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Case Study 301: I become a seductress

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Chapter 8

Welcome back to another episode of Case Study 301: I become a seductress

Once again this is a story that has themes in which the characters go back to their childhood and reveal the myriad of sexual exploits that happened to them. Some of the themes will include the description of some underage kids fooling around. If these themes are not your cup of tea then please now. This is your warning before you start.

For those of you who stumbled across this chapter as small synopsis will help you. Doctor Miles Spencer takes us back to his home for the first time in our story. He just finished another session with Kristen and he came across a theory that might help her with her catatonic state. Once at home he was surprised by his girlfriend Courtney and after sexual bliss the two psychiatrists discuss Miles’ new theory of children becoming a seductress.

Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic in New Mexico:

After Kristen was escorted from Miles’ office he started going back over some of his notes then something had dawned on him. Miles flipped thru his notes of Kristen’s first time that he regressed her mind. He scanned quickly thru his shorthand and finally found where she mentioned something odd ~ it was as if it she were saying it in passing. Miles read it out loud, ‘she was the only little girl in her family’ ~ then he found the exact quote in his notes, ‘that all the other females in her family were women including her ten-year-old cousin Amy at the time.’ It seemed so innocuous during the time of the session but then she went on to describe her happiest day of her life was when she lost her virginity to her older cousin Timmy at the age of seven.

Miles leaned back in his oversized leather chair and was looking out his office window pondering why it was so important for her to become a woman at such a young age when it dawned on him. His thought was, ‘What if Kristen became a seductress out of necessity ~ she was trying and fit in with the other women in her immediate family? What if, at such a young age she felt that, she being the only female in her immediate family that was not engaging in coatis she was being left out or just left behind?’ Then his thought leaped forward and he asked his self, ‘What if it could be true that a child could become a seductress ~ actually attract an adult to perform sexual acts with them because of their own sexual desires?’ Then he thought, ‘Most children do want to emulate their parents ~ especially a daughter who wants to be just like her mother and a son just like his father.’

Miles spun his chair around like he had a brilliant epiphany and went into the FBI data base and began to pull up both men and women that have gone to jail because of sexual relations with an immediate family member’s. Once he had his base control subjects, he then refined the search with just those subjects, children that were molested that were under the age of twelve. Then he refined it once again to find statements by the offenders that suggested that their younger family member had tempted them to have some form of sexual congress with them. Miles began to review only those particular cases searching them with a fine tooth comb looking for the common denominators that could prove or disprove his theory.

Miles was so locked in his theory that when his fellow colleagues popped their heads in to wish him a good weekend he just raised his hand and kinda grunted back at them. When Miles’ face finally popped away from his computer screen he looked up and saw that it was half past seven in the evening. Dinner was at eight every night at his house no matter what ~ there are no real excuses for missing dinner. This was something that he and his girlfriend Courtney agreed along with Miles’ daughter who is thirteen-years-old. Courtney would allow Miles to throw his self into his practice but he needed to be home for dinner.

Miles quickly closed down all his programs and ran out of the empty offices to his car and he sped home. Miles thought to his self that even after his girlfriend Courtney started her own practice in town that being late for dinner was just rude. When Miles got to the gate of his home that just happened to sit on twenty breathtaking New Mexican desert acres he drove up the ridge to where he and his ex-wife had built their home some fifteen years earlier. It was a modern Adobe style home of the Southwest and it picked up not only the glorious sunrises but the spectacular sunsets that where just like picture postcards. Miles pulled into his garage and looked at his watch and it was five of eight. As he was running to the front door he was relieved that he wasn’t late. Before entering the house he stopped and took notice of the magnificent orange colored sunset.

As he entered the vestibule it was littered with white, pink and red rose pedals. Miles quickly thought, ‘Oh shit ~ is it Courtney’s birthday?’ He looked at his I-phone and realized that it wasn’t for another two months. Then he even checked his self to make sure that it wasn’t his own birthday or his daughter Amy’s birthday. When he realized he hadn’t missed any important date’s that he could get in trouble for he began to giggle at his self. Miles is a typical guy who doesn’t remember any real important dates. Especially the dates that a female would feel devastated if her partner would forget. Miles followed the pedals down a dimly lit hallway as there were jasmine scented candles burning on the dark brown tile flooring, the scent just happens to be Courtney’s favorite.

When he got to his bedroom door he lightly wrapped and said in a joking tone, “Honey, honey, are you in there?”

Courtney in a sultry voice replied, “Yes, stud muffin.”

Miles smile went from ear to ear as that was her pet nickname in bed that she gave him after their first few sexual encounters together after he put on an unexpected ten pounds. Miles standing by the bedroom door that was still ajar chuckled a little and said, “Okay, honey I understand you and stud muffin are getting it on in there! I’ll be in my office just let me know when you’re through with your liaison for the evening.”

Then the door knob was pulled away from the palm of his hand. When it was opened, standing before him was his thirty-five-year-old girlfriend in a baby blue and very much see through robe. Her hazel eyes glowed with the flickering of the candles and her thin lips curled upwards into a smile for Miles. He quickly surveyed Courtney’s attire. Under her sheer robe he noticed her bare breasts. There were several features that attracted Miles to Courtney and two of them were her round globes with tiny light pink areolas and nipples. They were pressing hard against the sheer robed pushing outwards from her body. Mile’s eyes continued zero in on her breasts that still had that co-ed look to them as they still defy gravity to this day.

Courtney stepped back from the door and put her hands to her hips allowing Miles access to witness all of her beautiful attributes. She was pleasantly thrilled by Miles’ devotion to her voluptuous body. Miles’ took in the true vision that Courtney was. She looked like a pin-up girl from those 40’s war posters ~ you know the one’s that your grandfather’s had who were soldiers in WWII that they kept in their wallets. Courtney was wearing a very flimsy g-string that was the same baby blue color and the same see-through triangle material that tried to hide her vagina. She spread her legs apart offering him a look of dominance but Miles dismissed it as he was always the dominant one in the bedroom.

Then he detected yet another clue that tonight was going to be special as Courtney shaved her nice little mound. Miles’ eyes trailed upwards and locked in with Courtney’s seeing who was going to blink first and lose. They both smiled at each other but once again Miles’ glare penetrated right thru her eyes and went right into her soul and Courtney lost once again. She sauntered the few steps between them towards Miles and grabbed his shirt with both hands and pulled him into the room. Miles knowing that he had won allowed her some dignity to let her manhandle him over to the bed to appease her bruised ego. Then she pushed him down on his back.

Courtney swayed her hips left and right as her seven inch stiletto pushed her round ass upwards and as Miles watched her walk away from the bed his penis began to fill with blood bringing a semi-rigid erection. Moving over to the credenza Courtney picked up a remote control and without making a sound pushed the button and light smooth jazz permeated throughout the room. She then tilted her head to the side and her shoulder length hair draped around her oval face. She pushed her tongue between the cherry red lipstick she was wearing and then traced her lips with the tip of tongue as she winked at him.

She then pushed another button on the remote that dimmed the lights so there was just the flicker of the candles that were strewn throughout their bedroom. Miles still on his back with his hands behind his head smiled at her and broke the silence between them and asked, “So, what happened to stud muffin sexy?”

Courtney smiled as her hips swayed again left then right as if they were keeping time on clock as she moved back to their bed. She shot him a sultry gaze then tossed the remote on the bed next to Miles. At the edge of the bed she dropped the sheer robe to the floor. Standing there with her breasts fully erect and her hands on her hips still in a g-string Miles just realized how lucky of a man he really was. Lifting her right leg up so the back of her foot touched the back of her ass, she reached back and slipped her shoe from her foot. Then she did the same with the other foot. Then like the cougar that she was she crawled onto the bed like a large game cat that was on the hunt. She lowered her head then pushing Miles’ knees apart as her face glided over his crotch area and she became very aware of his semi-rigid penis.

She put one hand on either side of his torso as her face came up off of his crotch. She licked her lips and she shot him another sultry stare. Now on all fours she was directly over Miles then she slowly and deliberately straddled Miles’ torso allowing him to drink her all in. Miles was about to say something but Courtney always realized the he knew just what to say to break the mood. So, Courtney put her forefinger over his lips and blew, “Shhhhhh.” She then moved down and kissed him firmly on the lips and said, “Rugrat is over a friend’s house for the night and the Striker’s are going to take her to a movie tomorrow.” Courtney lined her hot sweaty cunt over Mile’s crotch feeling his every growing penis as she writhed on top of him, “So, it’s just you and me ~ stud muffin!!”

Miles hands were free so he did the only thing he could to try and help Courtney with her seduction and began to gently massage her breasts. It had been almost two weeks since Courtney and Miles were intimate. Well, for Courtney anyway ~ for Miles he has been on a constant onslaught of molesting his overly sexed catatonic patient. Miles thought to his self how lucky he was to have taken a shower earlier that afternoon because he once again fucked his patient earlier in the day. Courtney bent her torso downwards to Miles mouth giving him better access to her breasts. He took in the aroma of her perfume that she lightly sprayed over her entire body. Miles wasn’t going to turn down getting laid. He began to suckle on her nipple soft and slow wanting this to be more sensual rather just a quick hard fuck fest and he said, “So we really have the whole night to ourselves honey?”

Courtney’s eyes rolled up into her head Miles went back to his lightly kissing and suckling of her breast as his other hand massaged her other breast. She was desperately trying to control the wave after wave of gratification that was washing all over her body. Her breathing was heavy and labored as she was writhing on Mile’s cock was quickly raising her body temperature. She felt his penis continuing to grow between her legs under his trousers and once she had a more definite target she made sure her wet slit ran the full length of his shaft even though it was still trapped under its constraints. The titillating stroke Miles was providing to her breasts was exactly what she had been yearning for over the past couple of weeks.

She held his head tight to her breasts and allowed him to lick and suck them as her fingernails lightly scratched and massaged Miles’ scalp and she finally answered him after she got control of her thoughts, “Yes ~ Oh Miles ~ Yes ~ Use your hands grab my ass honey ~ that’s it squeeze my ass harder sweetie. Rugrat needed some help with her pre-algebra test next week. Come on honey ~ I’m practically naked and I’m already close to getting off on you. She said her girlfriend can help her get a better grade so I shipped her out.”

Miles said, “That quickly? You’re ready to finish already?” He began to chuckle as his lips were once again connected to her areola as his tongue flicked her hard nipple then he remarked, “Hey ~ you know that’s my job ~ I’m the man in this relationship ~ I’m supposed to be the one that disappoints you if I get off too fast ~ not for you to disappoint me!”

Courtney reached behind Miles’ head and underneath one of the pillows she pulled out her trusty red vibrator. She smiled an evil smile and winked at him and said, “Well, You hadn’t called me yet and it was getting close to eight so ~ I sorta started without you but I’m glad you’re here now to get me off the right way.”

Miles took the vibrator from her hand and smelled the tip. As usual there was the strong pungent smell of her fresh pussy juice on it but there was still a light fragrance of her asshole just at the tip. Miles spit on the tip and reached behind his girlfriends buttocks. Miles didn’t care which hole it ended up in as she liked it dirty like that. He slipped it inside of her not sure where it exactly ended up but it was enough for her to squeeze her thighs tight around his waist, “Is that better honey?”

Courtney finally opened her eyes as her head made its descent down to her boyfriend’s mouth. Her tongue pushed through his lips and they both began to explore each other’s mouths and then she said, “So, Rugrat is gone and I need some cock for my ass? You know how loud I scream when you fuck my ass baby.” She moved her hand back to Miles’ and helped him push the vibrator faster and harder as she continued to grind on her boyfriend giving him a nice lap dance.

She then pushed the vibrator deep inside of her and forced Miles to keep it right there. Then the expression on her face looked as if she was going to break all the windows in the house but the only thing that came out of her mouth was a tiny little squeak. She looked down at her boyfriend and said, “God damn it honey. I don’t care if you or even if I am too tired ~ from now on ~ we need to take time during the week to at least be intimate three times a week. I missed you too much when we go as long as we have this last time.” She smiled at him as her orgasm was beginning to dissipate and said, “I am sorry that I felt tired or was too busy from now on I am going to make time for just you and me honey.”

Miles smirked back at her as she recovered from her orgasm. Wanting her boyfriend’s cock inside of her there was no more seduction as she quickly started to undress Miles. Shoes and socks were the first to go flying in various directions around the room. Then it was his belt and once that was unfastened it was his pants. As the zipper came down her hands went inside of his pants. Courtney began to massage his shaft. The sensations shot shockwaves all over Miles’ body. He lifted his hips and Courtney’s fingers dug into izmit escort his hips and with one long hard pull Miles’ trousers and boxers were now off and he wasn’t sure which way they went flying. Then just like in the movies Courtney undid his tie and then with both hands found the center of his stomach and ripped the dress shirt open and the buttons just flew in various directions. Miles rose up and then his shirt was tossed away.

Courtney satisfied that her tall Norse man was nude and his eight inch cock was pinned between her legs and against his stomach it was her turn to take off the last article of clothing. Miles helped out with that as he pulled on the tiny little bows on Courtney’s hips. Courtney began to stand and in doing so down came the G-string. Now, that they were both nude and Miles’ penis was completely pumped full of blood, Courtney grasped his manhood then guided the head of his cock into of her wringing-wet vagina. They began to make sweet passionate love to one another as the smooth jazz played in the background and the candles continued to flicker a soft amber glow. Courtney was on her knees as her arms were over her head moving in circular motions as she rode Miles. Her hips were moving in slow grinding motions eating as much of Miles’ cock as she could with her pussy. Miles began to gently but very deliberately thrust upwards as he didn’t want to interrupt her gyrations over top of him. Miles noticed the difference being with his lover as opposed to the crazy sex he was having with his twenty-year-old co-ed patient when she was hypnotized.

Miles hands once again found their targets of two hard breasts. Courtney’s eyes closed as she was breathing heavy. She then moved her hands all over her body caressing it as Miles was providing insurmountable pleasure to her body. Her hair was draped over her shoulders then her arms as her body writhed over Miles with pure love and passion. Miles shook his head at how wonderful of a lover Courtney is and how voluptuous she looked sitting on top of him making the most passionate love to him. Courtney’s expertise began to load his sperm into the bottom of his shaft, “Honey I am ready to burst, where do you want me to finish?”

Courtney smiled as she dug her fingernails into his chest and said, “Pump it inside of me.”

Miles then grabbed her hips and began to thrust hard, fast and deliberate into her. Then like an automatic pistol Miles quickly began to expel shots after shots of his orgasm deep inside of her love canal, “Oh honey that was exactly what this psychiatrist needed.”

As they lay in their afterglow Courtney noticed that Miles began to drift away from her and she said, “Penny for your thoughts.” She waited several seconds but Miles remained quiet, “You know I still have dinner cooking downstairs it should be ready in about another fifteen minutes. Are you still hungry?”

Miles asked, “Are you kidding me? We did work up quite an appetite, so what did you make?”

Courtney said, “A simple tuna casserole I know how much you like it.

Miles blood began to disperse throughout his body as he was recovering from his orgasm and said, “Well, I’m going to clean up for the night would you care to join me?”

Courtney smiled, “Yes, of course, you know we haven’t shared a shower together for a really long time can I join you honey?”

They both helped each other from the bed. Courtney’s gate seemed to be off and Miles asked, “You’re walking awfully funny did you pull something honey?”

Courtney laughed and said, “No sweetie just sore. I haven’t ridden the horse in a while.” They both began to laugh as they walked into the bathroom together. They showered together and continued to pleasure one another as they cleaned one another. When they came out they put on their night sweats and went down and ate dinner together. The dinner conversation was dominated by Courtney and what has happened to her over the last couple of days while they ate. When she cleared the dishes she surprised him with his favorite desert, chocolate pudding, Miles is an easy man to please. As they ate their pudding in silence Courtney noticed Miles beginning to fade away yet again. He wasn’t tired it just seemed like he was somewhere else, “Okay, a penny for your thoughts wasn’t enough upstairs, so how about a dollar if you tell me what’s on your mind down here. You wanna talk about it?”

Miles snapped back out of his malaise, “Sorry honey. You know that I don’t want to bore you with my stuff.”

Courtney became interested, “No, No, No, tell me what’s going on? What has you so preoccupied?”

Miles said, “I got a crazy thought after my morning session with one of my female patients. I got so caught up in it that I began to do some very detailed research on it. I think that I found something very interesting on a new theory of mine.”

Courtney put her spoon down and became quite interested, “Okay ~ some of the most hair brained ideas were later proved to be of value. So honey, dazzle me with your brilliance of your new theory.”

Courtney being a well trained psychiatrist in her own right was a perfect sounding board for him, “Okay. So let’s say you have a case that you are working where there is persistent incest between parent and child or even a small form of molestation.”

Courtney said, “Okay, I’ve had quite a few of those.”

Miles eyes began to light up and his demeanor became excited about his new theory. He sat up and looked directly into his lover’s eyes and he said, “So, when you interviewed the adult have you ever heard them claim that their child or younger family member seduced them and not that they took advantage of the child? That it wasn’t completely all their fault ~ that their platonic family love they shared ~ well, it like somehow turned into actual sexual love as well ~ no matter how sick you may think it may be?”

Courtney interjected, “I’ve never found it to be the fault of the child ~ I always have thought that it should be the responsibility of the adult. No matter if the child really wants the sexual contact or not.”

Miles then said, “Same as me but try this on for size. What if your patient was taught ~ literally taught from the point of their first reasoning that no matter how young they may have been ~ that the various acts of incest were just a plain normal event that the family shared together? Just as if a child was taught that they had chores around the house each day before and after school. How about if they were taught that they were not allowed to go swimming right after eating.”

Courtney shook her head, “Yes, I’ve had a few cases like that but the adult should be able to discern right from wrong.”

Miles began to giggle, “I feel the same way trust me ~ but what if I told you that this theory goes even deeper than just the sexual act. There is a connection between them that the child yearns for the approval of the adult? And has a willingness to pleasure their partner as they mimic what they see, hear and read? What if the parents of said child were also involved in incestuous behavior with their own parents? Also that the affair still continues even perhaps to the present day. That incest is more than just sex or some deep dark secret you keep from friends, other family members, lovers, even your own spouse aside from the outside world.

What if a world was created for you in which things such as nudism and open sexual contact where just part of your everyday life? What if you had been brainwashed unknowingly thinking that your life was normal to you but seemed strange that you had to keep it secret outside of your family? That the things you are doing in the safety of your home behind closed doors was perfectly normal and natural. It would be as if you were raising your child as a Christian, Jew or a Buddhist you teach them your ways of life and faith. The child just follows suit of their parents living and breathing the very instructions from them. If incest and nudism where a religion then you would be creating your child to become a sexual seductress?”

Courtney shook her head in agreement with him, “Man that is some messed up pathology. Well, under those circumstances then yes if the whole family is involved or a parent that is in denial of the acts of incest or molestation and there were no other variables at play.”

Miles said, “Well, if you are willing to agree with me on that foundation then you can build on that premise. So, what if a child was taught the same things whether one or more adults are involved. Then you must accept that if a child yearns for their parent’s approval they will then follow the parent’s pathology. Every child strides to please their parents. It could be by getting good grades in school or excelling in athletics ~ does it matter the level of love a parent gives back?”

Courtney said, “I can see some form of your theory to be true but if the adult is the instigator then they are still at fault and that will always debunk your theory honey.”

Miles said, “Okay let me ask you this, did you ever catch your parents having sex?”

Courtney said, “Sure, you know my parents they are very open minded people. Even when they confronted me about catching them they weren’t judgmental about it.” She began to laugh as her head began to moved left and right and her hands came up to her face and began to shake and in a joking tone said, “In fact they explained everything to me even though I really didn’t want to know.”

Miles said, “Don’t take my next question the wrong way and remember I won’t judge you if you tell me the truth. Did you at any point after seeing your parents having copulation ~ have you ever fantasized about you and your father or mother having sex together? I mean it’s not the first thing that you would think about but did you ever consider your father or mother as a sexual partner and forgetting that he is your father or mother? I mean I’ve always noticed that you and your father have always seemed to be ~ you know ~ rather close.”

Courtney sat for a few minutes and thought about the question. She looked like she wanted to reveal something but she held back. Finally she answered, “Well, I imagine that there was a time or two that I thought about it. I mean I was an ugly duckling at school. They boys weren’t beating down my door to ask me out if you know what I mean. My father was the only man that I actually saw naked to that point in my life. I never watched porn so my father was the closest thing that I had to an actual surrogate of a male I could fantasize about. I tried fantasizing about movie or rock stars but I never was able to finish. Then one night while I was masturbating I pictured my father and I together and what it would be like. It was the only way I could finish was thinking about how he made love to my mother and I pretended that it was just he and I together.”

Miles said, “It seems that you would not be the only young female to have those feelings. Today I perused a little over 400 cases of incest today at my office. I found several threads in which the one common denominator among them all was the adult claimed that they were not just tempted but actually seduced by their younger family member. In the adults minds they all felt they were tempted by their younger sexual partners. In essence that the younger family member, let’s call them ‘seductresses’ wanted to engage with the adult in their own sexual fantasy. Also to strengthen their claim they all volunteered information as to how the child lured them to become sexually intimate.

Now, most of the police and then later the therapists brushed off these claims from the adults as just a way of trying to justify their actions. But here is the interesting part when the child was asked later in their therapy sessions that were released into court documents; the child admitted that just like you, they had fantasized in one sexual way or other about their mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin or even sibling at one time or other. I’m telling you there is something there to support my theory.”

Courtney began to laugh and said, “If you just want me to call you Big Pappi in the bedroom just say so honey ~ it won’t bother me ~ I promise. If you have a fantasy I will do whatever you want to make it happen. I love you honey. I can play a young school girl, cheerleader or your dirty little daughter if you want me to. So do you think that I am a bad person because I thought about my daddy spreading my legs (Courtney spread her legs wide on the chair) and having my father pushing his nine inch cock inside of me?”

Miles instinctively looked between his girlfriend’s legs even though she was still in her sweatpants and said, “Absolutely not honey, I think that what you did was perfectly normal and that when a child makes a statement of sex it is just dismissed because the therapist feels that the adult put that thought pattern into the child’s head.”

Courtney wanted to throw her revelation back into her boyfriend’s face and sarcastically asked, “So, did you ever fantasize about your mother? I mean look at Charlie Sheen and how messed up his life is. I mean I watched his Biography and he and his brothers admit that during his early teen years their parents walked around the house naked. I wonder what really happened in that house to have fucked him up like they did. I mean the drug and alcohol abuse is just unprecedented.”

Miles said, “No ~ eww ~ no!” Miles put his hand to his chin and grinned at his girlfriend, “Oh what the hell you revealed you wanted to jump your daddy. Well, I guess when I was twelve I fantasized of having sex with my Aunt Donna. When I was twelve she married my Uncle Jack and she was only twenty-one at the time. She was so damn hot and sexy back then I would have loved to have been with her. What really pushed me over the edge was when as a family we all went to Ocean City. One day we all went down to the beach and Donna was wearing a bikini”

(Miles began to laugh) “Well bikini would be like saying that she was wearing a dress. The g-string she had on barely covered her pussy I mean I could see her pussy lips coming out of that tiny little triangle that only covered her hole. The string didn’t even cover her asshole I could see the whole thing when she was on her tummy sunning. The bra only covered her nipples but when she was on her tummy she untied it so she wouldn’t get any tan lines.”

Courtney began to laugh out loud, “You sick little pervert.”

Miles shot back in an accusatory tone, “Me? A pervert you wanted to fuck your daddy. I just fantasized about my aunt.”

Courtney said, “I guess you’re right there are even tales in the bible that talk about daughters lying with their fathers; sons with their mothers. I guess incest has been going on now for thousands of years and will probably never end.” Courtney’s head fell a little and she was quite for a while and Miles knew she was ready to reveal something important again and finally she said, “You know honey one out of every three women are either raped or molested, did you know that?”

Miles said, “Yeah honey. Why is that so important right now? Are you going to try and tie it into my theory somehow?”

Courtney put her palms over her face and she began to sob gently. Miles stood and instinctively put his arms around his girlfriend and held her tight. Courtney turned and with her open legs let Miles step forward between them and they held each other tight for several minutes. Miles was unsure why she was so upset but he knew from past experience that he should always be supportive first when it came to his girlfriend and then she looked up at Miles kissed him firmly on the lips and said, “I need to tell you something izmit escort bayan ~ it’s so very dark ~ no one and I mean no one know this ~ I’ve been carrying this around for years ~ I just might be the test subject you need to prove your theory?”

Miles was rubbing Courtney’s back in a consoling manner. Courtney is not one to just break down it’s not really in her DNA but when it does happen it’s just better for him to be quite and let her reveal what she wants to at her own pace and he softly whispered in her ear, “I don’t know what you’re talking about honey but I’ll leave it up to you to tell me in your own time.”

Courtney whispered like she was in a crowded room in which she didn’t want anyone to hear. She put her arms around his neck and pulled his ear to her mouth and whispered as she didn’t even want her normal voice to carry her secret on the wind. She whispered very slowly and softly, “I ~ I was taken advantage of as a child?”

Miles closed his eyes he didn’t want it to be true. But if this was the only way to help her, is for her to talk about it then he was all ears. It was ingrained into his brain as a psychiatrist to always listen and analyze subject matter but this was his girlfriend and he needed to be her boyfriend, lover and best friend first and foremost and whispered back in her ear, “Honey it is only as dark as you make it out to be. If you never want to talk about it I’ll understand ~ but ~ if you want to talk I am right here non-judgmental ~ there is nothing you can tell me that will ever change my opinion of you.”

Courtney said, “You are the sweetest man ~ my father doesn’t understand you the way I do ~ it’s unfair the way he treats you honey ~ to be honest I think he’s just jealous that you stole his princess. Also he’s jealous that you actually work for the FBI and are so respected. I was taken advantage of and its probably one of the reasons why the boys never wanted to be around me in my teens. I really didn’t wear make-up or do my hair or wear sexy outfits. I just never saw the point to it all.”

Miles squeezed her tightly and said, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the only one who understands me and is willing to put up with me. Being with you is worth every sling and arrow that your father throws at me. I don’t care how much of a revered psychiatrist he is as far as I am concerned I won because I have you and no matter what you are going to tell me. I will never, ever let you go.”

Courtney looked up into Mile’s eyes as her eyes were now pink and filled with tears just waiting to escape her eyes to run down her face. Mile’s gently rubbed her eyes and finally Courtney said, “I really could use a glass of red wine.”

Miles broke his embrace and went to the small wine refrigerator they had there in the kitchen. He selected a bottle as they both remained silent. He reached for the glasses in his hand and said, “Is the ’83 okay for you?”

Courtney said, “I thought we were going to save that for our Anniversary?”

Miles smiled, “I think that tonight we just might need this one.”

Miles went to the center drawer and pulled out the corkscrew and Courtney said in a tender and whimpering voice with her head shaking back and forth her eyes seemed to be distant as she was thinking, “I was raped ~ or molested ~ or betrayed I don’t know.” Her hands came back up to her face and the tears began to trickle down her face. “I don’t know if I am going to be able to tell you this honey. Deep down I’ve always wanted to tell you ~ I don’t ever want to keep secrets from you but this isn’t something that you just blurt out on a date.”

There came the popping sound of the cork leaving the wine bottle. Miles poured two glasses and came back to the kitchen table and put both down and then cupped his girlfriend’s face with his hands and looked deep in her eyes, “I had no idea that this ever happened. You are my whole life and I am willing to take on all baggage that you may be carrying in that beautiful brain of yours.”

Courtney rose from her chair and put her arms around her Miles and kissed him full on the lips, “You are such a brave man. What I am about to tell you is ~”

Miles pulled her close and he sat down on the chair and Courtney ended up in his lap. He reached for both glasses and he clanked her glass, “The only way to heal is to reveal.” They both took a sip of the expensive red wind and he said, “Tell you what you don’t have to tell me everything but why don’t you just start at the beginning.”

Courtney said, “Well, it all started for me when I was about seven maybe eight. I don’t know I forget how old I was exactly. My mom was promoted to a junior partnership in her law firm. My mom and dad made a promise that no matter what came up within their day that they would always make it home for dinner each night no later than eight at night.”

Miles said, “Boy that sounds awfully familiar.”

Courtney smiled, “Well, we are just like my mother and father. We’re both successful professionals just like my parents. We have to make time for your Rugrat you know.”

Miles said, “Stop deflecting and tell me what happened sweat-pee.”

Courtney stood and grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and led him into the living room where they sat comfortably on the couch, “This is not a short story but I can make it that way if you want me to?”

Miles smiled, “The only way to heal is to ~

Courtney said, “~reveal. God that is so f’n cheesy.” She took a deep breath and exhaled, “Remember no one and I mean no one except my parents knows about this and what I tell you stays with us.”

Miles said, “Doctor patient privileges apply to this entire conversation honey. I will never betray you.”

Courtney said, “Like I said before mom just got promoted to a junior partnership at the firm. I was about seven maybe eight at the time when she started. I went to stay at Mrs. Fuentes home after school until my mom or dad came to get me. Her grandson George lived there as well. What my mom didn’t know was that Mrs. Fuentes really didn’t watch me a whole lot. By the time I got there she basically just slept all afternoon. Her grandson George was really cool though. He was just out of college and was having a hard time finding work so he hung around with me because I was basically all by myself.

When I showed up he would help me with my homework and then we would have a couple of hours so we would play games together. At first we were like friends everything started off really innocent you know? We would play board games or if his grandmother fell asleep in her room we would play Nintendo games together. It got to the point where I trusted him like he was my older brother that I never have.

For months he would take me to play at the park and then he started to volunteer to pick me up later after school when I had projects to do. George was really helping my mother and father out by taking care of me. That’s when the slippery slope happened and I have never been able to get footing on that slope ever again. Honey I am still sliding down that same slope today ~ I haven’t been able to stop sliding honey ~ its horrible feeling. I sometimes feel like I’m still trapped as an eight year old girl.”

Miles said, “I don’t understand honey? I mean if this happened all those years ago how do you still feel trapped?”

Courtney held back her tears. She was shaking in his arms. She took another sip of her wine as the glass was shaking in her hand. Tears were now flowing down her cheeks. She looked her lover in the eye and said, “No matter what I am about to tell you just know that I love you. I’m such a horrible person you only think that you know me but you really don’t know my whole story.”

Miles asked with some depredation, “What are you trying to tell me (actual fear began to overtake Miles that she is going to drop a horrible bomb on him) are you still seeing this George Fuentes?”

Courtney actually broke a smile and giggled, “Oh hell no ~ nobody knows where he is.”

Miles heart and brain had a sigh of relief, “What do you mean?”

Courtney said, “My slippery slope started one spring afternoon. George had taken me to the park to play with the other kids that day. I was playing with the other kids in the park ~ we were playing hide and go seek. I’m not sure really how it happened but I really had to go pee rather badly and wasn’t able to hold it in. I tried to make it to the bathroom but it was too late by the time I got to the girls room I had already wet in my undies. I was so embarrassed. George was sitting on the park bench with the other mothers talking it took me a while but I finally got his attention. When he came over I told him what happened and I was crying and so embarrassed. He was so nice to me ~ he told me that it happened to him one time when he was in school. He always knew how to make me feel so comfortable.

He took me back to my house and we used the spare key that we always left under a fake rock at the front door. He took me upstairs and told me to get a clean pair of underwear and a clean dress and to meet him in the bathroom.”

Miles said, “He told you to meet him in the bathroom with your underwear?”

Courtney said, “Yeah I know. Remember honey that was almost twenty-five years ago and I was just an innocent kid and I trusted him implicitly. I have grown up a little since then if you haven’t noticed?”

Miles said in a joking manner trying to lighten the mood, “Milk did your body good honey.”

She snapped back at him, “Are you going to let me finish my story?” Miles nodded politely as he was sipping his wine from his glass. “Anyway I didn’t really think anything was wrong. I grabbed a new pair of undies and sprinted to the bathroom. When I got there George was sitting on the toilet with the shower running. George shut the door behind me and then he told me to sit on the toilet. He took my shoes and socks off then he helped me with my school dress and shirt. Then he lifted me and put me on top of the toilet and pulled my underwear off. And before you ask ~ no I didn’t think he was going to do anything bad to me.

I stood there naked as the day I came into the world. He didn’t do anything to me he just lifted me and put me in the shower. Then he handed me the bar of soap that was on the sink and he told me to wash myself. I pulled the shower curtain and I cleaned myself. When I finished I went to turn the water off but George pulled the shower curtain back and said that, ‘he had to inspect my work.’ I stood there with the water hitting my head and he took his hand and put his fingers between my legs and then he licked his fingers and said ‘interesting’ then he turned me around and told me to bend over then he put his finger inside of my asshole. When he pulled it out he spun me around and there was a little brown stain no real poop on it just a brown stain and he told me, ‘see you really didn’t clean yourself ~ here let me show you how to do it right.’

He washed his hands and then took the bar of soap and then he did his best to stick as much of the bar of soap inside my pussy and then my asshole. He lathered both holes up pretty well then he used his fingers to poke and prod my holes until he felt they were clean. As I stood in the shower I knew that he shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing but his fingers felt so nice inside of me. He was actually close to getting me off. Basically he got to third base with me and I didn’t even get a movie or dinner to show for it.”

Miles began to giggle a little knowing that she had a droll sense of humor, “So, what did you do? Did you tell on him is that why no one knows where he is?”

Courtney said, “I wish that was the end of everything but that was the tip of the iceberg. I felt like he was doing something wrong but then he told me to ‘put my fingers inside and make sure everything was nice and clean.’ He told me that ‘it is very important for a girl to always be clean between her legs.’ Now that I look back at it, it was pretty good advice. Anyway, I felt sorta empowered by letting him finger fuck me. So, I told him that it wasn’t fair that he got to see me naked and I should get to see him naked. You were right before Miles at that point I had seen my father naked when he was in the shower once. My dad just played it off as nothing and never really addressed it with me. I had also seen my mother and father having sex on the couch after I had gone to bed one night as well.

For some strange reason I really just wanted to see a real cock up and close. I wanted to touch one for real like he just touched me. ‘I told him if he was my real friend he would let me see it.’ I guess deep down inside I knew what he did to me was really wrong but I really wanted to see his cock. He was so good looking you know. I guess I was just like you with your Aunt Donna. George stood up and he told me ‘if you want to see my penis then you have to take it out of my pants yourself.’ I guess that’s why I always thought that it was my fault because I was the one who took it out of his pants not him. He gave me the option.

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down and then pulled down his jeans. Then I pulled it out of his boxer shorts. It was so in big in my hand it was warm and hard and all I could do was just stare at it. It wasn’t big not as big as my father’s you know but for a girl my age it was pretty big to me. It was about six inches I guess. He was hard and he let me play with it. He put his hand over mine and he taught me how to stroke his shaft and make him feel good. I just wanted to get him back for what he did to me. The water was still running in the shower so I told him that, ‘I needed to inspect him to make sure he was all clean just like me.’ I did the same thing to him that he did to me.

He stepped into the shower and I handed him the soap and before he got out I told him to bend over. I put my finger way up inside of him. I guess I didn’t know I could have hurt him but he squealed like a pig. He told me to ‘be gentle and that I hurt him.’ He told me that ‘friends don’t hurt each other that way.’ I asked him ‘what could I do to make it up to him?’ and he just smiled and told me ‘that I could play with his penis some more.’

He helped me back into the shower and I took his cock in my hand again and moved it up and down his shaft. Then he said that ‘I should kiss it and make him happy.’ I did exactly what he told me to do and that was my first blowjob. He grabbed the back of my head and he fucked my mouth until he came in my mouth. He told me to ‘swallow his stuff really fast and that it wouldn’t taste so bad.’ We cleaned each other again. When we dried off he took me back to his grandmother’s house and like always she was upstairs fast asleep.”

Miles put his arms around his lover, “I am so sorry he did that to you. So, did he tell you to keep what the two of you did a secret?”

Courtney said, “Don’t be sorry Miles. Now, that I think about it even back then it excited me that I could get a boy off. Surprisingly George never told me to keep it a secret. After the next couple of months we touched each other every day. His grandmother would sleep and we would go up to his room and get naked and we would play with each other’s bodies. It wasn’t until my summer break happened when my parents finally realized that George was the one that was really watching me. They asked me if I liked him taking care me. Of course I like him taking care of me. He did all sorts of things to me and made me feel good and I did the same things to him. I told them that he was much more fun to be around than his grandmother. My mom and dad asked the other parents what he was gebze escort bayan like when he took me to the park and the other functions and they all told them that he was a great guy and he really looked after me. My parents never thought twice about it again.

George’s grandmother Joyce went to the hospital for a while but he kept watching me at her house. Now, with no one to really impede us we began to touch each other in more adult ways if you know what I mean. He allowed me to get on top of him and ride his penis like a cowgirl would.

In retrospect I should have figured out that he just wanted me naked all the time and that’s exactly what happened. We spent most of our time in his bedroom and fooled around and we even took a naps together naked. George was sorta like my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend even though he was fourteen years older than me. Every day I wanted to see George’s penis get big so I could put it in my mouth just like my mother does to my daddy and make him finish.

George liked waking up from his naps with my mouth sucking his cock. He never stopped me from giving him a blowjob. He just pulled me on top of his stomach and then he would eat my pussy. It felt so insanely good and I never wanted him to stop. So, like I said he never was the one who started everything it was always me.” Then she turned to Miles and said, “I guess there is something to your theory about the seductress thing. I was the one who wanted to suck and fuck his cock ~ George never pushed any type of sex on me. I guess if you do the same things enough then it becomes normal.

Then right after the fourth of July it happened. George’s grandmother died about a week or two before. I was dropped off at George’s home that morning like any other morning. George and I went swimming after lunch like we normally did and then showered. I sucked his cock like I had done so many other times after that first day. But this time before he came on my face or in my mouth he gently put me on my back. He ate my pussy and asshole then he pulled up and put his cock between my legs. He spit on his fingers and then smeared it all over my asshole and then he told me that he wanted to share something special with me.

It took some time but eventually he was able to put his cock inside of my asshole. He only put the head inside of me but when he pulled out he smiled and said, ‘see that’s why you keep your special holes clean because you never know when a boy is going to fuck you ~ like me ~ today.’ Then he told me he wanted to fuck my pussy. He was always gentle as he could be but eventually he tore my pussy and my asshole a little as my holes were so small. He fucked my pussy then my asshole again and then he told me he was going to cum and I told him to cum in my mouth because I knew that’s what he liked.

That was on a Friday I remember that day like it just happened. I didn’t see him the next couple of days and my mom asked me if I was hurt because I was walking funny and George told her that I slipped on the diving board and landed on my cute little butt and that I was sore. My mom didn’t really think anything about it. It wasn’t until Monday when my dad went to drop me off at George’s but he wasn’t there. The next day my mom was doing the laundry and that’s when she noticed the blood in my underwear.

She stayed home from work that day because George was nowhere to be found and no one had seen him. When she came up from the basement with my undies in her hand she asked me about the blood. I didn’t want to tell her even though after everything that George and I did together he never once told me to keep it a secret. Eventually my mom figured out what it was and she pulled my underwear off and inspected me. She then took me to the hospital. The doctors confirmed that I was violated not only in my vagina but my anus as well the jig was up. My mom asked the doctors to keep things quite. Because my mom was a lawyer she knew a lot of the police detectives. She called one of them and the lady police woman asked me all kinds of questions. She made it seem like it was all George’s fault. I really didn’t want to get into trouble so I just agreed with everything that she said.”

Miles said, “How come I never heard any of this before? I mean we grew up in the same town.”

Courtney said, “Well, they could never find George even to this day he’s missing. There was a girl that was abducted two towns over a week or so later and the detective said that what happened to me sounded an awful alike with the girl that was missing. I guess I was lucky because he took her and he left me behind.”

Miles said, “Jesus Christ honey, why haven’t you told me any of this?”

Courtney said, “Does it really matter. Now that I think about it your theory has substance.”

Miles asked, “So what happened with your parents did they leave you with anyone else after that?”

Courtney said, “No. My mom took a step back at her law firm to spend time with me after school. From that time on until I was in my sophomore year in high school when I got home from school either my mom or my dad was home waiting for me. The friends that I had were sorta screened by my parents that didn’t help me with my gawkiness. No one in town, not even my mother’s or my father’s closest friends knew what happened to me.”

Miles said, “Did anything in your home life change after what happened with George?”

Courtney said, “Everything changed. Right after the incident my mother was really concerned with me and instead of my tubby time being alone time she would let me use her whirlpool bathtub in her room and she would help me bathe. She would ask all sorts of questions about what George and I did while she cleaned me. Eventually my mom and I started to bathe together. I guess that my mother started to share things with my father because they began to switch things up. Every couple of days my father would come into the bathroom with my mommy and they would ask me questions together. I guess my father felt that I would first open up to my mother about what happened and then when my mom couldn’t get anything else out of me my father became the reinforcements.”

Miles said, “Well, that’s why your father is a leading child psychiatrist.’

Courtney snorted at Miles, “Yeah right! He’s no better than George was.”

Miles said, “Wait a minute I thought it was your mother and you who were bathing together?”

Courtney said, “Yeah, my mother’s answer was to give me a small vibrator so that I could learn how to pleasure myself. Can you believe that? When I needed my mother the most she just pushed aside the fact that a man twice my age fucked me and her answer to the problem was use a fake cock instead of the real thing.”

Miles said, “Well, did you use it?”

Courtney’s face went red, “Well, if there was a button that would give you food and another that would give you an orgasm which would one you push? So, yes I used the vibrator until I broke it a month or so later.”

Miles became curious as this was slightly becoming a lot like the situation with his patient, “So, tell me honey you are saying that after you were molested by this George guy several weeks later you and your mother were naked in a bath tub washing one another?”

Courtney said, “Yeah that’s exactly what I’m telling you. I was having nightmares that George was going to come back and take me away from my parents. I didn’t want to bathe by myself or be by myself for that matter so it really wasn’t my parent’s fault it was mine. They were doing their best to keep me calm and safe. Then after my mom couldn’t drag out any other information my father came in and started the process all over again. My dad started washing me for a while then he asked me to show him what George made me do to him.”

Miles said, “So, how old were you when your dad took over and did you do what your father asked?”

Courtney said, “Well it was a long time after I had to be at least twelve or thirteen when he started to wash me. I never disobeyed my father ever and he kept badgering me about what me and George did together then the truth finally came out. My deep dark secret about George was finally released from me. The problem was now instead of George I had my father to deal with. After I disclosed all the things that I did with George my father sorta or kinda I started to bathe with me. An incestuous love affair between us started and lasted for almost half a decade until I went off to college.”

Miles said, “Courtney do you think of me as your father or George. Am I just another man that replaced the void of these other two?”

Courtney said, “Oh god no honey. I truly love you. I feel so liberated right now getting this all off of my chest.”

Miles asked, “So, you and your father remained intimate with each other for almost a decade? How did you mother handle it?”

Courtney said, “She didn’t. She doesn’t know about my father and me. She knows that we bathed together and I gave up everything I did with George but after that when my mother was home my father never showered or bathed with me while she was in the house. My mother figured I was cured because I broke the first vibrator that she gave me then she went out and bought another one for me. Between using the vibrator and my father abusing me I had no chance to have a boyfriend. That’s why I was a loner in school and had very few girlfriends.”

Miles said, “That’s impossible that your mother doesn’t know that you and your father were still having an affair.”

Courtney said, “My mother doesn’t know. Maybe she does I don’t know.”

Miles said, “Your mother has an IQ of 160 she is a very highly intelligent woman honey. She is not gullible enough to think that nothing happened between you and your father. It doesn’t matter that she is not home honey. People act differently when they cheat.”

Courtney smirked, “So, what you’re saying is that if I cheated on you that there would be able to notice all the tell tale signs of me doing something wrong then?”

Miles said, “If you cheated on me I think that I would be able to figure it out.”

Courtney said, “You told me before that no matter what I tell you tonight that you will not get mad at me and that you will still love me no matter what, right?”

Miles said, “Yeah and stop trying to scare me.”

Courtney said, “Well, confession is good for the soul right? I have released several dark secrets tonight and there is just one more that I need to get off of my chest. My first two secrets happened before I met you and for that I could not change anything. When we first met I went home for a while remember ~ I went home to help my father after he was hurt in his auto accident? When I got to the house my mother as usual was still at the office at that time and my father was preparing a late dinner for them. You were at that conference in Kansas City, remember?”

Miles said, “Yeah I remember that it was the first real time since we were together that we were actually separated, so what?”

Courtney said, “Well, after I got there mom said she was going to have to go over several more depositions that night. So my dad and I sat and ate dinner together. After dinner my father kissed me very innocently on the lips after. Then all those old feelings between us rushed back to the surface. I was the one who kissed him back and ever since then my father and I have been sexually active ever since that night.”

Miles smile fell from his face as he felt like a dagger was being stabbed into his chest over and over again. He couldn’t face his beautiful girlfriend and he got up and left the room. Courtney was right behind him trying to get his attention she grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, “Give me a minute will you? Wait for me in the living room.”

Courtney never heard the tone of voice Miles just used. It was a tone of hurt, despair, hatred and self-loathing, “Okay, I’ll wait for you on the couch. I love you and I’m so sorry if that means anything to you at all?”

Miles went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror and began to think, ‘how can you be mad at her? It is her father that she has been fucking since she was twelve years old. You are a hypocrite you have been fucking a twenty-year-old and it is a secret that you are struggling with yourself. Go out there and forgive her and move on.’ Miles returned to the living room, “I guess that your father is still the winner.”

Courtney said, “Oh, honey ~ honey ~ no, no, no. Let me explain something to you. My mother has been in a secret love affair with the same woman ever since she got the job at the law firm. You were right my mother knew that my father was having an affair just not with me his daughter. My mom did know about my father and me I don’t know why I lied to you. I have been trying to protect him all of my life and I don’t want him to ruin the one true piece of happiness in my life ~ and ~ that is ~ you honey. You are the only pure and truthful man that I have ever been with and I don’t want that to ever end.”

Miles wanting forgiveness if Courtney should ever find out about Kristen his catatonic patient and his molestation of her said, “I promised you that I would never leave you (Courtney felt the daggers flying back at her and was afraid of losing the one true person that she loves) and if you want to continue on with your father I am not going to stop you. This is a secret revenge just for me and the dish is being served cold. You father thinks that he is getting over me and that his career is so prestigious and now I have this over him. Don’t you dare ever tell your father that I know about the two of you. If you choose to continue on with your father then I am not going to stand in the way because apparently I had no idea.”

Courtney jumped up onto his torso and he held her like a little girl, “I promise to end it immediately the only reason I have been giving myself to him is because he is such a lonely man. My mother never fucks him ever since that first night when I sucked his cock in the shower after he asked me what George and I did together. Even my mother knew it was wrong but she didn’t stick up for me. She just gave me a vibrator and sent me on my way. She discarded me like a piece of trash. So from that moment on I decided that I would get back at her any way I could and fucking her husband was my way of punishing her. You are right Miles I was sexually abused and after seeing my parents have sex I became an unwitting seductress. I had no idea what I was doing but I do see some form of foundation for your theory. Although I do maintain that my father should have stopped me.”

Miles looked at her and went back to his original thought and said, “I really need to speak with the parents and find out if any of my patient’s stories are true or not.” Then he looked at Courtney left his chair and walked over to hers and then offered his hand to her and said, “Well, my princess, would you like to join daddy in the bedroom?”

Courtney played along with him and said, “Sure, Big Pappi, you don’t think that your thing is too big for my little play hole do you?”

They laughed as they climbed the stairs together and had wild passionate sex one more time before drifting off to sleep covered in each other juices and their own sweat.
End of Chapter 8

Thank you for taking the time once again to read through the sick perverted things that popped into my head as I wrote this episode. This happens to be a transition episode that is going to lead into many other avenues. So stick with it as we are only about a third of the way until the end of Kristen Foster’s ordeal and how Miles tries to continue to help her break her catatonic state.

Please if you want to leave a comment it is welcomed I just hope that you are constructive with it as it will help me into developing into a better writer. Stay tuned I am currently editing the next several chapters right now.

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