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Caught Coach

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Sara Winslow had been coaching the girls’ volleyball team at Eastern Valley High for 3 years now and had been keeping a terrible secret for the last year. At a very awkward time in her life Sara found herself drawn to one of her students. This was the first time in her life that she experienced any sort of sexual feelings for another female and the fact that it was an 18 year old girl was quite troubling for her. Sara had been married for 20 years to John Winslow and considered only the first 10 of those years to be a real marriage. John kept himself buried in his work and had not spent any quality time with Sara in years. As a result the lonely woman eventually found herself experiencing strange thoughts.

Sara was now standing in the girls’ locker room looking at herself in the mirror. At 40 years old Sara was still a striking woman. Her breasts were a perfectly round C cup which complimented her shapely ass to a tee. Her long black hair framed her beautiful face and brought out the light in her deep blue eyes. After all these years she was only now starting to see a few grey hair and the first signs of crow’s feet. Her breasts only sagged a little and her ass was only showing moderate signs of a slight southward movement.

Reaching down with her right hand to the bench in front of her, Sara lifted the towel she had thrown there earlier in an attempt to hide what lie beneath. As Stacy Sheppard had undressed for her post practice shower the 18 year old senior had dropped the panties she had worn all day onto the bench. Seeing a chance to claim a souvenir, Sara had dropped a used towel onto the bench covering the panties. Just as the coach had hoped, Stacy had been too busy chatting with her friends to remember the used garment and had gone home for the day without her soiled panties.

Sara held her breath in anticipation as she slowly brought the girls panties up to her face. She looked closely and saw to her shame and excitement that the panties were indeed stained with Stacy’s secretions. Sara brought the panties to her nose and breathed deeply of the heady scent. Her knees got week and her stomach began to flutter as she inhaled the most private odor of her teenage charge. Sara moved the panties to her left hand and almost without conscious thought moved her right hand down the length of her torso until she reached the waistband of her sweatpants. With a guilty look over her shoulder, Sara let her hand creep down inside of both her sweats and panties. She shivered as she felt the first strands of pubic hair touch her fingertips. She moved her hand lower and rubbed it softly across her quivering mound. She could already feel the moistness of her hair on the palm of her hand and slowly slid her middle finger between her lips.

The feeling was like static electricity as she began to slide her finger along the length of her pussy, gently stroking her outer lips and building her own excitement with each pass. Sara breathed deeply of her student’s scent as she began to stroke herself faster allowing her finger to go deeper and deeper. All thought escaped her mind except the notion of getting herself off. She was almost embarrassed by the soft squishing sound coming from her now soaking wet crotch. Sara began to moan softly in time with her own ministrations without thinking let her tongue slide out and lick tentatively at the soiled panties she held in her hands. She was immediately overcome with passion as she tasted the salty, musky leavings of young Stacy. Sara began to lick in earnest as she stroked her pussy in an ever increasing fervor.

She was close now, so very close. Her body shook with pleasure, her heart pounded out a beat so loud Sara could almost hear it over her own moaning. Her right hand stroked furiously and she began sucking the juices from the used panties. Just when she felt she could take it no longer, Sara exploded in the most satisfying orgasm of her middle aged life. Her knees gave way and she sank to the floor slowly easing her finger from her now sensitive pussy. She gave the panties a final lick and let them fall to her lap. Sara was breathing heavily and her head was spinning but she was grinning with satisfaction.

And then the cheering started. Laughing and cheering and clapping coming from the direction of the door Sara had sworn she had locked. Her eyes flew open wide and her head turned quickly to the sound. Sara was at once shocked and embarrassed by what she saw. There, standing in the doorway to the locker room were 4 of her starting seniors. Stacy Sheppard, she of the soiled panties was standing in the forefront of the group. Behind her were Lindsey Morgan, Kelly Sinclair, and Rose Masters. The girls continued to laugh at their coach until Stacy raised her hand to silence them. It was then that Sara noticed the video camera Stacy was holding in her other hand.

Sara began to speak not even sure what she would say but Stacy silenced her by yelling, “Shut up bitch! You’ll speak Casibom when you’re given permission”. The young girl walked slowly toward her now kneeling coach and stopped just half a foot from her. “Let me lay this out for you as simply as I can you perverted old whore. You’re caught and you know you are. Nothing you say at this point is going to matter at all so you can forget about threatening us or getting all high and mighty about this.” Stacy was standing straight and tall and from this angle Sara’s face was level with the girl’s crotch. Even as scared as she was Sara was tempted to steal a glimpse. Before she could act on that feeling however, Stacy began to speak again. “We’ve all seen you watching me. Seen how you stare at my ass or tits when you think no one is looking. We know what a pervert you are so save any bullshit for someone else. You see coach, the four of us have been fucking each other for well over a year now and we spotted you a mile away. The truth is we set you up with the panties. I never believed you would go for it but Rose was certain.”

Sara began to grow very cold at the thought that her students had set her up intentionally. She would lose her job now and most likely her husband. And oh what her parents would think. Sara tried to plead with Stacy but received a slap in her face as she began to speak. The shocked coach sat back on her heals and began to cry softly. Stacy laughed and said, “Cry all you want to bitch but we own your ass now”. She continued, “You see we’ve been getting bored with our little adventures. Sneaking of to each other’s houses and fucking and sucking is fun and all but we needed more. That’s when Rose showed us websites about slaves. I mean imagine how hot we got at the idea of having our own sex slave. We were hooked on the idea but couldn’t come up with a suitable target. And then we remembered our little pervy coach.”

Stacy went on to explain how the girls had come up with a plan to entrap Sara and force her into becoming their slave. She went on to talk about how thrilled they were at the idea of having someone to degrade and humiliate like the sorry bitches in the stories they were reading. And now they had their own little sex toy to play with.

Sara took this moment to plead her case. She was sobbing as she pleaded with the girls to forget the whole thing. She begged them not to ruin her life and at that point Stacy told her that would not happen. “We aren’t going to expose you, you stupid cunt. We won’t see your job or marriage ruined unless you misbehave. Now I think you need to take off all those clothes you’re wearing and let us take a good look at our new property.

Sara was shocked. She was certain she had misheard the girl. “You want me to strip?”, she asked. Stacy let out a short laugh and said, “Of course bitch, we wanna see what we’ve got here. Now stand up and take off those clothes.”

Sara sat still for just a second too long and Stacy slapped her hard across the face. “Do what the fuck I tell you, cunt!” She screamed at the now cowering coach. For emphasis Stacy reached down and grabbed Sara’s left nipple between her thumb and finger and began to pull the older woman to her feet. Sara was stunned but the pain in her nipple was horrible and she scrambled to her feet as quickly as possible. The girls all laughed at her, pointing out the snot running out of her nose as she cried harder.

The coach was trembling in fear and humiliation as she took off her tshirt. She thought about folding it and almost laughed at the absurdity. Fearing retribution, Sara went on disrobing by sliding down her sweatpants and removing them along with her shoes and socks. She stood shaking before the 4 girls in just her panties and sports bra. Stacy reached out immediately and slapped Sara’s left tit hard in a downward motion. “Get the rest off cunt”, the girl screamed. Crying harder Sara removed her undergarments and stood naked before the girls. She knew better than to hide her nudity with her hands and kept them hanging at her sides.

The girls were surrounding her now and making rude observations about her body. Kelly called her tits “fat udders”. Lindsey remarked that Sara’s ass was fat and out of shape while Rose said her coach was a mess and should be lucky anyone even wanted her to serve as a slave for them. It was Stacy who was the cruelest though. Stacy lifted her coach’s breasts in both hands and let them drop back down. She smacked the woman’s ass hard enough to leave a handprint and finally used Sara’s own panties to wipe the snot and tears from her face.

Stacy ordered Sara to her knees and the humbled coach complied if only to get this all over as quickly as possible. With the older woman on her knees the 4 girls began to undress which quite frankly scared Sara to death and aroused her at the same time. Stacy spread Sara’s clothes on the bench and sat her bare ass down on them with her legs spread right in front of Sara. “Let’s get Casibom Giriş right to it shall we”, Stacy said. “I want you to eat our pussies. I mean I want you licking my cunt until I cum on your nasty pervy face.” Sara shook her head no and started to get up. “I can’t do that. I can’t go that far. This all has to stop now Stacy.” The coach wanted to say more. Wanted to take control of the situation but Stacy had other things in mind.

With a predesigned signal from Stacy the other 3 girls grabbed Sara and forced her over Stacy’s lap face down with her ass sticking straight up. Sara tried to call out at this point but the girls were too fast and too well prepared. Someone shoved Sara’s panties into her mouth effectively gagging the older woman. While Kelly, Rosy and Lindsey held her in place, Stacy began to punish their prisoner. Using one of Sara’s sneakers Stacy began to beat the older woman’s ass savagely. She showed no mercy and no compassion. Stacy slammed the shoe down onto her coach’s ass over and over to the muffled screams of her new toy. The beating lasted only 3 or 4 minutes but when those minutes are spent being beaten, they seem like hours. Well over 150 hard strokes rained down on the poor woman’s ass. When it was over, Stacy was panting from the exertion while Sara was a sobbing, quivering mass of agony.

Stacy pushed Sara onto the floor and smiled when the coach cried out in pain upon landing on her abused ass. Sara rolled onto her side and curled into the fetal position trying to block out the pain. A swift kick from one of her new owners quickly brought her back to the reality of her situation. Stacy told her to get up and start licking right now or she would start beating the woman’s tits next.

Sara slowly crawled up to her hands and knees and shuffled herself into position between Stacy’s legs. With her face just inches from the girl’s crotch Sara could smell the arousal steaming from her wet hot pussy. Stacy was tired of waiting and grabbed Sara by a handful of hair and pulled the sobbing woman’s face into her cunt. Using both hands, Stacy ground Sara’s face into her pussy hard enough to hurt the woman’s nose and lips. She rubbed Sara’s face up and down repeatedly as if trying to masturbate herself with the older woman’s face.

All this just made Sara cry harder which only made Stacy rub herself faster with her new toy’s face. Stacy had wanted to force the woman to lick her out but was enjoying the power trip of using her face as a dildo way too much to stop. She yanked her coach’s face up and down, using her hair as handles, with ever increasing pressure and speed. Stacy was getting close and began to hump her crotch into Sara’s face while keeping constant pressure on the back of the woman’s head. On and on she rode Sara’s face, her juices now coating it like a warm sticky glaze.

Sara was in hell. Her nose and lips were bruised, her eyes were almost pasted shut with the girl’s secretions and her neck was killing her. The smell and taste coming from the girl’s sex was almost enough to make Sara pass out. She was overwhelmed by the rush of emotions. She was hurt, angry, embarrassed, frightened and aroused all at the same time. Her mind was in turmoil as her face slid up and down over her owner’s cunt. With each pass Sara could feel her nose disappear into Stacy’s pussy while in her mouth her own panties were absorbing Stacy’s cum and transferring it into Sara’s mouth.

A low growl began in the back of Stacy’s throat and grew louder with each thrust of her coach’s face over her steaming pussy. She was so close now. Just a few more seconds. Stacy ground Sara’s face in harder and faster with one hand and began slapping the woman’s back with the other. In one shuddering climax Stacy came hard and pushed her coach’s face as far into her cunt as she could. She held Sara there until it became obvious that the woman was having trouble breathing. With one final hump of her hips Stacy shoved the abused woman onto the floor and sat back breathing heavily.

Sara was beaten. She was a worn out mess too weak even to cry any more. And still 3 more girls waited their turns on her face. Rose kicked her coach’s left tit hard with her pointed toes and told her to get up and get to work. Sara crawled to the girl and slowly began to run her face up and down the girl’s slit like she had been forced to do to Stacy. “No you stupid fucking cow, use your tongue”, Rose yelled and punctuated each word with a slap to Sara’s head. Sara reached up and pulled the now soaking panties from her mouth and worked her jaw back and forth to ease the pain. Rose grabbed her hair and pulled her face up to look at her. “Start licking or I will beat your ass bloody cunt!” she snarled. Sara moved in and began licking Rose’s cunt with the kind of enthusiasm reserved for only the truly desperate.

She noticed 2 things right away. Rose didn’t bother trimming her hair like Stacy did and also, Rosy hadn’t taken a shower Casibom Güncel Giriş after practice. Her hairy box smelled horrible and tasted even worse. But Sara didn’t dare stop. She continued licking and stopped only when she felt someone touching her ass. Rose hit the top of Sara’s head with one knuckle sticking out of her fist very hard and said, “never mind what goes on back there and lick my pussy you fucking cow”.

Sara soon realized that one of the other girls was rubbing her finger up and down the coach’s ass crack moving it in deeper with each pass. Sara then felt 2 hands grabbing her sore cheeks and squeezing them hard enough to make her cry out into Rose’s cunt. Rose’s reaction was immediate. She moaned in pleasure from the vibrations of Sara’s cry. “Damn”, Rose said, “Whatever you’re doing to her down there, keep it up. The bitch is yelling into my snatch and it feels great.” It was little Lindsey who was squeezing Sara’s ass while Kelly was trying to insert her middle finger into the coach’s rosebud.

Sara was crying harder as Lindsey mauled her asscheeks, squeezing and kneading them like balls of bread dough. Meanwhile Kelly had used some of the moisture from Sara’s cunt to get her finger slick enough to worm into the woman’s asshole. She pushed her middle finger in all the way in one swift painful motion causing Sara to scream and Rose to moan in pleasure. Lindsey, vying for a better angle swung her right leg over Sara’s back and sat her naked ass down on the coach’s bare back. She then proceeded to squeeze and pull Sara’s asscheeks apart giving Kelly better access to the older woman’s hole.

Kelly now had 2 fingers up her coach’s ass and was sawing them in and out furiously. Lindsey had taken to alternating between squeezing and slapping the mightily abused ass of the group’s new slave.

Meanwhile Stacy was slowly recovering from her powerful orgasm and was watching the show with interest. She was very proud of the depravity she was witnessing. Her stuck up pervy coach was being abused at both ends. Lindsey and Kelly were doing a number on her ass while Rose was being eaten out by the screaming, squirming old bitch.

Not wanting to be left out, Stacy straddled Sara’s back facing Rose and pressed her cunt into the back of Sara’s head. Stacy and Rose began to make out while each of them ground their pussies into opposite sides of Sara’s head. After several minutes of this, Stacy moved down slightly so as to lovingly like and tease Rose’s tits while at the same time reaching down and pinching Sara’s nipples as hard as she could. Sara screamed at once and brought Rose closer to a raging orgasm.

Sara couldn’t focus her mind on any one torment at a time. She could not decide which was worse. The pain in her ass or her tits. The girls working on her ass had been at it longer and had started with an already sore target but the viciousness of Stacy’s attack on her poor tits left Sara thinking it was a tie.

Her tits were hanging down so low that Stacy had to lift them up by the nipple on either side of Sara’s body. By using the nipples as handles Stacy was able to cause maximum pain with minimum effort. Stacy found herself really enjoying the quality time she and her teammates were having with their coach. She loved the sounds of whimpering agony emanating from the old cunt’s mouth while she submissively licked at Rose’s pussy. Stacy also loved the sounds coming from behind her. The slapping of Lindsey’s hands on Sara’s tortured ass and the squishing of Kelly’s anal assault with now 3 fingers.

It all ended so suddenly that at first Sara thought she was imagining it. Rose came with a screaming orgasm that stopped the other 3 in their tracks. As she came, Rose rammed her crotch into Sara’s face with enough force to bruise the older woman’s lips. When Sara was finally allowed to remove her face from the young girl’s crotch her lips were swollen as though she had a collagen injection. Kelly and Lindsey both quit at the same time, each one giving one of their coach’s ass cheeks a final slap. Stacy held out the longest, pinching Sara’s nipples as hard as she could for another full minute before letting go and shoving the coach down onto the cold locker room floor.

Sara howled in agony as the blood returned to her nipples. Her body was so wracked with pain that she could hardly move. She cried harder and tried to hold the part of her that hurt but found that 2 hands were simply not enough.

The four girls were standing over the new slave discussing what had just occurred and deciding who would go next. Lindsey said she wanted to get off next and Kelly said that would be ok because she wanted to hurt the woman some more. Stacy and Rose had decided to sit and watch as they were both feeling a little tired from their orgasms.

Lindsey and Kelly kicked the poor defeated woman several times to get her rolled onto her back. Once in position, Lindsey sat herself down on Sara’s face grinding her pussy onto the woman’s mouth. She wasted no time and simply ordered the old cunt to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Sara complied immediately and Lindsey began to ride her face like she were riding the mechanical bull in a cowboy bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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