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Captain Lee’s Dirty Secret Ch. 04

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Jack Green

The first I had heard of Captain Lee’s parties was from Sergeant Jones when she had told me how Captain Lee had recommended that she come see me in regards to her sexual starvation. Every month or so there would be a get together at Captain Lee’s house, usually a barbecue, and I had always thought nothing of it. I just assumed it was a party for officers and maybe a couple of the local NCOs on post. Sgt. Jones and the Captain had probably had a little too much to drink and the Captain had spilled the beans about our raucous fling in the warehouse. Captain Lee had mentioned her parties casually in the office every now and then and I had even run to the commissary a couple of times for her supplies when I had nothing else to do. I was a little surprised when Captain Lee invited me.

Not much of an invitation, really. She mentioned that she needed some help with the serving. Apparently, her husband was having some business partners over and had promised them a nice American style steak dinner. Her husband worked for a Korean accounting firm of some sort and he must have been tired of soju and tentacle dinners. She also said she would pay me for my time, which made the offer more interesting. She told me she would give me $50 and all the tips she could wrest out of the dinner guests. I was in.

I got there early on a Saturday afternoon and began helping the Captain set up the salads and drinks. Sgt. Jones was there too. She was mashing potatoes and cleaning off the corn on the cob to get it ready for boiling. The steak was in some sort of marinade the Captain had designed and all was working well as planned. I kind of enjoyed it because we were all hanging out in civilian clothes and for the most part, leaving our military bearing behind. I had been told to dress casual, but not too casual so I had put on a pair of nice jeans and a button up shirt. I had my dress shoes on instead of my usual high top Nikes. Captain Lee had on a pair of black pleated slacks that showed off her hips and that round little ass that fit so perfectly on her small frame, heels and a white blouse. The heels did wonderful things for her ass as well and gave her a little more height. Her blouse was the perfect choice. Not only did it show off her tiny waist, but also it made the most of her well sculpted B sized breasts and shimmered a little when they moved. I had to make myself stop looking at them. I’m sure she noticed.

The Sarge was not to be outdone either She had worn a pink dress that fit loosely over her stocky, but voluptuously curved form. It hugged her generous ass in all the right places and though it was cut at the knees, there was a slit up the side that showed just enough of her tanned legs as she walked. Naturally, her D sized breasts were a little too much for the top and she had to pull it up to keep from falling out. Every time she did, I started to get light headed. She would pull and her breasts would jiggle just a little and I would remember how they had felt so smooth and firm in my hand while I tasted her hard little nipples with my tongue.

My hard-on got killed as soon as the guests arrived. As it would turn out, the husbands of both women were present. Jones’ husband was just there to hang out in the kitchen with us and talk. The Captain’s husband was in the dining room seating his friends. There was no escape. I just stayed quiet and did what I was told, trying not to think about the fact that I was in a house with the two women I had slept with and the two men they were married to. You can rationalize infidelity any way you want but your perspective really changes when you’re all in the same room together, looking at each other and trying to think of something to say. I should have known something was up when the Captain took me into the dining room to introduce me to the dinner guests.

“This is Jack,” The Captain offered and I shook hands with both her husband and the Koreans who had arrived with him. I bowed to the Korean men as I shook their right hand with both of mine, as is their custom. They seemed to like that and bowed in turn. “He will be serving this evening. We are having the traditional American dinner today, Steak with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. I’m Jennie and I’ll be cooking so if you have a preference, let me know.”

It was Jack and Jennie. Just like in the warehouse. Why did everything she says have to remind me of how good it felt to be inside her? Of course, introducing ourselves at a party as Captain Lee and her Old Reliable Specialist Green would be kind of silly.

Soon all of my frustration was drowned out by work. I was hopping, making up plates of food and hauling them out to the guests who thought our cooking was the wildest thing ever. On the Korean economy, you pay a lot for a western style meal and more often than not it isn’t even close to right. I guess you could say the same about getting Korean food in the States. Word had gotten out that I was from Texas and soon I was answering a barrage of questions about what Eskort Bayan it’s like to live in the Lone Star State, cowboys, horses, beef and firearms. No matter where you go in the world, people for some reason, think that Texas hasn’t changed since the 1850s. If you went to the right parts of Texas, they wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

I was so busy with first the cooking and then the cleanup that I didn’t even realize it when all the guests had left and that I was alone in the kitchen. I was washing some dishes and tossing back some Chianti when I noticed the music emanating through the house. It was Miles Davis wailing away on his horn, Birth of the Cool. Hmm. Jennie has taste, I thought. I had figured she would go for some elevator sounding crap like Kenny G, but Miles…Hey! If you are going to do jazz, do it right! I washed a few more dishes, jammed out to some more Miles and downed a little more Chianti and it finally dawned on me.

“Where is everybody?” I thought out loud.

I looked out the back door, no one there. I walked out into the living room and still there was nobody in sight, just an empty table and chairs. I checked outside and there were no cars, except for Captain Lee’s Volvo. I followed the music and it led to Captain Lee’s bedroom. I didn’t even make it to the end of the hall before I heard the moaning.

The door was wide open and the sight of the Captain and Sgt. Jones floored me, both stripped completely naked and kneeling on a queen sized bed. Sgt. Jones, aka Tammy’s back was to me and her legs were open. Here luscious ass bounced ever so slightly as her body rocked back and forth. She was holding on to Jennie, who was working between her legs with a small, humming vibrator. Tammy shuddered and I could tell by the wetness on her thighs, it wasn’t the first time. I knew that wetness and I wanted it for myself.

Jennie saw me over Tammy’s tanned shoulders and smiled a wicked smile.

“Do you like that, Tammy?” she said out loud.

“Yes!” Tammy whined in a whisper of pure ecstasy, “Fuck me some more, Jennie. Please, keep fucking me!”

“OK,” Jennie smirked in my direction. “Spread you legs wider.”

Tammy’s muscular, thick thighs came apart a little more and I could see clearly the wand penetrating her small, soaked folds, in and out. They were still bare shaven and I could remember their smoothness against my lips and tongue from before. Jennie sunk it in deeper and faster and winked at me as Tammy came again.

Without being consciously aware, I had already unbuttoned my shirt all the way. My cock had hardened and I rested my hand on it through the leg of my pants. Jennie wasn’t through torturing Tammy. I could watch them fuck each other like this forever. My hand caressed my cock a little. I wanted to pull it out. I had to. I had to show Jennie what watching them was doing to me. I started to unzip my fly.

“I know what you want.” Jennie not quite whispered. “I bet you want Jack again.”

“God, Yes!” Tammy rocked against the vibrator. “God, I want that big-Oh!” she came again and I almost did too. It was more than enough. Jennie’s lightly-tanned, petite body and small, but perfect breasts rubbing against the stockier, more muscular body of my Sergeant, now just Tammy with the shaven kitty and full, round breasts whose stiff nipples were sure to be teasing Jennie’s silky skin. My God! And those two sweet mouths, kissing each other! I could fire my engine up and work my own cock to ecstasy and just watch.

“You’re in luck.” Jennie smacked Tammy’s full ass. “He’s here.”

Tammy turned around and looked over her shoulder. God, the lust in those brown eyes could burn a hole straight through me. Her mouth was parted and her hair was in disarray. She was breathing too hard to say anything and those big, perfect breasts heaved with her panting. We all kind of looked at each other for a moment and then Tammy broke the silence.

“You’re out of uniform again, soldier.” She panted.

“Call me Jack.” My shirt came off and dress shoes were left where I was standing as I walked toward the bed, totally in awe of the scene that had unfolded before me. Tammy was now on all fours, peering through the hair that had fallen in her face, her tanned muscles all pumped from the excitement. Jennie was reclined at the head of the bed, her perky breasts and hard nipples shaking a little as she toyed herself playfully with the wand that had only moments before sent Tammy into gushing, orgasmic bliss. I stripped to my black silk boxers at the edge of the bed and both lovely women moved to greet me. My engorged cock, covered only by the smooth silk of my boxers was standing to greet them. Jennie noticed and seized it in a loving grip.

“Don’t you just love this thing?” She massaged it roughly through the silk, forcing the head to fill with blood and thicken considerably.

“It made me sore for two days.” Tammy pinched at the head, sending a shiver up my back. “Once when I sat down at home, the cushion on my sofa hit me just right and I had an aftershock! I came all in my new panties. All I could do was rub ice on myself and think about him fucking me again. It was torture!”

“I told you he was good.” Jennie smoothed over my boxers, rubbing my cock from my aching balls all the way back up again.

“You never mentioned that tongue of his though.”

“Wasn’t that a nice surprise?”

“Oh, So nice.” Tammy was squeezing my balls in rhythm to Jennie’s strokes. The fingers of Jennie’s other hand were also plunging into her own pussy. Every now and then she slowed her strokes, as her petite body would convulse in a little wave of desire. “Did you suck on it?”

“More like he held me and fucked my mouth.” Tammy gave my balls a hard squeeze.

“Really?” Jennie smiled. “Jack you are BAD! And I’m Jealous.” She slid to the edge of the bed and sat up in front of me. Her hazel eyes looked up into mine as she pulled down my boxers. “Do me like you did Tammy.”

I pushed her hands away as her pretty lips surrounded my thickened head. I felt her relax and I took her auburn hair in my hands. Slowly I pressed my cock deeper into her warm mouth, thrusting slightly with my hips. I pumped into her mouth repeatedly, getting a little deeper each time. Her tongue was testing me all over, licking away as I got a little rougher. I looked over to see Tammy watching and working her pussy in a fever pitch with the vibrator, almost in rhythm to my thrusting. She tugged hard at her tiny clit as she pressed the little wand in deep. Every few strokes she would take out the wand and work her clit harder and a little of her girl cum would spill. I forced myself into Jennie’s mouth as deep as I dared to go. I wanted to sink it to the balls. Jennie gave fantastic head. Even though I was forcing her head down, she worked with me in rhythm and never stopped with her tongue. I wanted to cum in her so bad. She tapped on my thigh and I took my cock out of her mouth.

“Finally, it’s my turn.” Tammy sat up on the bed’s edge and took hold of my balls again. With her other hand she began to stroke my shaft, pulling out some pre-cum. Her tongue came out and licked the pre-cum off the tip then her lovely full lips opened and took me inside. She pulled the skin on my shaft back and worked it at the base with her hands while her lips and tongue pumped slowly and steadily at the first few inches. She drove me near to insanity like that, holding my cum back while Jennie looked on and caressed my ass and the back of Tammy’s neck.

“Don’t you love the way Tammy’s pussy gets all wet?” Jennie reached between Tammy’s legs and massaged her clit. I just nodded; it was all I could do. “I bet you loved shoving that big thing of yours in there.”

Again I nodded. Tammy had pulled me in deep just as Jennie quizzed me about my love for the feeling of Tammy’s tight little pussy. I was driven to distraction and my own throat could not form words. “Why don’t you show me how you did it? You know she wants it, again.

With that, Tammy took me out of her mouth and lay back on the bed, pulling her legs up and apart. She still held the shaft of my cock and pulled it toward her little pussy. She moaned a little as I worked the head in, reaching down with her hand to spread her tiny lips as far as they would go. I pushed it in about half way and she cried out. I rested my arms against her wet thighs and began to pump her with half of my length. Her walls were so tight they could hurt, but her wetness made it easy for me to break through. I forced my way through those constricting walls, stretching her inside. She cried out with each heavy thrust. Jennie watched it slide in and out for a moment and then got off the bed.

“And it’s not even your birthday.” I whispered into Tammy’s ear. She turned to my ear and bit it. I retaliated with a deeper thrust and she bit harder.

“I want to do it!” Jennie announced, moving in behind me. She pushed herself up against my ass and held onto my waist with one hand. Reaching out between my legs with the other, she gripped the base of my cock where it met with my balls. I felt her push forward and moved with her, sinking most of my rigid shaft into Tammy’s tight little pussy. Jennie pulled back on me and I slid out. She heard Tammy’s moaning and began to manhandle me, pushing me in and out of Tammy as she cried out in bliss. “Like the way I fuck?” Jennie asked.

Tammy moaned. “Fuck me some more Jennie! Make him hurt me!”

Jennie’s hand moved back to my balls and gave them a playful tug. “Give it to her good and hard, Jack. Make her scream!”

I dug my fingers into Tammy’s sweet ass and pushed my cock straight to the bottom. Tammy screamed in surprise and I pounded her as deep as I could go. I could feel the wetness against me and it turned me on, making me want to bury it to the balls. Jennie still had a tight hold on those and I felt a beautiful little shot of pain each time I pushed into Tammy.

Tammy’s increasing volume and the force of her rushing breath made my mind scream for me to come and every judicious tug from Jennie shot the urge down with a delicious taste of pain. I could see by the way Tammy bit her lip and gave a little smile that it hurt a little for her too, but she had pulled the trigger on Jennie’s lust and Jennie loved that smile of pain as much as I loved the feeling that shot through me when she caused it.

Tammy bit her lip and moaned through gritted teeth as I hammered deep into her wet pussy. I dug my hands under her both cheeks of her ass and lifted up so I could hit her special spot and her mouth fell open. I felt her squeeze tight around me and she screamed when she came. The squeeze and the touch against the soaked sheets beneath her generous ass almost overrode Jennie’s grip on the balls that wanted to spill their waiting flood into Tammy.

I felt my sore balls released and heard a moan from behind me and turned to see Jennie with both fingers pounding her own pussy without mercy. Her fingers were wet; her trimmed auburn hair around her pussy was shining. The matching, short bobbed hair on her head was sticking to her beautiful face.

“I’m almost there!” Jennie choked out as she fingered herself madly. “Ooh Jack, come on!!”

“Your turn then.” I pulled myself out of Tammy and grabbed Jennie’s arms. I spun her around and bent her over the bed right on top of Tammy who had sat up on her elbows and was still panting with those lips I adored and her little nipples still hard. I swept Jennie’s feet apart and caressed between her legs with the head of my cock. She was just as wet as Tammy! I pushed myself right in and began to pound away, giving her all of my length at once.

“Uuh!” Jennie moaned. “Oh, Jack, Oh Fuck! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!”

I punished her so hard; my balls began to strike against her on every thrust. She screamed out loud, digging her nails into Tammy’s thighs. Tammy held Jennie’s head and stroked her hair. Tammy made a playful grab at Jennie’s perfect little tits and gave her nipples a hard pull, as Jennie steadied herself, holding onto Tammy’s muscular thighs. My aching balls made me want to return the shots of pain Jennie had given me. I buried myself in her rotating the throbbing head of my raging member all over the deepest parts of her.

“Still cumming! Keep fucking-God!” Jennie clutched Tammy’s thighs and buried her face right up against Tammy’s shaven pussy. “AAH!” She screamed aloud and then only breathed in high-pitched gasps. Her pussy had opened up inside and the wetness guided me in. I could withdraw my cock and pop the head in and out of Jennie’s soaked pussy lips, each time, bumping her clit just a little. I felt her having little aftershocks and she moaned away, starting to kiss around Tammy’s sweet pussy.

I had to get a grip on myself and slow down. The sirens in my head were going off, telling me that my balls were going to burst as soon as I went in deep enough to feel warmth and wetness squeezing me all around. I knew my Captain wasn’t done with me yet, but how could I save myself from cumming inside the next place I touched? I closed my eyes and began to breathe deep and slow. I could hear the slick popping noise of a mouth and pussy, one lapping gently, the other following in motion. I could hear Tammy’s breath, deep and slow as she enjoyed Jennie’s tongue, waiting for the next peak to rise inside her.

I withdrew and Jennie began to complain. “MMMM” was all she was able to do because her face was now enjoying the slippery-smooth touch of Tammy’s thighs and pussy. I knew how that felt and tasted. I also new how Jennie tasted and I wanted to tickle that lovely, oversized clit of hers.

I pulled myself under Jennie’s pretty ass, which had already been spread to take my cock. Once she realized what I was doing, she shifted herself to accommodate my face. Her true love was to be fucked hard and fast, but I couldn’t leave her without having her girl cum on my freshly shaven chin.

I dove right into her clit with my tongue, shoving it hard. It was already swollen and I didn’t feel bad about not starting light, especially after she had worked my balls so hard while I was fucking Tammy. I licked it without mercy, pausing only to put my lips around it and suck. Her moaning blended with Tammy’s as the mighty feeling took over her body. I licked faster and her body stopped rocking as her mind was forced to focus on the gathering storm.

“Don’t Stop!” She had freed herself from Tammy’s gushing sanctuary at last. “Oh don’t you fucking Stop!”

Her command gave my tongue the boost in confidence it needed. I began to tongue her at a ferocious pace, my mouth now pressed against the folds as firm as my hands were clutching her legs. Her muscled thighs were taut and embraced my grip. I was speaking the language of the angels in the silence of all but my own breath.

“AAAH FUCK!” I loved how she cursed every time she came hard, those raw words pouring from her beautiful mouth as she ground her soaked pussy right into my face, fucking my mouth even more fervently than I had fucked hers. She then collapsed and rolled off me, pulling her up the scattered sheets and propping her body against Tammy’s.

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