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Cassie and Eric Ch. 01

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Cassie and I have been married for over 7 years. We have an amazing relationship built on trust, love and respect. Our marriage seemed to only get stronger with time. We played games together, we made each other laugh, and just loved spending time together. We are very similar but we have our differences, if I had to pin-point it, I’d say I’m more agreeable and introverted while she is more expressive, and always speaks her mind. Ultimately, we completed each other.

Cassie is a beautiful woman, she has dark features, black hair, beautiful brown eyes. She is about 5’7 and has quite the athletic figure. She has amazing wide hips and a really nice ass that would fill up any pair of jeans she’d wear. She was the type of woman, even though she was married, who would get checked out by other men every time she was in public. Knowing that she had that effect on men, gave me sense of pride knowing that she was my wife. Cassie was a hardworking woman, and was a high-level supervisor for an insurance company.

I always considered myself lucky to be with her, if I had to describe myself, I would say I am quite “average”. I am athletic and muscular but not excessively, I am 5’10 and weigh about 185 lbs. I have always been pretty comfortable with my looks and am not insecure at all. I had recently retired from the military after a being in the service for 5 years and now had a more stable desk job.

Cassie and I have an amazing sex life. When we met in College, I was still a virgin and she was my first. She, on the other hand, was two years older and had a lot of previous experiences. She would be very vocal in the bedroom in the sense that should we give me directions and tips to make it better. As time went on, the sex quickly became better and better as we started to really understand each other’s bodies, our likes and dislikes. Today, I still think our sex continuously gets better as our relationship grows. I’d describe our sex life as “vanilla” as we weren’t really into anything like BDSM and we didn’t seem to have any particular fetishes.

Part 1: Joe’s Visit

Joe was in town this weekend; Joe was a close friend of ours from work that I haven’t seen him in over a year. He had moved to a different city but still had some family in town and he was here for a visit. On Saturday morning he texted me. “Hey buddy, in town this weekend, let me know if you and Cassie are free.”

I texted back, “Hey! Absolutely, Cassie and I have no plans this weekend, you’re free to come over, why don’t you come for drinks tonight, after dinner?” A couple of seconds later, the text came in “I’ll be there at 9:00, let me know what to bring!”

Following this exchange, I found Cassie hanging out in the living room and let her know Joe was coming over tonight, and asked her if she was ok with it. She was excited to have him over, and catch up after all this time.

Joe showed up at exactly 9:00, he hadn’t changed. He still had that confident smirk when he saw me open the door and gave me a big hug. “Big man” as we gave each other a hug. Joe and I had spent a lot of time together in the Army and had a special bond that was hard to describe. No matter how long we’d be separated, when we saw each other, it was like we had seen each other the previous day. Cassie came over to greet him and he had the same reaction. “Cassie! Get over here”, he hugged her and lifted her off the ground a little bit.

Joe was about my height but had broader shoulders and bigger arms. I always said that genetics were on his side when we worked out together, as it seemed that it was much easier for him to gain muscle. He had blonde hair that was always perfectly styled. He looked like your classic pretty boy stereotype. He was single and still in the Army. He dedicated a lot of his time to working out, his job, and just essentially whatever he wanted to do.

We spent the night having drinks and just catching up after all this time. “What are you up these days Eric?” he asked me. “Nothing exciting man, just work, and hanging out with this one” I said while pointing towards my wife. “The ol’ ball and chain!” mocked Cassie, we all laughed. “Come on Cassie, we all know every relationship has someone who reaches for a person out of their league and someone who settles… Eric is definitely the reacher!” he teased. Joe and I would always joke around and tease each other, in the end we always knew it wasn’t malicious, we both had a lot of respect for the other. “Well, well, well… At least I reached onto something, you’re still trying to catch something” I retaliated and winked at him. “Haha, you got me, but seriously Cassie, I know you were only joking but you are far from a ball and chain!” Joe said. I always found that Joe and Cassie had a special friendship, they would often tease each other like him and I would, but it was obvious that Joe really cared for Cassie as he complemented her all the time.

As the night progressed and the drinks flowed, it seemed that Joe was slightly flirting with Cassie. I didn’t think much of it, but Escort Bayan as time went on, it seemed to become more and more obvious. Cassie had always been the flirtatious innocent type, especially with such a close friend like Joe. It was fun for her; she would go along with it but obviously never did anything bad. I kept noticing these little things; Cassie was flirting back by grazing Joe’s arm here and there, twirling her hair in a non-obvious way, and she even sat on his lap as a joke after he had “stolen her seat”. This light flirting actually made me a little jealous, to think that they were flirting openly in front of me, but I reminded myself that all three of us were really good friends and it was very innocent.

Then it happened. I looked down and realized that I had a hard-on. There was something about them flirting that seemed to turn me on, and I had no idea what that was about. My mind started spiraling out of control and I was just thinking about what would happen if they would flirt even more, touch each other, kiss, and even sleep together. In that moment, those thoughts made me extremely horny, but those feelings were mixed with some jealousy. I was very confused. I tried not to think about it for now while we were with Joe. I was probably overthinking this.

At 3:00 AM, the night was reaching its end, as Cassie yawned, I said “I think it’s time for bed now.” “Yeah, you’re right. This was fun guys.” Joe said, as he got up and was getting ready to leave. “Dude, you drank a lot, you do realize we have spare bedroom in the basement, I think you’re going to have to stay the night.” Joe agreed and wished us goodnight and headed downstairs to the basement to sleep while Cassie and I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

“That was so fun” said Cassie as she was taking her earrings off in the bedroom. “Yeah, for sure, it’s too bad we can’t all hang out more” I replied. I hesitated to say this but it came out, “I did notice you both were a little flirtatious tonight, was that just me overthinking?” Cassie looked thoughtful, “No, you’re right, you know how I get after a couple of drinks, I get a little flirty but it’s all fun and games.”

“Yeah, I know, in the moment I was feeling a little bit jealous, but I told myself I was probably overthinking this and it’s all innocent. I was a bit shocked to see you sit on his lap though, for some reason that part made me feel weird.”

She looked surprised, “Oh really? Sorry baby I didn’t want you to feel that way, I’ll be careful next time. I wasn’t thinking about it that much, I just did it.”

“That’s fine…” I paused. “I am a little bit confused on how I was feeling at the time”

“I am not following you, what do you mean?”

“Well… promise you won’t laugh, or judge me?”

“Come on Eric! Just tell me, this is a judgement free zone” she said while laughing.

“Hm… Well…” I hesitated, “It kind of turned me on… thinking about how much he probably wants you”

“Oh really?? Well now that you mention it… That is kind of hot to think about, the fact that he could want me but can’t have me, haha. It’s always nice to feel wanted” she said with a little mischievous smile. “Now you got me all worked up, I’m kind of horny now!” she added.

“Sorry, not sorry, haha” I said with a huge smile.

“How about you lay down on the bed, on your back and take off your boxers.” I obeyed. She slowly started stripping in front of me and was now just in her black panties, she looked extremely hot right now. Cassie was always self-conscious about her breasts, she always found them too small, but I loved them. They weren’t big but they were perky. They had a really nice shape and they were really firm. I loved how easily it was to tell she was horny when her nipples became pointy. I would constantly remind her how much I loved her breasts. As I was admiring her naked body, all I wanted was to feel her up and lick those nipples. She reached her hand towards her pussy, “Whoa, I’m really wet tonight baby, I guess you got me all fired up thinking about that flirting and another man wanting me”

“Well, I guess we don’t really know if Joe even thinks about you that way” I said

“Oh, I think Joe would definitely want to have sex with me if I offered myself to him… 100 percent. He is a single guy after all… And you saw how flirty he was with me tonight!” My dick twitched.

She removed her panties, exposing her beautiful pussy. She had a bit of pubic hair, keeping most of it trimmed to a short length but kept a thicker trail on top of her pussy that I enjoyed. I found that very womanly. She started crawling towards me on the bed. At this moment, I was already hard as a rock and ready to go. She put her hands on my chest and started feeling my body up while slowly bringing her hands down towards my crotch. “Oh baby, I love your body so fucking much” as she grabbed my hard dick and started stroking it very slowly. While she was stroking, she said something that surprised me. “It’s true that I always Bayan Escort found Joe very attractive and I think that he probably finds me hot, just by the way he acts around me. The more I think about it the more I realize that he definitely would fuck me if he ever had the chance.” As she said that, my dick felt like it tensed up and got way harder but my I was slightly confused by my physiological reaction… My wife was talking about one of my best friends wanting to fuck her and it turned me on? How is this normal?

“Oh, seems like you like that baby… I felt your dick get even harder in my hand. Do you like thinking about the fact that your friend wants to fuck me?”

We never really talked dirty in the bedroom before so this was new to me. I was slowly accepting that this may be one of the hottest conversations I have ever had with her. As my mind flip-flopped between accepting the turn-on of this conversation and feeling jealous, I took a stance, “I think you’re right baby, realizing that other men want to fuck you is extremely sexy to me.”

As I said that, she picked up the pace and started stroking me faster, “That’s really hot.” I was extremely hard and turned on right now and she wasted no time in mounting me and sliding my dick inside her. “I need your dick… now. I am so horny”. This was the first time I was seeing my wife act so naughty in the bedroom. She was being extremely verbal and it was incredibly hot.

As she was bouncing up and down on my dick, she started to slow down and was looking at me. Clearly brewing some kind of plan. She bent over to whisper in my ear, “how hot do you think it would be if I stopped fucking you now and went downstairs to see if Joe wants a turn? Do you think he’d refuse?” My heart stopped. The confliction of emotions was still there, but I felt like I was gradually accepting this and I wanted to embrace my horniness. As I lay there with my eyes slightly widened and stuck in a mental stalemate, she woke me up from my trance with a: “I’m just kidding baby, but we can just imagine for fun”. A big emotional relief came over me but part of me was disappointed. “Oh ok” I said, “That would be so hot” playing along.

“He does have really big arms and seems really strong; he could probably pin me down and really give me a good pounding” she said, again, coming almost from nowhere, Cassie was saying things that deep down I loved to hear. She continued to ride my dick and then she stopped. “I want you to fuck me doggy-style” as she presented her wet pussy to me. I entered her and felt her tight wet pussy on my shaft. I loved fucking her in this position, the view of her wide womanly hips and plump ass was extremely sexy. I’d always put my hands on her hips and watch her ass bounce on my dick with every stroke. “Why don’t you pretend that I went downstairs and imagine Joe is fucking me in this position?” she said, three strokes in.

That did it. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I visualized her getting pounded by Joe from behind and could not contain my orgasm and blew a huge load in my wife’s pussy.

“Oh, my god, sorry baby. I am definitely not used to this dirty talk” I said in my defence for cuming too fast.

“Wow baby, I think this has to be the first time you came too fast, usually you have amazing control. You must really be enjoying this fantasy scenario that we were playing out.”

“Yeah… it was… really hot” I admitted, with a bit of embarrassment.

“God, you are SO sexy!” That cheered me up. “Let me go to the bathroom, clean myself up quickly and… maybe you could eat me out?”

“For sure baby, I am ready.”

She came back from the washroom a few minutes later, and laid on her back and I wasted no time to go down on her. Cassie had an amazing pussy, it always tasted great, it smelled good, I loved everything about it. I really loved going down on her. “Baby, did I ever tell you that you have an amazing tongue? This is feeling so good” she said. It didn’t take long for me to lick her to an intense orgasm. I could feel her shake and squeeze my head with her thighs as she was cuming hard. That always turned me on, to see her have this much pleasure as I licked her, I loved that.

“Oh…” she caught her breath. “That was amazing Eric, what a hot night! I am not going to lie, my mind wandered while you were eating me out, and I started thinking about Joe and the fact that he probably has a big dick.”

Even after having just came, that comment excited me and I got hard again. I simply answered with “I am not sure why, but that turns me on… a lot.”

“I know why, because you are a naughty boy!” she laughed. We slept really well that night.

Part 2 – Digging deeper

The next morning, Joe left early to spend time with his family. I didn’t have much time to think about last night but one thing was for sure, the sex was amazing.

Even now, thinking about all those naughty thing Cassie said made me hard again. There was something about my wife potentially being fucked Escort by someone else that really excited me, it seemed like a fun thing to fantasize about.

“Good morning baby”, Cassie said as she walked down the stairs. “Joe is already gone eh? I guess he will be out of town for a while again, that’s too bad, we had a lot of fun last night.”

“Yeah. That was really fun. He told me this morning that he’d try to come down more often.”

“Oh, that would be great! I can’t believe that his visit basically resulted in the best sex of our marriage”

“Yeah, I guess it did” I laughed.

“Hmm… I wonder what’s he working with down there” she said with a thoughtful face.

I choked on my coffee. “You mean you wonder if he has a big dick??”

“Yeah! I’m just curious!”

We had never really talked about penis sizes in our marriage, having been married for 7 years, I never really thought of it as an issue and we had good sex. This led me to wonder if my dick was average, smaller than average or bigger than average, I had no idea.

“Hmm, who knows” I said. “What do you consider a big dick?”

“I am not sure in terms of sizing, but you know, like this…” she gestured with her hands a shape that looked considerably bigger than me.

“Hey! That looks bigger than mine!” She giggled. “Sorry baby, I am just estimating, it’s hard to visualize. You know your dick is great, you have nothing to worry about.”

I realized she hadn’t said, “your dick is big”, and she always seemed to avoid talking about my size. “I think I must be average.” I said, trying to get some reassurance.

“Hmm. Probably.” she left it at that. I wasn’t satisfied with the answer. I also realized that, for some reason, talking about my penis size was getting me turned on. My dick was hard, again. Knowing that my wife had a very experienced sex life prior to our marriage, I decided to take a chance and just ask, realizing that I may regret the answer, “well you had sex with a lot of guys before we got together, if you had to compare between me and them how would I rank?

“Hmm…let me think…” She was looking up, and clearly rethinking and visualizing all the dicks she had seen and fucked in her life. This was very hot to me in the moment, but I was also nervous to hear what she would say. “Hmm… so, well… I’ll be honest, but promise you won’t get mad.”

I laughed nervously. “Well, that doesn’t sound good!”

“Ah, you know what, forget it, I don’t really remember” she brushed me off.

“No, no! I was just playing, tell me. I promise I won’t get mad.”

“Ok good! Because, you know I love you and I love having sex with you and I love your penis.” I had a feeling I knew where this was going. “Well… I think your dick is probably one of the smallest I ever had… but it’s still good! Like you said, it’s probably average! And you really know how to use it. I think I was just lucky and the guys I had sex with were really blessed.”

That last statement was loaded with information. First of all, I had never really been self-conscious about my size but now, I had doubts… Am I that small? Also, she considered herself “lucky” to be with guys bigger than me, and described them as “blessed” for having a big dick. What does that say about me? Would she prefer a bigger dick than mine, maybe even unconsciously? My mind was overwhelmed with all this new information. Oddly, I found the way she brought it up extremely sexy. She had this way of telling me my dick was one of the smallest she ever had in such an innocent and nonchalant way. It was slightly humiliating but again, part of me of really enjoying this. I decided to inquire on the matter…

“Oh wow…” trying to keep my cool. “I never thought I was small, based on your experience, do you have a preference?”

“Well… since we’ve been together, I always thought that we had great sex and didn’t think I needed more, but after our naughty conversations about other men wanting to fuck me last night, I’ve been… you know… craving a big dick.”

“Jesus baby, you are really naughty you know that?” I blurted out.

“I know, haha. Sorry… It’s just I’ve been thinking about a big thick dick stretching me out and now I am constantly wet” she answered timidly.

“So, are you saying I don’t stretch you out?”

“Well… you know… not REALLY. My pussy can take a lot more.” It was obvious that she was hesitating in the way she told me this, clearly trying to gauge my reaction to avoid hurting my feelings. I think she knew I was a confident person but was still being careful as she was exploring uncharted territory. I appreciated her concern.

“Wow.” I had a raging hard-on.

“Well, you know I still like having sex with you… and right now I am so turned on.” She started rubbing my dick through my pajamas and said… “I really want to get fucked right now.”

We started making out in the living room. I was extremely horny after this conversation. She laid on her back on the couch and I ripped her pants off. I quickly dropped my pants to my ankles, climbed on top of her, slid her panties to the side and pushed my dick into her already soaking wet pussy. “Oh baby, yeah. That’s what I need right now, to get fucked…” she said between her moans.

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