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Brother-In-Law’s Big Feet

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I always had a thing for my brother-in-law. How could I not? He was around 6’2″, 170lbs, pecs that made his shirt stretch over his nipples. He had dark hair that was a mix of brown and orange along with beautiful blue eyes. What really got me worked up was the way he wore gym shorts for all occasions. They were always thin and he made no effort to hide what was in them. I can’t even count the amount of times I saw the outline of his head or the impression of his balls hitting his shorts when he moved quickly.

I had just turned 20 this summer, 12 years younger than he was, and was about 5′ 8″ and 140lbs. We definitely weren’t very similar physically.

I received a call from him on Friday and he had asked if I would help him do some yard work the next day for a little money. I may have said yes a little too quickly. He said we’d need to start nice and early to avoid working in the heat all day and that he’d stop by after work today to pick me up.

5:15 came around and I heard a honk outside and jogged out to his truck. I opened the passenger door and gave him an awkward hello. Without fail he was wearing light gray gym shorts which clashed horribly with his shoes. He was wearing black socks with a bit of band around the ankles that featured a Nike swish. Wrapped around his socks were a pair of well-worn timberland boots. They had been a light tan but had become so scuffed and marked that they were turning brown.

My mind was racing while imagining what it’d feel like to put my feet in them after he takes them off after a day at work. Would they still be warm? A little damp from his sweat? That stayed on my mind until we arrived at his house.

My sister was gone for the weekend, taking my nieces to an out of state softball tournament. The evening was pretty normal and then finally 9 o’clock beşiktaş escort rolled around.

“Well, you’re free to the couch or the floor,” he said. “I’m gonna get a shower taken and head to bed myself. Feel free to watch some TV.”

The door to the bathroom was in perfect view from the couch. I tried to pretend I was interested in a show on TV, but I kept looking out of the corner of my eye. He pulled his boots off and sat them next to the door and then walked inside the bathroom. A minute later I heard the water running and then the sound of the curtain closing. I couldn’t resist.

I walked over to his boots as quietly as I could. I grabbed the first boot and felt it was still warm. I folded up the tag to see what size it was. 14!! I knew he had big feet, but damn. Silently I slide my size 8.5 feet into his boots. I couldn’t believe how warm and roomy they were. I could feel my penis starting to slowly rise up.

As much as I didn’t want to, I pulled the boots off. I didn’t have a way to hide myself if I had gotten a full erection. I placed the boots back and laid down on the couch. Eventually I heard the water shut off and soon after the door opened. He came out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped low around his hips, showing off what must have been a prominent V when he was younger. Running down from his bellybutton was a nice thicket of dark brown hair touched with a bit of orange. I had to fight hard to keep from staring.

“I’m headed to bed, man. See you in the morning.” He walked back to his bedroom and closed the door.

Awhile later I was getting pretty sleepy but my bladder was telling me I couldn’t sleep yet. I grumpily got up and went to the bathroom. I took a piss and then started to walk out when I noticed the laundry basket. şişli escort Right on top were the socks I saw him wearing earlier. Just touching one made my penis start rising again. I decided this was my chance for some fun. I kept the sock and headed back out to the couch. I was totally hard by the time I laid down just from thinking about what I was going to do.

I pulled down my shorts and my boxers to reveal my moderately sized dick. I took the sock and rolled up the ankle band a bit and then put my cock inside. It was perfect. My balls fit right in the heel of the black sock and my head pressed against the toes. The sock had been worn through in parts. Some places feeling silky smooth while other bare spots revealed my dick. I tried to pace myself so I could extend the opportunity I had, but it was too difficult. Imagining his huge feet being in this tight worn sock quickly had me dumping my seed into it.

I laid there panting in my post orgasmic bliss. I reached down and pulled the sock off. It was definitely much heavier than when I started. In the faint light shining from the kitchen I could see a huge wet patch on the toes of the sock from where I left my load. I got up and walked the sock back to the laundry basket as my erection slowly softened. I slept peacefully that night.

I woke up the next day to a “Damnit!” He walked out towards the living room and I asked him what was wrong.

“Oh nothing, I’m just out of clean socks.” He headed into the bathroom and then I froze with shock as I realized what he was doing. He came back through the door holding his socks from yesterday and sat down on the chair across from me. He pulled on the first one without issue then he grabbed the other and his face wrinkled. “It’s soaked… Must have been from my rag.” bahçeşehir escort bayan I watched him pull on the sock over his large feet. There stretched around his toes was the big dark spot caused by last night’s spontaneous need to release myself. He then slid on his boots and asked me if I was ready to start working.

We worked outside for hours until the temperature got up to 97 degrees and yet we worked for several hours after that. When we were finally done, we came inside, exhausted and sat down. He promptly kicked off his shoes and laid back. It didn’t take long before the smell of sweaty feet and warm cum started to spread around. A look of confusion came over his face and he looked towards me. I didn’t know what to say so I just tried to look at him as blankly as possible.

“Well,” he said, “I’m gonna go change real quick and then I can take you home.”

He came back a few minutes later wearing a tank with deep holes for the arms. I could see his hairy pits and his nipples peeking out. He was wearing a pair of silky red gym shorts and I had to wonder if he even wore underwear with as prominently as I could see his head. His long toned legs ended in his bare size 14 feet. He walked over to the shoes and put them into a pair of Nike slides.

“Let’s ride,” he said.

It was a quiet ride back and he carried my bag inside for me.

“Thanks for everything,” he said.

“Absolutely,” I told him and held my hand out.

“Family hugs!” He wrapped his arms around me and his big chest pushed heavily against me.

What happened next I’ll always remember. One of his hands slowly trailed down my back until it rested on my ass. He gave it a squeeze while at the same time he gave one small thrust and I felt his dick press up against my lower stomach. He held me like that for a few seconds and then pulled away. He reached in his pocket and pulled something out.

“So you can think of me until next time,” he said as he placed the black socks in my hand.

He gave me a wink and then walked out. The smell of my cum and his sweaty feet giving me a feeling of bliss as I watched him drive away.

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