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Camping with Chris

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This is about my first time with Chris. This was the summer after my senior year of high school. Bored with our summer jobs, my best friend Billy and I decided to go camping one weekend. By the time Saturday rolled around, the number had grown to 6 guys. Saturday afternoon, we loaded up our tents and sleeping bags and went out to some property my parents had owned for a few years. At the time, we had about a dozen head of cattle, but we used the property primarily for hunting and fishing. So by the time we got out there and set everything up, it was almost dark. We had brought some firewood from the house, so we started a fire and sat around talking. In a little while, somebody decided we were running low on beer and ice, so my best friend Billy and 3 of the other guys went to the nearest convenience store to resupply our needs.

I didn’t feel like driving around and so Chris and I decided to stay behind with our stuff. They had been gone for about 20 minutes or so when Chris decided he was going to lie down on the cot inside the tent. I guess the beer we had already drunk got us sort of mellow, so the conversation was waning by this point. After a few minutes, I asked how it was going with him and his girlfriend at the time. When he answered his voice sounded kind of shaky. I was sort of shocked to know that he was masturbating with me right there. At that point in my life, I certainly jacked off quite a bit, and I was fairly certain my friends Etiler escort did too, but it had never happened in front of me. So I did the same and we were talking about nothing in particular. I just remember that it felt kinky and erotic to openly jack off in front of another person while they were doing the same. In a little bit, he asked me if I had ever gotten a blowjob from a girl. I said no, and asked him if he had. He said yes. I asked him what it felt like. He thought about it for a minute, and he told me that it felt really good. Like jacking off, only better. And at that moment, I wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted him to suck me off, but I was too inexperienced to ask him to. Also, I didn’t know if he ever had, or even if he would suck me if I asked him to.

So I did the only thing I could think of to try to get things going further. I crawled over to his cot, leaned over and gently placed my hand on his cock. I gently gripped it and slowly worked my fist up and down his shaft. When he didn’t protest or try to stop me, I figured my plan was pretty solid, and I felt sure he would go along with what I had in mind. So I leaned down and slowly, almost timidly, licked his mushroom head and swirled my tongue around and around, and then gently put my lips around his glistening mushroom head and continued to swirl my tongue around while I closed my lips around his cockhead. He moaned so I knew I had him. I slowly worked Beşiktaş escort my mouth down his shaft, until his cockhead was against the back of my mouth, and slowly worked it back out so that my lips were pursed against his meatus, almost like if I were kissing it.

I remember taking it all in, with all my senses, because I wanted to be able to clearly remember exactly what it was like. I remember thinking that he didn’t taste bad at all, like I had anticipated. As a matter of fact, he tasted clean, faintly smelling like soap. And I really liked the texture of his skin and especially the mushroom head of his dick, silky and soft, and such a contrast with his rock hard shaft. So I tried to imagine what would feel good if I were the one receiving a blowjob, and decided that I would slowly work my mouth up and down, and swirl my tongue around the head when I got back up to the top, and use plenty of saliva.

I could tell by his moaning that I was doing a pretty good job. I kind of lost track of time because I was concentrating on making him feel good, so I’m not sure how long I sucked his dick that first attempt, but after a while, my jaw was getting tired, so I pulled off and laid back on my cot, thinking about what had just transpired. On one hand, I was proud of myself for doing something for someone else. Even though I didn’t make him cum, it was such a satisfying feeling to make him feel that good. I hadn’t been back Taksim escort on my cot long before I was jacking myself off again. In fact, I had barely gotten myself rock hard again, when I heard him getting off his cot. No words had been spoken, so I was a little nervous about what had just happened. I knew he liked it, but I was afraid that maybe he was now having second thoughts about it. It turns out I had nothing to worry about.

He knee-walked over to my cot and the next thing I knew, he put his warm mouth on my dick and licked it from tip to base several times. When he coated my dick with his saliva, he took me in his mouth and I remember thinking – damn, that feels good!! Wow. It was so warm, and it just felt like my dick was enveloped in something that was making every nerve ending blissful. He probably only sucked me for five or ten minutes. Again, I lost track of time. I was just so caught up in how good it felt. Anyway, after a little while, he pulled off and went back to his cot. We were both openly jacking off and moaning at this point, and when I heard him grunt while going faster and getting closer, it had the effect of getting me hotter and closer too.

We both stroked ourselves faster and faster, and I ended up cumming about a half a minute after him. It was incredible. It was, by far, the strongest orgasm I had ever had. The kinky feeling of jacking off in front of another guy, and not being ashamed of masturbating, and him doing the same, combined with the wonderful feeling of being sucked off, was such a mind blowing experience for me. And as I was breathing hard and coming down off my climax, neither of us was ashamed of what had happened, and it was wonderful to share that with him.

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