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Cheating GF Fucks BBC

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(This story is Part 5 of a series pertaining to my cheating college girlfriend. Although it references previous events it can be read as a stand-alone story)

Kate had been consumed by sex lately. Everywhere she went and everything she saw made her think of sex. Sometimes she thought about sex with me, like when we would exchange photos and FaceTime, but mostly she thought about her recent indiscretions. Justin, David, Ryan, and Connor. The list kept getting longer she thought to herself, but the cycle seemed impossible to break. After a few weeks of no sex, Kate would grab the nearest guy with a big cock and the rest was history.

Kate contemplated different ways of keeping busy. She tried spending more hours at the library, but every time her mind would wander, and she would daydream of sneaking into a quiet section and sucking the cum out of a cute boy’s cock.

She settled on getting more physical exercise. Kate would run 2-3 times per week which kept her in good shape, but she naturally had a small frame. She could eat nearly anything she wanted and the next morning she would awaken to a flat stomach with outlines of abs. Kate thought it would be great to tone her legs and build her butt more, so she started weightlifting at the university gym.

Kates’s gym outfits were super sexy. She had a collection of Lululemon leggings in different colors and many pairs of spandex shorts. She almost always wore a sports bra as a top as she liked to show off her tiny waist and tight midsection. And people noticed. Every time Kate entered the gym in her tight, skimpy gym outfit all the university boys would sneak glances while working out. Sometimes they were less obvious (a quick glance over at her butt) and sometimes they were more obvious (guys taking their phone and attempting to discreetly take a photo). The attention fueled Kate’s workouts and pushed her harder than she had ever worked before.

She would squat, do lunges, hip thrusts (her favorite in front of an audience) and tons more; anything to tone her legs and build her butt bigger. Although the gym was filled with hot guys with chiseled bodies, Kate was able to mostly focus on her workouts. She loved knowing the boys were fantasizing about her but loved the power of remaining the “hot gym girl” to them. She noticed certain guys tended to follow her around wherever she worked out and showed up at the times she usually did. At the end of every workout, she would walk on the Stairmaster for 20 minutes. Beads of sweat trickled down the smooth, bronze skin of her lower back. Sweat dripped down her chest over her breasts, her nipples poking slightly through the sports bra which fit a little too tight.

When one month came around without sex, Kate was feeling the best she had in forever. She had been able to suppress her urges enough to get enough sexual satisfaction through FaceTiming with me and sending photos over. She knew all the boys at the gym had thought about fucking her and she regularly grabbed her vibrator and thought about it. She imagined which guys had the biggest cocks, which guys would fuck her hard and which guys would fuck her passionately.

The following week Kate decided to sign up for a daily study group to catch up on some material she had been struggling with. The group met at her usual gym time, so she started going to the gym in the evening instead. On her first visit there, Kate was mid-workout when she noticed a few of the football players working out. They were benching what appeared like a ton of weight to Kate. She admired their strong bodies. Packed with muscle and powerful enough to lift heavy weights. That’s when James noticed her staring. James was one of the receivers on the football team. He was tall at 6’4″ and made of lean muscle weighing 220lbs. His dark skin was smooth and glistened when he sweat. James had short, thick curly hair and his ears were pierced with diamond studs. He wore a escort bursa thin gold chain and had a bright, white smile. Kate realized James had caught her staring and turned away quickly. She finished up her workout and went home.

That night her mind was preoccupied with James. He was so incredibly muscular and strong. Kate couldn’t get the image of his broad chest and thick arms out of her head. The muscles in the wide shaped back and bulging shoulders. She imagined him picking her up and tossing her onto his bed before pulling out a massive black cock. Kate surprised herself by how horny she got thinking about his big black cock. The town she grew up in was mostly white, her university was mostly white and every guy she had hooked up with was white. The default for her had always just sort of been white guys but James changed this. He turned on something inside of her she never realized was there. Suddenly working out didn’t clear her mind of urges anymore. At the gym she would see James and then spend the rest of the night lusting over the thought of what his cock looked like, how big it was, and what it would feel like rubbing against her soft, full lips.

“I’m sure I am overexaggerating what his cock would be like,” she thought. “After all Connor’s dick was longer than anything I’d seen before and David’s dick nearly split me in half, at best James would be the same.”

She decided to ask Jessica if she had any experience in the matter. She told Jessica her friend just started dating a black guy and was nervous about them having sex.

“I envy her. I used to hook up with a guy from my dorm in first year, Chris. He had a big black cock and fucked me better than anyone else ever has. I loved hooking up with Chris and I wanted to keep fucking him but word got out about his member and well, he became a popular guy. Other girls were willing to do and offer more so he moved on. Anyway, I promise your friend has nothing to worry about. She is going to learn that what she thought were orgasms before, were actually just the tip of what a full orgasm can feel like.”

Kate barely slept that night. She kept thinking about what Jessica had said. She grabbed her vibrator, imagined James clapping her ass from behind and moaned into her pillow before orgasming. She tossed and turned afterward still thinking of James’ cock. Kate grabbed her vibrator again and thought about riding on top of James’ thick cock, his hands on her ass and orgasmed again. After another successful sleep attempt, she grabbed her vibrator and imagined James’ fucking her face as she gagged on his black cock, it’s salty taste and musky smell. She orgasmed again. When she woke in the morning there was a big stain on her sheets from where she had cum multiple times the night before.

Later that day Kate was getting ready to go to the gym. She decided to go a couple of hours later than usual to avoid running into James. Kate put on a pair of black spandex shorts; ones that cinched at the top of her butt cheeks and finished just slightly too short to cover the entirety of her ass. Her sports bra was bright pink. Her nipples lightly poked through the front. This outfit was the ultimate attention grabber and she thought if she were able to grab enough guy’s attention maybe that could get her mind of off James.

Kate was completing the last of her exercises, squatting with a bar. She bent her knees and pushed out her ass as she performed the squats, all eyes on her throughout the set. She finished the set and sat down on a bench to rest, taking out her phone to scroll social media in between.

“Do you mind if I give you a few pointers?” a deep voice asked.

Kate lifted her head from her phone and saw James standing right in front of her. Her eyes were level with an enormous bulge in his grey sweatpants. Her mouth opened slightly, and her eyes locked into focus on the huge bulge in his pants.

“Hello. Up here.”

Kate görükle escort shook her head and jumped back into the moment, looking up and meeting James’ eyes.

“Yes, sorry. I would love a pointer” she managed to fumble out of her mouth.

James had Kate get under the bar and attempt to squat the weight. He stood behind her, using his hands on her to demonstrate where to move and where to push from. James placed his hands on her hips and butt, helping her thrust the weight up properly during the exercise. Throughout the whole lesson James’ cock brushed against Kate’s ass and back. She could hardly hear a word he was saying she was so lost in the moment.

After the lesson he introduced himself as James’ and she as Kate. They chatted about working out and both mentioned how they had noticed the other person. James’ offered to give her some more tips as he had tons of experience lifting weights as a football player over the years. Next thing Kate new she had longstanding plans to see James’ every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to work out together. Every workout she would do her hair and makeup fully, put on the tightest clothes she owned and head out to meet James. Week after week she would purposely struggle to get the squat form correctly so James’ would have to stand against her, his cock rubbing against her and feeding her desire. James would constantly touch her body. No matter the exercise he seemed to find a way to need to take a hands-on approach with Kate, which she never minded.

Things escalated one Friday workout. It started off as a normal workout, James was helping Kate do hip thrusts by supporting her under her lower back while she pushed the weight upward.

“Close, but you have to squeeze through your butt, Kate. Like this.” He shifted his hands down to her ass and pulled her up aggressively to push the weight.

“That’s better” he said, still holding his hands on her ass and helping her thrust up.

James’ strong hands firmly grasping at her ass aroused Kate to a point where she had to get away from him if she didn’t want to cheat on me again. She slid the weight away from herself and told James she really needed to do some more cardio and hurried off towards the Stairmaster. There, she kept her head down and attempted to drown out the thought of James by stepping up the speed. Kate’s smooth skin trickled with sweat. It rolled down her neck, down her back. Once she managed to burn herself out, she stepped off and headed home, attempting to sneak away from James.

At home she hung out with her roommates. They were having some drinks and hanging in the common room. A few friends had dropped by too. They played some board games and had a good time. Just before midnight the friends packed up and left and the roommates retired to their room. Kate went upstairs to have a shower, still wet from the sweat of her grueling workout. She stepped into the shower and lathered her body in soap. When she finished her shower, she moisturized herself from head to toe, her young supple skin gleamed in the light. Just when she was about to leave the bathroom, she noticed she had a text from James. She opened it. The text read:

Come by my place tonight if you want to do some late-night cardio (followed by an image of his cock bulging through his grey sweatpants)

Kate drooled at the image. Her eyes traced the outline of his cock through his pants in the photo. The same outline of a cock that was once just a foot away from her face when she first met him. Kate had reached her limit. No longer could she hold out the opportunity to get fucked by James. Every person has a breaking point. Kate replied to his text:

I love late-night cardio 😉

Kate slipped into a tight, black thong with a short skirt and bodysuit. She fixed her hair and makeup before slipping out the back door, trying not to alert her roommates. She walked the few blocks bursa escort bayan to James’ place and knocked on his door. James answered the door, his bulging cock in full view, and welcomed her in. Kate walked over to sit on the couch, but James grabbed her hand and guided her to the bedroom. As soon as they got in the room and closed the door Kate reached forward and began rubbing his cock through his pants. James leaned down and started kissing her as she continued to rub his cock. It began to swell with blood, pushing out against his pants harder. Kate could tell his cock was extremely rigid and decided it was time to start sucking. She went down to her knees and smiled at James while looking up at him. She began to pull down his waistband, then reached in and pulled out James’ cock. It was the most impressive thing Kate had ever seen. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was shocked. James told her he was used to seeing that look before, then held his cock against her forearm, noting how his cock was thicker in diameter than her arm.

Then he held it in front of her lips. Kate grabbed James’ cock and opened her mouth, attempting to fit the massive head of his cock in. She struggled to fit her mouth around the head. It seemed like her mouth just couldn’t open wide enough to fit James in, but after some more practice, she managed to get past the head of his cock, moving onto the shaft, but falling well short of his entire length. Saliva oozed down her shin and onto her chest. There was no room for anything in her mouth except James’ cock. Kate rubbed the spit over his cock while looking up at him and asking him if he liked that. He told her he loved it and got her on the bed.

James stripped off her clothes and separated her legs. He began to tongue over her clit and realized how incredibly wet Kate already was, just by sucking his cock. He had never seen someone so turned on simply by giving him a blowjob. James pulled her in closer and began slowly inserting his cock inside of her. Kate clenched her teeth, his cock proving too big for her small frame. James’ hips moved in rhythm. Kate’s feeling of tightness turned to pleasure. Sensing this, James began to drive deep and fast. His large balls slapped against her taint. Kate let out exasperated gasps of pleasure between each thrust, motivating James to fuck harder and harder. The gasps turned to one long moan, as Kate began to cum while James fucked her. He kept going, keeping tempo, and thrusting deep. Kate kept orgasming. And kept orgasming. And kept orgasming. This must have been the full orgasm Jessica had told her about. As long as James’ cock was inside of her, she couldn’t stop orgasming.

He pulled his cock out and began fucking her doggy. James pulled her hair hard while fucking her deep. Then he leaned his weight into her back, forcing her head down to the bed and picked up his pace. Kate started orgasming again. And kept orgasming. And kept orgasming.

What Kate could only describe as an out of body experience, she then came back to reality to find James standing in front of her. His cock rigid and veiny, dangling in front of her face. James worked his shaft until he began to spurt ropes of thick cum onto Kates, gleeful open mouth and face. The lines of thick cum coated her. She swallowed the cum that entered her mouth and throat. Even his cum tasted good, she thought. She gathered the rest of the cum on her face with her fingers and swallowed it all, then sucked the head of James’ cock clean.

“We’re going to have to make late night cardio a weekly thing,” he said with absolution.

“You’re the trainer” she replied, playfully.

Kate got dressed and headed back home. She tried to sneak in quietly but unfortunately David was attempting to sneak a girl out of the house at the same time. They all awkwardly met at the door. Both girls’ hair was frizzled and tossed. Kate’s face glistened with the cum of James. They said their quick hellos then Kate went up to her room. She looked at the text messages that I had sent her throughout the day and decided she would respond tomorrow instead. Then she cuddled into her sheets and had the best sleep she’d had in years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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