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I picked a spot in the hotel bar, feeling a bit conspicuous. After all, I’m a bit more Harley than Hilton and have a few rough edges, not exactly a common sight in the financial district. I had just gotten my first bourbon on the rocks when she came strutting into the room. I wasn’t alone in my appreciation for the redhead; it seemed every eye in the house was fixed on her. About 5’3″ with long hair and blue eyes, she was wearing the sexiest black halter dress I’ve ever seen. Low-cut to show serious cleavage, the dress hugged her generous breasts and advertised a slim waist, stopping just below her sculpted ass. The whole sexy package was balanced perfectly on six inch red heels, which she walked on effortlessly.

From my booth across the bar I had a perfect view of the woman, now perched atop a barstool. How she managed to sit there, legs crossed, and not expose herself was amazing. Sipping my bourbon, I watched as the bartender delivered what looked like a martini. I suspected it was dirty, to go along with my thoughts. Watching as she sipped her drink, I thought she looked to be in her late thirties, though I’m terrible at guessing ages. The redhead’s nail polish matched her lips and her evening makeup was perfect. Transfixed, I was momentarily startled when the cute blonde waitress interrupted my reverie to ask if I wanted another drink. The best I could manage was a smile and a nod, trying to conceal my growing erection.

Tasting my fresh drink, I saw a man about ten years her junior approach the bar. He had male-model good looks, a body that indicated his gym membership was paid, and the look of a successful money guy. He occupied the seat next to her and ordered something, though I’m sure liquid refreshment wasn’t his ultimate goal. I watched as they exchanged smiles, then some small talk. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but soon their conversation became more animated and familiar. She curled some of her hair around a finger and laughed at a joke, he touched her hand when making a point. Testing the waters, he placed his right hand on her left thigh for a long moment; she did nothing to remove it.

Drinks drained, the financial wizard motioned to the bartender for two more drinks. Standing, he placed a hand on the redhead’s shoulder and leaned in to whisper something which made her smirk and shake her head. Smiling, he turned and headed for the restroom. Realizing I also had to take a leak, I headed to the men’s room as well. Entering the lavatory and realizing he was on his cell by the sinks, I headed to the urinals and listened in as I drained my bladder.

“Sorry for standing you up, Jimmy, but I’m doing great with this hot redhead… Yeah, I know, but I think this sexy bitch wants me and who am I to deny her my cock? Maybe I’ll catch up to you afterward.” Laughing, he again apologizes, ends the call, heading back to the bar. I suddenly realize that my dick has gotten semi-hard in my hand and quickly zip up and return to my seat.

Back in our places, I get more and more aroused as I watch them flirt aggressively. At nişantaşı escort one point the woman stretches. I’m certain the move is designed to display her erect nipples straining against the dress’ fabric. He “accidently” brushes her right breast when making a hand gesture and he’s more frequently touching her thigh, and for longer periods of time. Now he whispers something in her ear, and she pulls away slowly, head cocked, seeming to contemplate her options. In response, she holds up her left hand and shows him… a wedding ring. I had wondered if she was wearing one. They talk more, Richey Rich pleading his case I presume, but in the end she gives him a slight shake of her head. Following a little more polite conversation, he threw some bills on the bar and headed for the door, presumably to meet his previously abandoned pal.

I decide this is my moment. Grabbing my empty glass, I head to the unoccupied barstool and take a seat. Ordering a third drink, I smile at the redhead. “Hi, I’m Bill,” I say. “How are you tonight?”

“Fine,” comes the sultry reply, deep blue eyes shining. “I’m Amber…pleased to meet you.”

After a little more small talk, I tell her I had noticed her talking to a guy earlier then saw him leave. “Anything wrong?” I ask.

“No, I just brushed him off telling him I don’t want to cheat on my husband. The truth is I don’t want to cheat with him. Too pretty and single. I want a married man who stands to lose as much as I do,” she whispers, glancing at my wedding ring. “Plus, I suspected he wasn’t nasty enough. Are you nasty, Bill?” she asked.

I’m taking her all in, unapologetically letting my eyes roam over her body, smelling her perfume, touching the soft skin of her thigh. “You won’t believe how nasty I can be, Amber…wanna find out?” I say, tossing a couple twenties on the bar. Standing, the redhead silently heads out of the bar and toward the hotel elevators. I follow that ass like a dog on a leash.

Inside the elevator she presses the button for the twenty-third floor and we fall into each other’s arms. A long hot kiss, tongues exploring each other mouths, we grind our bodies together. I start to stiffen, running my fingers thru her hair and down her sides to that gorgeous ass as she reaches inside my sport coat and runs her fingers over my chest.

As the elevator chimes and the doors open Amber has my hand, rushing me eagerly down the hall. Using the cardkey, she opens the door to room 2340 and pulls me inside. Lights off, she pushes me back against the door and drops to her knees. Unbuckling my belt and unfastening my slacks, she tugs my waistband down while I awkwardly step out of my shoes and kick my pants and boxers across the room. She begins to stroke my cock. Head swimming, I struggle to get my jacket and shirt off.

“Oh… you’re so much bigger than my husband, baby… I’m gonna love this cock inside me. But first, I wanna make u cum so we can have a nice, long fuck. OK?” Amber asks. She doesn’t wait for me to reply as she ortaköy escort takes me in her mouth.

What followed was as perfect a blowjob as I can imagine. Wet, hot, fast at times and slow at others. She used her lips, tongue and hands like a pro. At one point she places my hands on her head and encouragesme to fuck her mouth, all eight inches sliding down her throat as her nails dug into my ass. When I got close, Amber pulled me from her mouth and started jerking me off…pumping up and down furiously, encouraging me to cum for her. When I warned that I was almost there, she surprisingly covered the head of my cock with her mouth and stroked me to orgasm, gulping down my entire load like a seasoned hooker. Standing, she told me to make myself comfortable as she went to clean up and I stood there, legs shaking.

After catching my breath, I turned on a light and poured a bourbon from the minibar. Reclining on the bed sipping my drink, cock still semi-hard, I waited. After a few minutes Amber exits the bathroom and pours herself a vodka, taking a deep drink and turning to face me.

“Take it off,” I command.

Without hesitation, her hands moved to the back of her neck and unclasped the halter. Holding the top up with her left hand, she then turned to face away from me and slowly slid down the back zipper with her right hand. She then teasingly pulled the dress down and off, giving me a view of that shapely ass barely covered in a sheer black thong.

“Turn and face me,” I said, telling her, not asking.

Obeying, the redhead turned and looked me in the eye, her heavy yet firm breasts moving up and down with her breathing, nipples erect and eyes smoldering.

“Now the thong.”

Hooking her thumbs under the waistband she tugged her panties down to the floor, bending at the waist and taking care to step out of them without removing her heels. She’s facing me now, unashamed in the light. I can see she’s freshly shaved, maybe waxed, with just a little closely trimmed pubic hair.

“Touch yourself for me.”

Amber’s hands begin to roam over her body, touching her tits, tugging at her nipples, then running down her hips and over her belly. Eyes closed, her right hand moves between her legs, massaging her clit, while she lightly rakes the nails of her left over her nipples. Soft moans escape her lips as I realize I’m stroking my erect cock.

“Does your wife do this for you, Bill?” she asks, opening her eyes while continuing to pleasure herself.

“No, hardly,” I reply. “Kay is a prude… we don’t even fuck with the lights on and the dirtiest word I think she’s ever said is ‘dang’.”

Stepping toward me, Amber inserts a finger deep inside her pussy. Pulling it out, she traced her glistening finger over my lips then bent to give me a long kiss, tasting herself in the process. “I’m no prude, Bill, and I know all the fucking words.”

I pull Amber to the bed and climb on top, kissing her hard. I kiss and nibble down to her soft neck, luscious breasts, pendik escort bayan and quivering stomach. Pushing her legs apart I dive in, licking and sucking, making her squeal with delight.

Grabbing my hair, Amber’s grinding her clit against my lips as I push in one finger, then two. “Don’t stop, don’t stop…oh fuck that’s it….keep eating me, baby….ohhhhh,” she cried, on the verge of orgasm. Thrashing, she soon came uttering a stream of semi-intelligible obscenities.

Quickly rolling on top, Amber’s breathing hard but not stopping to rest. Straddling me, she positions her pussy over my engorged cock and lowers herself, taking me all the way inside. Working her hips back and forth, up and down, she uses her muscles to grip and massage me. I allow my hands to roam Amber’s body, squeezing her tits and firm ass, touching every square inch of her skin. We go on like this for a long time, covered in sweat…fast, then slow, then fast again.

I flip her off me and onto her belly, consumed with lust. Moving behind her, I push Amber’s legs apart and pull her hips up. Kneeling behind her, I tease her pussy with my cock… inserting the head, then pulling it out while she softly whimpers. “What’s your husband’s name?” I ask.

“Neal… his name is Neal,” Amber moans.

“Who fucks you better, baby?”

“You do….oh god, Bill, you do,” she cries. “Please fuck me, please.”

“Next week, Kay and I are coming to dinner at your house,” I tell Amber as I shove my dick all they inside her. “We’ll say we’re old high school friends,” I say as I begin to work in and out, Amber’s hips moving back to meet each hard thrust. “We’ll find a way to get in a quick fuck while those two are in the next room,” I bark, picking up the pace, my balls slapping her clit.

“Fuck yeah,” she moaned, “I’ll keep your load in me all night.”

Pumping faster and faster, I slap Amber’s ass.

“Harder,” she shouts.

Smack! Smack! Smack! I slap her ass with a little more force each time.

Pullling out, I turn Amber over to her back and plunge my cock deep inside her. Wrapping her legs around my waist, heels still on, Amber works her hips in rhythm to my thrusts. Both of us on the verge, she starts pleading with me to cum. As she goes over the edge, shuddering with another orgasm, I begin to pump stream after stream into her hot pussy. Drained and exhausted, I fall to the bed.

After we catch our breath, Kay breaks character for the first time all evening. “God Neal, that was fantastic,” my wife exclaims, chest heaving.

“No shit, baby. I never knew you had that in you… I mean that blowjob alone…fuck! And that red hair, I can’t even tell it’s a wig.”

“Oh, Neal, I’ve got a lot more surprises for you… a lot more. Just wait,” she breathed.

“I have to admit it was exciting watching you flirt with that guy in the bar. I could hardly conceal my erection. By the way, what did he say to you before he went to the restroom?” I asked.

“Oh that. He asked if I wanted to come with him and have some fun in a stall. I told him, ‘maybe later’.”

“Were you tempted?”

Reaching down, Kay starts to stroke my cock to life again. “What if I say yes?” she asked as my erection started to grow.

As Kay climbed on top of me and once again slipped my cock inside her, I couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by having, “a lot more surprises” for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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