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Chris’ Adventures Ch. 07

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Chris woke up the next morning and rolled over against Jack. His warm, hard body felt wonderful next to him. He picked up his head off the pillow and smiled as he saw Christy with her naked body pressed against Jack, her soft round ass pressed against his half hard cock. He noticed that she had shed her thigh high hose at some point before falling asleep. He didn’t remember her doing it because he was spent and tired from all the fucking from the night before.

He looked down at himself, still in his lingerie, makeup, and wig. He figured after all the fucking last night he probably looked a mess. He rolled over slowly as to not disturb Jack and Christy. He sat up and stretched as the sun peeked through the drawn curtains. Christy stirred a bit as Chris got off the bed and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

He looked at himself in the mirror and saw that his makeup was a mess and his wig was all mussed up. His lipstick was smeared and his eyeliner and mascara were smudged. He could see crusty dried cum on his cheeks from Jack and Tom and he was sure that there was dried cum in his panties too. But oh god was it worth it, he thought to himself as he stripped off his garter belt, hose, and camisole. He turned on the water in the sink to let it warm up as he took off the wig. Grabbing a washcloth, he wiped his face off, washing the makeup down the drain to reveal his real face. Standing there in front of the mirror he had to laugh. With the makeup off and being totally nude he looked pretty silly with his fake breasts hanging from his chest. He pulled them off gently and put them back in their package for some later use. He was sure after last night that he’d get more use out of them, with or without Christy. Chris hurried finish cleaning up so he could get back into bed with Jack and Christy to give Christy what they had talked about last night.

Chris rounded the corner from the bathroom and found Christy on top of Jack sucking his cock. By the way Christy was moaning Jack was obviously eating her pussy. He watched as she licked and sucked the head of Jack’s thick cock. His own cock hardening at the sight. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, not beating what Chris was able to swallow last night though. Jack moaned appreciatively.

Christy felt a shadow fall across her, looked up at Chris and smiled around Jack’s cock. She pulled off him and grinned even wider now. “Hi honey.” She moaned as Jack drove his tongue deep into her pussy. “We got. Started. Without you.” She stammered. Christy sat up and held Jack’s cock out to him. “Why don’t you lick it?”

“I’ve got a better idea.” Chris said as he climbed onto the bed.

Jack felt Christy sit up on his face and he grabbed her hips. Holding her to his face he licked and sucked the folds of her wet pussy. His tongue darted in and out of her hole and licked all around her labia as she ground her groin into his chin and stroked his cock. He felt her lean forward a bit as he pumped his hips while she stroked him. As he licked Christy, he felt the bed shift and he glanced up from between Christy’s thighs to see Chris’ cock hovering over his face. He stopped licking and took a swipe at his cock as Christy moaned around his cock, presumably to protest the fact that he’d stopped licking. Jack licked the head and shaft as Chris lined up his cock with the wet entrance to his wife’s pussy, grabbed her hips, and shoved right in.

Christy groaned as Chris penetrated her from behind. The feeling of being stuffed with cock in her pussy and her mouth was intense. She bobbed up and down on Jack’s cock in time with Chris’ thrusting and Jack tongue licking both her and Chris at the same time. “Mmmmm God yes boys,” She gasped, pulling off Jack’s shaft. “Fill me at both ends. All I need now is a third cock to fill my ass at the same time.” She heard Chris groan at that.

“We can make that happen someday baby.” Chris grunted as he grabbed Christy’s hips and slammed into her. “The thought of seeing you stuffed in all three holes turns me on.” He pumped her faster and harder in response.

Jack listened to the two of them talking and licked Chris’ cock as it would slide out of Christy and then he would slide up to her clit as he thrust back in. Tasting her juices on his cock was intense. He also wondered if he could possibly get in on being part of that foursome with Christy. His cock twitched at the thought. He’d gone this far with the two of them, and they both liked it so it was a distinct possibility. Jack thrust his hips at Christy’s mouth, wanting her to suck it some more. “Take me Christy.” He said from below. “Suck it and swallow my load.”

Christy groaned as Chris pounded her. She was trying to stay upright with the hammering he was giving her as she stroked Jack’s cock. “Oh I will baby. I love a load in my mouth and on my face.” She tilted her head to look between her sagging breasts and smile at Jack. “I’ll bet none of the girls you’ve been with have anadolu yakası escort ever gone that far have they?’ She didn’t wait for an answer. Instead she opened wide and gobbled down Jack’s shaft. Bobbing her head up and down, trying to suck the cum from him.

Watching Christy go to town on Jack’s cock while he pistoned in and out of her drove him over the edge. He was already close to cumming and that was the last straw after hearing her beg for his load. He grunted and slammed into her tight hole, holding himself deep in her and unleashing a torrent of cum. “Ahhhh yeah!” He groaned as his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum deep in her pussy. “Take that baby. Take my load deep in your pussy.” He heard her groan and moan around Jack’s cock and she began to tense up with what Chris knew was the beginning of her orgasm. He pulled out of her pussy and his semi hard cock fell to Jack’s face where he kissed it. “Clean her up Jack. She loves it when I do that.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “What?” He asked from between her legs, still bewildered.

“Eat my cum out of her until the orgasms.” Chris urged as he sat back on the bed watching her ass gyrate in time to her thrusting head on the other end. “She gets off on it.”

Jack still couldn’t believe it. He looked up a Christy’s round ass and saw that she was lowering her hips to encourage him to lick her. He wasn’t about to deny her that. It’s not like he’d never had a load of cum in his mouth but this was just unexpected. He stuck out his tongue and ran circles around her puffy, bald mound before sliding his tongue between the protruding folds of her labia. He could taste Her husband’s cum mixed with her own juices as she began to shake with her orgasm. And the taste was heavenly. He grabbed her hips and held her down to her face and ate her out with gusto, licking, sucking and niblbling on her pussy. Soon she was shaking and moaning around his cock and he was tensing up and rady to explode himself.

Christy gasped and groaned as her orgasm washed over her. She grunted as Jack drove his tongue deep into her hole and licked her clean. His hands held her in place and he was hitting all the right spots and she sucked and stroked his cock.

“That’s it baby.” Chris called from behind them. “Suck his cock empty.” He watched as she sucked and stroked faster and faster until Jack grunted into her pussy and thrust into her mouth.

Christy felt the first shot hit the back of her throat and she swallowed it. Pulling off him with a pop and an open mouth the next shot hit her lips and mouth. She stroked and aimed his next two shots to her face and cheeks, coating her face in cum as she shook form the orgasm brought on by Chris’ cock and Jack’s deft tongue. When her orgasm subsided, she rolled over off of Jack and smiled back at him and her husband.

Chris grinned from ear to ear at the sight of his wife’s cum covered face. “My God Christy, you look hot with your face all covered in cum.”

“Jack had quite the load.” She glanced down at Jack and gave him a wry smile. He smiled back through half closed eyes.

“Now why don’t you come here, kiss me, and clean it up?” She suggested coyly. “After all, Jack cleaned up your mess in my pussy.” She sat up and met Chris half way on the bed as Jack looked on.

Chris kissed her on her cum covered lips and rubbed her back as they made out in from of Jack. His tongue and lips were busying themselves all over her face, kissing and licking Jack’s milky fluid from her pale skin. Christy sat there and sighed and rubbed Jack’s leg as she was treated to a tongue bath from Chris.

Jack watched as the two of them rubbed and licked and kissed each others faces. He’d never in his life seen anything like this before. Christy telling him that he was going to get an education was an understatement. Chris had finally licked up the last of the cum and glanced his way.

“So how was that?” Chris asked, eying Jack’s still hard cock. He couldn’t resist and leaned in to lick up any cum left over after his wife had finished with him. He ran his tongue up and down his shaft and head, tasting a few drops of cum that had dribbled out after he’d exploded all over his wife’s face.

Jack moaned. “Wow, just wow. I’ve never had an experience like that.” He gushed as Chris finished licking him. Christy moved up to the headboard next to Jack as Chris lay on the bed next to Jack.

“I told you I could show you things that no college age girl would ever do with you.” Christy squeezed his thigh. “So do you like the charms of an older woman? Even if I’ve got a little weight one me?” she rubbed her belly and her thighs in response to her question.

Jack sighed. “God no. I actually find it sexy. Especially since you are confident enough to do all the things we did last night and just now.”

“Don’t get ready to quit yet.” Chris interjected. “We’ve still got round two to go.”

Christy looked ankara anal escort over at him. “Round two?”

Chris smiled. “Oh yes. I told you we’d rock your world this morning didn’t I?”

Christy giggled. “Well I’m pretty sure you two did that already.” She leaned towards Jack and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

Chris sat up as she started kissing Jack. He watched as his hands raised up slowly and then fell back, like he was unsure what to do. “Go ahead Jack. It’s ok.”

Jack let his hands run over Christy’s thighs and then over her stomach, finally finding her breasts as the two of them kissed. He could feel Chris moving on the bed to get closer to the two of them then he felt Chris’ hands on his hips and then his lips on his neck. He moaned as he sat there in between two people old enough to be his parents as they made out, his head swimming with pleasure.

Christy reached out to Jack and guided his hands over her stomach to her distended nipples capping her breasts. She wanted them played with. He responded perfectly by squeezing them, working them over in his hands and then cupping her breasts. “That’s it.” She said. “Start with a gentle touch, cupping and massaging them.” She pushed herself into his hands and kissed him again. Her hands roaming over his body and running over Chris’. She looked past Jack to see Chris kissing Jack’s neck and it sent shivers up her spine. This was actually the first time that she had seen him make out with a guy without all the makeup or lingerie on and it was hot.

The three of them lay on the bed, a tangle of arms and legs, as they rolled over each other on the bed, kissing and rubbing each other. They explored each other’s bodies in turn, two of them teaming up on the other until all three had had a turn on the receiving end of all the attention. Chris was laying on the bed last while Christy and Jack rubbed and kissed him. Christy gave her husband a deep kiss as she guided Jack’s head to his nipples. “Bite them.” She commanded. “He loves it. That will surely get him ready for round two.”

Jack did as he was told, making Chris groan into his wife’s mouth. She wasn’t kidding. His semi erect cock went stiff as a board as he began biting and licking his nipples. It seemed he was ready for another round. He knew he was, his cock was stiff as aboard again and ready to go.

“Ahh yeah Jack,” Chris groaned, “that’s it. Play with my nipples.” Chris thrust his chest at Jack as he wrestled tongues with his wife and pinched her nipples as she liked. “Now let’s really blow Christy’s mind.”

Christy sat back wondering what Chris had in mind. “Okay. I’m at your mercy boys. What are you going to do to me?”

Chris laid down on the bed and motioned for Jack to sit to the side for a moment down. “Straddle me reverse cowgirl baby.”

Christy did as she was instructed, still wondering what they were going to do.

“We’re going to DP you, front and back.” Chris said as he guided his wife into position and he teased her ass with his cock.

Chris kissed his wife and slipped a finger in her pussy as he reached around her and told Jack to get into position. “I’m going to fill this hot round ass and Jack gets to fuck your hot, smooth pussy.” His free hand grabbed a bottle of lube and smeared it on his cock while he hear Jack slapping her pussy with his engorged member.

Christy straddled Chris reverse cowgirl as the two men teased her. She’d seen it done enough times in the pornos they watched that she knew what to do for this. Her tight ass relaxed as she eased back onto Chris’ bulbous head and she moaned as a shot of pleasure and pain washed over her. No matter how many times they’d done this there was always that short moment of pain when he first speared her ass, but it felt oh so good. She eased back on him and settled onto his hips. She wiggled her hips on his cock and moaned. “This feels different than usual. I like it.” She sat up and bounced up and down on him a few times while brining Jack in close with her arms. She kissed him as Chris slid in and out of her ass, loosening her up.

Jack kissed Christy and held her ass as he helped her mover her legs forward so she could lean back. He was astonished that she could do this without Chris ever leaving her ass. She leaned back and broke her kiss with Jack. He watched as she lay on top of her husband and spread her legs and then her pussy, giving him a beautiful view of her stretched ass and wide-open pussy. “Oh my god that looks beautiful.” He gasped.

Christy smiled up at him. “I told you I’d show you things that no college girl could.” She dipped a finger into her wet hole, pulled it out, and sucked on it seductively. She felt Chris grip her hips now and hold her in place.

“Stay still so Jack can stuff that pussy baby.” Chris groaned as he shoved his cock deep in his wife’s ass and held it there. He couldn’t see but he could feel jack get between her legs and position himself the best he ankara anal yapan escort could between the tangle of legs they already had.

Christy moaned as Jack slid his head into her pussy. “Oh god you’re huge.” She sighed.

“And I haven’t even gotten the shaft in yet.” He chuckled. He leaned over and slid more of his cock into her. He could feel Chris’ cock through the thin wall that separated them inside her. Christy gasped and groaned as he filled her pussy. “God this is incredible!” He groaned.

Chris moaned as he felt Jack’s cock slide deep into Christy’s pussy. He ground his hips below both of them, making his cock rub Jack’s through the barrier separating them. It was an incredible feeling. “Oh yeah. That is incredible.” You two set the pace. I’m just down here to fill her ass.” He chuckled as his thrust into Christy’s ass what little he could from his position.

“Put your arms under me Chris and hold me up a bit.” Christy suggested. He did and she felt herself raise up and forward, sliding farther onto his cock and Jack’s. Jack had picked up her legs and she was almost suspended between the two of them swinging freely on their cocks. “Oh God. I feel impaled on you two now. And I love it.” She wiggled her ass and held herself up with her arms to get a little swing going on their cocks and groaned.

Jack thrust forward into Christy’s wet pussy and sighed. God she felt incredible. He could feel her tensing the muscles of her walls around his cock as he began sawing in and out of her. He held her up by her ass and plowed her dropping hole in time with Chris’ thrusts. His cock rubbing against Chris’ as they fucked his wife. “Ughhhh. Having your cock rubbing me inside Christy feels incredible.”

Chris grunted in response and he thrust deep into his wife’s ass. “God yes!” Christy arched her back to thrust her breast forward and let Chris penetrate her even deeper. He shoved deep into her, raising his hips off the bed and making the three of them rock back and forth.

“Fuck me boys.” Christy gasped. I love it. Now I just wish I had a cock for my mouth.” She envisioned herself on all fours, cock in her ass and pussy while someone fucked her mouth, stuffed in all her holes until she was covered in cum by the three cocks in her. She’d have to make that happen someday. “Hold me up.” She commanded, looking back at Chris. He did and she raised one of her hands to her clit so she could play with it and bring herself to an orgasm. She gasped and moaned as She had both her holes filled, edging ever so close to cumming.

“Do it lovers. Fill me with cum.” She gasped between breaths.

“Ohhhh, a double cream pie. My, my, you are a dirty girl.” Chris replied as he pumped her, getting close to cumming himself. “Pound her Jack. Let’s fill my little slut with cum.”

Jack thrust harder at Christy. He couldn’t believe that Chris called her a slut but Christy seemed to love it. She moaned and slapped her clit harder as he called her names so he figured eh join in. “That it. Take my fat cock. Such a cock whore aren’t you?” He asked in a seductive voice.

“You know it Jack.” Christy grinned at him through half closed eyes. “This mature woman loves a fat young cock in her. Now flood me with your cum.”

Both men pumped in and out of her, sawing back and forth like pistons in her holes. Christy just hung there, her legs on Jack’s strong shoulders while they plowed her. After a few minutes both grunted and groaned.

“Here it comes Christy.” Hissed Chris. “Take my load in your ass, slut.” With that he let loose a torrent of cum in her rear passage. He heard Christy groan and moan, her ass tightening around his cock as her orgasm washed over her. She was cumming at the same time too.

“Ahh yesssss.” Christy hissed. She pinched her clit and exploded with her orgasm. Her face and chest flushing red and her pussy spasming around Jack’s cock. “God yesssss! Fill my tight slutty holes with your cum.” She shook there as Jack tensed inside her and followed suit. She could feel shot after shoot pumping into her as eh came while holding her up. She breathed in short gasps as the boys emptied their loads into her and they all shook in simultaneous orgasms. Finally spent, Jack slipped out of her pussy and she rested on her husband’s cock still nestled inside her.

“Oh god that was incredible.” Jack gushed. “I’ve NEVER experienced anything like that.” He slumped back on the bed as he watched Christy rolled off of Chris. He could see cum dripping from her pussy and ass. What a wild ride this had been.

Chris slipped from his wife and crawled around the bed to kiss her and then moved between Jack’s legs. Before Jack could react, he was kissing his cock, licking his wife’s juices off of his magnificent member. “I should clean up the mess my wife made on your cock Jack.”

Jack jumped at the feel of Chris’ tongue on him. He was sensitive after cumming but Chris’ tongue felt so good. He leaned back as Chris licked him clean and Christy moved up to kiss him.

Christy planted a soft kiss on Jack’s lips and smiled. “You two certainly rocked my world this morning. I hope we can do it again sometime.” She stroked Jack’s hard stomach and rubbed Chris’ head as he continued to lick Jack. “And I hope that my mature body satisfied all your desires Jack.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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