed by his young hormones and didn’t really realize what he was saying.

“Oh, that is so nice of you to say!” I replied. I smiled broadly at him. I reached out and ran my hand down the side of his face. As I did I noticed his cock starting to grow and bulge in the crotch of his short pajama bottoms.

I leaned down and kissed him right on the lips as my hand dropped to his cock and I squeezed it and his balls ever so gently.

“What are you doing?” he exclaimed, confusion mixed in with his arousal.

“Umm, shhh, shhh…” I replied as I kissed him again, harder this time. He began to kiss me back.

I slowly pulled him up and led him over to my bed. I pushed him down on it. I kissed down his neck and chest and tight abs and hooked my fingers into the waistband of his pj’s. With a quick move I pulled them down and off his legs, exposing his erect cock and cute set of balls. I couldn’t delay any longer. This was my dream coming true. I immediately began to kiss and lick and suck on my baby brother’s cock and balls.

They were so hot and soft and tender that I had to devour them with my hands and lips and tongue.

He was moaning and moving his hips as I gave him oral sex.

I loosened my bikini top and let my breasts fall free. He reached out to touch and fondle them. I moved up so he could have them in his face. He began to suck on them, first one then the other. I loved the feeling of his mouth on my boobs.

I rolled over on my back and pulled him on top of me, our mouths meeting in a deep kiss and his hard muscles pressing against my large, soft breasts. I asked him to pull off my bottoms and he did, his eyes going really wide when he saw my naked, excited pussy.

Inevitably his erection found my wet, waiting slit and he entered me with his hard cock. Then instinct took over and he began to thrust into me. It was obvious from the look on his face that he was in ecstasy. So was I. His hardness felt even better than I imagined it would.

I had fantasized about this and him so many times in the previous few days that I felt like we had done this many times before.

He continued to thrust into my hot wet slit, slowly at first, savoring the pleasure, then in greater earnest as his orgasm began to build and he craved release.

I spread my legs far apart and arched my back, meeting his thrusts with my womanness. His cock inside of me, moving in and out of me, felt divine. I began to moan in satisfaction as we continued to fuck, brother and sister, a perfect physical and emotional match for each other.

I did my best to clench my pussy muscles and hold his cock as tightly as possible, to increase the friction and pressure and increase his pleasure and my own.

Then his muscles tensed up a lot and he released all of his built up come inside of me. Oh, the feeling was heavenly. He groaned and continued to pump me for about a minute, then finally he collapsed upon me with his beautiful young body, satiated.

“Oh, Julee, that was amazing. Thank you. You are amazing. What a beautiful, sexy sister I have. Thank you.”

I held him close, savoring his pleasure and so happy to have given it to him.

He buried his face in my breasts, kissing them and resting his head upon them.

I hadn’t reached my moment yet, but that was okay, I knew I would in just a few minutes more when he grew aroused again and we began a second round of fucking.

And I was very right. When he pushed his cock inside my pussy again, it was only a few minutes before I came so hard I literally saw stars. I held him tight after he spewed his come inside me a second time, and then it was my turn to thank him.

We lay there for awhile, luxuriating in our incestual delights, sister and brother locked in a conjugal embrace, tasting the delights of forbidden sex.

We fucked each other constantly all summer, experimenting with all kinds of sexual adventures, including oral sex, anal sex, golden showers, and even some light bondage.

Once I even invited a close girlfriend, Carol, over for his birthday and we both had sex with him and then loved each other while he watched. He really adored that and begged us to repeat it for him over the next several weeks. We were glad to oblige. I got so turned on and titillated seeing how hot our lesbian passion made him. His cock was practically insatiable then. He must have come at least a half dozen times within a couple of hours when he was having both of us one afternoon.

Carol and I would start out with some deep kissing and hugging, then move on to breast kissing and sucking, then finally the oral sex, until we brought each other off good. Then we’d move on to him where we’d give him tandem blowjobs and invite him to fuck both of us in turn as we got on our hands and knees, our asses and pussies in position for his hard young cock.

Carol was so impressed with his stamina that she started calling him “the sex machine.” He loved that and took it as a compliment, which of course it was.

Brad enjoyed both of us individually and as his own personal harem.

As for “checking out the babes” he did lots of that as well, but for that summer, we pretty much had his undivided attention. When we were finished ravishing him, there wasn’t much left to go around for the other girls. And we never heard one single complaint from my brother. I guess he was happy with our service. I know that we were more than happy with his. 😉

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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