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Cara’s Story

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After a flurry of emails and an exchange of phone numbers, we made the date to meet at a bar. We had described ourselves to each other (none of us wanted to exchange pictures) and I went into the building armed with a description of a woman about my size, with short, curly blond hair and her boyfriend who was a couple of inches taller, husky build with brown hair. He would be in black pants and blue shirt, her in a skirt and red halter top. I was full of nerves, as this was a couple of firsts for me. I have never met anyone online, never had a threesome before and hadn’t been with a man for a number of years. I was young and newly single, though, and figured that living life to the fullest was a good idea. Besides, a threesome was on my list of “Things To Do Before I Die”.

I saw them at one of those high tables with the stools, they were in a corner. The music was low for now so we could talk; it would get louder later on when people started to dance.

“Cara?” The blond woman inquired as I came closer.

“You guys are Jeff and Sam?” I asked.

“Indeed we are, please join us. Can I get you a drink?” Jeff had a deep smooth voice, he slid off the stool in anticipation of heading to the bar.

“Sure, just a cider, please.” I guessed he was giving Sam and I time to talk first.

Sam was as cute as she had described, her skirt was just teasingly long enough to hide the interesting portions of her thighs. She smiled at me and leaned closer, “So, you’ve never done this before?”


“It’s ok, this is only our second attempt, the first time the girl met some other guy here and ended up going home with him. It was quite the disappointment.”

“I’ll bet. Well, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about with me…”

She interrupted, “Yes, I remember from your email; it’s been a while since you’ve been with a man. That’s ok, Jeff wanted me to reassure you that he’s completely fine with just watching if that’s what you want. Of course, if you want more…” She trailed off with a seductive shrug.

I laughed, “I can imagine, any straight guy would want more.”

Her face sobered, “We also wanted to reiterate that if at any point you, or either of us, want to call it off, that’s ok. We really want this to be a no pressure situation.”

Her comments went a long way to reassuring me, I looked her in the eyes and said that I agreed with all of her comments. Jeff returned with our drinks and we entered into the sort of conversations that people use when getting to know each other without giving away too much information. The conversation slowly turned more and more flirtatious, Sam put her hand on my thigh and that started the sorts of touches that people use when they’re seducing each other. The casual hand on the arm, leaning towards someone when you’re laughing, letting your legs brush each other under the table. The music slowly got louder and eventually Sam asked me if I wanted to dance with her. I took her hand and led her onto the dance floor.

Sam was a good dancer, the two of us moving to the beat. Her skirt flared up when she turned, letting me get a glimpse of some fabulous legs. I noticed that we were attracting a fair bit of attention, we were the only female couple on the floor. People were respectful, though, and we were content to stay near each other, touching more and more frequently, letting the music move us. Eventually the casual touches became more than incidental and my hands stayed firmly on her hips. She turned her back to me, and I wrapped one arm around her waist and managed to meet Jeff’s eyes across the room. I could tell he was enjoying the show and I slid my hand lower across Sam’s abdomen. He grinned, and then Sam broke free and pulled him onto the floor with her. I wasn’t sure about this turn of events, but he was low key about it, letting Sam move between the two of us, keeping his hands light when he touched me. His hands were gentle (and large) and his smile was light as he grinned at me; letting me know that he was enjoying himself.

We took a break for more drinks, this time sitting on one of the couches. Sam was again in the middle. She looked at me and started to say something, but instead leaned in and gave me a light kiss. Just her sweet lips, but it instantly made me wet. Jeff smiled and adjusted his pants, he put his arm around Sam’s shoulders and lightly toyed with my hair. I slowly finished my drink and asked Sam for one more dance.

She watched Jeff adjust his pants once again, “Perhaps Bayan Eskort it would be best if it was just the two of us this time?”

I swallowed and said, “Nah, I think it’s time he had some fun, too. Let’s make some people jealous,” and I moved again to the floor. They followed me and we again began to move; this time Sam maneuvered me into the middle. I ended up with my back to Jeff’s chest and savored the feeling of a hard body behind mine. Sam was facing me, grinding her thigh into my crotch and pushing me back against Jeff; all the while watching my face. Due to her gentle pressure, I felt his cock against me and his hands were steady on my hips. The feeling was arousing and I began a slow and circular grind that Sam quickly picked up on. Jeff kept moving his hands from my hips and waist over to Sam; the two of us were gripping each other when I leaned in to kiss her again. Our lips were light and the touches feathery, but I knew that she was as turned on as I was.

“Ladies?” Jeff interrupted, “We should leave before the two of you start a riot in here.”

I hadn’t been paying attention, but we were once again attracting some unwanted attention. Several guys were creeping closer and closer and Sam suddenly moved into me to avoid being groped by a man who was passing behind her.

“Do you want to come home with us?” Sam’s question appeared casual, but I felt the tension that gripped her and Jeff.

“Yes.” Was all I needed to say, as she took my hand and led me to the coat check. We tipped the coat lady and walked out to their car. After a brief discussion of how I took a cab and how they could take me home in the morning, Jeff slid into the driver’s seat and Sam hopped into the back with me, remarking that “we’ll have more room back here.” I was appreciative of that and gave her my thanks by kissing her again. No one was teasing now, however, and our tongues were soon entwined, stroking and caressing. I pulled her to me and ran my hands up and down her back, first under her coat and then under her shirt. I’m not sure what perfume she was wearing, but all of her smelled intoxicating; I felt like I could drown in her smell, dying a happy death.

She broke free to take off her coat and I took advantage by untying the top of her halter. The shirt stayed up due to the heft of her breasts, as I pushed her down onto her back, however, they slowly popped out and I was treated to a great view of her lying back on the car seat: legs spread so I could kneel between then, her thong covered pussy in full view, her gorgeous breasts moving with every breath she took. Her nipples were puckered and hard. I nearly came in my pants just then. To my everlasting disappointment, however, Jeff pulled into his parking space then and announced we were home. Sam sat up and noting the look on my face smiled and said, “Give it two minutes, honey, and then you can have it all back again.”

She retied her shirt and we walked up the back stairs to their apartment. I guess it was an average place, I didn’t see much as Sam pulled me directly into the bedroom. Jeff took a seat on the bed; I guess he was going to honor his word to just watch if that’s what I wanted. I rewarded him by giving him a bit of a show. Sam was all ready pulling me onto the bed, so I met her in the middle, both of us on our knees. We started kissing again and I had her shirt untied in about half a second. This time, however, I broke us apart to pull the whole thing off over her head and then leaned her back holding her hips to mine to lick her breasts. Jeff muttered a soft, “Oh fuck”, as his girlfriend moaned in pleasure. I soon managed to get her entirely on her back, again kneeling between her legs and continued to massage her nipples with my lips and tongue. My free hand found her other breast and I pulled and twisted her other nipple.

Sam was now gasping for breath, jerking her hips. I moved my mouth over to her other breast and slipped my free hand down to the side zipper of her skirt. In a smooth move I undid her zipper and tugged it down her hips. She was wearing a black silk thong. In sheer lust, I pressed my mouth over her pussy, stroking her with my tongue through her the panties. Sam was clearly soaking wet and if I had thought she smelled good before, the scent of her lust so close to me was overpowering. I took a second to back off and just look; Sam was on her back, one hand fisted in the sheet, with other one grasping Jeff’s. She was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling with each gasp. The black thong set off her light skin, her legs were spread wide with her knees slightly bent. Jeff was slightly behind her, stroking himself with his other hand. Somehow his shirt was gone; he had a light dusting of dark hair on his chest. He caught my eye and smiled, his hand continually rubbing his cock.

I looked back at Sam’s body and began a slow line of kisses that started between her breasts and continued down her body. This time when I reached her thong, however, I slid my tongue beneath and hooked my fingers under the sides. Keeping my mouth moving slowly above her clit I pulled off her panties. The instant I had them off, I moved my tongue south and gave her a quick lick that had her bolting up with a surprised yelp into a sitting position before falling back again. I grinned and went to work. The task was genuinely enjoyable, I’ve always liked going down on women, they’re so reactive and Sam was no exception. As I moved my tongue and lips over her pussy she moaned and twisted on the bed. I quickly learned what she liked best, what made her shudder, what made her cry out and what speed she preferred. I kept it slow for a while, letting both of us enjoy ourselves, every now and then stroking a finger or two up inside of her to gently caress her g-spot.

After a while, however, I sensed her increased desperation, her hips began to jerk faster and her gasps became pleas for release.

“Cara, cara, please, just, just, keep going……please!” I hoped the neighbors weren’t light sleepers, Sam was not shy. Always eager to please a lady, I increased the pace of my tongue on her clit, while putting more pressure on her g-spot. I paused for one second just to tease her and her entire body went tense, her cries became frantic. Without warning, I continued, increasing the pressure and the pace just slightly. Her voice dropped into that range that women use when they’re coming and then she lost control. I could practically feel the waves of pleasure moving through her; her legs clamped tight around my head and her torso bowed towards the ceiling.

When her legs finally relaxed, I moved up her body a bit; she was already cuddled into Jeff. He had removed his pants. I wasn’t sure where exactly to go at first, but she pulled me into her, both of our heads in Jeff’s lap. She kissed me deeply, stroking her hand up and down my side, every now and then brushing my breast. We stayed close like that for a while; Jeff was stroking my hair, dancing his fingertips over my bare shoulders. After a bit, Jeff and Sam both shifted away a bit, and Sam stretched out onto my right side, her hand settling more firmly on my breast. Jeff moved to my left, not touching me except for his fingers lightly stroking my hip. I liked the way his hand felt; his fingers were rougher than Sam’s and there was a strength in them that was appealing. It felt really good and so I moved his hand up to my free breast. He took full advantage, squeezing and pulling on my nipple. Jeff also shifted his whole body closer so that I could feel his heat. Meanwhile, Sam was still massaging my right breast. I felt like I could come from the sensations alone. My nipples have always been sensitive, Sam was an expert and the feelings of Jeff’s hands were startlingly nice. He moved his hand down to my stomach and let his mouth take over. Men’s tongues are coarser than women’s and I arched my chest into the air. Sam responded by doing the same thing and with two mouths on my breasts I became seriously aroused. I was already soaking wet from my activities with Sam, I didn’t think it was possible for me to produce any more juice, but I did.

Jeff took his free hand and moved it down my stomach, running his hand up and down. I’ve always loved being touched like that, that almost possessive feeling that comes with being caressed like a cat. Sam switched her mouth up to mine, letting her hand move over to my breast and her entire body flush up against mine. I could feel her breast pressed into my side and the heat from her pussy next to my hip. Her kisses were gentle, she knew I was slightly distracted by other sensations. Those sensations were compounded as Jeff moved his hand ever lower, but never crossing into my nether regions. I suddenly realized he was waiting for a signal from me; he had been extremely respectful. I figured he would stop if I asked him to, but wasn’t worried about wanting to stop at this point. So, I moved his hand lower.

He was good, too. Jeff’s fingers were thicker and moved with the weight of a heavier arm, but as he thrust one of them inside of me I forgot all about female/male differences and only thought of the sensations. I was moaning pretty loudly at this point myself, the feeling of a warm and thick finger inside of me was incredible. Apparently Sam had taught him well because suddenly I was two seconds away from an amazing orgasm. The sensations of her fingers twisting my nipple and her lips teasing mine combined with his finger moving in and out, stroking me so intimately had brought me to the edge. I was put over that edge when his thumb pressed into my clit. He flicked it lightly and I almost laughed with how good it felt. Of course, I was too busy trying to catch my breath from the thrill of it all. It felt so wonderful to have both Jeff and Sam touching me, to be surrounded by them, by all of that heat. Jeff had moved closer by this point, his entire body was pressed up against me, including his extremely hard cock. I came like an earthquake, my entire body shaking and spasming with the orgasm.

I slowly came down off the high, gradually realizing that they were both still holding me tightly; I was cradled between their bodies.

Jeff smiled, “Good for you?”

“Mmmmm, oooooh yes.” I stretched like a cat in the sun and could hear the sound of Jeff’s breath as I moved against him. He was still hard, and I felt slightly bad that the ladies had been taken care of, but he had yet to come. Sam evidently felt the same way, because she reached across me and began to stroke him.

“Poor baby, we’ve been having all of the fun; you’ve been such a good sport about it.” Sam was practically purring. She turned to me, “Don’t you think he deserves his turn?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m all hot and sweaty now. And I know whenever I’ve been a dirty girl, I need a shower to get all clean again. We just happen to have a rather large shower.”

I turned to Jeff, “What do you say? I’ve always loved the water.”

He smiled, “Let’s go”.

They did have a large shower, but it was small enough that we’d all still be constantly touching each other. As Sam got the water to the right temperature, I gave in to my curiosity and began to lightly stroke Jeff’s cock. He groaned and braced a hand on the shower wall, letting me go at my own pace. Sam finally got the water just right, and within a few seconds we were all drenched and she picked up a bar of soap.

“Here sweetie, let me show you how he likes it.” She turned him around so that his back was to me and she was facing him. I wrapped my arms around his hips, letting my breasts press against his back and peering over his shoulder to watch her soap him up. Sam began to move my hands in a faster rhythm over his cock and she leaned up to kiss him. Jeff kept me connected with a hand on my hip, his other one was still braced on the shower wall. He became really slippery with the soap and I could tell he liked the sensations. I slid one hand up his chest to explore a bit more and he groaned with appreciation as I ran a finger around his nipple. He began thrusting his hips more insistently into my hands and the soap disappeared as Sam washed us off. I wasn’t sure where she was heading until she dropped to her knees in front of him and moved my hands down to his balls.

“Just lightly roll them between your fingers.” She directed right before taking him into her mouth. Jeff kept his hand firm on my hip, connecting me to them. I could feel his attention flagging, however, as he began to moan lower and lower and his hips jerked even more uncontrollably. The water was still sluicing over us, it was warm and cozy and I pressed even closer to Jeff, holding him as steady as I could, gently fondling his balls. He finally gave off a loud moan and I watched as Sam swallowed most of his cum, some of it leaking of her mouth and down to her breasts. The water soon washed that away, however, and as Sam stood up she pulled my arms around her and we sandwiched Jeff for a minute, hugging him between us. He continued to keep a hand on me and moved the other over to Sam, running it up and down her back. He leaned down to kiss her, long and hard, and then turned around to do the same to me, albeit more gently.

We got out of the shower soon after and had an enjoyable time drying each other off. I was promised a gourmet breakfast if I would stay the night with them; I agreed happily. I fell asleep tucked in between Jeff and Sam, hoping that this would be more than a one night stand.

(Constructive criticism always wanted. Thanks for reading!)

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