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California Nights Ch. 02

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Then Jane’s daughter, Katie, said something totally unexpected, “Hi Peter, didn’t expect to see you here or even again for that matter.” I was speechless. I had no idea how to respond to either the situation or to Katie’s comment. Katie didn’t wait for a response instead she came over to the bed and sat on it. “So what are you two up to?”

Jane gave her an “are you kidding me” kind of look and said, “Oh nothing, just laying around naked. You know, my usual Saturday morning affair.” There wasn’t even a hint of anger in either of their voices, not what I had moments before expected. Finally Jane looked at me and said, “What? You think mothers and daughters don’t talk about absolutely everything? Of course we do.”

“Everything?” I asked sheepishly.

“Pretty much,” Katie answered. I looked at her incredulously and wanting to ask if she’d said anything about our having slept together. Like she’d read my mind Katie said, “She knows.” I didn’t respond to that but I did have to pick my jaw up from the floor. “Ever since mom discovered me with a boy back in high school she made me promise to have no secrets. And we haven’t.” With that Katie sat down on the bed next to me and reached under the covers. As soon as she found my flaccid penis she said, “Aw, he needs attention.” And she pulled the covers down and enveloped me with her mouth. Needless to say my mind was spinning and running in a thousand different directions at that moment. I expected fireworks but got only a chuckle from Jane. Then Jane placed her hand on my upper thigh and rubbed close to where her daughter’s head was bobbing up and down. Needless to say I was hard very quickly.

Finally Jane said something to her daughter I wasn’t expect however I probably should have, “Honey, why don’t you take your clothes off and get comfortable.” Katie said nothing, released my cock and stood up to remove her clothes. She had no sooner released my cock when Jane’s mouth took over. This was almost too much for me to believe. Katie undressed herself seductively. When done she lay down next to me and kissed me quite passionately. It seemed to me it was more so than what she and I had done when we were alone.

I wasn’t şişli escort long before I could feel myself getting ready to come. Somehow Jane noticed too and quickly stopped sucking on me. I was just about to complain when she said, “Katie, why don’t you finish him off.”

I expected Katie to start sucking on me but instead she straddled my hips and slowly lowered herself onto my engorged cock. The pause between Jane’s sucking on me and Katie lowering herself onto me was just enough for me to regain some staying power. Still, considering the scene I found myself in I knew I wouldn’t last long. What happened next killed off all my remaining staying power. Jane first kissed Katie on her lips and of course it was anything but a motherly kiss. I saw Jane gently clutch Katie’s breasts and then lower her head to suckle on one of her nipples. At that moment I was done. Now I’m not one who is particularly vocal when he comes but at that moment I yelled out, “Oh my gawd I’m coming hard!” I could feel one of Jane’s hands right on the base of my cock as I came. She told me later she wanted to feel the power of my coming and she did. To this day I consider that one of the three most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. I’ll tell you of the others another time.

My coming, however, did not stop Jane and Katie from their lovemaking. As I watched them they looked more like two lovers than mother and daughter. Jane went from kissing her daughter’s neck, to kissing her on her lips and then back down to her breasts. Katie was writhing on the bed moaning under her mother’s touch, her eyes and her hands caressing either her mother’s breasts or sides as she was able.

Being rather self-centered I thought when I was done they’d stop too but they didn’t. If anything they seemed to be getting into it even more.

“Mom, you’re the best. Guys never do me like you do.” As soon as the words escaped her mouth Katie opened her eyes and looked up at me. I expected her to apologize and say something like present company excepted. Instead she said to me, “You were really good but mom knows me better.” As apologetically as she had said the words they still stung my ego. I didn’t know what to say and then mecdiyeköy escort Jane said, “So are you going to just lay there with a stunned look on your face or are you going to join us?”

Now this was the first three-some I had ever had so the question running through my mind was “who do I start with and not piss off the other.” It never occurred to me that either woman was the right one and neither would care who went first. I had only hesitated a second when Katie reached between my legs and said, “Oh, look who’s come to life!” I didn’t have to decide as Katie wrapped herself around me and plunged her tongue deeply into my mouth.

Jane slipped beside us and on my other side. She reached over and pulled my head toward her and kissed me equally as deeply as her daughter had just been doing. Katie wasn’t having any part of that and quickly did the same pulling my head back to her. I thought I was going to become a battle ground but as before I was mistaken. As I kissed Katie I saw her mother come up behind her and say, “skooch of you two, just a little.” We did and now Jane was in the bed behind her daughter. I could see Jane running her hand up and down Katie’s side and then lingering on her daughter’s breast, squeezing it and running her finger around the nipple. The scene was so hot for me I thought I’d come without direct touch from either of them.

I saw a grin come over Jane’s face and then she said, “Let me get Katie ready for you.” I couldn’t image what she meant but it took almost no time for me to find out. Jane started by kissing Katie on her neck and shoulders. This caused Katie to break from our kiss to let out numerous moans. The actual physical body heat between us had gone up noticeably and greatly. For her part Katie reached between us and rubbed her had over my cock without ever wrapping her hand around it.

It wasn’t long before Jane kissed her way done Katie’s body and nestled herself between her daughter’s legs. I wanted to watch at this point but didn’t have to say anything as it quickly became evident that Katie was so involved in her mother’s ministrations that all she wanted to do was lay back and take them. The scene before my eyes was almost surreal. I could easily see Jane’s tongue running up and down her daughter’s pussy and then she’d close her lips over the clitoris and suck on it. I could tell each time Jane’s tongue touched the tip of Katie’s clit as Katie would shudder very noticeably. I was torn because I wanted to get down there and eat Katie too but I also wanted to be the voyeur I loved to be. I settled on the latter and slowly stroked my cock as I watched. It didn’t take Jane long at all to bring her daughter to an orgasm.

I expected Jane to go on for a while longer but she stopped abruptly, almost as soon as Katie’s orgasm was obvious, and say to me, “Okay, I think she’s ready for you now!”

I didn’t need to be told twice and quickly took Jane’s place between her daughter’s legs. I was about to plunge my cock into her waiting pussy when Jane said, “Not so fast! Just put the head of your cock on her lips.” So I did and then I saw Jane put her hand over her daughters pussy and around my cock. “Now, press it in as slowly as you can.” I started to push it in what I thought was slow and Jane said, “Too fast, way too fast, start over.” I found out later on that Jane was actually an experienced dominatrix but at that moment I wouldn’t have known that or even what it meant had I been told. I withdrew and as slowly as I possibly could I started to re-enter Katie. “That’s it.” Jane said as my cock seemed to move impossibly slowly. I could feel mother’s hand and daughters pussy walls surround my cock and the sensation was incredible. We repeated that four times and on the fourth time both Katie and I came in unison and extremely strongly. That was one of the other best orgasms I’ve ever had.

I couldn’t move nor did I want to. The waves rushed over me and I could tell that Katie was experiencing as similar sensation. It felt like we stayed like that for ten minutes. It reality is was probably just one. Then suddenly I heard Jane say, “Everyone want coffee?”

A little groggy I said, “I’d love some but it’s getting late and I’ve got to get to work.”

Jane looked at me like I was a bit nuts and said, “It’s Saturday, you’re not working today are you.” Suddenly realizing my faux pas I sheepishly shook my head no. “I didn’t think so.” Jane said. “And besides, you don’t think you’re done do you?” She asked. I wanted to say “yes, I think so.”

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