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Chemistry Pt. 01

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Eva scowled over my shoulder at the table behind us. A pair of lacrosse players were watching a YouTube video at full volume in the otherwise quiet library.

“I wish they’d shut up,” she said.

“I can tell them to turn it off if you want,” I blurted out. I immediately regretted my words. Yeah, let’s go piss of two athletes twice your size, Clay. Great idea.

“No, don’t worry about,” Eva sighed. She passed a hand firmly over the page of her book, as if ironing it. Her nails were traffic-cone orange today. On anyone else this would be tacky, but it went well with her skin.

“Like them?” Eva wiggled her fingers in my face. I blinked rapidly.

“Very pretty.” She gave a warm smile and scratched playfully at the back of my hand. The hairs on my neck stood on end.

“You’re sweet.”

The reality of the situation was still sinking in. At first, I’d been annoyed when Professor Burt said she’d assign our lab partners; I’d wanted to work with Matt. I’d had two reactions when I found she’d paired me with Eva Hernandez. My first was exaltation: who wouldn’t want to spend more time with their crush, one of the prettiest girls on campus? The second reaction, however, was dread. This girl was a frequent guest star in the erotic theater that was my mind, and I could barely spend an hour in her presence without circling through a half-dozen erections.

I was going to humiliate myself.

Still, our first meeting was going relatively well. She was wearing a shapeless hoody today, and no makeup. I hadn’t realized she’d drawn on most of her eyebrows. It was a strange thing to notice, but it somehow made me like her more. She was comfortable enough to relax her appearance. Not that it made much of a difference to me. Her lips, full and soft, were her best feature by far, and I noticed them whether she wore lip gloss or not. I had a tendency to stare at them when she spoke; she must think I’m hard of hearing.

Eva slammed her book closed, bringing me back to the present.

“They’re so rude.” The athletes were guffawing now. We weren’t the only ones giving them dirty looks.

“I’ll talk to them,” I insisted. Eva rolled her eyes.

“No, let’s just leave. My dorm’s next door.” Eva gathered her books and threw on her back pack. “Coming?”

My mind rushed to process what was happening. Eva had just asked me to go back to her room with her. That had happened, right? I hadn’t just made that up?

She was watching me expectantly.

“I am absolutely coming,” I answered, stuffing my textbooks mindlessly into my bag. I hunted for the zipper, aware of the heat creeping up my face. Eva was too nice to point out my frantic state. She smiled and began to walk away.

I noticed her pants now that she was standing. The seat of her jeans clung to the scoop of her ass like cling-film. Apples and melons danced through my head as I watched her jiggle her way down the stairs. God, why hadn’t I changed out of my gym shorts?

The brisk outside air helped me relax. I quickly caught up to walk beside her instead.

“Where do you live?”


“That’s women only, right?”

“Yeah. Catholic parents, am I right?” Eva laughed, showing her teeth. I smiled automatically.

Eva’s roommate let us into their room on her way to a student council meeting. Curiosity penetrated my anxiety and I looked around the dorm. If I was being honest, it was a mess. Discarded clothes, shoes, and old assignments littered the floor. Both beds were unmade. And here I was, thinking that all girls’ bedrooms were mysterious caves of perfume, nail polish, and Vogue magazines.

“What’s so funny?”

“Sorry?” Was I smiling? “I’m…just thinking of a joke.”

“Tell me!” Eva dropped her back pack on her desk chair and took out a folder. I spun rapidly through all the non fart-related humor I knew. “Uh, how do you make holy water?”


“You boil the hell out of it.” She stared at me for a second. She’s Catholic, you idiot! Just as I was about to face-palm, she laughed loudly.

“Okay, that’s a good one.” Still chuckling, she threw her remaining textbooks on her bed, kicked off her sneakers, and reclined against her pillow. She patted the space beside her. Divine revenge?

I sat down but opened my textbook over my lap just in case.

“You look so studious,” Eva said. “Here I am with my unilluminating notes.”

“I really don’t know much about entropy or molecular kartal escort organization,” I confessed.

“Do you want to bullshit it?” She looked so mischievous I couldn’t help but grin.

We spent the next few minutes filling in our worksheet with almost verbatim quotes from the book. Out of my peripheral vision, I noticed Eva continually rolling the sleeves of her sweatshirt up and down. Finally, she gave up and lifted it over her head.

A tank top, of course. A tank top two sizes too small. It hugged her soft belly and squeezed wobbling cleavage into view. Melons again. As if pulled by a string, my cock lifted to press against the cover of my textbook.

“All good?” she asked. I wrenched my eyes up to her face, my own already tomato red. She’d seen me staring.

“Uh—I’m sorry—I—”

“It’s okay. Men are visual, I get it. I’m taking human sexuality with Dr. Yumi.”

“I didn’t know he taught that class,” I replied lamely. “But I suppose that makes sense.”

“Is it hard?” she asked. Before my jaw could drop, she clarified, “Like, do men actually think about sex all the time? Isn’t that distracting?” I swallowed.

“Uh…it’s sort of like…you know those days when you’re hungry, but no matter how much you eat, you’re never fully satisfied?” She nodded. “It’s kind of like that. You’re not hungry all the time, exactly, but there’s the potential for it. Like, you wouldn’t make yourself something necessarily, but if someone offered you food, you’d eat.”

“Really? That’s so interesting.” Her curiosity seemed academic, which helped me calm down.

“Well, that’s what it’s like for me, at least. Probably for most guys.”

“It’s different for girls. To continue with the food analogy, it’s more like…you’re doing something else, but then the smell of something cooking gradually lures you into the kitchen. Like, eating might not have occurred to you if you hadn’t noticed the smell. But then sometimes, it’s like, you’re sitting on your couch and you’re like, ‘fuck, I’m starving!'”

She laughed. I tried to do the same. Tried not to imagine what she did when the hunger became too much.

“Looks like you could use a snack, yourself,” she said. I followed her line of sight.

My hard-on had lifted the textbook an inch into the air.

I looked back up at Eva with a wordless gape. What could I possibly say to excuse this? Her eyes were narrowed slightly. Not like she was judging me, but like she was curious.

“Do you find me attractive?”

“Uh, you’re…yes,” I admitted. She thought about that for a moment.

“I think you’re pretty cute.”

So let’s recap here, Clay. You’re sitting on your crush’s bed. She’s wearing a skimpy shirt. You’re talking about sex. She sees that you’re hard. And then she says you’re cute. You’re not imagining this—it’s really happening.

“I don’t really know what’s going on right now,” I finally said. Eva smiled a little.

“I’ve been told I’m very blunt. I’m sorry if I’m making you at all uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ve just…well, never been in a situation where a girl has seen me…like this.”

“I’m a virgin, too.” She indicated a crucifix around her neck I hadn’t noticed before. We looked at each other for a couple seconds. Then she said,

“I’m kind of over this whole chemistry thing. Do you want to do something?”

“Do something?” The words sounded scratchy. My mouth was rapidly drying out.

“You know, eat a little something. Not a whole meal—I don’t want to ruin my appetite—but something small. A snack.”

I could tell by the flush in her cheeks that she wasn’t suggesting a walk to the vending machine. I quickly untangled her metaphor. She was saving herself for marriage, but she still wanted to have fun?

“Yeah, okay,” I rasped.

Eva cautioned me with a look before reaching out and moving the book off my lap. My erection sprung into place like a sturdy, pointed finger. She stared at it for a moment. Was she disappointed? Impressed? Regardless, she slowly slid her straps down her shoulders.

Then two huge tits popped out, swaying halfway to her navel.

Gone. My cock bobbed away with the faintest whisper of pleasure, spasming my shorts as my balls emptied a pent-up load into my own underwear. I hung my head. My humiliation was complete.

A small gasp. Eva’s face was rapt with wonder.

“That was so fucking hot, Clay.”

“So…?” kurtköy escort I looked down at the dark patch on my shorts, then back up at her in incomprehension. She pushed her hair impatiently behind her shoulder; one breast jumped at the motion. I stared dumbly. I wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

“It’s a compliment. You think I’m so sexy you just couldn’t help yourself.” I had never really thought of girls as having sexual egos, but I supposed it made sense.

“It’s definitely a compliment,” I agreed.

“Do you…I mean, do you want to keep going?”

“Oh, I’m not done!” I said hastily. Already I could feel myself stiffening again. Eva shimmied back on the bed.

“Play with them, then.”

I rolled onto my knees, falling forward and grabbing her breasts with both hands. I’m groping Eva Hernandez. Fireworks went off in my head, but I was too absorbed to really process the reality of the situation. I pressed them against her ribs and watched as their yielding flesh overspilled my fingers. They felt heavy, at least a pound or two. I cupped them so her nipples were on full display. The large, dark stains bled easily into her golden skin. My vision was briefly obscured when she pulled my shirt over my head. Once free, I dove down and took her in my mouth.

My tongue slipped greedily over her tits. I wanted to swallow her. Eva gasped as the tip of my tongue butterflied over her hardening nipples. After a few seconds of this, she pressed a hand against the back of my head and arched her back so my entire face was buried. It was hard to breathe with skin sealed over my nose and mouth, but I hardly cared. I licked and sucked her while she wormed beneath me, only stopping when she pulled me up for a kiss.

Her cushiony lips were hungry for mine, but I sucked her lower lip with delicious slowness. Her tongue filled my mouth and slid past my own; I both felt and heard her yearning moan. We wound our arms around each other, stroking each other’s bodies, wanting to be everywhere at once. The feeling of her heaving breasts against my naked chest was a new kind of exhilaration. My erection had popped out of my shorts at this point, nestling in the plumpness of her belly. It rolled back and forth with every motion. I wasn’t keen on another surprise. I pulled away a little.

“You okay?” Eva asked. She looked down at my stiffened cock. “Do you want me to touch it?”


“In a minute. I want to please you first.” I removed the rest of my clothes and she followed suit. Her panties were printed with smiling Emojis. She slid them down her thighs and kicked them away.

Eva Hernandez just took off her panties. In front of your cock.

How I didn’t burst upon seeing her completely naked I’ll never know. An appealing tuft of hair trailed down the vee of her mons, pointing to where her thighs melted together. Slowly—nervously?—she opened her legs to show me what she looked like.

I don’t know what I was expecting. I’d seen plenty of porn. But there was something about the way she looked—ruddy lips wrinkled together, parting slightly as she widened to reveal stringy wetness nestled in a valley of vehement pink—that raised my arousal to an intensity I hadn’t yet experienced. The mating drive, present now because this was real, not some stranger on a screen. She was this excited because of me. She wanted to have sex with me. My cock twitched unexpectedly and I felt a stab of disappointment, expecting to cum again. Instead, a drop of pre-cum dripped from the underside of my head to make a dark point on the white sheet below.

“I don’t want to go all the way,” Eva said. She must have seen the look on my face. Determined, perhaps?

“Right, yeah. That’s cool, that’s cool.” I rubbed one hand up over her inner thigh. But God, it was hot. “What do you like?” Well, don’t we sound debonair.

For the first time since we entered the room, Eva looked uncertain.

“I don’t really know,” she muttered.

“You’ve never touched yourself?” She gave rueful smile.

“I always thought God was watching.” Of course he was watching. Who’d want to miss that? Instead I said,

“I haven’t taken human sexuality, but I’ve picked up a few things here and there.”

I wet the pad of thumb and rubbed slow circles over her clitoris. Eva watched the motion of my hand as if hypnotized.

“That…that feels…good.” With a sigh, she nestled her head into the pillow and maltepe escort closed her eyes. I pleasured her this way for several minutes, staring serenely at her face as the sensation developed. Soon, she began to squirming.

“Do you want me to lick you out?” Eva nodded without opening her eyes.

I’d never performed cunnilingus. I’d only seen it done in porn. I felt I’d picked up on the important points: no teeth, don’t slobber, start gently, and repeat the same motions over and over again. I’d also heard horror stories of women tasting bad. Something about fish?

Fuck it. You’ve already committed.

I positioned myself between her legs and ran the flat of my tongue slowly over her clit. She tasted of salt and something I couldn’t identify. It was definitely bearable. She gave a liquid moan and twirled her fingers in my hair. My ego throbbed almost as hard as my cock.

I continued this motion for several minutes, licking as leisurely as if I was eating an ice cream cone at the park. Eva’s thighs tightened and loosened around my ears.

“Finger me,” she instructed. I moistened my pointer finger and slid it down her vulva and into her slickened slit. I pleasant shock ran through me. I’d expected her pussy to feel something like the inside of a fleshlight, but it instead I found it was slippery and blisteringly hot, walls squishy and pulsing with the beat of her heart. Alive.

You have a finger inside Eva Hernandez, you lucky bastard.

I gently contracted my finger in a come-hither motion, feeling for that spongy flesh I’d heard was so important. I thought I found it at the curve of her pubic bone. Her sudden intake of breath supported this. I repeated this motion while licking her clit.

Eva’s face grew rigid with surprised pleasure. Her brows furrowed as I began to move my tongue more quickly. I almost regretted how much she seemed to be enjoying it because I wasn’t sure I could keep it up.

“Finger me faster!” I pounded my finger in and out of her raw, wet, heat, positively lapping at her clit. Her legs were now drawn up to her chest and I could see the fat on her thighs vibrating with tension. Hoping she was close, I sped up the motions of my tongue. I was rewarded with a puppy-like whimper.

After a few more seconds, Eva gave a wild gasp and her eyes flew open.

I knew what was going to happen before it did. Her flesh contracted rhythmically around my pummeling fingers and she bucked, screaming. But it was not just any scream—it was the scream of first orgasm. A scream of pleasure, of shock, of regret at wasted time, of expectation of future ecstasy—all channeled into a single, drawn-out, shuddering, wail.

I counted ten seconds between the first throb and the moment she fell silent. When she was still, I removed my dripping finger and sat up.

“Clay?” Her voice was soft, almost child-like.


“I didn’t know I could have an experience like that. Thank you.” Bizarrely—embarrassingly—my eyes began to tear at the earnestness in her voice. I quickly swallowed the sensation and answered with a cavalier,

“No problem.” I laid down next to her while she recovered. My cock was unequivocally screaming to be touched but I felt it would be crass to ruin her afterglow by jerking off. So I laid there for five minutes until her breathing returned to normal.

Eva turned her head on the pillow to look at me. Her eyes had regained their previous playfulness.

“Your turn.” She bounced up and dropped to her knees.

Oh my actual God. She was going to blow me.

Eva ran one finger over the side of my cock, wiping it clean of the stale wetness, evidence of unrealized orgasm. I didn’t have time to marvel at the image of her hand on my cock. She slid the ring of her lips up and down my shaft, gulping me down, holding me snug in the valley of her slick tongue. I felt my head nudge repeatedly against the back of her throat and was hit with the realization that if I didn’t say something now, like right NOW, I was going to cum down her throat without warning.

“Fuck, I’m gonna—”

That was all I managed. A split second later my entire body was wracked with a ferocious pleasure and I came into her sweet, hot, mouth with a volley of unmasculine moans. Like a champ, she continued to slurp throbbing pleasure from my cock even when I held her head in place. Perhaps it was ungentlemanly, but I was drowning in drooling, eye-rolling ecstasy and couldn’t bear it if she stopped. Her lips continued their loving massage until I could breathe without groaning.

Eva slipped my softening shaft from her mouth and smiled at me. I wanted to praise her, or at least thank her, but what I actually said was,

“Do you want to go out with me?”

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