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Butt Sluts Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: The Hostile Takeover

My name is Crista, am in my senior year of high school, am on the cheerleader squad, and until recently lived a fairly regular teenage life. The change started three months ago, when my “sister,” Tami, decided to make my life a whole lot more interesting.

Tami isn’t really my sister, but my cousin. My parents adopted her when she was three, after her parents died in a car crash. Tami is two years younger than I am, and is a real troublemaker. We look quite a bit different, she’s tall, almost six feet, and rail thin. I’m about five foot three, and have a little meat on my bones. Tami has her hair cut short and messy, and tends to bleach it white, or dye it purple or green.

Being a cheerleader, I keep my strawberry-blonde hair long and straight. I’m with the “in” crowd at school, and Tami doesn’t seem to have many friends at all. After pretty much growing up together, we refer to each other as sisters. We fight constantly, and it’s pretty much agreed that we hate each other.

My mom left us when I was 12, and our father works at an advertising agency, and goes on a lot of business trips. I’m 19, and Tami’s 18, so he really doesn’t worry about leaving us alone for a few days. He was on the second day of a five-day trip to Florida when Tami decided that my life needed a little spicing up.

Steve was a receiver for a school team across town. I tried not to date the boys in my school, as I didn’t want them to talk and ruin my reputation. I’d seen him a few times, and today was the day I was going to go all the way. He’s come over for lunch, and we were sitting naked on the couch starting to get into it. I’m no virgin, so I knew what I wanted. Steve had just started to go down on me when Tami came down into the living room. We were shaken out of our passions by the flash from a Polaroid camera.

“Wow,” she said, “you two certainly know how to spend a Saturday.”

I rushed to cover up. Steve sat there, dumbfounded. I started yelling. “Tami, get the hell out of here!”

“What, so you and boy wonder can get stains on the sofa? I don’t think so.”

“Hey!” Steve started to get up, but Tami gave him a look and he sat down in a huff.

“So Steve,” said Tami, pouring herself a drink behind the bar, “today’s the day you’re gunna give Crista the thrill of her life, huh?”

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“What am I talking about? I seem to recall you talking to your friends a couple of days ago on the 85 bus.”

“Hey! You’re that punk chick from the bus!’

“Hmmm. Yep. And I heard everything you told them. You’re a sick little bastard, aren’t you?”

“Look, bitch, you just shut your mouth.”

“No, I don’t think so, Steve.” Tami sat down in a chair facing us. “You see, I don’t know if Tami has told you what our father does?” Steve just shrugged. “He’s a state trooper. He’s gone a lot on highway duty, but he’s usually available on the radio. And I don’t think he’d be too happy to hear that some cross-town prep was in his house trying to fuck his daughter, do you?” Normally, I would have said something about our father not being a state trooper, but I was curious about what Steve had told his friends. Like I said, I’ve got to be careful about my reputation.

Steve just shrugged again, but was becoming visibly frightened. You don’t mess with the state troops in our town.

“So, Stevie, what was it that you were telling your friends? Refresh our memory a little bit.”

“Fuck you, bitch.”

“Oh, fuck me, huh? No, that wasn’t it.” Tami had the cordless in her hand. “Now try again, and remember that our dad is in the station today doing paperwork. Go on.”

“All right. I just said how righteous your sister was, and that I was coming here today.”

“Closer. Now the whole story.”

“That’s it!”

“Look, I heard it Steve, so don’t try to snow me. If you do as I say, maybe I won’t call our dad.”

“Ok.” Steve was starting to sweat, and was looking pretty scared. I guess he had visions of our dad finding out about him and me naked on the couch, and breaking his legs or something. “I said that your sister was a real wild fuck.”


“And had a great set of tits.”


“And sucks a mean cock.”

“I never sucked your cock!” I squealed

“Crista, shut up.” Tami was very serious. She also seemed to really enjoy torturing Steve.

“What else, Steve?”

“I said that she had a killer ass.”

“What else about her ass, Steve?”

“Look I’m not gunna sit here and answer all your stupid questions.”

Yes you will Steve. You see, Crista and I aren’t particularly happy with you right now, and I’ve got this picture of you and her that our father would be very interested in.”

Steve got a look on his face that was pure anger held in check by enormous amounts of fear.

“So, I think that you’re gunna do whatever I say, and perhaps I’ll make sure this picture doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Deal”

“Deal.” Steve whimpered.

“I said Cebeci Escort do we have a deal?” Tami shouted.

“Yes!” Steve blurted out. “I’ll do whatever you say!”

“Good. Maybe our dad won’t bust your knees.” Tami paused. “Now, what was it exactly that you told your little friends on the bus?” Steve gave up resisting.

“I said that your sister was one hell of a cock-sucker, and that today I was coming over here to fuck her.”

“What about her ass, Steve?”

“I said that her ass was so fine that I was going to come over here today and fuck her in it.”

“Good boy, Steve. You get a Scooby-snack. Now Crista, were you going to let this prick fuck you in your ass?”

“No!” I squealed.

“Then little Stevie here was either going to come over and do it anyway, or he just likes talking big in front of his little friends.”

“Look!” shouted Steve, “I said some shit I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry. I’ll keep my mouth shut in the future!”

“That’s for sure.” Said Tami flicking the photo before placing it up on the mantle. “Stand up.”


“I said stand up!” Tami wasn’t kidding around.

Steve stood up, still naked. I smiled and tried to hold back a giggle.

“You too, sunshine.” She was talking to me.

“What do you mean stand up? He was the jerk! I’m the victim here!”

“You’re always the victim aren’t you, bitch?” Tami was fuming now. “You didn’t make head cheerleader, and you were the victim. You didn’t make homecoming queen, and you were the victim. Blah, blah, blah. You’re room is full of stuffed animals that dad has to buy you every time you’re the victim. I am so sick of your shit!” She was starting to scare me. If dad found that picture he’d probably keep me from going to the prom. “Now stand up, bitch!”

I stood up, covering myself as best I could.

“Turn around, princess.” I turned around. I had no idea what Tami was doing.

“Now let’s see.” Tami came up next to me, facing Steve. She put her hands on my ass.

“Hey!” I yelped.

“Shut up!” Tami yelled, and then slapped my bare ass, hard.

“Is this what you wanted, Steve?” Tami Started stroking my butt. I just clenched my teeth and let her. I’d get her back later, after I got a hold of the evidence. Besides, she was just dicking with us.

“Not a bad choice, Steve. It really is a nice ass. I can see why you’d want to fuck it.” She spread my cheeks and ran her finger over my butt hole. “If I were you, I’d want to stick my cock right in there too.” She ran her finger over my clit, through my pussy and over my butt hole again.

“Hey!” I yelped and tried to squirm away.

Tami slapped my ass again, harder than before, and grabbed my hair. She twisted it up in her fist, and pulled my head back to face her.

“I said shut up! Both of you will shut up and do exactly what I say, and do what I tell you to do, or I will ruin both of your lives! Get it? Tami’s in charge here!”

She threw my head down, and the roots of my hair started to sting where she had pulled. I thought about it for a moment and realized that Tami could really make my life a living hell. I had built up a reputation as the perfect girl, both to my father and to the people at school. She knew all my little secrets, and could ruin everything if she wanted to. Tami, on the other hand, had nothing to fear from me. No one really seemed to care much about her, and I had no idea what she did, well, ever. She went out a lot, but I had no idea where she went and what she did. She probably hung out at punk clubs, but that wouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. I had no doubt she’d actually go through with it, as I said before, we hate each other. I decided to go through with what she wanted.

Tami let me go and stepped towards Steve.

“More your hands, Stevie.”

Steve moved his hands, and he dick popped out into view. Tami took another step towards him and knelt down slightly to get a better look at his dick.

“So this is the dick you wanted to stick in my sister’s ass. Hmmm. I really don’t know, Steve.” Tami paused and looked up at Steve. “At least it’s small enough that she probably wouldn’t feel it.”

“My cock is plenty big, bitch!” I felt that it was a good sort of size myself.

“Well, where I come from, that’s not much of a wiener, Stevie. You really think that cock is nice enough to fuck my sister’s virgin ass?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well then, what would you say if I told you that if you had a nice enough cock, I’d let you fuck her in the ass?”

I started to say something, but a look from Tami shut me up.

“I’d ask you exactly what you were talking about, Tami”

“If you can prove to me that you are worthy of taking my sister’s ass, I might just let you have it.”

“And how could I do that?”

“You’d do mine first. My way. If you do it even half as badly as I expect you will, I’ll let you do hers.”

“Okay!” Steve was visibly excited. His cock started to grow. “I can do that!”

“No, Kolej Escort you little perv, you’ll do it my way. I promise you that you want like it anywhere near as much as you expect.”


Tami got up and grabbed the picture.

“I’ll be back in two minutes. Neither one of you go anywhere, and Steve, I want that dick hard when I get back, or else.”

Tami grabbed out clothes and ran upstairs. Steve just stood there stroking his dick. I sat down on the couch and covered up again. We both tried to say something, but there wasn’t really anything to say. Just quickly as she had left, my sister returned.

Tami was stark naked. Her tits were smaller than I thought they would have been, and her nipples were rock hard. Her pubic hair was completely missing save a small diamond of purple fluff about an inch above her slit. She stretched out in the doorway.

“See, I’m a natural purple-head. Now Crista, stand up.”

I did as she said. She turned me around and pushed me back onto the sofa so that I landed on my knees, bent over the tall arm of the sofa. She straightened me out and spread my legs.

“Now Crista,” Tami whispered loud enough for all of us to hear, “I want you to watch over your shoulder and rub your sweet little cunt while Steve tries to please my with his pathetic little boner.”

I hesitantly started to rub my pussy, and Tami examined my technique for a moment before gabbing my hand and making me do it harder, and open up my pussy a little.

“Better.” She said. “Now Steve, let’s see that dick.”

Steve was standing there stroking his dick, his teenage hormones making it red and swollen. Tami produced a small red tube.

“Now Steve, if you were a real man, we wouldn’t need this.” She opened the tube and squirted some pink gel into her hand. I could faintly smell strawberry. She walked over to him, and grabbed his dick, covering it in the gel. She then got on her knees and with her face just inches away from his dick, blew on it gently.

Steve winced. “That burns!” He yelped.

“Don’t it though. It’ll keep doing that as long as it’s exposed to air.”

“Then do something about it!”

“Like what Steve?”

“Get a cloth!”

“No. I think I’ll just put it up my ass. Come here.”

Tami Bent over the other end of the couch, feet on the floor, facing my ass. My head was cranked around as far as it would go, watching her.

“Now watch, Crista. If Steve does this right, he’ll do this to you next.” Tami turned to Steve. “Now put it in me, pervert.”

Steve shuffled up behind Tami and looked to be stroking his dick over her pussy and ass. Suddenly, Tami’s hand snapped up and she grabbed Steve by the balls. He winced and momentarily stopped breathing.

“No! You will not get your dick in my pussy or my sister’s. You blew it asshole. You get ass, and that’s it. If you try to stick your little guy there in my pussy again, I’ll twist your balls right of. Got it?”

“Yes.” Steve said, obviously in pain.

“Good now shove that cock up my ass.”

Tami raced around behind herself and spread her cheeks with her hands. Steve fisted his dick and managed to slowly push his way into her ass. Once he was all the way in, he stopped.

Don’t stop, asshole!” Tami yelled, “Get to it. Do it right or I’ll send you home with a burning set of blue balls.”

Steve started to pump in and out of Tami’s ass. She stared at me with glossy eyes. She wasn’t quiet very long.

“See that Crista, he’s fucking my ass. It feels so good. Oh wow.” She turned and faced Steve. “Come on! You can fuck me harder than that! Harder! Harder! I know you hate me, let me feel it!”

She slapped his balls, and Steve winced. His fingers dug into Tami’s bony hips and he started to really bang into her hard.

“Oh yeah!” She screamed. “Rub that pussy while he fucks me, Crista. I want to see pink!” I rubbed my clit harder. As scared as I was by this whole situation, I was starting to get aroused by the sight of Tami getting brutally ass-fucked and my fingers on my clit.

“Open that pussy up for us, Crista. Let Steve and I see that wet little hole of yours.”

I started to rub down lower on my pussy, opening my lips up and touching the wetness that had built up inside. At Tami’s request, I fished a finger into my pussy. It felt humiliating, but for some reason it still turned me on. Tami kept talking dirty to Steve and I, Telling me how good his cock felt in her ass and teasing Steve with dirty comments about my pussy. Suddenly, Tami pushed him away.

“I bet you’d like to taste that juicy pussy of hers, you little pervert.” Tami pushed him down on the sofa, his head between my knees. “Spread those legs a little more, Crista, Steve’s gunna lick that cunny of yours. Feel free to plant it right down on his face!”

I spread down a little lower, and just as Steve was about to start licking me, Tami pushed my ass down into his face. Steve let out a muffled noise.

“Ignore Rus Escort him, Crista, and let me know if he doesn’t do his job. I’ll fix him.” Tami punctuated that by grabbing Steve’s dick roughly and shaking it. Steve immediately started going at my pussy as hard as he could. “Now watch as I shove his pathetic little wiener up my ass!”

Tami got up on the couch and squatted over Steve’s cock, facing away from me. She grabbed his dick and sat right down on it, shoving it straight up her ass. She leaned forward and started to furiously bounce up and down on it. Steve struggled for a moment and managed to get to get my groin off of his face.

“Damn it! It doesn’t bend that way!” He squealed.

“Shut up!” Tami snapped back. “I’ll do it any way I want.”

With that, she shoved my ass back down again, and Steve resumed his work on my pussy. Tami just kept on fucking the cock in her ass, moaning and squealing.

“Can you see that, Crista?” She asked me. “Can you see how my ass is stretched open around his cock? It feels so good!”

Tami was right. Her ass was stretched wide open around Steve’s cock. She would occasionally lift completely off of it, showing her ass was dilated about an inch, and I could see right up her bright pink tunnel.

“Crista, you have got to try this!”

I started to panic. It hadn’t occurred to me that Tami would actually make me go through with doing it myself. All the arousal that I had started to feel suddenly disappeared and was replaced by fear. I had never even had a finger up my ass, let alone a cock. Tami was about to change all that.

Tami turned around and sat back down on Steve’s dick. Again it disappeared up her butt hole with no problem. Perhaps, I hoped, it’d be that easy for me, too. As she fucked Steve’s prick, she put a hand on my butt cheeks and spread them apart. As Steve sucked my cunt, Tami started to lick around my ass. Her mouth was hot and wet. He tongue gently licked around my butt hole, getting firmer and harder, thrusting into my ass.

“This isn’t so bad,” I thought, “I can handle this.”

That was until Tami started pushing her finger up my ass.

The feeling was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. It hurt a little, and felt a little weird. It hurt more and felt stranger when she put a second finger inside me. That too grew as she started to pull them apart and stretch my ass open. She pulled against the muscle, opening me up, and she licked inside me. She did this over and over again, until she was satisfied. Then she dropped the bomb.

“Everybody get up! I want to see a cock in this cute little virgin asshole!”

I started feeling queasy, but got up anyway. Tami laid down on the couch and grabbed my hips. She pulled me down on top of her in a 69 position. Steve knew what he was supposed to do. He got up behind me, and Tami grabbed his dick. She started to rub it over my ass and I tensed up. She continued to rub his cock over my asshole, but also started to lick my pussy. Her tongue was nothing lie Steve’s or any other I’d ever felt. I t was incredible. She found spots that even I didn’t know I had. She managed to distract me enough that I almost didn’t notice when she started to work Steve’s dick up my ass. As soon as it started to move past the beginning stage, however, I had no problem feeling it.

It was the strangest thing I’d ever felt. There was searing pain in my ass as Steve’s cock slowly pushed it’s way inside. But the incredible sensations that Tami was producing on my pussy were incredible. The combination was overwhelming. Steve started to pump in and out of my ass, and there was a whole new combination of sensations to try and cope with. I laid my head down on Tami, and felt tears start to well up in my eyes. I opened them to clear them and saw that my face was almost inches from Tami’s bare cunt. It was perfect, not one stray hair or trace of stubble. Her lips where thin, pale white, and the inside was pale pink. Almost perfect. Her pussy was tiny, no more than three inches from the top of her slit to the bottom. It almost didn’t seem like you could fit a cock in it without tearing it open. Small, like most of her features. But like her height, her clit stood out from under it’s hood. In the confusion of the situation, and the feelings that were washing over me, pleasure, pain, it all drove me to the conclusion that I just had to lick Tami’s clit.

I moved my head down and tentatively flicked my tongue across her clit. Tami jumped, I guess she was surprised. I slowly started to lick and suck at her though, trying to duplicate what she was doing to me. Steve continued to fuck my ass.

As the ordeal continued, the feelings started to change. Not change in how them felt, but change in how they affected me. What I had initially started to feel as pain, I started to like. Really like. With this new, strange, wonderful sensation growing around my ass, and Tami’s incredible tongue, I felt myself starting to come. The feeling grew and grew, and I was ready to explode. Surprising, though, the feeling just got stronger and stronger. It passed the point where it usually peaks for me, and kept growing. My body started to shake, and the muscles in my legs started to tense up. Tami quickly pushed Steve away, and his cock pulled out of me with a loud pop. Tami worked even harder on my pussy, and her fingers stroked at my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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