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Cathy’s Sick Desire Ch. 04

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Big Tits

What kind of sick bastard are you for reading this crap? Thank you!

Chapter four

Cathy slowly woke in the late morning to the whistling of Harry coming from the bath room. She rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but she just couldn’t. With every little movement, she felt her aching muscles crying out for relief.

She called out to him, “Harry, would you please look in the medicine chest and get me some aspirin and a glass of water?”

He came sauntering into her bedroom, totally nude, wet, obviously just showered and said, “Hey, I ain’t your fucking servant. Get it yourself. Anyway, moving around will help you feel better.”

She was still tired, as she gazed at the man who had reached into her brain and made her aware of her most secret, nasty desires. He stood there in all of his naked glory, a man in his fifties, a huge pot belly, which folded over itself to create a roof for his crotch. His body was covered with black and gray hair to the extent that he looked like an old bear. Harry’s filthy comments and over all vulgar way of addressing her had opened up a side of her that she didn’t know existed. Cathy never would have guessed that she could be turned on by the vile things he had exposed her to the previous night.

She remembered licking his smelly armpits and belly, before taking his sweaty, stinking cock into her mouth and sucking him off, until he blew a load of cum down her throat. As she tried to envision what she had looked like when was she groveling at his feet, Cathy felt a stirring in her loins.

Dear God, she thought, it’s true. I’m attracted to the grossest sexual behavior. I’m a closet slut and didn’t know I had it in me. Still, she had to admit that she had never experienced such incredible pleasure in her entire life. She may have cum more than a dozen times last night; she had lost count. And how many cocks had she sucked on, and how much cum had she swallowed? She vaguely remembered crawling on her belly, as she sucked up the drops of white, creamy goo that men had shot on the floor. It further jogged her sex machine, when they laughed at her and called her names like whore, slut and pig, as Harry plowed into her asshole.

Harry was nearly dressed, when he shouted at her, “Hey cunt, stop playing with yourself. Why don’t you get a shower? You’ll feel better.”

Cathy was embarrassed, because she didn’t realized that she had begun to massage her wet pussy. She looked at him and asked, “Would you like me to lick your asshole and blow you?”

He shot back, “Naw, I gotta job lined up and it’s good money; so I ain’t gonna turn it down.

“You need to slow down kid, or you’ll wear that thing out. Get cleaned up, and then get something to eat. It’ll help to clear your head. Why don’t you go through your clothes and find a few outfits that make you look like the slut you are. Then go hunting for some fun.”

She gave him a pleading look, “But I thought that you were going to be here today, to help guide me.”

He laughed. “You fucking cunts are all alike. Once I show you the door to a different world, you expect me to hold your damn hand, while some body fucks you. Listen kid, you did good last night. You found a new you. And you don’t need me anymore, not after the show you put on.”

Now she was troubled. “But I really don’t know what to do.”

His short temper flared, “God damn it, I introduced you to Wanda, I showed you Jimmie’s adult store. Those are great places to find the kind of kink you’re looking for. I gotta go sweet cheeks.” He leaned over to her and kissed her on the forehead like a father, while his finger grabbed her pussy, and then he rammed three of his stubby digits into her. Her sharp intake of breath, as she arched her hips up to his probing hand, gave proof to the existence of the new, dirty Cathy.

Harry removed his fingers, wiped them on her stomach and waved good bye. “Aw shit!” she cried out. He was gone in a flash and she was now horny as hell. And in the absence of potential relief, her mind became aware of another problem. She was really feeling just how sore she was from last nights activities. Maybe a warm bath was called for.

As the hot sudsy water eased the considerable discomfort of her strained muscles and joints, Cathy tried to focus her thoughts on minor problems she was having at work and projects she had been putting off at home; but it was to no avail. Her sore jaw was a reminder of the many cocks which had plundered her face, and her sore elbows and knees were a reminder of the time she had spent sucking and fucking like an animal. Those thoughts always reminded her of her most humiliating and thrilling performance, when she groveled on her belly and licked the cum of strangers off of the floor. That mental image caused instant lust to throb in her loins.

Her fingers worked their way down to her wanton, hungry mound and began gently caressing the lips of her pussy. Her desire took over her thoughts and she imagined herself crawling Ankara escort on all fours as men jeered and cursed at her, as she sucked the scum from their balls, while sucking their cocks. It didn’t take long for her to achieve an orgasm, yet the flavorless pleasure of doing it alone left her wanting far more than she could accomplish by herself.

She began to cry, as the realization set in that only by totally immersing herself in some crazy twisted scene, in front of and through the abuse of others, could she reach the heights of sexual bliss. She needed the same degree of stimulation, which she had attained the night before.

It was with depressing honesty that she uttered out loud, “Dear God, I’m a born slut. I was meant to be a woman who grovels before men and enjoys servicing their cocks with my mouth and cunt.”

Cathy lazed in the tub for over an hour. The warmth and cleansing of the bath had rejuvenated her. As she dried herself off, she decided to do a bit of house work, and then she would go looking for trouble.

An hour of dusting and vacuuming took her to just after Twelve Noon, when she realized she hadn’t had a thing to eat. Good, she thought, this works out quite well. I’ll put on something slutty and go have lunch at Wanda’s restaurant.

It was a very hot day, so she could get away with some light clothing. She chose a short tan skirt, about mid-thigh and a thin white blouse. She tried the blouse with and without a bra. Her nipples were easily seen through the material, so Cathy opted to leave the bra at home and go for the total slut look. She applied dark eyeliner, above and below her eyelids, dark eye shadow, a little rouge to highlight her cheeks and a very garish red lipstick. When she took a final gaze in the mirror, she didn’t see the lady who worked at a boring job five days a week. The woman who was staring back at her was a cheap looking slut. Perfect!

Wanda’s was on the other side of town, so it took her forty minutes to get there. It was a terrible part of town, in an industrial area and served hardworking men and women who sweated for a living. She parked in back, as Harry had done the day before, and entered through the back entrance. As she walked down the hall, she noticed that the door to Wanda’s office was closed, so she went on into the restaurant. It was Saturday and the normal lunch crush was absent, yet most of the booths were full. She took a small table in the middle and plopped down, as she picked up the dirty old menu from between the salt and pepper shakers. It was stuck together with some glop, left over from breakfast, but she ignored that and selected a grilled cheese sandwich, as being unlikely to kill her.

The badly overweight Wanda came waddling over to her and said, “Well, well, well, look what the fucking cat drug in. You look like you’re all spruced up and ready for some more fun.” Then she leaned in close and whispered, “You got a hankerin to lick my armpits again and to suck on my clit?”

Cathy gazed at the vulgar woman with revulsion, and yet she couldn’t deny that it was the vileness of this nasty beast that turned her on. The memory of cleaning those smelly hairy armpits sent a strong message to her pussy, which began lubricating, as she caught a whiff of the foul woman’s scent.

She licked her lips and smiled at Wanda quietly saying, “I could get into that again, but I think I’ll need more this time. Can you help me out there?” Cathy was hoping that Wanda could provide a few hard working men who wanted to dump a load of cum down her throat or in her pussy.

Wanda gave her a nasty lustful grin and told her, “Wow, this is your lucky fucking day. You see, on Saturday’s, I have a few friends come over to play poker. They’re in my office right now just waiting for me to finish with lunch and then we’ll play. But I know these chicks would enjoy some entertainment, while we try and take each other’s money. Come on back and I’ll introduce you.”

Cathy was a little disappointed that there were no men offered. However, she knew that she could get into a scene with woman too, so she tilted her head and said, “I like the way you think, but I want to eat first. I’m starving, and want a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Wanda ran her greasy hand through Cathy’s hair, firmly gripping the back of her neck. “Sweet cheeks, you just come with me into the kitchen. I’ll have my cook get you the best damn grilled cheese you ever ate.”

The cook was an older guy about sixty and skinny as a rail. His face was so full of wrinkles that he looked a bit like one of those Chinese Sharpei dogs. His T-shirt was covered with stains from damned near everything served in the place, and it may not have been the first day he had worn it, without a good cleaning.

“This here is Charlie. He don’t look like much, but he’s the best damn short order cook in town.” As Cathy nodded to him, without speaking, Wanda told him, “This is…well shit, I don’t know your fuckin name. Oh what the Escort ankara hell. Charlie this is Sluty-Whaty and she needs a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Wanda then took the liberty of caressing one of Cathy’s breasts and told her, “Now if you really want to get your mouth on that sandwich, I think you’ll find that old Charlie will do a better job of it, if you get your cocksucking mouth on his prick first. After he dumps a load down your throat, he’ll be up to the task of cooking for you. Get on your knees and open up. Charlie, why don’t you show Slutty-Whaty to Mister Winky?”

The cute little nick names didn’t do anything for Cathy, but the casualness of the humiliating comments reinvigorated her lust. As she smiled at the old man and slowly went down on her knees, he yanked down his zipper and showing no underwear, pulled out his flaccid penis. It seemed to be a nice, average sized cock, and as Cathy moved her face in close, she could smell his body odor. He may have had a shower in the last day or so, but she doubted it.

It was the foul aroma that racked her up a notch, as she took his cock in hand and guided it to her open mouth. She slid her tongue down the underside of his prick and tasted the vile accumulation of sweat and God only knew what else. Yet, she recognized the arousing effect it had him, as she massaged the man’s growing shaft with her tongue and lips. He began thrusting at her and placed his hand behind her head, pulling her down onto his cock and choking her. The involuntary gagging noise was a turn on for the guy; that was obvious.

“That’s the way to do it bitch. Suck my cock. You’re good at this and I can tell you like to eat a man’s meat. Well just you keep it up and I’m going to give you an appetizer, while I make your sandwich.”

She was getting pretty hot herself, as she drove her face up and down the length of his fully erect prick. Wanda was laughing behind her and observed, “You really can’t help yourself, can you, slut? You just got to get a mouthful something. Hurry up Charlie, she ain’t the only customer you to cook for.”

Charlie didn’t need any encouragement. He was driving into her mouth quite rapidly then, when he announced, “Here it comes, you fucking whore. Swallow every fucking bit of it.”

Cathy didn’t need to be told, but she knew that he took delight in verbally abusing her, which was fine with her. She had used her right hand to lift her short skirt then started to probe her wet pussy. She just wished that she could get off right then, but she knew it wasn’t going to happen. He was way ahead of her and Wanda wanted her to hurry up and get to the poker party.

Charlie’s grunts of quickly taken pleasure announced the arrival of a small load of scummy slick cum, which oozed out of his old cock and deposited itself in her mouth. She had hoped that he would shoot a good sized load for her to appreciate, but an old fart like him just couldn’t manufacture a big load. She was disappointed, yet she didn’t blame Charlie. He enjoyed himself and had done the best that he could.

Wanda pulled her to her feet by the hair and said, “Good work! Now eat, and then we can have some real fun.”

To her great surprise, when she turned back to Charlie, he was holding out a plate with a perfect looking Grilled cheese sandwich on it. Now, normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but he had managed to prepare it, using one hand, while the other was pulling her head down on his cock.

She thanked him and began eating right away. It may have been due to her extreme hunger, but as grilled cheese sandwiches went, it was fabulous. She complimented him, “Damn this is really good.”

Wanda responded, “Didn’t I tell ya he’s the best damn short order cook in town. And I use the best cheese and butter for it too. I wouldn’t last two weeks in this place if I served these hard workin guys a pile of shit every day. Now finish that up, and then I’ve got some fur pie for you to munch on.”

Things were slowing down in the restaurant, so Wanda told Charlie to handle it, and then told Cathy, “OK slut, let’s go on back to my office and I’ll introduce my friends to you.”

Wanda led the way, as Cathy followed and gazed at Wanda’s fat ass. She remembered having to pull hard to separate that ass, so that she could get her tongue all the way inside and taste the filth that awaited her. She felt her cunt twitch at the thought of performing that same act in front of Wanda’s friends. It struck her that here was something else that definitely turned her on, public, or least semi-public humiliation.

Wanda stopped at the door and turned to her saying, “Now listen sweet cheeks, these are good friends of mine. You know what I expect from you don’t you? I don’t want to be embarrassed just because you decide you don’t like the way somebody looks or smells. Once I tell ’em you’re the kind of bitch that likes it dirty and nasty, they’ll want a piece of you. So, are you OK with that? Are you going to go through Ankara escort bayan with all the same kind shit we did before?”

Cathy didn’t hesitate. “I want to remind you that this is all knew to me. I mean, being used like a cheap slut and everything. But, thanks to sweet old Harry, I’ve discovered that I really get off on it. If I wasn’t looking for some action, I wouldn’t have come back here. Now, do you want me to strip out here, so I can go in naked?” She started to unbutton her blouse.

Wanda shook her head, “No! Some of the guys out there in the restaurant can still see you. If you go pullin’ off your clothes out here, they’re gonna want a piece of you; and I ain’t runnin’ no whore house. Just wait ’til I get ya in the office. I got an idea for how you can strip, once we’re in there.”


Wanda opened the door and walked through in front of Cathy. There were three women sitting at a round table, across from a small desk. Two of them were pretty badly overweight, even more so than Wanda. But the third woman was skinny as a rail. There was something about her that grabbed Cathy the moment the woman caught sight of her. It was the way the woman gazed at her. There was hungriness in her eyes, like a tigress on the prowl for food, and Cathy was just the meat she needed.

Wanda wasted know time with pleasantries. “Hey gals, this here is a horny little slut. I call her Slutty-Whaty ’cause I can’t remember her name. Anyway, she was here yesterday and showed me just how nasty she likes it. She really is a dirty little whore, from the other side of town. I guess she just enjoys getting off by servicing the hard workin’ folks on our side of town. She licks sweaty armpits and assholes and, of course, she loves to eat pussy; don’t you, you nasty slut?”

As a wave of arousal washed over her, Cathy nodded, her face turned beet red and she said, “Yes, I’ve just recently found that out about myself.”

They all chuckled at her admission and obvious embarrassment. Wanda pointed at a gray haired plumper, with a face shot through with broken veins and introduced her as Sally. The woman raised her hand and waved, without speaking, and then she reached for her glass, which contained am amber liquid; scotch or bourbon Cathy presumed.

The next female (Cathy would never consider her to be a lady) was another big one, named Phil. A bit younger than Sally, and glassy eyed, no doubt from the several empty beer bottles in front of her. She had mousy brown hair, with a few gray strands mixed in. Her breasts were enormous and the woman’s bra barely contained the mountain of flesh, which protruded up and out the top of her undersized blouse. Phil said, “Well ain’t this a nice surprise. Welcome to the party, slut girl.” Again chuckles all around.

Then Wanda poked her finger at the slender woman, with the dangerous eyes. “That’s Cherry, but there ain’t nothing cherry about her.”

The woman, Cherry stood and offered her hand, asking in a demanding way, “What’s your name, bitch?” There was something very intimidating, but also thrilling about the way Cherry seemed to take over the room.

Being somewhat taken back by Cherry’s dominant presence she accepted the woman’s hand and stammered, “C-Cathy.”

They stood there, shaking hands as they looked each other up and down. Cathy’s nipples hardened and her pussy became wetter by the moment. She took in the image of this very slender woman. She was svelte really. There was a controlled grace in that thin wispy body. She was much younger than the others and she seemed out of place here, to Cathy’s way of thinking.

Cherry had shoulder length black hair, but well taken care of. The woman obviously didn’t use a beauty salon to style her hair, yet it was clean and brushed out, with a hint of natural curliness to it. She wore a black cotton blouse, which was thin and well worn. Her nipples poked through the material, revealing a lack of brassiere, which wasn’t needed, as she had no discernable breasts what so ever. The jeans she wore were the stretch type of false denim that hugged her tiny ass and slender thighs like a second skin. Cathy could even see the folds of her pussy being split by the snug fitting pants. The stiletto high heels Cherry wore were black, well worn, scuffed, but recently polished.

It was Cherry’s eyes that drew Cathy’s attention. They were very dark, almost black and set deeply beneath a thick, heavy uni-brow. Cathy had heard of such peculiarities before, but this was the first time she had ever seen anyone with the strange physical trait. Most people would have plucked the middle part to create two well defined eye brows, but Cherry had done nothing of the sort. Her hair came down close to her facial features and thinned out, but there was a fine fur that Cathy could detect all over the woman’s face. Cherry’s mustache was dark and she obviously made no effort to trim that either.

Lost in her reverie, Cathy was brought back to reality, when Cherry squeezed her hand extra hard, sending a little pain up her arm. “So little slut, have you finished looking me over?”

Although Cherry and she were probably around the same age and Cathy was significantly taller, she felt like a little girl in the hand of and adult. She mumbled out, “Yes ma’am.”

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