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Call Girl

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It’s 4a.m. and the phone rings but I’m already up and dressed for the expected call. You’ve found the card left in a phone box near my place but the rules of the game dictate that you stay there, waiting for me to come down and lead you to my apartment as if it’s your first time. Well in a way it is, my first time as your ‘call girl’ as part of your fantasy…

I slip on a long coat that reveals little of what I have in store for you, and totter confidently down the stairs in high heels and out into the cool air of early morning London. No people and only the odd car make the streets silent with only the clock-like clickity-clicking of my heels on the pavements as I make my way to the box. The sun isn’t up yet but it’s just light enough to see rain is threatening. I quicken my pace and turn the corner to see a dark anxious figure waiting my the box.

You glance at the crumpled card in your hand, as if to remind you of a name you’ve only seen once in the box – and hung on to as a keepsake. “Cheyenne?” you venture as I step up to you.

I nod as your eyes glance up and down the long coat, the heels, the long reddish-brunette hair, the over-made face of a tart… all green eye shadow, pink blusher and red pouting lips.

“Graham?” I ask. You nod back, unsure of what to say. I keep it professional, “Two hundred, up front.”

You’re taken aback. The card says one hundred but I’m upping the stakes. The game says you know I’m good by word of mouth but are you prepared to pay the price? Pulling out a wallet you leaf through the notes and pull out a wedge of fifties and hand it over. I count five and look you straight in the eye, questioning.

“Make it the best. Make it last.” You demand as customer, as paying client. “That’s what you’re known for, isn’t it?”

It is, so I stash the cash inside my coat, unseen by you slipping it tween my breasts. Then with a tilt of the head indicate you follow me. As we pace back to my apartment spits of rain spot our coats, and by the time we make it to the door of the flats, there’s the rumble of thunder and the heavens open with a savage splash on the pavements.

Upstairs, I let you into my apartment and indicate you should undress in the bedroom while I retrieve the notes from my cleavage to put it in a safe place, and lose the coat. Back in the bedroom you stand naked, uncertain and limp, as I enter the room in the littlest tight black dress I could squeeze into, my boobs bulging from the low-cut scoop neck and its hem barely covering the tops of my black seamed hold-up stockings. In my five-inch heels I’m slightly taller than you now, looking down at you, dominating you. I back you to the bed and push you to sit on it, spread your legs and kneel between them. Your cock starts to tremble and spring to life as I take it in my slender long-nailed fingers and caress it to a growing stiffness. Your erotic erection unfolds fully in my palms, cupped by my fingers and thumbs, until it becomes a rigid, thick, full eight or nine inches. I have to act like this is new to me, and perhaps almanbahis adresi it is. Your fantasy, with me as willing paid-for slut, makes you bigger and harder than I’ve ever seen or felt you before…

Outside the deluge splashes and trickles down the bedroom window, the beating of the rain matching the pounding of my heart as I try and stay the calm detached street pro. But like the wet drops on glass I can feel my own arousal at your super-sized stiffness beginning to dribble onto my thighs and soaking the tops of my stockings…

You gaze down at me as I slowly rub the shaft of your cock, purse my lips and kiss the tip, making you moan with ecstasy. I flick my tongue over it, caressing it, savouring it before taking the whole reddish end tween my lips and slowly, sensually, sucking on it. As I do, I look up confidently into your eyes, trying to stay detached and unemotional while enjoying the taste of your arousal.

Even though I only gently stroke your cock with a soft grip near your swelling balls, as I begin to bob up and down, letting the stiff shaft slip in and out of my mouth, I can feel the trembling tension within it, that you’re close even this quickly. But I know your first climax will be soon, the first of many in the hour you’ve paid for.

I don’t have to wait long before your cock twitches and spasms on my tongue, and keeping my lips pressed hard on your hot tight skin, you spurt stinging scalding salty squirts down my throat, filling my mouth with clinging cum. I wait till you’ve finished, what seems like a small eternity squashed into a few moments, before sucking the rest out and letting your cock dribble free of my lips. Usually I’d go spit it out but that would ruin the moment, break the rules about not stopping, and I tilt my head back, look you in the eye, and make a show of swallowing it, devouring it… liking it.

I haven’t let go of you, my fingers still softly squeezing your not-quite-so-stiff shaft now, and slick sticky semen oozes from the darkened stressed tip and slides down the wrinkling skin. My hands meet its sliminess and I use it to begin rubbing you, jerking you off, mercilessly now you’re spent and sore from your first orgasm.

With one hand I pump your cock with a quickening pace, the other cupping your balls, caressing them and squeezing them. You’re leaning back slightly on your arms, moans of pleasure and pain drawn from your lips, ecstasy and agony combined. It takes longer this time, several eternal minutes while your cock grows hard but tender, unable to take the cruel chafing of my hand job. Eventually, my grip senses a quivering under the solid skin, and more white liquid worms out, prelude to another climax.

Volcano-like, your erection erupts with jets of juicy jism, falling to splash rain-like in lil blobs on my hands and arms, your legs and tum, the bed and floor. But even now I keep finger-fucking you, softer this time. As you return from the senseless savagery of your spasms, I make ‘O’s of each finger and thumb, looping you gently, first with one almanbahis adres hand then the other, over and over, with soothing sensual strokes. The response to this easing erotic encouragement is quicker, and while you’re probably now raw to the point of agony, your cock continues to grow, become hard again and I can see your balls swelling from their wrinkled pouch once more…

As I do so, you reach down and indicate wordlessly you want me to take my dress off. But you don’t want me to stop so you tug the stretchy material up and I don’t break the caresses as you pull it up my body, off one arm then the other before throwing it away over my head. I’ve absolutely nothing, not even panties, on underneath and as I keep ringing your cock, clad only in my stockings and heels, you play with my breasts and nipples, sending sensual electric shivers through me…

I can feel you’re close again now, a barely perceptible tremor through the hardness under your cock’s wet sticky skin. I quicken the looping of my fingerthumb ‘O’, tighten the grip. You groan with need, and as you pluck my nips, I resist the temptation to moan back my own arousal. Eventually, sensing you need speed and pressure, I use one ‘O’ vigourously vibrating up and down, and squeeze your now swollen again balls with the free hand. As you start to lose yourself in climax, your fingers dig into my breasts, massaging them senselessly, and I have to grit my teeth at the aching damp desire tween my own thighs before you spurt white jets in the air once again. Your cock spasms wildly and slippery in my fingerthumb loop, splashing my face and naked boobs, and your chest, with strong steaming strings of spunk.

You’re beginning to sag under the continuing orgasms so I let your limpening cock go and push you back on the bed, flipping your legs up so you lie there dazed. Slipping my heels off, I straddle your legs, trapping you, and lean forward, sucking gently on your semen-sticky cock, licking the sour-salty sweetness that still oozes from the tip, swirling it on my tongue.

You’re almost oblivious to my blowjob, head tossing back and forth and you grip the bed covers. It takes more and more sucking and licking, caressing and gentle jerking, before your crashed-out cock slowly, lazily, even starts to crawl out of its own bed of sticky whitened pubes and stretch-yawn to greet the morning. Then once again, it’s a stiff shaft, red raw and tender sore with my grip and lipstick. I shouldn’t but I only know one more way to make you cum again, and slowly ease my thighs up to yours, sensitively place your cock tween them, and settle on you, inch by bruised inch. My soft soaked sex is almost too much for you to bear, as I savour the filling fulfilment of your cock inside me.

You try and reach up to play with my boobs again but I take your wrists and pin them down either side of your shoulders, and begin slow rocking thrusts over your delicate dick. Gyrating my hips like a belly dancer, I glide up and down your cock, stirring it round and round, letting it grind against my clit. almanbahis adres While I should be playing the streetwise slut pro, and not getting any enjoyment from this, I can’t help but let my own arousal ripple over your raw rigid rod, and hope you feel this is still in the rules of the game. After all, my own eager orgasm will make you cum again, won’t it? And it’ll be at least a good few minutes or more until you can climax, allowing me to mebbe cum once, twice, or even more, a spreading aura of pleasure deep inside until you can satisfy me, and me you.

Your cock, massaged by my intimate, sensitive silkiness, swells to gigantic proportions, stretching me until I feel its rawness rasping every part of me within. There’s a quickening quiver in my quim which makes me gasp, breathless, and aching anticipation as I bite my lip and feel myself orgasm in vivid vibrating waves around you. God I didn’t realise how quickly I’d cum myself! My convulsing cunt squeezes and clenches on your cock, fluttering butterfly-like as I let you fuck me.

Still holding you down I toss my head back, eyes shut and streaming rain-like tears of absolute ecstasy, teeth gnawing at my ruby lips to stifle the string of muttered obscenities as you satisfy me. But you still haven’t cum yet.

I fight to catch my breath as you break your hands free and grip my hips, resting your palms at the top of my spread legs, and making a ‘V’ with your thumbs that meets under the fluffiness of my mound, delving, digging, to find the stimulated swell of my clit. As I lean back to steady myself, my hands gripping your knees, you slowly bring your hands and fingers, flat on the curve of my tum, together, and make slow waves, caressing your enormous erection inside me.

I moan through my teeth gnawed lips… God that feels fantastic, as you press your penis gainst the warm wibbling walls of my vagina. I can now feel the returning tingles of your own climax, building to a powerful pounding pumping deep up inside. Then we’re joined in a rocking rhythm of roused resolution and relief, the sudden sharp strain bringing a stain of sparkling sweat on our skin.

You explode inside me like a firework, all fiery sensations and fizzling sparks of sticky sap that ooze and dribble down me like the rain on the window, burning hot yet coolly soothing and satisfying. There’s a rumble of thunder as the torrent outside pounds the glass, matching the roar of relief you give as you let go inside me.

For long expensive minutes we’re frozen like joined statues, the only movement the shuddering of our souls as we struggle senseless to return to reality. Eventually the ache of feeling returns to my thighs and within, my tum throbs and twitches as if hammered by a meat tenderiser, a sexual stitch. You’re spent, dead to the world, eyes closed in satisfied slumber. The game should have ended with you leaving but the beatific angel expression on your face is something to behold, to savor and let linger. I roll you gently under the covers and tug my stockings off as I feel the ticklish trickle of your cum rolling down my insides and out again with a familiar scent of sex. Then I snuggle under the covers beside you, draping myself over one side and soothing the soreness of your cock’s shaft, and ponder on the next game we can play…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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