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Caught in the Act!

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Note: All of the characters and events in this story are fictional. They are figments of my imagination, and these occurences did not actually transpire. Just sit back and enjoy the story.


Natalie and I have been living together for the past few months, sharing a flat in a small town in Cumbria. I’d recently come home from university, and decided to stay with my parents for a week or so while I found a place of my own.

It so happened that the place I’d chosen was a 2-person flat, and that Natalie was also interested in it, so the landlord paired us off and we had to sort the rest out for ourselves.

Natalie is 21, and had just left university herself, having studied at the University of York, whereas I’d been at Northumbria University in Newcastle, so we’d never met on campus at all.

We never really had a proper conversation for the first few days. We’d mainly stuck to “Hi” and “D’you want a coffee while I’m here?” until then. Perhaps we were still getting used to living in the same environment, and getting familiarised with our new flatmate.

It took some time to get talking and to start establishing a level of trust, but I eventually discovered that Natalie is single, as her boyfriend at university decided that they should split up, since he lived down in Staffordshire, and wasn’t wanting to commute up to Cumbria to see her.

Myself and my girlfriend lived in the same town, and started going out in high school, and while I took a university course at Northumbria, she enrolled at Newcastle University so that it was easier for us to meet regularly.

She moved back with me when we graduated, and she’s currently staying with her parents, since she is struggling to find a job to pay for both rent and student debts. We still see each other regularly, almost every night, to go out for drinks and to chat.

Her name is Alex, by the way. She’s a bit younger than me, about 3 months, but she is really very pretty, smart, and has a gorgeous figure to boot! She has blonde hair reaching down to the small of her back, usually pushed back with just a hairband, electric blue eyes, and a thin face which tapers almost to a point at her chin.

She is about 6ft tall, with a perfect hourglass figure, delicate skin, small hands, and magnificent DD-Cup breasts. She isn’t a great tease, and doesn’t let much flesh out, a great fan of turtle-neck sweatshirts and tops that cover from waist to collarbone, not much of her is on display.

I don’t mind it though, because when she does reveal even the smallest amount of cleavage, it makes the moment all the sweeter, knowing that I’m catching a rare glimpse of her fantastic tits.

It’s amazing how much she and Natalie are alike. It’s no wonder they get along so well.

Natalie is about 5ft 9, a bit shorter than Alex, and with brown wavy hair that only trails a few inches past her shoulder blades. She has chocolate brown eyes, and a slightly deeper skin tone than Alex, her face a tad more rounded.

Her body isn’t bad either, slightly wider waist than Alex, but still retaining that hourglass shape, and sporting slightly larger breasts than Alex. She also regularly wears tight tank tops, accentuating her curves magnificently.

However, I knew that any kind of relationship with Natalie was not something to be considered, as I was already in a dedicated long-term relationship with Alex, with whom I shared a lot of my life, and we had a lot of common interests. I had also known her longer, and was still as attracted to her now as I was when I met her 4 years ago.

I love her for her personality. Her looks are just a bonus!

So, with Natalie, all I ever restricted myself to was quickly getting a look when I felt that I needed to satisfy my urge until I saw Alex later, as she left a lot more exposed; usually when she wasn’t looking or if her attention was directed elsewhere.

So this went on for 6 or 7 months. Natalie was used to me bringing Alex back on occasion, who now has a job working at the local Aldi as a Stock Assistant, so we sometimes had dinner together, and talked about the latest films, episodes of TV shows and other miscellaneous things that were going on in our lives such as job hunting and upcoming social events we were planning to go to.

One night, though, when I brought Alex back, the flat was locked, so I took out my key and let us in, switching the light on and finding a post-it note from Natalie on the kitchen counter.

She’d gone out for the evening with some friends to see a film at the cinema in town, and wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours.

I threw the post-it in the recycling and got started on dinner, filling a saucepan up with water and setting it on the cooker hob. I took the vegetable knife and the peeler out of the cutlery drawer, and set them next to the chopping board.

I took some carrots out of the fridge, and the bag of peas out of the freezer, ready for when the water had boiled.

Just as I picked up a carrot to start peeling it, Alex came escort kocaeli up behind me and wrapped her arms gently around my waist, pressing herself into my back in a hug. She turned her head to one side so she could rest her cheek against me.

“Hey,” she said, calmly, starting to sway slightly.

I lowered the carrot and the peeler, “Hey,” I replied, turning my head slightly, as if to direct my voice behind me.

“So, Chef,” Alex said, slightly seductively, “What’s cooking?”

“Chicken and mushroom pie, with some carrots and peas,” I answered, “That alright with you?”

Alex released me from her embrace, grabbed my shoulder, and turned me to face her, pressing me back into the counter. I barely had time to put the carrot and peeler down on then chopping board as she spun me.

“That,” she said, leaning towards me, “Will be just fine,” she leaned further into me, and our lips met in a kiss.

She broke the kiss and retreated, leaning back on the opposite counter to watch me work as I returned to peeling the carrots, and chopping them into discs. I scraped my peelings into the bin, and turned the oven dial to get it heated up ready for the pies.

Dinner was never really extravagant for us. As ex-university students, we were used to ready meals and cooking that only required you to turn the oven to a certain temperature and pop the food in for 20 minutes or so.

The water in the pan began to simmer, and I took the pies out of the box and put them into the oven.

As I closed the door, I thought I heard Alex say something. I turned to her and said “You say something, Alex?”

Alex looked up at me, her thighs pressed together. It looked like she’d been frozen mid stride.

“No, no, everything’s fine.” she replied quickly, obviously fibbing.

“Hmmmmm,” I responded, turning back to the frantically bubbling saucepan of water. I scooped up the carrots and dropped them into the boiling water, followed by the peas.

I turned back to Alex, “Are you sure?”

Alex nodded, seeming a bit distracted.

I stepped towards her, and leaned over her, pressing her back into the counter like she had done with me just a moment before.

“Do you know what I think, Alexandra Thomson?” I said, leaning into her so out faces were inches apart. Her breath quickened in anticipation.

“No,” she breathed, “What do you think, Michael Richards?”

I moved closer to her, our noses almost touching now, “I think…”

I paused.

Alex’s breath quickened still, “You think what?”

“I think that you need…”

I paused again, grinning slyly.

Alex frowned slightly, chuckling, “Stop it, you’re killing me!”

I chuckled back to her, our noses now touching ever so delicately tip to tip now.

“I think that you need…” I said, slowly, exhaling gently so she could feel my breath on her eager lips, “…to learn to wait.”

I pulled away from her, her head seemed to follow it for a moment, her eyes closed, seemingly still awaiting my kiss.

She then opened her eyes, and saw that I’d migrated to the sofa and turned on the TV.

She growled slightly in frustration, and moved over to join me while everything was cooking. I chuckled to myself as she sat down next to me rather violently, as if she was in a mood with me.

But she sighed and leaned into me, and I put my arm around her to pull her into a cuddle as we watched ‘Would I Lie To You?’ together.

About 15 minutes later, I excused myself and went to check on dinner. The pies in the oven were pretty much done, and the vegetables were on a gentle simmer so they wouldn’t cook too quickly. I got a fork out, impaled a slice of carrot, blew on it to cool it and popped it in my mouth to test it.

It was nice. Not so raw that it was still crunchy, but not so soft that it was mush. Just right.

I turned the hob off, turned the oven off, and poured the contents of the saucepan into a collander over the sink to drain the water from the vegetables. I rested the collander in the sink while I took the pies out of the oven, and peeled their foil tins off.

I popped the pies onto a plate each, and dished out some vegetables onto the plates to accompany them, and we sat down at the table to eat.

As we ate, we changed channel to continue the 2 hour comedy marathon of Friday nights on terrestrial television with ‘QI’.

When we’d finished eating, I took the plates to the sink, placed them in at varying angles, and turned the hot tap on to let the sink fill, and squirted some washing up liquid into the sink.

I heard Alex come up behind me, so I dipped my fingers in the still cool water, turned around and flicked some water into her face.

She squealed as the cold water splashed against her face, and I laughed.

“You bastard!” she said, through giggles.

I laughed some more, “Oh, didn’t like that eh?” I dipped my fingers back into the sink, the water now warm, the sink about half full of soapy water now. I flicked some more water off the kocaeli anal yapan escort tip of my fingers at her, but she managed to raise her arm to defend herself in time.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it now!” she grabbed a tea towel, and swung it round, slapping me in the arm with it. I managed to grab the corner of it as she pulled it back for another attack, and I pulled her towards me, grabbing her shoulder when she was in reach, and pulled her towards me and kissed her.

As we kissed, I didn’t notice her reach past me before she flicked water into the side of my face, causing me to break the kiss.

She laughed at herself and clapped her hands together triumphantly, “Haha! I told you you’d get it!”

“Oh, Alex, you are naughty aren’t you!” I grinned at her. She smiled back at me, her eyes shut as if to exaggerate her undoubted glee with herself.

I reached behind me and turned the tap off, catching myself in the wrist with the boiling water. I strode towards her, and reached around her waist, pulling her towards me and locking her into a deep kiss that lasted for well over a minute.

When she broke the kiss, she grabbed my belt and pulled me back with her towards the couch, and she fell back onto it, over the arm of it, pulling me down on top of her. I reached forwards, grabbed the remote control, and turned the TV off, dropping the remote control when I had done so as if I’d forgotten I was even holding it.

She raised her head and kissed me again, reaching around my shoulders with both hands and pulling me down into her kiss as much as she could, her tongue exploring mine as we kissed passionately.

One of her hands reached down and hooked her thumb on the inside of my trousers, tugging slightly as if to say “Get them down. Get them off!”

I broke the kiss and sat up, back on my thighs as her hands came down and rested on my belt, unbuckling it.

She proceeded to unbutton my jeans and unzip the fly, tugging them down my legs, I rose up and helped her remove them, revealing my now tent-shaped boxers, my rock hard cock pushing out towards her.

“Shirt,” she gasped, “Lose it!”

I didn’t hesitate, and took my shirt off and threw it down on the floor. She tugged the bottom of her yellow turtleneck, then green long-sleeved t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, exposing her bra-clad breasts for me, and she threw it down on the floor too.

She looked down and saw the state I was in, hard cock pointing straight at her, covered only by boxers, a stain of precum starting to show at the tip.

She bit her lower lip, and slowly pulled the boxers down, letting my 8 inch cock spring free of its underpants prison.

Again, I rose up to help her take them off, and drop them on the floor. She pulled herself up so she was propped up with her back against the armrest of the sofa. I automatically shuffled up with her.

Her hands shot under my legs and grabbed my buttocks, pulling me towards her and wrapping her lips around the head of my cock. No teasing, licking the head of my cock as she normally does, just straight in there like she needs it!

She stayed there for a moment, just sucking on the throbbing head of my cock, and then she started to move.

She started to bob her head slowly, taking only another inch or so into her mouth at a time, getting gradually faster and faster as she swallowed more and more of my cock.

Soon enough, she nearly had it all in. She was going so fast, her headband fell down in front of her eyes.

She stopped, and removed her headband, throwing it down like it didn’t even matter any more.

A hand came back to the front of me, and she started to gently stroke my shaft with it, twisting her hand slightly as she worked my penis.

I looked down and saw her bra-encased breasts jiggling slightly as she jerked my aching cock.

Alex looked up at me through her eyelashes, then down at my cock, then down further to her breasts, then back up to me, her eyes glinting with devilish naughtiness.

She released her grip on my cock, and arched her back so she could undo her bra strap. She let the straps slide off her shoulders and rest around her elbows, limp, with the cups still covering her tits.

She stayed there, and looked up at me sexily through her eyelashes again, grinning slightly.

Damn, she looked so sexy like that. Wow!

Slowly, she reached up and grabbed her bra straps and pulled them down, slowly revealing her tender breasts, those gorgeously beautiful breasts in all their glory, naked and bare, her nipples pink and fully erect, pushing out as much as my cock was.

She removed her bra completely, and dangled it over the edge of the couch in her thumb and forefinger, before letting it drop to the floor.

She opened her mouth slightly as if to feign shock at what she had done, dropping her bra like that! ‘Ooooh clumsy me!’ her expression seemed to say. But that just excited me even more!

Alex pulled herself up izmit yabancı escort through my legs so she sat on the arm of the chair, grabbed my head and pulled me into her to kiss me again.

She then moved a hand to the top of my head and pushed downwards, directing me towards her breasts, my lips kissing her all the way down, before taking one of her nipples in my mouth, and kneading the other one between the fingers of my other hand.

Alex moaned in pleasure as I suckled on her nipple, before moving over to the other one, and kissing that, and sucking on it, while her other nipple was being rubbed between my thumb and index finger.

Her moans grew slightly louder, and I slowly withdrew from her breasts, and continued downwards, undoing her belt, and undoing the button and fly on her jeans.

She lifted her hips to help me pull them off, pulling off her now soaking panties at the same time, revealing her warm glowing pussy.

I parted her legs, and moved down to kiss her pussy and start to lick it. As I did, Alex moaned and threw her head back in pleasure, as I probed her hungry pussy with my tongue, circling it, outlineing the walls and the clit, before pushing it down into the bowels of her opening.

Alex moaned again, and kept her head pointing down, to get a better view of the action.

Her breathing was getting heavier and quicker, and her moans getting more and more exasperated. She was close to cumming, but I wasn’t going to push her over the edge just yet.

I stopped, and pulled back, her pussy juices trickling from her, glistening in the light, and took some time to admire it, and to let her impending orgasm retreat.

I lined my cock up with her pussy, and pushed into her slowly, letting me slowly fill her up as her vagina walls stretched to accommodate my throbbing 8-incher. Alex moaned long and loud as she felt my cock enter her, scraping against her pussy walls as I buried myself to the hilt, and held it there, listening to Alex’s heavy breathing.

I pulled my hips away from her groin and slid my cock back out of her pussy, Alex moaning as her muscles relaxed after being stretched, returning to their original shape as my cock left.

With just the head left inside her, I thrust forwards again, pushing my cock back in to the hilt with a bit more vigour, and started to build up a rhythm.

Alex moaned, her breasts bouncing in time with my cock pounding into her tight pussy, her orgasm starting to build again.

Alex reached down with one hand and started to rub and massage her clit as I fucked her pussy, urging her orgasm to arrive sooner. She moaned louder.

I recognised the moans she was making, and started to slow down again.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped, realising what I was doing, “Don’t stop!” she repeated, on a very sharp inhale. “Don’t stop.”

I kept going. We were almost there, both reaching climax together.

Suddenly, we heard someone clear their throat.

Our eyes snapped open, and our gaze immediately shot in the direction of the onlooker, embarrassed.

It was Natalie, stood at the door, arms folded, and a scornful look on her face. She’d got back over an hour early!

Alex and I hurriedly grabbed cushions to cover ourselves.

“Na…Na…Natalie!” I said nervously, “Wh…wh…what are you doing back so soon?”

“Helen was sick, so we left early to take her home.” Natalie replied.


“Having fun?” she asked.

Alex and I exchanged glances, and looked back at Natalie.

Natalie laughed, seemingly amused at our predicament. “Should I leave and come back later?”

Before I could say ‘That sounds like a good idea’, Alex spoke.

“No, no, we were just finishing up,” she said, a response I was not expecting.

“Ok, while you ‘finish up’, I’ll go get a quick shower,” Natalie said, hurrying out of the room before I could object.

Alex looked at me, smiled and shrugged. I wasn’t hard any more, so took me time to get back in the mood.

“Forget she’s even here. She’s in the shower. Ignore it,” Alex kept saying, adamant on finishing what we’d started.

So she dropped the cushions and repositioned herself so she was comfortable, took my cushion away and wrapped her hand around my cock, and started to massage it, trying to coax it back into life.

After a few minutes, I began to relax, and let Alex’s fingers work their magic and inject some life back into my cock.

I sighed as it hardened between her fingers, filling up the palm of her hand and sprouting out the other side, the head crowning the shaft like a flower bud crowns the stem.

Once my penis had become fully erect, Alex decided to help put me back in the mood, and leant forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth, and gently sucked on it, licking it with her tongue and bobbing her head ever so slightly, while jerking the shaft with her hand.

Wow, she was good, and she knew it.

Her special treatment was working and soon enough I’d forgotten all about Natalie being here, and I was ready and raring to go.

I reached forwards and ran my fingers through Alex’s hair, cupping her head as she went about her work, and slowly stroked her hair from root to tip, feeling it run through my fingers as she started to take more of me into her mouth.

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