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Charlie’s Tuition Teacher Ch. 01

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Alexis Fawx

[Important: To know more about the character Jasmine Mitchell and her brother Nicky Mitchell, read my other story series Chronicles Of Nicky part1 and part2 since the protagonist in that story is Jasmine’s brother.]


The alarm buzzed and Nicole got up with a swift moment. It was six in the morning and she had a lot of work to finish. Ever since Joseph left her, she had been having a difficult time raising her son who is 18 years old named Charlie. Every day she wakes up and makes both breakfast and lunch since buying food outside will add up her expenses and it will hurt her savings in the long run.

Nicole is a lawyer and works at a law firm named Johnny and Burger and she is earning just to meet her everyday expenses. But, she has some more problems to worry about. It is about her son Charlie. He is failing in more subjects now. She has tried to advise her son in many ways about their situation, but Charlie is not taking things seriously.

Charlie has already lost two years in school by failing to advance. So, he is 18 years old and sharing the classroom with juniors. His mother still believes in him and wants him to finish school and goto college.

It will go on like this, “Charlie, you have to atleast try to pass the subjects. We can’t go on like this. Once you finish school, you should get into a decent college!”

“I know mom. I will do better the next time.”

But the same thing gets repeated every time over and over again. With all the pressures and tension in her head, Nicole couldn’t cope up with this. She finally burst one day “You selfish spoilt brat! When will you ever learn our situation and try to help? You have no heart just like your father.”

“Then why did you give birth to me in the first place? You are selfish! You never understand! I try to do my best but I am unable to get things into my head!”

Then Charlie will start crying which will make Nicole cry and they will hug each other and cry together and console themselves by praying to god to make their situation better.

Finally, Nicole started saving some funds so that she could afford a private tutor to help Charlie with his studies.


Jasmine was almost done for the day and planned to depart to her home when her next door neighbour Nicole came in.

“Hello Mrs Nicole, It is nice to see you at our parlour. I think this is your first time.”

“Oh hello dear, yes it is my first time at this parlour and I did not know that you work here. But it is a pleasure to see you here.”

“Thanks Mrs Nicole. I was actually on my way home but since you came, I will do your hair today.”

“Thanks Jasmine. It is very nice of you.”

Jasmine wondered about Nicole’s age since she could already see one or two grey hairs on her head. She could see that Nicole was worried about something as it reflected on her face clearly. But even though she looked old she was looking surprisingly attractive and her hair was also in good condition even if it showed her signs of worry through the premature grey hairs. She had dark black hair that came to her shoulders.

“Mrs Nicole, I think it will be better if you’ll colour your hair. You do have a nice headful of hair but the grey hairs are not complementing your looks”

“Well, I have not been taking care of my looks as I did before. I think I’ll start to do something about it from now on.”

“Umm… Mrs Nicole. If you don’t mind me asking, is something bothering you? You look unwell which is so unlike you. I remember you when I was a kid and you used to be so cheerful and I do know that you are divorced now. So, if there is anything I can do to help, please do ask.”

“Thanks for the offer Jasmine. I do have some problems at home which is giving me a hard time. Everyone does. But it is about my son Charlie that I am worried about.”

“What about him? He is still at school, right?”

“Yes. He is 18 and still at school. But he is doing very badly at school. No matter how hard I tell him, he is not making any progress in his studies. I am very much worried about his future. My finance’s has been tight since Joseph left and I have been trying to save some money to hire someone to tutor Charlie.”

“Oh… I am sorry to hear that Mrs Nicole. But I can help you by tutoring him for free in the evenings if you want?”

“That’s nice of you dear but I am afraid I do not want to burden you with Charlie.”

“It is not a big deal, Mrs Nicole. I am free during the evenings and to say the truth I am bored most days and just do my hair during my free time.”

“If you still insist Nevşehir Escort in helping Charlie, then I am very happy. Because you do not know how much it means to me, Jasmine.”

“I am also happy to know that Mrs Nicole.”


Charlie was in his room when his mom left for work at 7 pm. Charlie’s mom works in the night at a local college where she teaches a course on Law. He knows that his mother is doing everything for the both of them. He just could not tell her the fact that he hated studying and no matter what he does, he could not perform well at school.

But Charlie did not want to hurt his mother’s feelings so he kept quiet about it. Now, she has hired a tutor for him and he was not happy with that also. Now he has to study in front of someone and this was something that is very hard for him. It wold be like hell for him to sit and study. Now someone is helping him also making his time in hell harder.

Charlie’s mother has told him that his tuition teacher would come around 7 15. He always watches one of the porn movies from his ever growing secret collection of porn movies and masturbate 2 to 3 times before his mom comes home at 10. This is his daily schedule and he is going to miss his daily activity today.

The doorbell rang at 7 20 and Charlie went to open the door. When he opened the door, his mouth also opened and he was suddenly shocked as if a lightening had struck him.

“Hello Charlie, I am Jasmine and I live next door and I am going to help you with your studies from now on.”

“Umm… So you are my new tuition teacher?” was all that Charlie could manage.

“Well, you can say that. Can I come inside or are we going to study outdoors?” Jasmine asked with a smile.

“I am sorry. Do come in please.” Charlie blushed and his face went pink.

He never expected Jasmine to be his tuition teacher and it was a very big shock to him since he had a big crush on Jasmine, the girl next door. Ever since Jasmine came back from her college, Charlie got addicted to Jasmine. Because from his window, Charlie got a clear view of Jasmine’s living room which had a bigger window and the curtains are almost never down and Jasmine usually spends her time in the living room watching TV and doing her hair.

Jasmine was very sexy with very long blonde hair that came below her buttocks. She was also taller than Charlie at 5 foot 8 inches. Charlie always had a big hair fetish from childhood and when Jasmine suddenly appeared out of nowhere, she was like a sex goddess to him. Many days he had jerked off looking and fantasizing about jasmine. Now the idea of this amazing sex goddess teaching him surely gave him a heart attack.

As Jasmine walked inside, Charlie followed her with his eyes fixed on her head. She had her hair put up in a massive bun which looked like a golden ball tightly held on her head. Charlie wanted to extend his arms and grab her bun, but controlled himself.

Jasmine sat on the sofa in the living room and asked Charlie to sit opposite to her. Charlie sat but kept his eyes to the ground not able to maintain eye contact with Jasmine.

Charlie is shy around girls even in his class and never brings himself to talk to them first. He’ll talk only if some girl asks him for something otherwise he never approaches anyone. He also doesn’t have any friends in school. He is more like a lonely wolf keeping everything to himself. Eventhough he is not skinny, he doesn’t look big also. He looks younger for his age and he doesn’t look like he is 18 years at all. He is lean and wears glasses and he is the type of kid whom everyone would call as a loser in school.

Jasmine understood his shyness and tried talking to him casually to make him comfortable.

“So Charlie; how was school today?” Jasmine asked with a smile.

“It was good.” Charlie answered back and when he tried to look into her eyes, his eyes stayed a second longer at her breasts before coming to her eyes.

Jasmine noticed this and this made Charlie self-conscious and he excused himself to the bathroom. Closing the bathroom door, Charlie looked in the mirror and started cursing himself.

He said to his reflection in the mirror “Fuck man! Can’t you keep your eyes straight?! Look what you have done. Now, what’ll she be thinking of me! Awww…”

Then he corrected his hair and tried to build up some confidence. He has never been this close to someone who is as beautiful as Jasmine. And he could not believe this beauty is going to teach him. At the same time, his dick started to rise at the thought of her and he badly wanted Nevşehir Escort Bayan to masturbate thinking of her.

And now he got anxious about spending too much time in the bathroom and also about what Jasmine would be wondering about him spending too much time in the bathroom. So he came out and went to the living room and noticed Jasmine was standing near the window looking out which made his dick come to attention again at the sight of her large blonde bun.


Hearing Charlie’s footsteps, Jasmine turned around and smiled at him. She found him giving one swift smile and quickly turned away and went to sit on the sofa. She was surprised at how shy Charlie was and she felt some pity also. She is perfectly aware of how beautiful she is and also knew that she is a head turner in a crowd filled with guys. Also, she is aware of the fact that she had very beautiful long hair and this also drove some guys crazy.

Now, after studying Charlie she felt bad about his shyness and wanted to help him and her concern about Charlie was genuine.

“So, Charlie… I guess we might talk about something else other than studies so that we might get to know each other better since today is the first day.”

“Yes. That would be better.” Charlie replied still looking down.

“So what do you do in your free time, Charlie? You know; when you are not studying” Jasmine said with a wink.

“I watch TV.” Charlie said quickly as he didn’t know what else to say.

In fact the only thing he does is watch porn movies and masturbate. So, he did not have much to say about his pastime to Jasmine. Also, one of his recent hobbies have become watching or fantasising about Jasmine and jerking off. How in the world can he tell that to Jasmine, his lovely tuition teacher.

Jasmine sighed. “Do you hang out with friends?”

“yeah sometimes.”



“Umm… do you play any sports in school?”

“I play basketball.”

Jasmine ran out of topics. Basketball eh, thought Jasmine. He doesn’t look like he plays basketball.

“You can also ask me any questions if you want, Charlie.” Jasmine offered with a smile.

There was a short pause after this. Then Charlie asked “Do you have any boyfriends?”

Jasmine felt awkward for a moment. She did not expect this kid to ask a question like this.

“Well… Charlie, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.”


“What made you ask a question like this?”

“Well, you are the most beautiful girl I have seen so far. So I asked.” Charlie answered still looking down.

Jasmine was surprised to hear that and did not move for a minute. She felt a feeling of joy at the unexpected complement she received from Charlie.

“That is a very nice thing to say to a girl, Charlie. Do you have a girlfriend?” Jasmine said with a smile.

This time Charlie looked into her eyes and said “No I don’t have a girlfriend: yet.”

“Why not? I am surprised. You seem like a very nice guy.”

“Good joke. Nice guys are the ones that usually do not have any girlfriends.” Charlie said with a grin on his face.

“No I completely disagree with you.”

“It is like that. Usually girls hang out with jerks and the one’s who bully others.”

“You got it completely wrong Charlie. Not every girl hangs out with the jerks like you say. Many good girls prefer nice guys like you.” Jasmine winked at Charlie which made him shift his eyes down.

At last he is getting comfortable around me, Jasmine thought. She actually started liking Charlie. Even though he is a bit shy, he is very nice and acts like a gentleman in front of her.

“So you are saying you prefer guys like me over the hotshots who boast around bullying others?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. I would date a nice guy like you any day over a jerk who acts like a nice guy.”

Charlie’s eye sparkled at the mention of this. He asked “So, you will date me if I ask you out?”

Jasmine smiled. “Not exactly, Charlie. You are only 18 years old whereas I am 22. If you were 22, I would definitely have dated you.”

“Well. It is good to know. I was actually kidding when I asked that question.”

“I know” Jasmine smiled. “Well Charlie, it was a nice conversation we had today and am happy that I got to know you better. I better leave now as I have some work that I have to attend at home. We can start out tuition classes tomorrow.”

“Okay. Even I had a nice time today. May I ask what work you have at home?”

“Oh that! It is just a girls thing Charlie” Escort Nevşehir Jasmine grinned and started to get up. “I’ll come tomorrow then, Goodbye.”

Charlie followed that tightly rolled golden bun, that was exactly facing his nose due to Jasmine’s height, to the door. Then, he locked the door and went upstairs to his room to watch Jasmine’s house.


Charlie turned off the lights in his room and moved the curtains slightly so that no one observing the window can find out that he is spying the next door girl. Then, he opened his dressing drawer and took out his most prized possession, an army binoculars, which his uncle who was in the army presented him with. Using this high end instrument, he can zoom as far as 500 metres with good focus. Thanks to this, he has completely availed the advantage of Jasmine’s window placement in accordance with his room window which allowed a greater range of view inside her living room.

Charlie tried zooming and adjusting the binoculars to get a good view of the living room. To his utter horror, Jasmine’s older brother was walking to and fro the living room only wearing his low cut denim shorts which revealed his muscular thighs almost entirely almost like an underwear and a white sleeveless shirt which stuck tightly to his body. He exactly looked like that character Steve Stifler from that American pie movies. On top of that, he was wearing a denim cap pointing backwards which made him look like a comedian. He was also carrying two dumbells in his hands most probably working his biceps while walking.

What an asshole, Charlie thought and wondered where Jasmine was. He moved his binoculars and focused the front yard of Jasmine’s house and his heart did a somersault. Jasmine is talking to another Lady even taller than Jasmine and this lady has even longer and thicker hair than Jasmine that was braider and it fell below her knees. She was also older, hotter and more sexy. Just looking at her made Charlie’s dick bigger.

However, that mysterious lady with super long hair entered a black Mercedes and drove off while Jasmine entered her house.

Charlie shifted his view and focussed on the living room which had a wide and clear view and found Jasmine’s stifler brother watching a kissing scene on TV and stroking his dick without opening his trouser’s zip. “Hi fi partner” Charlie said and waited for Jasmine watching the comical scene.

Charlie saw Jasmine enter the living room and stifler quickly lifted the dumbells from the floor and pretended to exercise with some bizarre movements which he had never seen. He zoomed the binoculars further and focused on stifler’s trousers and found an enormous bulge. He laughed at the situation Jasmine’s brother is facing whose name he did not care to know about. He focussed on jasmine as she changed the channel which was showing some soft porn to a channel which showed some cook demonstrating some recipe for cooking.

Charlie wondered what opinion Jasmine must have about her brother who was exercising to soft porn with bizarre moments. Maybe she already knew that he was a pervert. Charlie laughed at the thought and felt sorry for that bulky guy who resembled exactly like Stifler from American pie. He thought for a moment and thought this guy must be on steroids.

Charlie wondered if he should take steroids and build a body like this guy. Atleast that would give him the chance to score some chicks. But he rejected the idea when his mother’s financial situation came back to his head.

After 5 more minutes of exercising show off, Jasmine’s brother went upstairs probably to his room to jack off. Now, Charlie zoomed and focussed the lens to Jasmine’s head and slowly started stroking his dick. After a short while, Jasmine started opening her thick bun and the golden tresses flowed down her back. It was so thick and seemed to have a life of its own. Then she started to comb her hair watching the cooking channel.

Charlie increased his strokes and synched them with the strokes Jasmine was using to comb her hair. After a while she started braiding her awesome mane which Charlie couldn’t see since only her back was visible from the chair she was sitting. So, he focussed on her nape and increased his stroking speed. He was already on the verge of climax looking at her beautiful hair and her nape. After a moment, she stood up and put her braid back which reached below her ample buttocks. Then, she started twisting the braid at the nape of her neck to create a braided bun. The braid was so thick that made the bun so big and at the exact moment she inserted her thick end of the hair into the middle area of the bun, Charlie came and squirted all over the curtain.

Charlie went to his bed and lay on it with a Jasmine high and he loved that feeling. Now all he has to do is to wait for tomorrow evening to meet Jasmine again.

To be continued…

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