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Brother to Brother Ch. 05

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DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. All characters involved are eighteen years of age or older. This series will include sex between brothers. Do not continue reading if you do not approve of incestuous relationships. Again, this work is fiction.


As I opened my eyes, I realized that Aiden and I must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms. He wrapped his arms around me trying to fully hold my wide frame as he laid his head on my chest. We had our legs in between each other with our soft dicks touching at the tip; it was the best sleep I had ever gotten. I moved down a bit, putting myself face to face with my sleeping brother. I kissed his closed lips as I ran my fingers through his soft hair. He was perfect to me.

Seeing his eyes open, I spoke, “Someone’s awake.”

He kissed my cheek, “How long have we been out?”

I kissed him back, “Only about two hours. I needed that nap.”

He laughed, “You’re telling me!”

I stared into his blue eyes then asked, “So what do you want to do now?”

He looked at me with a playful look, “Well…” He then ran his fingers along my torso, “I was thinking that you could fuck me again…If you’re not too tired.”

I gave him a devilish grin, “That’s the best idea you’ve ever had. And, Aiden, I’ll never be too tired for you. Do you want me to rim you first?”

Aiden bit his lower lip then playfully responded, “Nah. I still have your cum inside me, so we won’t need much lube.”

I kissed his cheek, “God, you’re such a dirty boy.”

He kissed back, “And I can’t wait to you have you inside me again. Now lie back and relax.”

I lied back and watched as he swung his legs around and straddled me. He taunted me for a bit, looking me in the eyes, knowing I was watching his every move. He then lifted himself up a bit, took my cock in one hand, and positioned it right below his cute little ass. Staring me down, he slowly lowered himself on it, moaning the whole way through. I watched as my brother sat down on my raging cock like an bursa escort expert. I saw in his eyes that he wanted this badly and I couldn’t wait to give him everything he wanted.

When he finally got in all the way in, he exclaimed, “That’s the stuff. Fuck Carter, it hasn’t even been three hours since you fucked me and I find myself craving for more.”

I grabbed his hands and held them in mine, “You can have it anytime you want, little bro. But are you sure you’re not too sore?”

He laughed, “Sore? God no, I could take this all day!” He slowly lifted himself, up, trying not to go too far up. I eagerly watched his motions…Aiden was just a surprise after another. He looked me straight in the eye and slide all the way down pretty quick, letting out a loud moan in the process. I exhaled, feeling his still tight ass against me. I swear, it’s like he wanted me to cum right then and there.

Aiden then took be my surprise, he started to bounce up and down on my cock. I could see him lift himself up with this strong legs and let go, sliding down. He was riding my dick, feeling every inch of me inside of him, jerking himself off…He was in heaven and so was I. The way he touched himself told me that this was turning him on, that riding my dick was a height of his sexual persona. Every now and then, he would stop and just sit down, keeping my meat inside him, even trying to spread his cheeks apart to get it all in there. God, he wanted it so bad.


To just say that I wanted Carter’s cock inside me was an understatement. The truth is I craved it once he pulled out. I was even tempted to tell Carter to keep fucking me after he came, but I knew that we needed to rest. It’s insane how quickly I had changed; how much lust and passion I had developed for my brother in just a short amount of time. It all started with that kiss and from then on, I had pictured him in a way that was purely sinful but so right at the same time.

I looked down and saw his eyes staring back at me, piercing me in the deep blue bursa escort shade that they were. I looked at him and examined him. Although we were always a few years apart, Carter always seemed to look older than me in every sense. He had those rugged good looks that captivated all the older girls and was now captivating me. I couldn’t help but continually moan as I slid down his cock, feeling him penetrate me and hit my sweet spot when I got all the way down. I swear that I could just sit on his dick for hours, just feeling him inside me. There was something about having it up there; it was like it belonged. I started to pant, growing tired from lifting myself up and down. Carter saw my fatigue and started to pump inside me, pushing his dick farther than I could. He stared right into my eyes the entire time, not looking away for a second, letting me know that he was watching my every move. I grabbed my aching dick and started to beat myself off, getting more and more aroused with every stroke. Knowing that I was at my peak, Carter pounded me with more force and soon I could feel his body tense up. His breathing increased, his cock tingled in my ass and suddenly my ass started to fill once more with his seed. He let out load moans as he relieved himself, trying to catch his breath and regain composure. The feeling of his warm cum was enough to get me going, and soon I blasted his chest with my warm cum. It was one of the best feelings ever. I lifted myself up a little, getting a few last thrusts in, before getting up and sitting on Carter. He took my hand that was drenched in my cum, brought it to his mouth and sucked my creamy load off of it. He displayed it on his tongue before swallowing it and licking his lips.

I asked, “How does it taste?”

He confidently answered, “Like nothing I’ve ever had.” We shared a laugh until he commented, “God, little bro. I can feel my cum dripping out your ass and onto me.”

I leaned in for a kiss and responded, “That’s all you bro”

Carter rubbed my chest and spoke, “Let’s bursa eskort go downstairs and eat something. I’m starving!”

I lied back and joked, “I don’t even know if I can walk after that!”

He quickly swooped my up with his hands and held me in his arms, “You won’t have to.”

There I was, in Carter’s strong arms as he carried me through the hallway and down the stairs. As we walked into the kitchen, he set me down on the counter and we stood there in a deep kiss for a few seconds. And there we were, in the kitchen and making lunch. Carter and I were there, cooking and talking about normal things. If it weren’t for the fact that we were stark naked, you couldn’t even tell that we had just done the deed. And part of me was glad that our relationship was more than just something physical. Here I was, talking to my brother like we had always done.


I couldn’t believe how fast things were going. And as I turned around to see my brother chopping away at vegetables, I almost forgot that we had been so passionate before. It was as if one minute I’m Carter, Aiden’s older brother who looks after him, plays around with him and is his voice of reason. Then the next minute, I’m holding him so close and so passionate, making love to him and seeing our lives flash before our eyes. It was something that I wasn’t used to. We did, in three days, what some couples take weeks to do. And yet, I’m standing here with him.

As we sat at the table and ate lunch, he looked over at me, “So what are we going to do now?”

I confidently replied, “As much as I would love fool around in the bedroom some more…and I would love to do that…Why don’t we go to a movie?”

Aiden raised an eyebrow, “A movie? So you’re basically asking me out on a date.”

I responded, “That I am.”

Aiden teased, “And here I thought my older brother had a little more game than a movie. Now don’t tell me all of your dates fall for the old ‘movie’ trick.”

I shook my head, “What can I say? It works every time.”

Aiden lifted his shoulders, “Considering we’ve done just about everything, I’d say there’s not much left to accomplish.”

I gave him a devilish grin, “You’ll see, little brother. Now finish up, we both could use a nice shower.”

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