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Carrie and the Devil

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Cute Asian

After my divorce, I was a little gun-shy about relationships, but did quite a bit of casual dating. This was the golden age of online dating, when decent sites were free, tons of people were on them, and you could actually meet people. I was living in the south at the time, and attended church fairly regularly, so mentioned that in my profile.

One of the responses I got was from a red-haired woman who was about 26 or 27, had a really cute face, and who told me that the thing that had attracted her to my profile was that I wasn’t afraid to mention that I went to church. She didn’t even lose interest when she found out that I was a Methodist, and not a Baptist like her. And she truly was a Baptist – no drinking, no partying, and – I would learn later, saving herself for marriage.

Just so you don’t give up on the story right here and now, I will say that, whether or not she was only “technically” a virgin when we met, she was certainly only technically a virgin when our relationship ended.

On our first date, we ended up at my apartment, and made out on the couch. We kissed, held each other close, and I ran my hands over her body outside of her clothes. As I said, Carrie had a cute face porcelain white skin with freckles, full lips, a cute little button of a nose, green eyes, copper-colored red hair, and a well rounded body. Probably a healthy C-cup (although I’m generally not much of a breast man), but a very large, well rounded and surprisingly firm bubble butt. This girl was a Sir Mix-a-Lot dream girl, with her big, sexy butt wagging around behind her. She was a bit clueless, and didn’t understand the reference until I played her the song.

“So you think my big butt is sexy? I always just thought I had a fat ass.” She told me. “Do other guys like big butts, or is it just you and that Mix guy?”

“It’s not just him and me, believe me Carrie, but they say that black guys are more likely than white guys to find big butts attractive.”

“Oh! Do you think that’s why black guys are always looking at me? I thought it was my hair.” Every one of my black buddies who saw her commented on her “sweet looking ghetto booty” and joked that I must have learned some habits from “the brothers” at my very mixed high school. Maybe they were right – I’ve always been an ass man, and I wanted Carrie’s ass real bad.

That first night, as we were making out, I squeezed her ass through her jeans, and she ran her hands into my shirt, brushing her fingers over my chest. “You know I’m a church girl, right? I told you about the church school I went to from third grade on, right?” She whispered huskily as I kneaded her firm cheeks with my fingers. I wondered if this meant she was going to insist on dragging me to Sunday service with her. She kissed me again, then licked my neck. “I hope you don’t freak out or anything when I tell you this,” she continued, stroking my chest with one hand, and groping for my cock through my trousers with the other. My own hands were sliding into her jeans, and starting to cup her ass cheeks. “But I’m saving myself until marriage.”

Full stop.

“What? What did you say?”

“I’m saving myself – I’m a virgin.” She gripped my cock through the fabric of my trousers, and gave it a tug. “Don’t worry,” She continued, seeing the look of confusion on my face. “I still know how to gave fun, how to help you enjoy yourself. It’s just that I’m not going to let you fuck me – unless we get married first.”

I decided that this was likely going to be our last date, as well as our first. “Should we stop?” I asked her.

“No,” She giggled. “Not unless you want to. I’m enjoying the things I’m finding.”

Okay, I thought to myself, if she gives good head, I don’t need to fuck her – even though I’d love to tap that ass… Wait! Could this be that unicorn of girls – the virgin who sucks dick and takes it in her ass? I continued to explore her body as we continued to make out. Her hands went into my trousers, she awkwardly fumbled with the button and zipper, and just as awkwardly grabbed my cock and tugged on it – no stroking, just uncertain tugs.

“Lie back and relax.” She told me. “I think I need to take care of you now.” She continued tugging on my cock, looking up at me with an eager smile on her face. After about two minutes, she looked down at my cock, with a confused expression. “Is this alright? Usually the guy’s finished by now.” Then, her eyes lit up. “Do you want to titty fuck me? I’m really good at that!” She pulled her shirt over her head, unclasped her bra, and let her full breasts hang free. She grabbed her breasts and wrapped them around my shaft. “Okay now!” She smiled up at me. “You can titty fuck me now.” I didn’t have a lot of experience with this, my ex had perfect 32A/B breasts that fit her small frame nicely, didn’t require a bra to stand up perkily, and had nipples like erasers that were easy to rb between my fingers, suck, or even lightly chew on. Carries breasts were more like water balloons, with large nipples that spread out across her breasts, not sticking up at all. I thrust my cock between her boobs, enjoying bostancı sarışın escort the novelty of the jiggly sensation. Carrie giggled again. Then, as I slowed down due to friction, she asked “Isn’t this okay?”

“Yeah Carrie, it’s great, it’s just a little dry right now. Do you think you could, maybe…” I was thinking about what a good cocksucker a girl would have to be to keep her virginity until she was 26. “Lick it for me, to get some saliva on it?”

“Ummm, okay.” She responded, with a smile, and grasping my hard cock in one hand, brought it up near her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and poked her tongue into the side of my cock. “Like that?” She asked. “Is that what you want?”

Okay, maybe she wasn’t going to be a great or experienced cocksucker, after all.

“Carrie,” I asked. “Exactly what kind of sexual experiences have you had before?”

“Well,” She blushed and looked down, lowering her voice to a whisper. “My other boyfriends always finished up when I put them in my hands, then I’d wash up – except for one of them who liked to titty fuck me. I had to take a shower before I went home after dates with him.”

“Are you sure you’re 26?” I asked.

“Of course I am.” She reached over and dug her wallet out of her purse. “Here’s my driver’s license.” I checked it. Yes, 26. A 26 year old who barely knew how to give a handjob, and who thought that a putting her tits around my cock was going to get me off magically.

“So you’ve never done more than that?” I asked, trying to keep a straight face. She shook her head. “Did any of your boyfriends ever do anything to get you off?” A confused look crossed her face. “You know, give you pleasure?”

“Oh, I take a lot of pleasure in making my boyfriends happy.” She gushed. “That’s one of the reasons I’m going to make such a good wife – because a good wife makes her husband happy!”

“Okay,” I said. “Strip your pants off. I’m going to introduce you to reciprocation.” She looked slightly confused, but pushed her jeans down over her thighs, then pulled them over her feet. “Panties too.” I told her. A worried look shot across her face, quickly replaced by a big grin.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you? It’s pretty quick, but just knew you were the one. I prayed over your ad, and Jesus told me that you were the one for me. You wouldn’t trick me would you – if you take my virginity, it’s because you want to marry me – right?” Could she be serious?

“Carrie.” I told her. “Of course I want to fuck you – what guy wouldn’t. But we just met, so I don’t want to jump into any marriage plans just yet. I will promise not to take your virginity until I’m sure.” I was thinking that, if the night went well, she might learn to be a good cocksucker, and if that didn’t work out, I didn’t have to see her again – but no way was I putting my dick into her pussy.

“Okay. If you promise.” She slid her panties down, revealing her coppery bush. I reached out slowly, and gently touched her thigh, then glided my fingers lightly across and into her crotch, finding it dry. I licked the fingers of my other hand, and reached it in, rubbing my wet fingers up and down through the midline of her pubes. Gradually, her lips slowly separated, and I dipped a finger inside, somewhat surprised to find the inside of her pussy hot and soaked. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” She chirped out, then began to whimper softly as I slid my finger in and out of her, sliding it up until I reached the nub that I hoped was her clit. “OH! OH MY!” Yes, I think I found it. I twisted my hand around, so that my thumb could rub against her clit while I inserted my fingers – two at first – into her now dripping gash. “Oooooooo-Oh!” She sang out. “What are you… Ooooooooo-Oh! What are you doing to me? I’ve never had… I’ve never felt… Ooooooo-Oh! Aaah! Aaaah! Aaah! SWEET JESUS!” Her thighs and pussy clamped down on my hand as she had what might have been the first orgasm of her life. “Glory! Glory! Glory Halle-Lu-Lu-Lu-Lu-LA!” Her body jerked and spasmed as the pleasure hit her in an overpowering wave. I slid around, and lowered my face between her quivering thighs.

I kissed her inner thighs, she shook and groaned. I licked my way across her lips, and slid my tongue up to meet her twitching clit. “OH SWEET JEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- zuss!” She cried out, crushing my head in between her thighs as she bounced on the couch in ecstasy. I continued kissing and licking, thankful that my roommate had gone home for the weekend to visit his parents, and the neighboring apartment was currently vacant. The last thing I needed was for someone to think I was murdering someone in here. She continued wailing, screaming, and moaning in pleasure as I spent the next twenty or thirty minutes giving her the kind of tongue lashing that was obviously long overdue, only stopping when her gyrations caused her to fall off of the couch. “Oh God! You really are the one. My Bible study teacher told me that when I met the man that the Lord had chosen for me, I would feel it throughout my being – but I didn’t know that this is what she meant.” bostancı yabancı escort She pulled me up and kissed me deeply, not seeming to notice the sweet sticky juices that were smeared across my face as she greedily sucked my tongue into her mouth, and held me tightly to her. When we finally came up for air she asked me “Is there something I can do for you that will make you feel that good?”

“Well, we could try. Have you ever given a guy a blowjob?”

“You want me to blow on your… your thing?” She asked. “Like birthday candles?”

This can’t be real. I thought to myself. Nobody, not even a church school graduate southern country girl, can be this ignorant of sex. “Here.” I said. “I’ll show you.” And I slipped a porn tape into my VCR and turned on the TV. As the picture came up a beautiful brunette was working over a giant cock, tonguing and licking the shaft, sucking the head into her mouth, vigorously making love to it.

“Is this… Is this pornography? Isn’t watching this kind of movie sinful?” She stared at the screen, transfixed as the actress lowered her head onto the cock she was working, and lowered her head, and lowered her head.

“Think of it as more of an educational film.” I reassured her.

“How can she fit that thing in her mouth like that?” She asked. “It’s even bigger than yours, and yours is much bigger than the ones on my old boyfriends.”

“It takes practice, and dedication. It works best if you really want to do it.”

“And that would make you feel like you just made me feel? I do really want to do it. Can you teach me?”

“I’d certainly like to give it a try.” I smiled back at her, pulled down my pants and boxers, letting my cock spring free.

She grabbed it and pulled it towards her face, then lowered her mouth to it and kissed the tip. “Like this?”

“Yes, Carrie, like that is a good way to start.” I felt her tongue dab out a bit, giving a tiny lick to the slit of my cock, tasting some of the precum that was dripping out.

“That’s sweet. Is that your semen? Why is yours so clear – my other boyfriends all had creamy white stuff?”

“it’s precum – it acts as a lubricant, and to reward good cocksuckers. Look, there’s another drop. Lick it up, and enjoy it. I want you to be a good cocksucker.”

“I want to be a good cocksucker for you, too. Then you’ll want to lick me again and make me orgasm – that’s what that happened to me when you licked me, right – orgasm?”

“More than one, I think. That’s it, keep licking until you’re ready to take it in.”

Gradually, she grew more comfortable, and a few minutes later, her soft puffy lips enveloped my cock and she moved her head very slightly up and down on my cock, taking maybe a half inch into her mouth.

“That’s a good start, now go deeper, go ahead and suck on it a little. No, you can suck harder than that.”

It was exciting to think that I was coaching Carrie through her first blowjob, but also a bit frustrating, as she was so tentative about everything. “Here, let me show you” I told her, putting my hand on her head and gently pushing down until she started taking my cock deeper into her mouth. “Faster would be nice – can you speed it up?” She moved a tiny bit less slowly – not a sensuous slow blowjob, but a very uncertain one. “No, like this.” I said, using my hand to guide her head at a swifter pace. “is that okay?”

“Guck! Guck! Guck!” I pulled her head away from my cock. She looked up at me adoringly. “Show me what you want, how you like it. I want to make you happy.” She almost begged. My hand pushed her down again, and I thrust into her mouth.

“Okay, here’s the plan, I’m going to guide you through this – you can slap my thigh twice if you need me to stop, okay?” Her head tried to nod as it bobbed up and down on my cock. I ran my other hand through her shoulder length hair and settled it onto the other side of her head, cradling her skull in my hands, and pulling her face down onto my cock. This was quickly transforming from the most lackluster BJ of my life to something really hot.

“Guck! Guck! Guck!” I massaged the back of her scalp as I pulled her head into my crotch in an ever faster, deeper, and more forceful rhythm. I had never had the opportunity to really face-fuck a woman before, and I knew this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I twisted my fingers in her hair and gripped her skull as I increased the power of my pushing, as well as starting to thrust upwards to meet her mouth as it slammed into my crotch.

“Guck! Guck! “Goooooooh!” My cockhead slid into her throat, and I continued pushing it down, stopping the rhythm as I worked my cock deeper and deeper into her throat. I looked down at her hands, to make sure she wasn’t tapping my thigh. Her hands were balled into quivering fists, and it was obvious that she was straining to hold them still.

“A little more… a little more… Aaaah!” my pubic hair scratched up against her nose as my cock was buried all the way into her throat. I gathered her hair in my fingers, pushing, göztepe escort bayan holding her down, and slowly ground my hips in a circle, allowing my cockhead to roam around her tight throat, feeling the changing sensations as it shifted slightly within her. I looked down and her face was almost purple. I slowly eased my cock back out of that heavenly nest.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” She gasped, taking in a deep breath and then awkwardly lunged back down on my rigid pole. I went with it, and pushed her head down on my cock again, this time brutally forcing it all the way to the base with each shove, thrusting my hips up at the same time, pummeling her lips and face with my cock. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” She softly grunted as I skull-fucked her as hard as I could, feeling the intense sensation of her throat gripping my cockhead on each thrust, trying to hold it in place each time I pulled away.

“Oh yeah! That’s it! Suck my fucking cock Carrie! Take it like a cocksucking whore!”

“Uuuuuuummmmmmm!” She moaned as I called her filthy names while brutally fucking her face.

“You like this cock? You like it in your throat? You want my cum? I’m guessing you’re going to be a true cockslut from now on – that’s right, suck that cock. Move your tongue around on it, you sexy bitch!” Her moans grew louder, wilder and more passionate the dirtier I got, and the harder and faster I thrust into her. “Here it come, bitch! Swallow it like a good whore!” My body spasmed and tried to turn itself inside out as everything inside me seemed to be gushing out of my cock and into her throat. Caught up in a titanic orgasm, I released my grip on her head, and she started to pull back, causing her to gag on several spurts of cum – unlike the first that had shot down her rolling, swallowing throat.

“Huck! Splutt!” She coughed up my seed. The last jet pulsed out onto her face, hitting her cute button nose.

I lay back, panting and gasping as I tried to recover from that intense orgasm. She finished her coughing fit and got up from her knees, snuggling next to me on the couch. “I never knew sex could be so exciting.” She told me. “I really love you.” I flinched at hearing her say it. “Oh! What time is it? I’m supposed to be at my sister’s by eleven, and it’s almost midnight! I’d better hurry!” She jumped up, started to hurriedly throw her clothes on, and staggered towards the door.

“wait a second, Carrie.” I called out, and before she left I grabbed her, turned her to face me, gave her a deep kiss, and then quickly licked my cream from her nose. “Okay Babe, now you’re ready to face your sister.”

“Can I come see you again tomorrow?” She asked. “I’ll stop by after church.” And she was through the door and lost into the Georgia night.

Carrie never got good at giving head without my having to resort to manhandling her a bit and skull-fucking her, but she seemed to enjoy it – although she did keep trying to get me to fuck her. On the fifth or sixth date, I did – at least, I fucked her sweet round ass.

“I need you inside me – not just my mouth. Isn’t it time yet? Haven’t you decided to marry me yet?” I was rapidly growing tired of her constant talk about getting married. I had just gotten divorced, and wasn’t ready to jump back into marriage. It was especially bad when she talked about it while I was eating her pussy – at other times, I could just ram my cock into her mouth to quiet her down. But she had a point. Even though this may sound like looking a gift horse in the mouth, the skull-fucking blowjobs were a lot of work for me – I was essentially beating off with her mouth, and I was doing all the work in the muff diving as well, I was ready for a fuck – and I wanted Carrie’s big round ass. As I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit, I decide to try something different today. I snaked my tongue lower, first tickling her perineum for a while, then back to her cunt, then back down towards her nether region, then back up, until I finally started tonguing her tight little ass-bud. She went wild. I spent an extra twenty minutes or so, orally making love to her asshole, rimming it tongue fucking it, then fingering it while I licked and sucked her clit, allowing her to reach several orgasms while my fingers were probing into her ass, stretching her out, and preparing her for the next step.

I raised myself up and kissed her, and this time, when our bodies rubbed together, I allowed my cock to slide up next to her pussy. “Yesssssssss!” She groaned, reaching down and trying to grab my cock and guide it into her vaginal walls – something she had been doing every chance she got. It was a kind of game or contest between us – she did everything she could to try to get my cock into her pussy, and I did everything I could to make sure that my cock was happy and satisfied without entering her. I pulled her hand away, rubbed my cock up and down her lips a few times – which I had done before, and which usually made her cum – getting my cock slick and slippery with her copious juices, then I raised her hip a bit, and as I slid my cock over her welcoming pussy lips, slipped it down, down, down, and into her waiting ass. “Wait, hey, I think you made a mistake. That’s the wrong hoooOOOOOOLY Christ! Your cock is in my ass! And it feels so… good?” I slowly worked my cock into her puckered hole, taking my time, and allowing her to stretch and get used to it. I knew that my patience would pay off in the end (pun intended).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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