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Chris and Jasper Ch. 04

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The Fireman and The Librarian

Chapter 4

Growth – Chris Starts Making Things Combustible

Chris took Jasper out for dinner then to the bar to listen to his brother’s band one Wednesday. They had been dating for over a month now. Chris still hadn’t crossed Jasper’s line, but he had bent it and flustered the hell out of Jasper. The night at the bar was one of the times. Jasper agreed reluctantly because of how Jeff had reacted to him in the apartment a few weeks prior, but he didn’t want to piss off Chris.

They had a wonderful dinner out, they were both in jeans, nothing fancy, it was just a little pub-style burger joint, but they could laugh and enjoy one another’s company. Chris had initially asked if Jasper wanted to eat dinner at the bar his brother was playing at but saw the look Jasper gave him and decided not to press his luck.

The two arrived a little before the band was due on stage. When Jeff saw Chris walk in, he smiled and started walking towards him. Jeff almost stopped when he saw Jasper come in behind Chris, but Chris waved to him, so he continued, and they hugged and greeted one another.

“Hey man, are you going to be able to stay for the whole set and drink a few afterward, or will you have to head out?”

Chris knew he was thinking Jasper was going to make him leave early, but he didn’t know how he was going to feel, and technically he got off work that morning. “All depends.” Jeff frowned. “How have you and Sara been, and the family?”

“Good, good. Everyone is good, and she’s due any day now. I see you and Jasper are still together.”

“Yeah, we’re still getting to know one another, but it’s all good.” Chris smiled and slid his arm around Jasper’s waist. Jasper felt a little uncomfortable about this, but after Jeff walked away and Chris led him to a table in the back of the bar. Before he could sit down, Chris kissed him on the back of the neck and whispered in his ear, ‘thank you.’

Jasper smiled and looked at Chris, “What for?”

“Tolerating Jeff.” Chris smiled again at him. “What would you like to drink?” Jasper just said a beer, but Chris knew he liked mixed drinks better and went to the bar, he ordered Jasper an Amaretto Sour and got himself a beer. Coming back to the table, Chris sat the drink in front of Jasper, and he looked up and thanked him.

It took a few Amaretto Sours to get Jasper to loosen up finally, but they were well worth it, he was now calmer. The band had been playing for a bit, and Chris told Jasper he had to use the john. He got up, and there was no wait, unlike the women’s bathroom. When he was walking out, Jasper walked in, there was no one inside, and he didn’t see anyone coming so he ducked back in and grabbed ahold of Jasper before he walked up to one of the urinals.

“Chris?” Chris didn’t say anything, and he kissed Jasper before anyone could come into the bathroom. Chris was backing Jasper up into one of the stalls, and he shut the door. “Chris?”

Between kisses, Chris finally responded. “Yeah.” Chris started kissing Jasper’s neck.

“Chris, please. Not here.” Jasper was embarrassed.

“Live a little.” He kissed him one more time, smiled, and opened the door to the stall. One person walked in and up to the urinal just as Jasper and Chris were walking out of the stall. He looked at them oddly. “Got a problem?”

“Nope.” The guy responded.

Jasper wanted to leave, but Chris guided him towards the urinals because he remembered Jasper was heading that way before he interrupted him. Chris ponied up too, so Jasper didn’t feel like he was being watched. Jasper finished quicker than Chris did, washed his hands, and was trying to get out of the bathroom before the other guy. Chris just chuckled.

Chris washed his hands and walked slowly back to the table, and Jasper looked at him. “Jasper, I’m not sorry. I wanted to kiss you, and I wanted to do more.” Chris stated as he leaned over and spoke in Jasper’s ear.

Jasper looked at Chris, knowing he shouldn’t because they haven’t gone past kissing, groping and leaving each other at the point of nearly coming in their pants, they were damn close. Jasper pulled Chris close, “Do we have to stay until the end?”

“No, we can go. I’ll text my brother.”

When Chris and Jasper made it to Jasper’s home, they were kissing on the doorstep as usual. They have turned on the hot and heavy, but Chris knew he’d be heading home after a while. He had stayed a few nights, on the couch cuddled with Jasper, on a rare weekend day off.

Chris always went home when Jasper had to work the next morning. He had also gone home a many of times commando because Jasper got him past the point of no return. When they made it inside, Jasper started to pull Chris upstairs, which shocked Chris, “Umm Jasper, what are you doing?”

“Let’s go to bed, and you can ride down with me in the morning.”

“Mmmmm, no, Jasper, it’s a work night for you.” Chris kissed him and picked him up and took him to the couch, where they continued to kiss and grope one another as usual.

“God, şişli bayan escort you make it sound like it’s a school night.” Jasper laughs, but they continued, Jasper had straddled and was humping Chris’s legs. “God, we have to stop.”

“Do you want me to go home.” Chris smiled and nuzzled Jasper’s neck.

“Mmmmm, I know you should, because I won’t get much sleep. But I want to be held by you tonight.” Chris knows he’ll be good on the couch, and he doesn’t know if he could restrain himself if they went upstairs, especially after drinking.

“I’ll make a deal with you. Here on the couch, or I’ll go home.”

“Okay.” Jasper smiled; he was fine with sleeping in Chris’s arms on the couch.


They were called out on run after run on Thursday. When Jasper stopped by, the guys were out, but the Chief’s wife Linda recruited him to help make dinner. She told Jasper they had a busy day; they were called out repeatedly since three that morning and were due back shortly. They just cleared the scene when Jasper showed up. Jasper felt horrible now for keeping Chris up until after two.

He heard the trucks pulling in, and he could hear the guys in the engine bay. They were refilling supplies, and then the crew started coming through the station. Jasper was still making the sandwiches, and Linda was setting out potato salad and chips for the guys to grab and eat. He could hear the Chief telling everyone to eat first just in case they were called back out. They filed in one by one to the kitchen and started grabbing food, then sitting down around the tables.

Jasper saw Chris, but Chris didn’t even look up to see who was in the kitchen. He just grabbed a plate, some chips, and a sandwich, and sat down with everyone else. They were all tired, and some weren’t even eating, they had closed their eyes. Jasper could’ve sworn they were asleep.

When Jasper finished with the sandwiches, he helped Linda pass out water to everyone. He gave Chris one. It’s when Chris finally looked up at Jasper and gave a weak smile. It also took Bill a bit to realize Jasper was there, but when Bill noticed, he smiled too. He looked over at Chris and saw that Chris’s entire demeanor changed. Chris hadn’t slept in over twenty-four hours, but Jasper’s presence alone made him smile.

Jasper squeezed Chris’s shoulder as he walked behind him to give the next person some water. Guys were filing out of the kitchen as they got full and headed to the showers. Everyone was exhausted, so they were dropping onto their bunks as they came from the showers, some not even getting clothes on to sleep.

Chris stayed in the kitchen for a while to talk to Jasper. Jasper told him to take a shower and said he’d be fine if he ended up crashing. Chris pecked him on the cheek and went to the showers. He stopped long enough at his bunk to get on clean boxers, t-shirt, and uniform pants, not even bothering with a shirt.

When he came back out to the kitchen, Jasper and Linda had everything cleaned up, and Linda smiled at Chris as she left the kitchen, leaving the two of them alone. “Chris, let’s go into the lounge, then you can relax. You know I won’t mind if you want to sleep.”

“I know, but I can stay up with you for a bit.” They walked into the lounge, and Chris took a seat on one of the couches. Jasper decided to stand behind him and massage his shoulders. “Oh God, Jasper, that feels wonderful.” Chris didn’t say anything for a bit, and Jasper kept rubbing his shoulders. After a while, Chris grabbed Jasper’s hand and pulled him around the couch to sit down. “Did you have a good day today?”

“Yeah, it was pretty quiet at work, when I go home all I was going to do was read a little before bed.”

“Mmmm, that’s nice.” Jasper looked at his watch. It was only six in the evening, but he knew Chris was exhausted.

“Let me go home so that you can sleep.”

“No, don’t leave yet,” Chris said with a huge yawn. “Please, I can stay awake.”

“Only if you lie down. Let me move and put your head in my lap.” Chris didn’t argue. Jasper moved down to the other end of the couch, and Chris proceeded to lie down and put his head in Jasper’s lap. He didn’t face him, so people wouldn’t feel awkward if they walked in. Jasper started massaging Chris’s scalp.

“If you keep that up, I’ll be asleep.” Jasper continued, he knew Chris would be asleep shortly, it didn’t even take two minutes before Jasper heard Chris’s light snores. Jasper smiled; he was content holding Chris because he figured they had lots of time to get to know one another.

Linda walked into the lounge to turn off the lights because she thought no one was there when she saw Jasper. She was about to talk but stopped herself once she saw Chris sleeping. She came closer to Jasper and whispered. “Do you need anything?”

“No, thank you,” Jasper whispered back. Linda left for a minute, then walked back in with a blanket and lightly laid it over Chris. “Thank you.” She nodded and left.

Jasper didn’t realize he had fallen asleep while holding Chris, but when şişli escort Bill tapped him on the shoulder, he looked at the clock, and it was after midnight. “Hey Jas, what are you still doing here. Other than falling asleep holding your boy toy.” Bill smiled at him.

“I didn’t realize I fell asleep. The last time I remember was sevenish. Did you get some sleep?”

“Yeah, I woke up thirsty and was heading for the kitchen when I saw you sitting here. When you get ready, I’m paying for your taxi home.”

“I can afford my taxi, Bill.”

“I know you can, but I know you too well. You will just walk to the bus or train or take the taxi to one of the two places because you didn’t want me knowing you didn’t take it home.”

Jasper chuckled lightly. “You know me too well.”

“Do you work in the morning?”

“Yeah, I’m supposed to be there at eight-thirty. You know we open at nine.”

“Why don’t you call in sick tomorrow and stay here tonight?”

“What if you get another call? I would feel weird being here all by myself.”

“You can go and sleep at my place if you want,” Chris said when he woke up to them talking. “Then, when I get off in the morning, I’ll join you and sleep until you want to have dinner.” Chris smiled. He knew he could sleep until Wednesday at this point, but he wouldn’t mind being curled up next to Jasper for the entire day.

“I’ll go home. I’ve gone to work on less sleep before.”

“Bill, we could just both lay on top of him, then he won’t be able to go.” Chris laughed along with Bill. “Or I’m sure one of us knows how to tie a good knot.”

“If you two are going to talk like that, then I’m going to leave.” Jasper laughed at them.

“Stay, Jasper. Why don’t you get comfortable, and I’ll stay here with you?” Chris suggested as he was about to sit up, but Jasper put pressure on his head to keep him in his lap.

“Why don’t you two get on that couch over there? It’s deeper, so you two can cuddle.” Jasper started to object, but Bill continued. “Jas, you have Chris’s head in your lap. You’re going to hurt your neck if you stay sitting up. You know you would like to lay down with him, so go over to the couch and sleep.”

“What if some of the other guys come in? I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable,” Jasper responded.

“Then I’ll stay here too, and we will have a Jasper sandwich.” They all laughed.

“Bill, you know I like you, but I prefer your brother.” Chris chuckled.

Bill pulled Chris off the couch and pushed him over to another, which was wider and more comfortable, then pulled up and pushed Jasper over too. Chris didn’t think twice about it, he laid down because he was tired, and when Jasper laid down in front of him, he smiled and wrapped his arms around him. Bill tossed the blanket over the two of them and shut the light off as he left the room. It didn’t take Chris long to fall back to sleep, but it did Jasper.

Bill went to the kitchen for food and water, then went back to his bunk for a blanket to sleep on one of the couches. He knew Jasper would prefer him being in the room if one of the guys walked in.

Bill woke with a kink in his neck; he could hear the guys from the next shift coming into the station. He also could see Jasper starting to stir from the noise, a few of the guys came into the lounge, and when they saw Chris and Jasper, Bill heard one of them say ‘What the fuck.’ Bill jumped up, and they shut up immediately. But it woke Jasper, and he sat up, and the sudden movement woke Chris.

Chris looked at the other guys, and then at Bill, he could see Bill was upset. “What time is it?” Chris asked. He couldn’t focus on the wall clock yet.

“Seven-thirty,” One of the guys from the new shift said. “You’re the Probie?” Chris hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting this coworker.

“Yeah, Chris.”

“Alex. This is Tom and Mike. You’re gay?”

“Alex, could you be a little less subtle about it?” Bill responded.

“Bill, they are spooning on the couch. That isn’t quite subtle. I’m just asking a direct question.”

“Yeah, I’m gay, Alex,” Chris responded.

“Well, why is your boyfriend even here? It isn’t like we have our girlfriends stay the night,” Mike replied.

“For your information, Jasper helped Linda, and we were out on runs all yesterday. He accidentally fell asleep. If you have a problem with it, talk to the Chief. Do you have a problem?”

“No, Bill, we don’t,” Tom responded for the three of them and pushed them all towards the door.

“Chris, go strip your bunk, I’ll stay here with Jas.” Chris got up, stretched, and left the room. “You okay?”

“I wish you wouldn’t have to defend me all the time.”

“Jas, I love you, and as the oldest, it’s my job to defend you.” Bill laughed.

“Yeah, by a whopping three minutes.” Jasper smiled.

“Are you going to call off this morning?”

“I don’t think I’ve any other choice. I don’t have a change of clothing, and to get home and back will take close to two hours.”

After grabbing out a clean shirt to wear mecidiyeköy escort over his t-shirt, Chris packed his dirties and bedding in his duffle and was about to leave the bunk room. “Bill won’t always be around to defend you,” Mike stated.

“Never said I needed Bill to defend me,” Chris stopped and turned to face Alex, Mike, and Tom. “If you got a problem with me being gay, it’s your problem, not mine. Just choose when you shower if you happen to be on my shift.” Chris knew he shouldn’t provoke them, so Chris decided it was best to go before he said something that would get them riled up.

There were some from Chris’s crew still in the bunk room watching what was going on between the new team and Chris’s, but they didn’t say a thing. As Chris was walking out, Jesse was coming out of the shower, and Chris overheard the start of the conversation but didn’t care. “Hey, Jesse, why the fuck does the new Probie think he can…”

Chris dropped his duffle in the lounge and then went to grab his gear. When he came back, he sat down with Jasper, then Bill went and packed up.

“Chris, how tired are you?” Jasper asked.

“Depends on what you want to do?” Chris smiled.

Jasper smiled, “Would you like to come back to my place for the day? I do understand you might fall asleep on me.” Once Jasper said it, he laughed, he realized it could be taken as a double meaning. Chris just nodded his head, and Jasper knew he was too tired to catch it.

“Can we stop by my apartment first, so I can either grab a shower or at least clean clothes?”

“Sure, anything you would like,” Jasper responded, they waited for Bill to grab his things.

“You know, Probie, you can leave your gear here now. This is your permanent home.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t like my stuff damaged. Had it done in my last station; I’ll take it home.”

“Why did they damage it?” Jasper asked. He didn’t even stop to think.

“Because they had an issue with me being gay, and after having to replace some of my equipment, I just took it home.”

“Chris, it’s bull shit, if someone dares damage it here. They will deal with me. Shit, this equipment is what determines whether you live or die in a fire. Was your last station that stupid?”

“Bill, it’s okay, it’s one of the reasons why I left Virginia. I wasn’t expecting to get someone to fight my battles. I’m the one that’s gay, it’s great you’re on my side, but there’s going to come a time you’re not going to be around, and I’ll have to deal with the assholes myself.” Chris responded.

“I know, and I’m sorry for the both of you. It shouldn’t be hard for people to accept homosexuality; it’s not like it’s a new concept. It has been around since the beginning of time.” Bill decided to change the subject. “Chris, you’re coming to our house on Tuesday, right?” Bill asked, and Jasper looked shocked he never gets to invite Chris.

“I didn’t know I was invited again,” Chris responded.

“I was going to ask you today.” Jasper gave Bill an evil look.

“We have Jasper over every Tuesday I’m off, even if I’m half dead. If I’m working, then we move it, and sometimes a weekend day.” Then Bill thought about it. “But now that he has you, he might not want to come over as much, but you’re not taking my baby brother away.”

“Baby brother by a whole five minutes.” Jasper laughed.

“Well, are you going to come, Probie?” Chris just nodded his head, he inwardly smiled, he wanted to make friends, and he made them alright, a friend and a boyfriend.

Before they left, so Jasper’s supervisor wouldn’t hear the street noise, Jasper called in sick.

“You know Jas. It’s not like you don’t have a ton of vacation days you don’t use,” Bill stated after Jasper ended the call with his supervisor. “Or sick days, when have you last used one?”

“It’s been a while.” Jasper couldn’t recall the last time.

They all headed to the train where they parted ways, Bill headed north, and they headed south. They stopped off at Chris’s apartment, and Jasper told him to pack a bag, he could shower at his place, Chris smiled as he went off to his bedroom.

Chris took a moment to pack some condoms and lube, just in case something happened. He was still hoping Jasper would let him cross the line he drew in the sand. If it happened, Chris didn’t want to be without the right supplies but also didn’t want Jasper to find them just in case he wasn’t ready. He zipped them in a pocket on the inside of his backpack, and then he added some clothes and toiletries.

Chris went back out into the living room, and Jasper had his back to him, looking out onto the street below. He came up behind, putting his arms around Jasper’s waist and kissed his neck. Jasper closed his eyes, smiled, and leaned back into Chris.

“Would you like to stay here or head to your place?”

“Mmmmm.” Jasper thought about it for a minute. “Let’s go to my place, and then we won’t have a business below us.” He smiled and pulled Chris towards the door.

They didn’t hold hands or anything on the train going north back towards Jasper’s, but they did talk the entire time. When they were walking the distance from the line to his house, Jasper wanted to hold Chris’s hand but didn’t know how to ask him. None of his previous boyfriends were into it.

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