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Camping with Step-mom Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Jim, my little brother, picked me up from the airport. I’m Nancy and I’m 2 years older than my brother. We were meeting our Dad and our step-mom, Sally, to go camping in Acadia National Park (ANP) in Maine. It’s probably better known as Bar Harbor.

Last year we went camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) with Daddy and Sally where we got to know Sally. Jim and I both like Sally. What we really like about her is she absolutely adores Daddy and it was obvious she is head over heels in love with him.

Since last year Daddy and Sally had “downsized” their home. They sold the house where Jim and I grew up and bought a 2 bedroom condo. Jim and I were going to share the guest room tonight before we leave for Bar Harbor in the morning. It was okay with me – the guest room had a queen size bed and I liked sleeping with my brother.

After supper Jim and I went up to the guest room. We both had been travelling all day and were tired. Jim let me take the first shower. I climbed into bed naked and snuggled up with a down comforter. When Jim finished his shower he got under the comforter with me and spooned with me. He wasn’t doing anything to stop his dick from poking between my legs.

Jim isn’t much longer than other men, maybe an inch or so. But his dick is so massive I can’t get my hand around it. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to fuck the fat end of a baseball bat. But, God, it feels so good when it’s buried in my pussy.

I opened my legs a little so Jim’s cock could slide up close to my pussy.

Jim mumbled something about poking my pussy or my ass but I wasn’t listening. I was busy grabbing his monster and guiding it into my cunt. I was so wet his dick slid in easily even being the monster it was. I was Silivri Escort in heaven as Jim pumped his cock in my cunt.

When Jim finally pulled his penis out after cumming I grabbed the bikini panties I had been wearing and stuffed them in my pussy to stop Jim’s cum from leaking out and leaving skid marks all over Daddy’s and Sally’s new sheets. Leaning over I gave Jim’s cock a small suck on the tip to get out the last little bit of cum.

In the morning, before we left for Bar Harbor, Jim came into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. He looked at me and told me I had something hanging from my pussy. I reached down to see what he was talking about. “Oh shit,” I said, “it’s my panties I put up my snatch last night to catch your cum. I forgot they were there.”

I pulled the bikini panties out of my pussy and figured “well the hell” and put them on pulling them up tight against my pussy. They were sticky and needed some lubricant. Jim was standing there right in front of me sporting a very fine boner that I’m sure could help with the sticky. Yanking his pajamas down I grabbed his dick and stuck it in the top of my bikini panties. He didn’t need anymore help. He took his dick in his hand and started stroking.

It didn’t take long before he spewed forth a load of cum all over my pubic mound that quickly ran down to my pussy. When I let the top of my panties go I rubbed the panties into my cum soaked pussy. Now my pussy and panties were squishy instead of sticky. I could feel the squish with every step I took.

Daddy and Sally had also “downsized” their camper. Daddy said towing a camper was a pain in the ass so he sold it and bought a 3 room tent. We were all driving to Bar Harbor in their Silivri Escort Bayan new Toyota 4Runner full of all their camping gear.

Now I could tell you how the car was so jammed packed with camping shit that I had to sit in Daddy’s lap for the 5 hour trip and for some inexplicable reason I had forgotten to wear panties that day. But that’s a bunch of crap. As much fun as sitting on Daddy’s pole for 5 hours would be, the reality was if the car was that packed we would have taken two cars. But maybe I can contrive something for the ride home next week (ever the optimist).

What I did do is lay my head down in Jim’s lap and try to snooze. The road wasn’t real smooth and it wasn’t long before my bouncing head was giving him a hard-on. I couldn’t exactly roll over in the back seat and give him a blow-job, but I could slide my hand under my head and squeeze his dick. Jim warned me, “Don’t you fucking make me cum in my pants!” I relaxed my squeezing and just rested my head and hand in his lap.

About half way to Acadia we made a pit stop for a pee break and gas. When we got back in the car Jim told me he had bought a couple rubbers from a condom machine in the men’s room. I told him to go back in the men’s room and put one on, but he said he was already wearing one. I wondered how many times I could make him cum before we got to Bar Harbor. Since he was wearing a condom he there wouldn’t be any mess in his pants..

I think Sally may have a sixth sense. She kept glancing at the back seat and every time I brought Jim to climax she would turn around and look as Jim shot another load in the condom. She knew Jim was cumming in his pants. I wondered if maybe she might like to have Jim’s cum filled condom when we got to the Escort Silivri campground.

When we got to the campground I told Jim not to throw away the cum filled rubber. Before we even got out of the car he reached into his pants and pulled the condom off his penis and handed it to me.

There were at least 4 loads of cum in there. Maybe 5. I twisted the top and pushed the cum filled rubber into my panties for safe keeping.

Sally and I hit the lady’s room while Daddy and Jim started setting up the tent. When I saw we were the only ones in the women’s bathroom I held up the rubber filled with Jim’s cum and asked Sally if she wanted it.

With absolutely no hesitation…she lifted her skirt and pulled the top of her red panties out and said, “I knew what you two were doing in the back seat. Stick it right here,” gesturing towards her panties. I dropped the cum filled rubber in her panties and she pushed it up her pussy. When she let go the top of her panties I could see some of Jim’s cum was already leaking from her pussy and soaking her panties.

“Won’t Daddy want to know how you got all that cum in your panties?” I asked.

She smiled and slid her hand in her panties. Getting some cum on her fingers she reached up under her blouse and rubbed Jim’s cum on her breasts. She even took some and dabbed it behind her ears like you would with perfume.

I could smell Jim’s cum all over Sally making my panties wet. I wondered what Sally would think if I stuck my hand in my panties and masturbated right there in the Park bathroom in front of her. I was reaching into my panties to find out when another camper came into the bathroom. Masturbation would have to wait till later. I really wanted to fuck my Step-mom.

When we got back to the campsite Jim took off for the bathroom. Sally walked over to Daddy, grabbed his hand and pushed it under her skirt. “Feel how wet my panties are?” she said. “That’s not pee, that’s Jim’s cum leaking from one of his condoms. I pushed it up my pussy to keep it warm and toasty!”

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