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My experience with other men has been extremely limited; only two encounters that were too fast and secretive and I just didn’t have time to enjoy the experience.

A little background on myself. I am in a third marriage and my early sixties and have found that sex with my wife has become very occasional and just too “normal”. Much of the excitement when we first met 11 years ago has disappeared and often we are just too tired to do anything. However, I have found as the years pass, I am having increasing fantasies and erotic dreams about the feel and taste of another’s cock. Often as I am masturbating, I can only imagine the feel of another man’s hands on me while I do the same to him.

About six months ago, I signed on with an online connections registry and although I did some searching for women (to no avail – likely my age was a deterrent), I also started sending smiles and the occasional message to other men around my age. I targeted those who claimed to be bi-curious and several did respond but we never managed to keep up a regular chat or hook up. But then I met Charles on line.

Charles is 62 (as am I) and slim so our body shapes seemed to match. He too was married a couple of times but now lives on his own in my city. After reaching a comfort level we exchanged pictures and we were both pleased with what we saw. Still being on the cautious side since I have no desire to risk my marriage, Charles agreed to meet me for coffee first and then if that worked out, we might go out for dinner one night when I could feign a business meeting with my wife (or if she was going out of town on her business which she does time to time).

Once we met for coffee, the chemistry was apparent from the outset. We chatted over lattes for about an hour and a half and learned much about each other’s background, reading and movie preferences (we both liked the same) and just plain exchanged feelings. Since we were in an isolated coffee shop in a back booth, we even exchanged ideas about what we were looking for in a man-to-man encounter. Even that jived since were both open to trying anything as long as it resulted in mutual enjoyment.

It turned out that my wife had a three-day conference several provinces away and was leaving within the week. I called Charles – we had exchanged phone numbers (direct lines at work) to impart the good news and we arranged for me to visit him at his home for at least two of those days and perhaps even a one night “sleep over”. The latter would depend on telephone calls that my wife might make to our home in the evenings but I would deal with that. I was really looking forward to several hours of leisurely sex with Charles since this would be my first opportunity.

The night of the day my wife left town, I spent the evening cleaning myself everywhere and then shaved Sakarya Escort my cock and balls until they were baby soft. I have found that the feelings are much more sensitized when there is no pubic hair in the way. Besides, Charles had told me that he also shaved himself bare and this feeling would be so great!

The next morning – I had already taken some time off work – I drove over to Charles’ house using the directions he had given me. As I drove up to his large home and into his driveway as we had planned, I saw that he had left the door to his double garage open so I could pull my car in. As soon as I turned off the engine the door automatically closed and a connecting door to the house opened and there stood Charles.

I alit from my car – almost tripping over my own feet in excitement – grabbed my bag from the back seat and joined Charles in his kitchen. He took my bag and dropped it on the floor and put his hands on my face and slowly drew me close to him. As I watched his bright blue eyes, his lips touched mine and he whispered, “Welcome to my home, lover”. I knew that there was so much to look forward to in the next hours. We separated and he invited me into the living room where we could be comfortable and share a coffee and talk for a while.

Since it was a little chilly outside – spring was still not here – Charles had a fire in the open fireplace and we sat on the large comfortable sofa together and shared a couple of cups of coffee. Charles had laced the coffee with just enough brandy to relax us both since we were embarking on some new ground.

After we finished our coffee, I turned to Charles and hesitantly asked, “So what do we do now?” This was just like a first date and I felt like a nervous teenager all over again. I think Charles did as well since he replied, “Perhaps we could experiment with the feelings of kissing another man first?”

We moved towards each other and I placed my hands on either side of Charles’ face and drew him in to me until our lips met so very gently. I wanted the feeling to be tentative at first and not something forced and overly masculine. As I kissed him, I felt his lips open just slightly and the tip of his tongue gently probed between my lips. On that signal, I opened my mouth slightly and reached out with my own tongue. As we pressed closer together and our lips sought a deeper place, we both quietly moaned and the sensations spread. The kisses became more and more fervent until I had to pull away to catch my breath.

I looked into Charles’ eyes and said in a husky voice, “I want to see you … all of you!” He smiled and moved back by the fireplace. His fingers went to the buttons of his plaid shirt and he slowly undid the buttons top to bottom. As he did, his slim hairless chest came into view and I licked my Adapazarı Escort drying lips in anticipation. He shrugged off his shirt and threw it to one side. His hands then dropped to his belt and undid the buckle – and stopped! In a soft, almost caressing, voice he said, “It’s your turn to catch up”. My fingers seemed to move in slow motion as I kept watching him in the eyes and I undid the buttons on my shirt and let it fall to the floor behind me. I then unbuckled my own pants and let them slide to the floor.

I stood there with my cock aching to be released from my bikini briefs and I could feel the precum seeping from me and leaving a spot of desire on the material. As I looked over at Charles, his eyes were fastened on my cock as he dropped his pants to the floor and stood there in all his naked glory. His hard cock was pointing straight at me, as it stood proud and erect. I could see the precum oozing steadily from the tip and covering the beautiful crown. I quickly shucked my own briefs and my cock – almost a double of Charles (we were both slim, cut and about 7 ½” erect) quickly rose to the occasion!

Without a word, we walked towards each other and encircled each other in a close embrace; we started kissing again. As we did, we both slid our hands down the other’s back to the other’s ass and pulled in hard. The sensation of our hard, shaven cocks rubbing together aided by the lubrication supplied by our precum was amazing! I moaned into Charles’ mouth as the sensations were taking me close to climax. I didn’t want that to happen yet. By silent consent, we both lowered ourselves to the thick shag carpet in front of the crackling fire and lay side by side. I kissed Charles again for a few minutes and then moved down his body, stopping long enough to plant kisses on his ears, neck and finally reached his chest. I moved first to one nipple and then the other, first licking them and blowing lightly to create a cooling effect.

The desired result happened as each nipple started to grow hard. As they did, I gently took them, one at a time in turn, and sucked and then nipped them with my teeth. Charles groaned, saying, “Oh God – that feels so great!” While I did this I started moving my hand down his abdomen and then – bypassing his hard cock – started softly stroking the inside of his thighs. I got up on my knees and still watching his eyes, moved my hands to stroking his inner thighs from his instep all the way up to his scrotum. I held off touching him until I could see more and more precum seeping out in almost a steady stream. It was all I could do to wait for a few more seconds but then I moved my hands to softly encircle his cock at the base and lowered my head to my tongue lapped the precum. The taste was glorious and all I had dreamed it would be!

I had to have Serdivan Escort it all so I lowered my head a little more until my lips wrapped around his glans and I tongued all the precum as fast as it appeared. I lifted my head just enough so the Charles could see the ribbon of precum connecting my lips to his cock and then I swallowed it all. I then lowered my head and my lips opened to take this wonderful appendage into my mouth. It was no great surprise as I felt its silky hardness as I lowered my head to take him in deeper.

As Charles groaned as he asked me to turn around so he could reach me. Without missing a stroke, I moved my hips around until I was straddling his head with my knees. I felt his soft hands caressing my cock and balls so I cupped his soft shaved balls and gently squeezed then as I started sucking his cock in deeper and deeper. While doing so, I felt a pair of warm soft lips surround the tip of my cock and a sucking and licking of my own precum. This was what I had wanted so badly – to feel and taste another man while he did the same to me.

We started a slow rocking motion as I took his cock from the tip to the base in my mouth (it was just the right length so that I didn’t gag) as I moved deeper and deeper into Charles’ mouth. His hands reached around and grabbed my ass to pull me deeper into him while matching my deep throating.

I took my mouth off long enough to cry out that I was going to cum soon but Charles only pulled me deeper and using his hands on my hips increased the speed of my movements. Taking this as an obvious sign that it was OK I again deep throated his cock – which felt like it was growing thicker and longer as he neared climax himself. I reached around and pressed my middle finger against his sphincter (his precum and my own saliva has dripped down to cover his beautiful love hole) and it slipped in easily. As I slowly finger fucked his ass, Charles moaned around my cock, “Oh God! I’m going to cummmmmmmmmm!” My finger moved faster and deeper until his anal passage started to spasm and grip my finger tightly and I felt his cock swell in my mouth as a blast of the sweetest nectar hit the back of my throat. This was followed by another and another and I swallowed as fast as I could.

The taste, texture and excitement was all it took: I pushed as deep as possible into Charles’ mouth and let the pressure carry out one of my biggest loads I could remember!! It felt like I couldn’t stop cumming and I could feel Charles’ throat muscle closing around the head of my cock as he milked me for every last drop. As I continued to suck Charles – and he me – we softened until we slipped out of each other’s mouths. We then proceeded to lick each other clean.

I turned around and we fell side by side into each other’s arms and exchanged kisses. I could taste the mix of Charles and myself on his tongue and that was an amazing experience.

Charles reached over to a chair close by and pulled a warm blanket over us. As we exchanged more tender kisses, we dozed off in each other’s arms in front of the glowing embers of the dying fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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