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Camp Chronicles Ch. 03

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This is the 3rd chapter in an eight part series. Check out the first two chapters (Camp Chronicles Ch 01 and 02) before reading this one. Also, if everyone is enjoying them, I will post the rest of the series and maybe even resurrect the story line and write the final two chapters. Enjoy.


It doesn’t matter how many pornos you watch, or how many pictures you look at of two girls going at it, the real thing is so much more thrilling. These two lovely ladies were going at it not like giddy school girls experimenting, but going at it like two long time lovers. This relationship these girls shared was becoming more and more intriguing with every minute that passed.

As Amanda continued lapping at Lacy’s pussy, I decided I would give them a little more room on the bed and, if at all possible, find my digital camera.

I wondered around my place not really caring that I was completely naked. I grabbed a pitcher of ice water from the fridge and three glasses. I also grabbed my digital camera from my backpack and headed back to the room.

“I–I–I’m–m–m c-u-m-m-i-n-g!” Lacy’s screamed about the time I entered the room. Amanda’s face glistened in the dim lighting of the bedroom and I could tell Lacy was as wet a cummer as she was loud.

Holding up the ice water and camera I asked the girls if the night was done, or if the game would continue a while longer. I still had not had a chance to fuck either of these beauties and it was my mission to make it so.

Both girls downed their glasses of water and inquired about my plans for the camera.

“I figured it would be obvious. I was going to use it to take pictures.” My tone was sarcastic and cynical, and I hoped to ease into the idea of pictures. My last girlfriend hated the idea about being on camera at first, but after finally convincing her, she loved to pose for the camera and even masturbated herself to completion once for me on video. Of course she demanded I delete what was on my computer once she dumped me, but every smart computer owner backs up his system. Maybe I would share what I had with these two girls since they were obviously bi, so long as they let me play with my camera.

*SMACK* Lacy hit me across my bare ass and quipped something about not using that tone of voice around her.

“Oh come on. You know you’ve always wanted to be on camera. You even set up the tripod that one time. Too bad you forgot to turn the camera on.” Amanda playfully gave Lacy Eskort Kız a slap on her ass to keep the circle going.

“Well, it’s up to you ladies. I have the camera, and by my count it’s Lacy’s turn to eat you out. Then I was hoping to get in on the action a little myself.”

“It is, is it? Well, I better not disappoint the little girl then should it?” Lacy took another sip from her glass of water and practically dove head first into Amanda’s lap.

“OH MY GOSH THAT’S COLD!” At first Amanda’s screams were in shock and horror as she realized Lacy’s mouth was full of both ice and ice-water. I can only guess that either Lacy ran her cold tongue across her clit, or had even go so far as to squirt her mouthful of ice water into her pussy. Either way, I don’t think anyone would be prepared for that shock.

I slowly started snapping pictures of the two ladies. Being a bit of an amateur photographer, I tried my hardest to adjust the settings so I wouldn’t need the flash. At first it was just too dark but I remembered that all the lights in this building were on dimmer switches, something about kids with light sensitive eyes. Anyway, I turned the dimmer the whole way down and clicked on the lights. At first I could barely tell they were on, so I slowly turned up the dial until I had enough light for good shots.

The girls were too busy to even notice. Amanda’s eyes were clenched shut and her fists were grabbing at the bed as if she was in danger of falling to her death. Lacy’s head was burred so far up in Amanda’s crotch I was wondering how she was able to breathe. I just snapped away, one picture at a time, hoping that they all turned out so I could view them later.

After a few minutes of picture taking I realized I wasn’t even at full erection. I must have been so preoccupied with taking the pictures and adjusting settings that the reality of what was going on in front of me hadn’t fully set in. I just shrugged off the thought and said to myself that there will be a time for an erection soon enough.

Amanda’s orgasm was intense. She screamed, bucked, arched her back and wrapped her legs around Lacy’s back. At first I wondered if this was the same girl I had just eaten out just over a half hour ago.

“Mmm. You like that honey?” Lacy’s voice was sultry and sincere, but still every bit as playful.

All Amanda could do was moan as her body slowly relaxed and she let go of the bed. The marks from the grip her fingers had on the bed took a while to fade as well.

“I think camera boy needs to put the camera down and bring his other equipment over here so he can focus on something else for a change.” God, there was something about Lacy that just drove me insane. It was half a request and half a command. She had her taste of pussy and now wanted some cock.

“If you insist.” I made sure to put the camera down within Amanda’s reach, hoping she would take the bait and start snapping pictures as soon she was able.

At first I thought about picking Lacy up and kissing her as I slowly pumped my dick into her. Then I decided that if she was as insatiable and wild as she seemed, she didn’t want to make love right now, she wanted fucked. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast. So that’s what I gave her.

She was still knelling on the floor between Amanda’s legs, so I walked over to her, picked her up from under the arms and practically threw her onto the bed. It was more of a controlled drop than anything, but I had hoped she would realize I was going to give her the fucking she craved.

“You know the position.” I stated. This whole dominance thing was new to me. I had always been the slow, passionate lover type and limited my dirty talk in bed to more playful things than pushing around the woman I was sleeping with. I really wasn’t sure how to go about the part of the dominating male, but it was worth a shot. Lacy really didn’t seam to mind. She simply moaned in agreement and crawled up beside Amanda on all fours.

I knelt up onto the bed and positioned myself behind Lacy’s firm ass. It was so tempting I just had to reach out and run my hands over it. In reaction, Lacy slowly wiggled her ass as if to say, “Take me now.” So I did. I just inched up and impaled her pushing my cock as deep as it would go into her pussy.

“Oh god that feels good. That’s it, just fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Lacy was like a dog in heat. She knew what she wanted, and she knew how she wanted it. I just pounded away with everything I had. I was thankful I had been a swimmer for so long. Some of the strokes take a lot of hip action to maintain proper rhythm. We even joked that the butterfly should really be called the sex stroke. I was able to just pound away. Her pussy was nice and tight, something that really surprised me. I was expecting her to be a bit looser and broken in.

Finally the whole thing got to me. Lacy’s tight pussy wrapped around my dick, her firm ass bouncing into me with every stroke, her breasts swaying under her chest and her ever growing moans of pleasure getting louder and louder as time passed.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Mmm, that’s it baby, give it to me. Fill me up with that man juice of yours.”

As I came, I just kept pumping away. I really didn’t shoot a big load into her, being the third time I came that night and all. Hopefully by mid summer I would be able to keep up with these two beauties. At the same time I came, Lacy had another one of loud screaming fits and she orgasumed. Her pussy milked the last bit of strength out of my erection and I collapsed on the bed next to her.

I fell where Amanda should have been. Where was she?

Having been consumed with fucking Lacy from behind, I hadn’t noticed Amanda get up and grab the camera. She was standing behind us snapping pictures with one hand and fingering herself with the other.

“You guys have no idea how hot that was.” Amanda’s voice was a combination of arousal and fatigue.

“I do.” Lacy remarked. “You have to get that thing inside you.”

“Oh, I will honey. But I hate to rain on this orgasmic parade, but it’s three in the morning and we have a long day.”

Lacy and I both groaned. Amanda was right. I had planned a fun-filled day of doing back-boarding drills down at the docks to go over some of the recent changes that were made by the insurance companies.

I said a silent prayer to myself that maybe, if only for the morning, it would rain. As if god himself heard my pray and took pity on me, I saw the flash of lightening outside my window flowed closely by the rumble of thunder. I could only laugh as I thought about the fortune.

“That right there is a god-send. Excuse me ladies while I go check the computer and see how long this storm will last.” Not caring that I was naked, nor that I still had the mixed juices of both myself and Lacy running off my cock onto my leg, I walked out into the main room of my place and sat down at the computer. I quickly loaded the weather page and saw that the storm was covering most of the state and was moving pretty slowly. The worst of it would be over tonight, but it would rain most of the day tomorrow. Thinking just as quickly, I sent an email to the camp director saying I had thrown my back out and to just pass the message onto my staff at breakfast that they could have the day off.

What fun would tomorrow bring for me? I just had to make sure no one would come looking for the girls and find them here if the failed to show up at breakfast.

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