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Changes Ch. 02

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Authors Note: Second Chapter of this older little piece. Let us know if you want to see more of this!

–Daniel and Jasmine


It was past 1 AM by the time Adam looked up and stretched. Stars dotted the night sky outside and he rose to brush his teeth. The hallway was dark, though the door to the small room his aunt slept in was ajar.

Fuck her.

He wasn’t going to wish her a good night. Not after….that. Quietly, he snuck into the bathroom. The floor was spotted with small puddles of water which he avoided as he grabbed his toothbrush. He didn’t fully notice — not it was too late — when someone came into the bathroom.

Jessica was completely nude, her head angled down while she toweled her reddish hair with one of mom’s towels.

For a second, his annoyance at her was forgotten as he eyed her from head to toe, lacking even what little coverage she’d had on the terrace.

Her breasts were as large as he remembered, with nipples stiff from moisture and cold. Unlike what he’d imagined, his experience in the field largely being porn, he saw she wasn’t shaved, but had elected to trim and design a small triangle above her sex, which was…pink and pretty. She was slender, though no ribs showed and her belly had a small, appealing curve below her navel.

And then she looked up.

Shit. He swallowed. Here it comes.

Far from the tongue-lashing he’d expected from a woman finding herself naked in front of her nephew, she just cocked one eyebrow and kept toweling herself off. She did towel her thighs and legs, which did nothing to cover her plump breasts but at least made it half-decent.

“Well, hey there. Didn’t know you were still up, Adam.” She grimaced. “Sorry, I’ll be done in a bit. Forgot my stuff.” She grabbed the bottle of lotion by the shower.

“Mhm.” He swallowed. So she wants me to look? Fine. He fixed his eyes on her and stared.

“Enjoying the view?” She smirked, throwing him a look over her shoulder.

“You’re…pretty, i guess…” He trailed off, unsure of how to describe it.

“Shameless?” Jessica suggested with a suggestive shake of her hair.

He nodded.

“Well” she said “it’skinda how I’ve…always been. Besides, I like you, Adam. You’re cool.”

Oh really? “Then why did you do what you did?”

She frowned, then seemed to understand. “Well, I’ve never had a good hand with kids, you know. Shit, when you were eleven or twelve? What could we have talked about? I don’t know any of that stuff. Even when I was twelve I didn’t act like a twelve-year old.” A short laugh. “Sorry if I was a bitch back then. And sorry for what i said last time. I did not mean it, promise.”

“You’re a bitch now too.” He retorted, surprised at his own vehemence.

She blinked. “Adam…what…”


Understanding dawned and her eyes widened. “You were listening? Oh…well shit.”

“Yeah. Shit, right?”

“Adam, I didn’t…” She ran three slim fingers over her forehead and closed her eyes. “God dammit. Listen, i-“

“Forget it.”

“Adam, you don’t understand. I didn’t mean it-“

“I said forget it! Move.” He saw familiar flash of irritation on her face — the same kind she’d showed him when he’d ruined one of her ludicrously expensive sunglasses when she’d been here last.

She had not spoken to him for the remainder of her stay, until it had been time to leave.

“Fine.” She stepped aside and crossed her arms.

Passing her, he couldn’t help but notice that he was head-and-a-half taller than her. Looking up at him, her eyes seemed to challenge him and the way she crossed her arms beneath her breasts, pushing the mounds up for his viewing pleasure…Mom would skin her alive.

It wasn’t until he returned to his room that he noticed his cock, which had been rock-hard for…how long? He didn’t even know.

It was watching a particularly filthy clip of pornography where 2 teenagers took turns at a young man his own age that he finally managed to clear his head and fall asleep.


He woke drowsily the next day, as though he’d barely slept. Shit.

He shielded his eyes from the glaring morning sun as he dressed himself — simple as always — and walked downstairs into the kitchen. Fresh coffee and maple syrup-drizzled pancakes on a plate decorated the counter. He forked two, and a pot of coffee and walked out on the terrace.

“Morning.” His mom said with a sunny smile. She was doing what he had expected her sister to do — lounging in one of the sun chairs with a glass of ice water.

“Morning.” He looked around. “Where’s aunt Jennifer?”

“In town. She needed some things now that she’s staying here.”

Great idea.

She glanced at him. “You are fine with that, right?”

“Not my decision.”

His mom sat up. “Yes, it is. You are a part of this household, Adam. I want you to want this too. If you don’t, say so. Please, honey.”

“It’s the same story every time she Girne Escort visits, mom.” He sighed. “You start out all hopeful, hoping things will work out for her. And then, every time she’s here for like a week or something before…she finds or calls some guy who knows someone, and then she’s off again, like always. For another month or a year. Or like five. Why should this time be any different, hm?”

His mom sighed. “Maybe she has changed this time?”

“Doubt it.” She’s still a bitch. Four-eyed librarian. He snorted.

“Adam. Look at me. Are you okay with her staying?” she asked again, insistent.

Adam sighed. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am. Fine. She’s family, right? Gotta take care of family — at least that’s what they say.”

The smile on his mom’s face reappeared. “Good. Thank you, sweetheart.” She kissed his cheek.

“You’re the one who’s gonna get into a fight with her today.” He said.

“Am i?”

“You two always fight on the second day — at the latest.”

His mom didn’t respond.

Jessica returned around lunchtime and went on to prove what Adam had expected almost the moment she walked back into the house.

“Jess! How much did you pay for that?” His mom asked.

He was out of sight, in the living room watching television. When his mom raised her voice, he turned the volume up. A little. It was hard for him to deny that he took pleasure in knowing he’d been right.

“Two-thirty. You pay for quality, Lee! It’s a great piece, and I look awesome in it. Right? Check it out!”

“It’s a sun dress! You were supposed to buy clothes for the country! You barely have underwear for the week! You should’ve bought stuff you don’t mind getting dirty in!”

“It was on sale. I’ll get underwear tomorrow, when I go back into town. Besides” her voice took on a sensual quality. “I don’t mind getting dirty in this.”

“You…you are such a whore, Jessica! Why must you talk like that?”

“I was kidding. Christ. Relax! Stop being so fucking uptight!”

“Oh Yeah? Fine then! Go out and roll around in the dirt in that dress! Go ahead!”

“Hey, fuck you, Lee, alright? Fuck you!” Jessica sounded for all of her years like a petulant fifteen-year old.

“So do you have any money left?”

“What? Of course i do!”

“How much?” his mom’s voice was tight.

“More than enough! None of your fucking business!”

“It is exactly my business, Jess. You live with me now, and I want you to pay rent. Four-hundred a month. By the end of the week!”

“Rent?” Jessica’s voice was incredulous. “Give me a goddamn break, I’m your damn sister, Lee!”

“And the food you munch down doesn’t come free! We’re on a budget-“

Adam shut them out, turning up the television. Knew it. They always fought about money. The difference usually was that Jessica had some guy’s platinum card in her purse, splurging on things she didn’t need, and gifts for him. That part he didn’t mind. Someone shut the kitchen door and he heard them continuing to argue. Sometimes words, such as ‘mine’ or ‘money’ or ‘irresponsible’ drifted through. After perhaps ten minutes, someone slammed open the door and stalked upstairs.

His mom sat down by his side on the couch, looking tousled as though they’d been in a hair-pulling contest.

“Not one word, mister.” She said, glaring at him.

Adam nodded.

“I mean it!”

“I didn’t say nothing!”

“Well…good.” His mom sighed.

And that was the way it went. Far from being happy, his aunt seemed to have trouble finding things to do – not surprising, in a rural house perhaps fifteen minutes from town by car. Over the day he saw her going from the living room — checking each book before putting it down again, then watching television –to the kitchen, to his mom’s room where his mother was busy sewing. It wasn’t until early afternoon that she came to his room.

“I’m bored. Let’s do something.” She announced by the door. Jessica looked from the posters, to the rumpled bed, to his bookshelves. “What do you do for fun around here anyway?”

“This.” He jerked a thumb toward his computer screen while stealing a look at her.

She was wearing a top that somehow managed to be too tight while being loose and lacy across her smooth belly. The fabric of her jeans seemed poured on and the expensive sunglasses resting on her red curls as well as the golden earrings made her suitable for a tv-show on MTV rather than a former farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. He took it all in without hurry.

“What, you sit at that screen all day?” She walked up to his desk, behind him.

“Not all day.” Not mostly at least. Just…a lot. He closed down ‘The Witcher 2’ and turned to face her. Clearly he wasn’t going to get any peace and quiet for gaming right now.

“Come out with me.” She smiled. “We can take a walk. And talk.”

“Talk about what?” He crossed his arms. “Rita?”

She rolled her eyes. “Christ. If you’d let me finish Magosa Escort yesterday, Adam, I only said that because your mom was there.” Jessica glanced over his shoulder at his computer. “Well, that was then. You should be more outgoing.”

“Yeah yeah.”

“Yeah? When was the last time you were at a party?”

He shrugged. “Some time ago.”

“What about after the thing with that girl happened? You been to a party since then?”

Adam shook his head. “No.” He admitted.

She rolled her eyes. “That’s it! Come on. We’re going out. I’m stepping in to help my nephew out.” Jessica reached out and took his arm.

He shook it free. “You? Helping? No. Thanks, I’d rather stay here.”

“Are you serious? Jesus! Maybe it’ll be a librarian for you after all.” Her smile was playful, though it faded very quickly when she saw he’d taken real offense.

“Get the fuck out” said Adam.

“Adam, I d-“


She compressed her lips, but left as prompted, slamming his door.

Adam started his game again and returned to something he felt confident doing. She’s right.

He’d been sitting indoors and kept to himself for the most part since the thing with Kaylee. It had rocked his social life — more than a little. The reason he hadn’t been to a party since then was partially that he didn’t want to, but equal part classmates telling him that he probably ‘ shouldn’t come.’

Thanks, mom. He sighed.

He played for most of the afternoon, and was quiet during dinner. His mom seemed to like the silence that night, glaring at her sister every time Jessica opened her mouth as if to speak. Their fight seemed to have continued after she left his room, and the fact that she was wearing her new, expensive dress seemed a move designed to piss his mom off.

He retired early, returning to his computer. To his surprise, he didn’t hear more fighting from Jessica and his mother that night. The hour grew late and his mom had already bid him a good night. He quit his game and returned to programming, which is what he was doing when the door creaked.

Adam narrowed his eyes when he saw his aunt enter, wearing a low-cut red top and a skirt. She held a black leather purse under her arm, and a thick necklace clattered in the cleft between her breasts. “Get up.” She whispered and looked around, as if his mom could hear her.

“Get out.” He corrected, though the hours since their last conversation had given him time to cool off. And she looks sexy as hell in that. He enjoyed looking, taking in her look, and felt his cock harden at the thought of her being in his room. At night. Alone with him. In those clothes.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Look, I don’t know how to talk to you all the time. I admit it! You’re fucking sensitive. Oh, don’t glare at me like that, Adam. You are! You’re way too sensitive. I’m your aunt, I don’t mean to fucking tell you that you’re a geek. Not in a bad way at least. You don’t look like one – you’re decent-looking!”

“So what then?”

“You need to get out more, that’s all.” She insisted. “And tonight we’re going out.”

“We’re going out?” He repeated

“That’s right. I’m taking you out and helping you.”

“You’re helping me with what exactly? I know how to talk to girls.”

“Depends on what you want.” She moved to him but didn’t walk. She…sauntered. “Blowjob? A fuck, Adam? You want to fuck?”

Her saying it like that — even though he knew what she was like — shocked him enough that he looked away. When he turned back, she was grinning at him, and standing almost a little too close. He could feel her warm breath on his cheek — it smelled of something.

“You’re going to get me…laid?” His voice cracked towards the end, but he was proud of how calm his voice sounded.

“That’s right.” One of her fingers poked his chest, curving up and snagging in his t-shirt, which she in turn used to pull herself closer. “Not many things I can teach you, but I can land you some hot chick for the night.”

“Not here. Not in this town. Kaylee, remember?”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s fucking high school Adam, and we’re not going to some house party. You’ll get laid. I guarantee it, alright?”

“Yeah, whatever. I don’t think so.” It sounded dangerously close to making an ass out of himself, which he definitely had no interest in. He turned away, and was promptly yanked back towards the bed.

Damn, she’s stronger than she looks.

“Get some nice fucking clothes out of your closet and put them on, Adam.” She hissed. “Now.”

“Or what?” he raised one brow, looking down at her.

“Tell you what, make a wager with you.” Said Jessica. “If I don’t get you laid, you can fuck me when we get home. Got it?”

His eyes widened in shock and his heart skipped a beat. “Why would you say B-S like that? You’re my aunt!”

“Exactly. Your aunt, not your mom. If we lived in France, you could fuck me all you wanted.”

“We don’t live Kıbrıs Escort in France!” He spat.

“Relax, Adam. I was just making a point.” She glared. “I’ll get you laid tonight. Or a blowjob. Whatever you want. I guarantee it, or you can do me. That’s how confident I am!”

For a long time, he stared at her. Fuck it. Why not then? Besides, if I don’t she might start shouting it. Not a good way for mom to find her in my room. “Fine.”

She pointed at his closet. “Then change.”

He changed. Taking off his t-shirt, he turned to her. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Oh, hell no, I’ll want to see what you wear. If Lee taught you how to dress…well…that won’t work.”

“My clothes are fine.” He glared.

“Mhm. Go ahead. Change.” She pointed, directing with her finger as though directing an orchestra.

Self-conscious, he undressed to his underwear. She didn’t comment, only waited. Until he’d donned a gray shirt and a pair of khakis. Her look was…critical, to say the least.

“What? That?” One of her eyebrows rose.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Please, you can do better.” She waved a dismissive hand. “Come on, take that off. It’s fuckin’ awful.”

And she stepped next to him, rummaging through his clothes. Piece after piece of clothing was thrown on the floor, discarded as rubbish. “Nope. No. Oh, hell no. Definitely not!” She mumbled, throwing the things over her shoulder.

He crossed his arms and waited.

Her hands closed around a snow-white, almost-new shirt. “This. Put it on. It’ll show off your shoulders.” She went back to searching through his clothes. Somehow she managed to dig out a pair of pants he doubted that he’d worn more than twice. “And these.” She nodded, satisfied.

He held out his hand. “Well, alright.”

“Whoa.” Jessica grinned.


His aunt motioned down to his crotch. He was wearing a pair of tight boxers. “How big are you?”

“…None of your business! You’re my aunt!”

“Oh, come on.” The horror of horrors, she inched forward and grabbed the lining of his underwear in two fingers. “How big?”

Her breath was hot on lips and he recognized what that smell was — wine. She’s been drinking. Now that she was close, her eyes seemed slightly glazed, though she seemed far from drunk.

“S…Six-and-a-half.” He admitted, feeling his cock rise involuntarily towards her fingers.

“Holy shit.” Jessica breathed. “Maybe my offer isn’t such a bad idea after all, huh? Wanna stay in and just…” She inched closer, her lips a nail’s with from his “..do it instead?”


And she started laughing.

Jessica pulled back with an amused grin. “Sorry, sorry. Just kidding!” Her eyes went back to his crotch, as he hastily pulled up his pants. “Well, you are big, Adam. Six-and-a-half? Damn? That’s not bad. Bigger than most guys I’ve been with, but I’m pretty shallow.”

“You’re shallow?” He forgot what he’d been about to splutter and frowned. Of course, she is. She only dates rich guys with good looks. “What’s that got to do with…anything?”

“Shallow pussy, Adam.” She grinned. “‘ Y’know? Doesn’t take much to fill me up but good?”

“Oooh…right.” he felt himself blush. “Right. Well. Ready. Let’s go.”

She laughed.

It took another ten minutes to get him ready. She insisted that he wore a leather cord with a small medallion — a silvery piece of jewelry that his mother had given him for his thirteenth birthday.

They walked on the dirt road leading from the house to the main road. “We’re not taking the car?” He asked, frowning.

“Not your mom’s car, no. Got a friend picking us up.”

“What? A friend?”

“Hey, I have friends in town! You don’t have to sound so surprised.” She smiled. “It’s not that long ago that I left, you know. A lot of people I knew back in the day — or still know — still live around here.” A small smile. “And you’ll meet one of them now. I think you’ll like her. She’s pretty cool — and hot as hell too besides!”

“Mhm.” He snorted. So she means to get me laid, does she? Well, good luck with that. A look at him and every chick would know exactly what had happened. Know who he was, and tease him about the episode in high school.

Adam foresaw a glum evening.

A car pulled up, an old Sierra that looked to have seen better days perhaps ten years ago. We’re taking that?

“That’s my friend coming now. We’re heading outside of town.” A quick smile. “Don’t be nervous. Be cool and be yourself, kay? Hey Kris, babe!” His aunt waved and opened the passenger side door.

Adam opened the rear door and sat behind the driver — Kris?

Perhaps it’s short for Kristina. Whoever she was, Adam didn’t recognize her.

She wore a black top that exposed too much midriff. Her hair was coiled into the semblance of a ponytail. She turned back and seemed surprised. “‘The fuck is this?” She said, in a voice somewhat slurred.

“My nephew! Jesus, Kris. I told you about him, remember? He’s coming out with us tonight, you dope!”

“Right, right.” A smile on the woman’s lips. “Thought he’d look a lot younger! He looks fuckin’ delicious-“

“He can hear you, Kris. Behave!” His aunt smacked her friends head, and the smile she aimed at Adam seemed designed to calm him down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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